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Please see the UPDATE on this information HERE

The news I know a lot of people have been waiting for: CASTING INFO for the Catching Fire movie!!  This is straight from the acting-auditions.org website. It will give you all the information you need to know for upcoming Catching Fire auditions.

The second film in Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games Trilogy, “Catching Fire”, is gearing up for pre-production and casting will soon be underway in Los Angeles for new co-starring and supporting roles. The day players, extras, photo doubles, and stand-ins will be hired in North Carolina as the beginning of filming approaches. The studio is fast tracking this project because Jennifer Lawrence has a contract commitment with 20th Century Fox for a sequel to “X-Men: First Class” which starts shooting in January 2013. Filming on “Catching Fire” will begin this Summer, 2012. “The Hunger Games” took 4-1/2 months to complete principal photography.

“The Hunger Games” budget has been estimated at $78 million, and the film has grossed over $619 million worldwide as of May 6, 2012. The movie was released on March 23, 2012. After two days of release, it became Lionsgate’s highest grossing film ever. “Catching Fire” will hit theaters on Friday November 22, 2013.

Some of the new characters to be cast include, but are not limited, to the following:

• Johanna Mason, female, sarcastic and often cruel victor from District 7.
• Beetee and Wiress, an older couple, dark hair, pale skin from District 3, very smart.
• Finnick Odair, male, mid-20’s, very handsome, tall, tan skin, bronze hair, green eyes.
• Blight, male, mid-20’s, mentor and tribute District 7. Won a previous Hunger Games.
• Romulus Thread, male, mid 30’s – 40’s, new Head Peacekeeper of District 12.
• Twill, female, mid-30’s, teacher, escapes to District 12 where she meet Katniss.
• Bonnie, female, 17, crooked teeth, chocolate brown eyes, escapes to District 12 with Twill.
• Wiress, female, 40ish, tribute from District 3, dark hair, pale skin.
• Bristel, female, 17-19, miner in District 12.
• Leevy, female, 17ish, dark hair, gray eyes, Katniss’ neighbor from District 12.
• Cashmere, female, late 20’s, classic beauty, long blond curls, arrogant District 1 tribute.
• Gloss, male, mid-20’s, Cashmere’s brother. Mentor, victor, career tribute.

Minors and foreign talent must be legally eligible to work in the state of North Carolina and in the United States.

The 2012 North Carolina Actors Resource Guide eBook <http://www.actorsresourceguides.com/>  includes the following information and documents for adults, minors, and foreign talent who would like to work as an actor or extra on film and television productions in North Carolina and the United States:

• USA Child Actor Work Permit Requirements • North Carolina Child Performer Labor Law Information • North Carolina Youth Employment Certificate Instructions • North Carolina Youth Approval To Work Late Hours Form • North Carolina Minor Intention To Employ Form • North Carolina Dept. of Labor Rules and Regulations Relative to Employment of Children under 16 Years of Age.

• Immigration Work Permit Information
• Non-Immigrant Visa Application
• Links for Child Labor Information

In addition to the following Louisiana Actors Resources:

• Audition Tips
• How To Make an Audition Video
• North Carolina Casting Directors List
• North Carolina Extras Casting Directors List • North Carolina Talent Agents List • North Carolina Acting Coaches, Classes, and Schools List • North Carolina Headshot Photographers List • Headshot Mass Printing Photo Labs • Miscellaneous North Carolina Resources • Actors Unions • Sample Actors Resume • Sample Beginning Actors Resume • Sample Cover Letters • General Talent Agent Information • Entertainment Industry Terminology • PDF Users Guide

The 2012 North Carolina Actors Resource Guide eBook is available here <http://www.actorsresourceguides.com/>.


Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information <http://www.acting-auditions.org/2007/11/headshot-and-resume.html>  regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Submit photos and resumes by mail only.

No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

Los Angeles:

Denise Chamian
1438 N. Gower Street
Building 35, Suite 270
Hollywood, CA 90028

North Carolina:

Samy Burch
Jackie Burch
1819 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28403

Extras Casting:

Tona B. Dahlquist Casting
P.O. Box 4427
Irmo, SC 29063

Extras casting will NOT begin until shortly before filming begins. Open casting calls for extras and registration information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Remember – when looking at any casting information you should never have to pay to audition or have your resume seen by casting agents. Anything that asks you to pay is a scam. This information has not been confirmed by Lionsgate as of yet.

So be cautious, but if you plan on auditioning, good luck!

Source: Acting-Auditions.org

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  1. I says:

    Oh My Josh!! So super exited!!! <3

  2. Wait, so an aspiring actor/actress could audition? Even if it’d be their first movie?

  3. Simone Hutcherson says:

    Wish i could come for Auditions! But im not an actor.. And i love in Denmark!:/ And im not in one of thoose age’s they need!

  4. Bluto says:

    I didn’t see Mags listed in the list of characters to be cast. I hope that was an oversight.

  5. Emily says:

    wait… what date is the auditions?

  6. Arctic says:

    Oh I’d love to audition as Leevy but the only acting experience I have had is a few minor roles in plays, and I am constatly being overshadowed. Plus I am 14 (but I act older, look maybe 13), and have light hair (I’d dye it). And I have no connections so getting a talent agent would be pretty hard… *sigh* Does anyone think that they’ll let anyone audition just to see what happens even though they probably won’t get the role?

