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We  know there’s some pretty dedicated and talented fans of The Hunger Games out there, and we want to hear from all of you!  We will be running a new segment every week, searching for the biggest fans of The Hunger Games .

You could make fan art, fan videos, or have a massive collection of memorabilia!

If you’d like to be our Fan of the Week, send an email  to

Dont forget to inclose a picture of yourself, art work, etc,,

We need to know your name, how old you are (if you’re under 15 make sure you get your parents’ approval) and where you’re from (which country).

Also please answer the following questions:

What is it about The Hunger Games you love so much?

Who is your favorite character in The Hunger Games?

What did you like / not like about The Hunger Games movie?

What’s your favorite quote?

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Try and make sure that you give us as much information as possible.  It will really help us (and you, to be chosen) if your submissions  are well thought out and written.

Remember that there are a lot fans out there, so while your submissions might not be chosen the week that you send it in, we will hold onto it for possible future inclusion.

We can’t wait to see some of the amazing things you’ve been up to and share it with everyone else.

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  1. Will you be doing fans of the week all the way up until the movie is released?? I have a big collection of books (sets!) and book-related memorabilia, I’m a decent writer :-)…. and I’m getting a mockingjay tattoo the last week in February, so I would like to wait until I have that to make my submission as a whole!

  2. queen_akasha2004 says:

    Sound good. Christin. I have a mockingjay tat on my wrist :)

  3. ive sent my artwork and pics like 3 times and have gotten nothing…do i just keep on sending?

  4. obssesive hungergames fan says:

    Just sent my submission

  5. Claire says:

    Are you guys still doing this????

  6. emelina says:

    I created a dress for my kattniss doll its a black dress with a gold print on it I sewed it and designed it bymyself I have the second book a poster a shirt and as u know the doll

  7. Misaki says:

    I have read hunger game already but my english is not good enough so I have a questions want to ask Hunger Game Fan

    1.Why the Capitol wants to show The Hunger Games to the people in Districts?

    2.Why the Capital seems to enjoy The Hunger Games year after year?

    3.What are we going to do if we have the society like what happen in Hunger Game?

    4.What make Capitol want to control the population in Panem?

    5.How does the Capitol use the Hunger Games to control the Districts?

    6.After watching The Hunger Game how did the people from Districts feel?

    Plz tell me I really want to know

    • Candi Moser says:

      1. It shows them the Capitol has the power and control. It reminds them why The Hunger Games was created and what they have to sacrifice.
      2. To the people of The Capitol it’s a TV show. They live in luxury, thanks to the Districts, and don’t know what its like to live in poverty.
      3. I don’t think we will have that society.
      4. They like control, power. They don’t like to be showed up. That’s why they hate Katniss.
      5. They force them to give up their children. Use their soldiers to force them to do what they want.
      6. I’m not sure if that can be answered. After The Hunger Games in general, like every year? Or the ones we read about? It also depends on which District I think.

      I hope I helped.

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