Behind the scenes look at being a District 12 Peacekeeper

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The Hunger Games Movie - Peacekeepers

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an extra on a film?  The Hunger Games had a huge cast and hundreds of extras to make up the citizens of Panem.  Our friends at  HGGirlonfire have had a chat to Jesse Lewis, who lives in North Carolina and made it into the movie as a peacekeeper from District 12.  He’s right there behind Effie when she reads out the names at the Reaping.

Jesse tells HGGilronfire just how secretive it was on set with the peacekeepers put in white robes and transported in vans with tinted windows.  He also talks about meeting the main actors including mistaking Liam Hemsworth for a stand-in.

Did you get to meet the main cast members? Do you have any funny stories from set?

I did get to meet most of the actors from the District 12 scenes. I met and got to speek with Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, and Josh Hutcherson while I was in the background of the scene when their names are chosen for the games. I later met Liam Hemsworth. I met Suzanne Collins as well but none of us knew who she was while she was talking to us. We figured it out the next day.

Meeting Hemsworth also provides the funny story. I walked up to the guy in between takes because I was getting some water. It was hot as hell the entire time. Making small talk and thinking he was the stand in for Gale. I asked him how much he was getting paid. He looked at me kinda confused and I knew right away that he wasn’t the stand in. I told him who I thought he was and retracted my question. He started laughing and introduced himself. He seemed really down to earth and and made an effort to talk to any of the kids that said hello.

Katniss with the peacekeepers

You can read the rest of the interview  here

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    Haha, gotta love his attitude!

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