    • Kaylee says:

      haha exacly the same situation with me. I’d love to audition for her, but im to young, have light hair, and have been in plays and musicals 😀
      thats funny. I read your comment and thought, “Woah thats me!”

      • Angelina says:

        Almost the same with me But I do have dark hair but I have hazel eyes haha im also 4 years too younge and I don’t look much like a 13 year old either hahaha(: But there is Mayslee Donner if they put her in I would be willing to dye my hair for it but I don’t know if my mom would want me too…

        • m says:

          Hey Same with me I may have tooarm resel yopu for Maysilee though 😉

          • ellie says:

            i have Grey eyes, very dark brown hair and im 14 – but all my friends say i look about 16… i live in englad so im too far away.. :( xx

      • Loren says:

        Same situation! I ♥♥♥♥ the Hunger games! But I’m too young. When I saw ur guy’s comments Im like SAME HERE!! I can act way older than my age but I don’t look older than 14!! I’m hoping that maybe there is maybe some people for Mockingjay. I’ll be old enough than. What about Madge?!? That is so weird. I’ve done musicals and plays too. I think I would do a good job! But sadly I don’t look like any of them. I would’ve loved to try out for Prim but, looked for it too late! I would have to dye my blonde hair. so it stinx. :( I wanted it sooooooo bad. :) I went to the midnight primere dressed as prim and I wanted nothing more to be in the next movie!!! Although I think I could get an agent if I looked hard enough. Even if that it would still be a long shot. :) Maybe next time.

        • orla says:

          hi guys i’m 12 i don’t know how old katnisses daughter is supposed to be but i look around 11 so i think i’m gonna try out for her but shes in the 3rd book and i don’t know if their gonna include the part with her in it but i match the exact description i have blueish greyish eyes and im a brunette.i know saying this will give me competition but thought you guys should know about it
          p.s. i dont even know when or if their making the 3rd book into a film

    • Kaylee says:

      Maybe they would let us get some experience with auditions…

    • Kristin and Danielle says:

      u don’t have to have an agent to audition or get a role we don’t have an agent yet but we r audtioning via video audition

    • Bella says:

      I think they might let you adutition because I read somewhere their looking for new talent. I have dark hair with bright streaks that come out in the sun, I’m 13 but could pass for anything between 12 -16 believable but isn’t Mags supposed to be like really really old like 60s-80san

    • Kayla B. says:

      It doesnt matter the ammount of experience you have as long as they like your picture and if they do like it your acting ability. 😀 Im going to audition and I’ve had very VERY little experience.

      • Angelina says:

        Do you send them your picture via email with the video? And what do you say in a video if you care to answer? I have much expirence but when I was filmed for tv I just walked in and we talked then they decided who and who could be in. This is all new to me.

        • julez says:

          does it have to be a head shot or full body?? and yeah, what are we supposed to say on a video? and where do we send it too?

      • Izzy says:

        how do you do it?:-) i’d love to audition for the district 1 girl who haymitch kills?

      • Faith says:

        How are you auditioning? I really want to:) What did you have to do to get an audition?

    • julez says:

      wow that’s me as well. im 14, only 5′ and i have dirty blonde hair -which id probably dye too- but i live in england and only come to america every summer and easter break to visit my family. Id love to audition for johanna though because im always really sarcastic at school and love acting. The only doubts i have are all of the requirements about how minors have to have an actor work permit. What happens if you live in England does anyone know?

  7. Peeta rocks says:

    Bonnie and twill are in

    • Catnip says:

      The list above says Bonnie is 17, but I thought she was younger. if they wanted a Bonnie, I would be perfect, I have naturally crooked teeth…

  8. Mark says:

    Man, I would love to be an extra in this film, but unfortunately my schedule isn’t that open and I don’t live that close to where they are going to shoot it. *sigh*

  9. Jose says:

    i’d love to be an extra in the film but i don’t live in North Carolina. =(

    • Lilly says:

      yeah… you don’t live in Carolina but you probably live in de U.S….. I live all the way in Holland/The Netherlands….. *sigh* I really want to audition…. I want to be an actres like the most of you guys here…

  10. PEETA!!!!! says:

    I didnt see brutus or enobaria or hazelle…?

  11. Dedalus says:

    Hey, so it looks like Bonnie and Twill will be making it into the movie after all! I had heard they might be cut out, but I think that’s an extremely important part of the book and a key part of Katniss’ journey. Good decision!

  12. :D?D: says:

    Cant. Only 12 and I look 14-15 but I live in Canada

    • 1Dmarryme? says:

      same here! but I’m a year older then you… There’s never anything exciting movie wise anywhere over here! ive been wanting to be an actress for about a year now…..but i don’t think that my parents support me being one…..they support me being a writer, but not an actor…
      i have always dreamed of playing Delly in Mockingjay, but she’s just a small part, and probably won’t be included. I don’t have an agent, and my family doesn’t have enough money to fly out to wherever for auditions….the only place i would *maybe* be allowed to audition is Toronto because it not too far away….but sadly…auditions, even for extras, most likely wont be in Toronto…. :'(

  13. Angelina says:

    I have been on tv befor and done many plays ect. but do I need any more expirence for this? And is Mayslee Donner going to be in this? I would be like perfect height and age for her! Pluys do you absolutly have to live in North Carolina to be in it? I live in East Tennessee so would that be okay? I have been like stalking that website even befor they listed the auditions waiting for them to come out and right when I leave for Washington D.C. they come out!(:

    • Auburn says:

      You can travel to North Carolina- take a family vacation during the summer! North Carolina is beautiful, and even if you don’t make auditions, you can still enjoy the beauty. Or something like that.

      • Angelina says:

        Were going to Pigeon Forge this summer but my parents are willing to take me since I really want to do this. But do I need a agent to be even a extra? And do I need headshots? I heavent had any done in forever!

        • Glimmer Shines! says:

          i’m flying to north carolina this summer but i dont know if its worth the cost, just to be an extra? i dont exactly know if i want it that bad. i think my friends cousin, leven (Glimmer)could hook me up. were besties!:)

          • shery says:

            I live in North Carlina and less then two minutes from where they filmed most of the movie. I think you should at least try. even if you dont end up to be an extra there is a lot of fun and beautiful things to do. the mountains are so beautiful!! 😉

  14. Ricardo Gallegos says:

    Bonnie and Twill are in!! YES YES YES!!. Glad they didn0t cut their scene, it’s extremely important!

  15. Laurel says:

    Can I be in? I’m looking into a professional acting class for filming but have not gone in it yet!!! And, I live in Oklahoma!! Can I still do it? Even if I don’t have an agent?!?!?!?!? Idk who I could be though!! I’m 15, auburn hair, pale skin(VERY pale), blue eyes, but some people say I look like I’m 13…(sad and horrible but people say its because I don’t glob on the makeup!) I NEED ANSWERS PLEASE!! lol!!

    • Kayla B. says:

      LOL!!!!!! yes of course you can try out 😀 They want new tallent and they aren’t going to regect you because you dont have an agent XD go for it try out! Look on the acting audition websight for the resume and head shot information. I’ll be trying out to so, BREAK A LEG!! 😀

      • Laurel says:

        ok, how do I make a video audtion and resume? and do I need an agent?? My mom is willing to take me, if the ycall back and only if I set up the resume and video auditions..my friends say that I could make a good Johanna, except for my shortness…lol..HELP!!

      • Faith says:

        What is the website?

  16. meg says:

    Can i be an extra in the movie?????????????????????????????

  17. when is the due date for submitting your resume?

  18. Rese says:

    Uhh, this site is known for false information. This is the same site Lionsgate went after for posting wrong info before Hunger Games. I wouldn’t trust them at all. AND they are giving a link to purchase an ebook, total red flag.

    If it doesn’t come directly from Lionsgate, the casting director, or the extra’s casting, treat it as rumor not fact!

    • Kayla B. says:

      This is real. I looked into it on the acting-auditions web sight. For some reason the blog was taken off but this is real.

      • Regina says:

        it wasn’t taken of, its called artemis 2 , well so far, but they are changing it later.

  19. Katnissfan1997 says:

    i would probably audition for Rory or just an extra would be fine :)

  20. Lu says:

    Besides being an important part of the story, the reason I’m happy to read Bonnie and Twill’s names here is Katniss breaking her foot and telling Peeta to stay by her side until she falls asleep and she doesn’t hear his “Always”.

  21. I says:

    Sometimes it just sucks to be a fourteen year old in Norway…

  22. Marissa says:

    “Blight, male, mid-20′s, mentor and tribute District 7. Won a previous Hunger Games.” ….a mentor…who won a previous Hunger Games? YOU DON’T SAY!

  23. if i make an audition for the movie for a role like bonnie but I have not worked in any agency and i don’t have a resume ¿I have a chance to stay in the movie? an actress friend is helping me to get the audition and i know how to act but i don’t work in any agency, o ¿do i have the opportunity to be part of the movie?

  24. Kristin and Danielle says:

    hopefully they have annie in this movie we would love to audition for her!!! we aren’t the skinniest girls around but we are still decent on wieght, and we have medium brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin and annie is one of our fave characters!!!!

  25. Kristin and Danielle says:

    on the site this info is from all the information was taken off for some reason

  26. Hannah says:

    Wait, so how do we audition?

  27. if i don’t have a resume can i audition for bonnie

  28. if i don’t have a resume can i audition for bonnie???

  29. No namer says:

    Sorry, but you guys are all idiots if you think you’re going to audition. Thousands of people will be auditioning for these roles and they already have professional headshots and talent agencies representing them. The casting director is not going to waste her time letting people who have little to no experience audition for roles in a HUGE movie. They actually go through talent agencies when looking for people to audition for big roles like this. Look at all the famous actors in Hollywood and check their history. They all started with no name films and have been in the biz for years. You can’t just live in a random city and decide you want to audition for a role in a multi-million dollar movie series. Acting is VERY difficult to break into so I think some of you need to understand the reality of things.

    • Simone says:

      although it is a hard thing to break into you are wrong about who they are most likely to cast. thats why there are AUDITIONS
      if you look on imbd and what some of the cast was in previously many of the tributes had few to no prior existence. That means that someone just starting out or fairly new could land a part.

    • bec says:

      Actually the Films arent about finding the most talented people…there about finding the people who ARE the character, both inside and out. Daniel Radcliffe, emma watson ect had had no acting lessons before they were cast…alot of the time its how you look.

    • Harry says:

      Yeah, let’s make sure we hide our name so we don’t get hated too much. It’s only idiotic to think that even people with no experiance have a zero chance of getting into Catching Fire, auditions are chances fo everyone to be able to try out for any role they want.

    • roselyn says:

      look no namer i know you are kinda right but you are stepping on other peoples dreams. you are not just stepping on yours but everybody else who read your comment. MAYBE YOU think you DON’T have a SHOT but other people might have a shot. just because you think you wont get a part doesn’t mean you have to get other people upset about not getting a part. i think just cause you wont get a part no one can have a part. i am not trying to be mean. :/

  30. Simone says:

    im slightly confused on why the website took down the audition. Is that because they arent taking more applications or that the info is false?

  31. Cameo Ashby says:

    Hello! I’m 15 almost 16 and I would love to be in this movie. I would either love to be Johanna Mason or an extra. I don’t really have to much experience. It’s pretty much just small skits in school plays and drama class. Although while acting in those, I have been told that I am very great. I have light red hair and green eyes. I am 5’6″. I weigh 116lbs. I feel as if I would fit this role great.

    What day will the auditions be because I do plan on trying out for the part?

    • Simone says:

      they dont release that. you sumbit your stuff, and they decided.
      If they want you, you will know
      if not they wont contact you.

  32. Kylie says:


  33. Itzel says:

    OMG…. that is exciting are they accepting like 12 year old?? I don’t think so…. :( i’m so sad well… if you are auditioning I wish you luck and say hi to Josh! LOL

  34. Simone says:


  35. sean says:

    where is original website?

  36. kc says:

    When can we send in our photo vid and resume ??

  37. sierra h says:

    ok so i was wondering why u have a place to try outs for extras and something for north carolina so what is the north carolina one for?

  38. sierra h says:

    and what is the extra thing for?

    • Gaby says:

      basically the backgroud people, like the district citizens standing in the crowds in the reaping, people of the capitol in the audience at interviews, etc.

  39. Ana says:

    This is exciting…I’m going to be a student in NC and I think I might audition for a side (like Bonnie, Bristel, or Leevy!) or even an extra! I have
    had some acting experience, but only in middle school, so hopefully I’ll remember the experiences and everything! *crosses fingers*

  40. Angelina says:

    So glad I live in Tennessee! I can';t wait im hoping they put Mayslee Donner in I could play her! Can’t wait at all(: But they took them down on the site I will have to figure out something…

  41. What if you don’t have an agent. I’d love to send in a resume, but I do mostly theater stuff, and none of it’s necessarily “professional.” I act. and I’m decent. but I’m not paid.
    could I still send in a resume?
    and I’d love to be Leevy.
    would that be principal or extra?

    • Rebecca says:

      If you are an extra that means you do not talk. Sometime extras are featured which means they will appear a lot in the show so they have to do a lot of acting without talking. A principle role means that you talk. Even if it’s just one line, that also means you are SAG-AFTRA eligible. You can look all that up. Also when you are in the movie extra, or principle, you will be paid no matter what. If you are in theater, that shows you have acting experience, so PLEASE send it to them! You also might want to put in school plays. I would add your special skills, like editing, singing, playing an instrument, speaking a certain language, Look up how to make a resume too. Also put down dance experience ( if you have any ) and list any classes you have taken, for dancing, singing, acting, etc etc.

  42. Floor says:

    can you still do audition?
    and how you need to register?

    help please

  43. Katherine says:

    Hey what would you do if you don’t live in the USA???
    I’m acting in a theater group and the teacher said that it’s pretty good but the problem is – I’m living in germany…. :(

    Maybe you have an idea?

    • Uniclove says:

      You can make an audition video and mail it. But then you’ll probably have to have a passport to go to where they’re casting the movie.

  44. Lena says:

    When will the auditions be? Can anybody help me?

    • Rebecca says:

      I have no idea :( plus I don’t know why, but I really don’t trust Alan Baltes… (The guy who is behind the website listed above.) and I think he is telling people just to send in submissions… But I don’t know look him up, he just doesn’t seem trust worthy!

    • Thalia Bowman says:

      I dont think they will be audition but insted you can send an audition type I hope you know who to send it to but if not let me know because I know who you can send it to and might consider you. :)

  45. Katie says:

    What do I do if I want to be an extra and live in South Carolina?

  46. Bryce says:

    Alright, so here’s my story. For about the past year, my dream is to be in a movie. No matter how big or small the part, just knowing that you took part in something so incredible is the feeling that I want to have. I am 16 years old, but could easily pass for 18-20, for I am 6’3″, muscular, and anything but scrawny. I have absolutely no acting experience at all, but I am a really fast learner. Obviously I have no agent or anything but do any of you think I should even submit a photo and resume? My resume wouldn’t really have anything on it besides height, weight, etc. but I really want to be in a film. I believe I would be perfect for the role of Gloss, because its a smaller part. Do you think its worth a shot?

  47. Ashley says:

    So, If I want to be an extra, do I have to have an agent and head shot/resume?

  48. Seth says:

    Hey! I am only 13 but could pass for 15, maybe 16. If they put the 50th HungerGames in, (the one haymich was in) then if they don’t care for someone yoner to pay young Haymitch, then I would tryout. Or if they have anyone else in the video of Haymitch winning that is a 13-15 year old boy, the I would definatly tryout! If only they had more of a main prt for my age.. :(

  49. Ellie says:

    hey i really want to go in for a part in the Hunger Games Catching Fire i dont really care what i get i just want to be a part of it. so if i have little experience and no resume or head shot do you think i can still go in for it.
    oh and also i live in the UK do you think thats too far away?????? oh and how would i audition audition????

    please reply to me sooon!!!!!

    • Uniclove says:

      You can make an audition video and mail it. But then you’ll probably have to have a passport to go to where they’re casting the movie. I have little experience too, but there’s the role of an extra.

  50. Ellie says:

    i am also 14 but could pass for a 15 and maybe 16 year old. ive got brown hair and im average height. and i have green eyes.

  51. Alana says:

    I am most definitely going to audition!!!! I have been waiting for this FOREVER!!!!!

  52. Dani says:

    whoa, maybe I could audition to be an extra!!! Good thing I live in NC, only a couple hours from where they filmed the HG!!!! I really hope michael emerson gets cast as Beetee.

  53. Stephanie says:

    Hello. So, I absolutely love the hunger games and really really want to audition to be a part of this film. Acting is the only thing I live for, I started acting and realized that I’m born to do this, and I have to start somewhere. I live in Georgia, so not that far from north Carolina. Even if I was an extra I would be so happy!

  54. Kayla says:

    So, you can only audition if you live in NC? How does someone audition if they live in another state besides NC? (like me)
    Do you need experience to be even an extra?
    Do you need an agent? Can someone please help me I’d like to start acting but I have moved around so much and have such a small bit of experience I’m really confused!

  55. ME! says:

    Hey guys Im gonna audtion even if I live in Canada.. im going to Us. Im so LUCKY :)

  56. Kaleigh says:

    Lol I’m 12 years old but I look 14-15 I’m 5’4 and medium weight I’ve been acting on stage productions since i was 5 do you think I should audition if do what part I was thinking about Bonnie but I’m way to young

  57. Kaleigh says:

    Medium meaning not skinny but not really fat either like in between if that makes sence

  58. Alliyah says:

    I would love to audition as Johanna Mason for catching fire. I may not have the experience,but I’ve learned a lot from watching movies and television shows to know the actor’s craft and how to improvise. Some things i have about acting i have learned it by myself. It would be a great honor to play Johanna in The Hunger Games

  59. Bria-Letã says:

    I soo want to audition for this movie. I really want to and I’m 18 but I can pass for 12-19. And I live in NYC so I could get to NC. The only problem is I have no experience but I know I’m good. do you think I would have a chance?!?

  60. Clare says:

    I’ll live to audition but I live in the UK- I have always had a huge passion for acting, I’m sixteen, but don’t HHS much experience- I have performed as a small part in a school production, I have also took part in many dance shows, I have competted and won many judo and swimming competitions- I’m pale white, mid length dark blonde hair, greeny/ blue eyes and am a average size. I’ll love to audition for the part of Johanna Mason, she is descried to be in her mid twenties, I am sixteen but I have been told to look much older- thank you.

  61. Mo says:

    Wait, ok so this is my dream and this is something I want really bad, and I mean REALLY bad. But i dont have an agent or a licence. How much is a licence? I will do anything for this.

  62. ME ME ME says:

    omg this is like my dream thing and im freaking 14! i live so close to north carolina i could b there in a day! im SO sad :'(

  63. Selah says:

    I might try for an extra or something…It’d look good on my resume and I live about 30 miles from where the first movie was shot anyway. I think maybe I should try.

  64. blake says:

    really excited to find out who the cast is. someone told me that this was put up by a casting director to test the water. true? i found it on a bunch of site. http://www.imdb.com/list/FpJDA9Bs4xQ/ i thought they would be going for newbies for some roles? hope so! and there are some suggestions with more than one person.

  65. me says:

    Hey, so please could someone tell me if you send in the resume first, then the video? Or just the resume and then wait for them to get back to you? Also, whcih adress do you send it to, and is it too late to audition?

  66. Bailey says:

    I would like to audition but im 15 turning 16 from Canada :/

  67. PeetaLuvah says:

    Ompm! I wish they do this for the last movie! Then Ill be old enough for some roles(:

  68. Anna says:

    What if your not old enough but you look like you are can you still tryout to be that character????:)

  69. Bridget says:

    Hey where are the auditions exactly and yeah I really want to audition too and ive been trying to look for acting coaches but can’t find any :( does anyone know where and when the auditions are?

  70. Peanut says:

    I’m auditioning for the next movie!

  71. H says:

    I really really want to audition for Catching fire but I have no expirience an I´m from Iceland, so I have an Icelandic accent:( And also I didn´t really understand where to submit the audition. HELP

    • I says:

      Iceland? Thats awesome! I’m from Norway, so I don’t really think I stand a chance… Still I’d love to try too!

  72. Bonnie from D8 says:

    I really wanted to be bonnie, but I’m only fourteen. I look kind of like the book says she does too, because I have brown eyes, and pale skin, and needless to say my teeth aren’t exactly straight. I don’t get why it says bonnie is 17, though, because she’s supposed to be younger than Katniss. But I live in Canada, so, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway..

    • Esme says:

      probably because Katniss is 18 in catching fire, or at least I presume so given that it’s a year on :/ (also they seem to be casting the teens a little older so that the adults still look like teens xD)

  73. i have a mexican friend and she wants to audition for the movie….. they are gonna admit mexican people?????

  74. pleas if you can give an answer

  75. mollym00 says:

    im going to try out for a extre because im 12 butim so tall i look 16 and the thired location is only 25 minutes from my house is sc so i think i will proble get an extrea and i love the books they are AMAZING WOH HOO

  76. mollym00 says:

    And i just cant wait untill the second movie because i think i will be in it as a extra and easie way to earn cash

  77. When are the actual auditions?

  78. kirsteen harvey says:

    im 13 but i could pass for 14 but i live in the UK so Im not too sure if i would be able to do it. :-(
    its my favourite film and book series aswell and i have dreamed of doing something like this for ages

  79. Lilly says:

    I am 14 and a half and I could easily look 16 or 17 to play the role of leevy. I want to try out for her at the auditions. I have long dark down hair too. Does anyone know when and where the auditions for catching fire acting auditions will be held exactly? And even though I don’t have much experience of acting, I could still try out and I might be really good they will want me even though I don’t have an agent, right??

  80. Heighly Goode says:

    i would love to be in the movie Catching fire. im 12 years old but i can past for 14 or 15! the parts i would like to play are Johanna Mason or Enobaria. I will be getting in agent soon thought!

  81. Charlotte Neal says:

    Omg I wanna try out for the movie so bad! But I dont think they’d want a 12 year old for even the smallest role. Poor me…

  82. Thalia Bowman says:

    Hi my name is Thalia Bowman im 11 year old ,and I live in San Deigo I have readed all of Suzanne Collins of The Hunger Game ,and I love them all.Also while I was reading Catching Fire I fell in love with one charter that remind me of Rue ,and that charter is an 12 year old girl that a tributes ,and that play in the game that in Catching Fire.And I was wondering if you guy have someone to play her part ,and if not please let me know. p.s Im 106 pound ,hair color brown ,eyes brown ,height like around 4’5 or 5 feet tall ,and thank you for your time to read this bye. :)

    • MyHungerGames says:

      Hi Thalia,

      We don’t have anything to do with casting – or anything to do with the actual movie. We’re just here to share any news and our love of The Hunger Games.
      You could try writing to:

      Tona B. Dahlquist Casting
      P.O. Box 4427
      Irmo, SC 29063

      • Thalia Bowman says:

        Well than thank you though for letting me know who I can send it to ,and I love Suzanne Collins very much really ,and every day I would go to the libery ,and sit down or sit on the post at school ,or in the house ,or in the car ,and read The Hunger Game ,and I still read it all the time even now ,and I never had a number 1 author but she is to a lots people even me ,and she made my grade go higher in reading ,and made me love to read.Tell her thank you for writing The Hunger Game.:)

  83. luna6164 says:

    im 11 too and love the hunger games books so so much!!! i wish i could be in the movie… that would be so so cool 😉

  84. Regina says:

    i really want to be in this movie!!! are they still casting for extras??!!
    please reply i beg of you!
    if they are what exactly do i have to do to try to get a part?

  85. Blaine Chesley says:

    Im 23 years old and was wondering if you know if they are casting for my age and if they are still casting because I would really love to be a part of it. If you don’t have the information I would like to thank you for your time in reading this.

    Yours Truly

    • Thalia Bowman says:

      They are casting for people your age (20-40) because one charter that is like around her 50-80 ,and they can put make up on you to make you to look like your old but I bet your preety though so I hope you audition to get the part. p.s Good luck you will need it.

      • Blaine Chesley says:

        that would be great thanks. Yeah I don’t who to send the tape to and it would be great if you can tell me.


        • Thalia Bowman says:

          Sorry I just barrly got this now ,and send it to:
          Tona B. Dahlquist Casting
          P.O. Box 4427
          Irmo,SC 29063
          Im gonna do that to so good luck bye. :)

  86. Cassidy says:

    My name is Cassidy, I just recently turned 13, but can pass as anything from 8 to 10 [believably] due to my height, lack of development, and childish personality. i have shoulder length brown hair, gray eyes, and freckles all over my face. I live in central florida, kinda close to atlanta and may be able to make the auditions. Only problem is that I have a sliver of the taste of showbiz. i have only been in one musical and that was annie as a maid/hobo/city person. I also do not know when the auditions are, and if they interfere with my school year I most likley won’t be able to go. Do you think someone like me will have a chance, or should i wait for a few more years?

    P.S thank you for reading this :]

  87. route 66 says:

    so is Tona B. also the person to send resumes and photos for small parts and extras into? {cuorious}because i would like to audition for a small part if at all possible?
    thanks so much,

  88. Route 66 says:

    So for my head shot and resume would I send those to tona b. and or debra Zane ? Would you know? Please rePly and keep posting new updates.
    Thanks so much ,

    • MyHungerGames says:

      I really don’t know – I think Debra Zane is in charge of the big casting decision and Tona B was handling all the extras.
      I will try and check, but that’s my understanding

  89. Carson Campman says:

    Hi! My name is Carson Lane Campman, and I loved the Hunger Games movie! It would be a dream come true to be a part of Catching Fire! I have my eyes on the character Bonnie, but ANY one would be amazing! Here is some of my basic information:
    Height: 5’10”
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Eyes: chocolate brown
    Hair: brown
    Thank you so much! PLEASE let me know if there is any part I would be suitable for and I would be very grateful! Thank you for considering me!

  90. Maddy Specht says:

    I would love to be an extra or just audition for the movie it would be my biggest dream just to be on the set or meet the cast.
    I would love to audition

  91. route 66 says:

    thank you for the reply. and if you could cheek that would be very helpful.
    thanks again,

  92. Asher says:

    I live in NC and would love to audition for young Haymitch (50th annual hunger games), but that character does not appear to be on here.

  93. derlis says:

    I would love to be in that movie but I would like to know when the auditions. Perfect would be a month before the date so that all concerned should be prepared well. I know there are very professional girls but it’s always good to follow our dreams. So good I would respond because I am seeing various blogs but I loved this. As all here would like to know the date of the castings

  94. Fernanda says:

    Hi, MyHungerGames!!! so its basically I have to send a mail to:

    Tona B. Dahlquist Casting
P.O. Box 4427
Irmo, SC 29063

    and be there for the auditions? do you know when its going to happen?? Thankssss!!!

    Ohhhh I wish I can go there!!! Please answer ASAP!!!

  95. kennedy says:

    k i really want to be in it and i luv the books i really want a audition for this.

    please anwser ASAP!!!!!!


  96. Magaa A says:

    Colton Haynes, the best choice

  97. HG addict says:

    I would be so happy to be in any part of the movie, i think leeve would be perfect though! i have dark very long hair, i am slightly tanned, and quite thin :o! i am 16 years old, too bad i live in the middle east, i dont mind flying to where ever they are shooting though hahaha

  98. Sydney Brewer says:

    Im sydney. im 11 years old and i can play a 12 year old for a tribute. i am fast and i am skinny so i can climb the trees in the movie. i am about 4 8″ . i want to be in movies because it takes my acting career to the next level because i was in theatre and plays

  99. Teah Fraser says:

    I have always dreamed of being an actress. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I am 13, turning 14, but i look quite a bit older than what I am. I really wish that I could audition just to have a chance at pursuing a career in film. Hopefully I might be able to audition for ‘Mockingjay’ when that is avaliable. I want to say good luck to those auditioning. And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour. x :)

  100. Anna Crawford says:

    Hi my name is anna crawford and i livw in Hubert NC. I would like to audition for mocking jay. As Annie Cresta’s child. Though i am a girl so i was wondering if the child could be a girl since most movies are different from the books and not exactly the same!

  101. Anna Crawford says:

    Age-10 turning 11
    hair-short and brown
    i live a hour away from wilmington

  102. alisa hall says:

    hi im alisa hall i’am 10 years old i’am Thai, American,Swedish,German,and more

  103. Lindsey T says:

    Hey so if I wanted to try out for Bonnie or Levvy what are the steps I need to take?
    I’m 15
    Dark brown hair
    Crooked teeth (like the description of Bonnie)
    My friends say I would look like a tribute from district 12 haha
    I’m also 5’4
    -I’ve had acting experience when I was younger & am going to start up again
    Who do I contact? Where do I go?

  104. Amber Lyngvar says:

    I can be sarcastic, cruel. I like disterict 7

  105. Amber Lyngvar says:

    I am 12 turning 13 in december

  106. Mikaila rosengren says:

    Does anyone know if they are still casting? It said it was officially underway but it didn’t say when it ends. I hope I’m not too late to audition…

  107. Baylie Collins says:

    are they still casting cuz i would love to play either katniss’s mother as a child or maysilee donner. i have blonde hair and blue eyes. and im 12 turning 13 in september. if i didnt get any of those it would be so amazing to be an extra. do you have to live in north carolina? cuz i live in woodinville washington. all the way across the country!

  108. Claudia says:

    Hi! I would love to be in a hunger games movie!!! I wouldn’t mind being an extra! I have brown hair and blue eyes. I f I. Was in a hunger games movie people would be able to see that I’m not quiet. (people think I am but Im not) I am very athletic so I think I would be able to fit a role. Please respond ASAP

  109. Claudia says:

    Oh yeah and I am almost thirteen

  110. Masa says:

    Im masa and im an actress

    I know im a little late but i know i would be the perfect on eto play The role of leevy

    Please consider this as the bet opprotunity for you too masa

  111. Masa says:

    Im 15 but i look like 17 cuz im tall
    You would love me instanly

  112. Hannah Hinson says:

    I live in North Carolina and saw that thing that was happening in NC and I was wondering if I could do that. I am 13 years old and does not have an agent or headshots but could I do it please respond to this or email me!?

  113. kathryn says:

    how and who do we send the video auditions to?

  114. kathryn says:

    Who do we send our video auditions to?

  115. Sam S says:

    I wanna play Bonnie so bad but I’m only 13 I mean I’m gonna be 14 in July and I look about 15 or 16 but they want people who are 17 ? Isn’t Bonnie supposed to look younger than Katniss ? oh and does anyone wanna roleplay on Facebook ? If so, like http://www.facebook.com/ThgYearOne

  116. Carly says:

    i am 14 years old and want to be an extra. I live in atl ga so ya how do I become and extra please answer.

  117. Janie Armstrong says:

    I’m 13 and OBSESSED with Hunger Games I might be yound but I’m gonna try out for an extra plus I live in Georgia! (:

  118. Janie Armstrong says:

    I also have dark hair and dark eyes I don’t look 13 at all people estimate me to look 15 or 16.. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play Leevy or even Bonnie do ya’ll think I ever could?

  119. Sarah says:

    How long are they accepting headshots/resumes/video auditions? I would love to audition for Johanna.

  120. Hayley says:

    Hi my name is Hayley. My one dream is to star in a blockbuster feature film, and if it was something to do with the hunger games, oh boy, how amazing that would be. I’m outgoing, that would make me fun to work with, always on my game and ready to go. I would love to audition for Johanna Mason, Leevy or Bristel.

    Age: 16
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Medium-Long, Wavy, Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Complexion: Olive

  121. Payton says:

    Hi my name is Payton. My one dream is to star in a show or movie and if it was something to do with the hunger games Oh Buddy how amazing that would be I’m bubbly outgoing I’m super energetic and fun to work with I would love to audition for an extra or one of the cast’s family members

    Weight:68 lbs
    Hair:Meidium-long wavy,Dirty blond
    Eyes:Depends on the day usally green or brown
    complection: Olive

  122. TeamPeeta says:

    Omg I want to audition so bad! It would be amazing to be part of Catching Fire!!!!!!

  123. mary says:

    I would love to audition for this i am a great actor but live in dumb indinapois, indiana

  124. mary says:

    I would love to audition for this i am a great actor but live in dumb indinapois, indiana and this would be a great oppertunity

  125. Nikki says:

    I really would love to audition too- but i’m 13 and live way to far to audition…..i’m a major hunger games fan(it’s really awesome), and i can act….i’ve done ads and movies and plays…. i have dark brown eyes and hair. Well…as a fan, since i can’t get in, i really wish it’d come out sooner, but maybe one of you will get in so ALL THE BEST!!! And Happy hunger games—

  126. Ursula Galvao says:

    hi my name is Ursula Galvao, i would love if could participed in the movie or just do an audition for cathing fire.
    I am from sao paulo, brazil, i am 14 years old , i have green eye, curly hair, i am tall.
    if my parents allowed i d love to do the movie
    i hope that you guys will send me an e mail
    thank you! bye

  127. Lilly says:

    I don’t fit for any of these roles but I really want to be an extra..!!!!!!!!

  128. Alexis R.J. says:

    I may fit Bonnie/Bristol/Leevy… I am 18 but I look way younger. Like between 14-17. So I should be ok. My skin is a brownish red tone, but my skin is light. I have dark brown eyes, and hair (shoulder length). I am 5’1″. I am not sure about my body type but it is a mix of average and athletic. I am African American. I live in SC. So I am not far from NC.

  129. I really want to go to an audition but I’m only ten I guess I could be,oh wait idk who i could be any ideas?

    • Garrett says:

      Same. I’m good at acting and I’m 11. I wanted to audition for Beetee so badly!! But there is this book series I liked and waiting to see if it ever becomes a movie. It’s kinda like The Hunger Games too, but not much. The first book of the series is Among The Hidden

  130. SayaLovesHG says:

    Hello I’m Saya, I’m a 12 year old singer songwriter from the east coast of the U.S. I love acting too and I want a chance to be an extra role in the next movie! I’m 12 years old though…so Idk if I’ll fit any of the roles.
    I’m 5’3 or possibly taller, half asian, regular skin (I’m not tan or anything) I have chocolate eyes and black straight hair that extends two inches below my shoulders. I can do lots of extra curricular activities. I hope they have extra auditions in NYC or New Jersey cause I live close to both of those places (lucky me I guess) I think I could play one of Gale’s siblings, who knows…or one of the district people? Yeah so if there’s any extra auditioning info please email me thesk8ergal@aim.com thanks.

  131. Emma says:

    I would love so much to audition but I live in Ireland have red hair(would dye it)im only 13 and i havent acted before but I wold love to become an actress its all i think about but i dont think my parents would let ….. oh well i guess they will pick amazing people for the roles and maybe one of you who is auditioning will get a role as an extra or something

  132. Garrett says:

    Dang it!! I am a huge fan of the books and wanted to audition for Beetee. I pictured him as a small, old teenager. Not an old man! I’m sad now

  133. taylor says:

    i live in north carolina. i really would love to be in the movie. ill be 15 september. i fit the decription of bristol except for the age.

  134. Alex:) says:

    Wow! My life time dream is to become an actress!:) I’ve been acting on school plays since a long time && I would LOVE to cast but I live in Tijuana,Mexico! That sucks! I would like to audition for Johanna but I feel I’m to short so probably Leevy or Bonnie!:D Age:17 I’m 5’3, thin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes

  135. Johanna says:

    You live in other states so what? I live in another COUNTRY (Germany). I would like to play Johanna Mason because the discription is perfect for me and my name is … right JOHANNA. But I live in Germany, that sucks!

  136. Ellen says:

    I really want to be a part of the movie or just go on a casting/audition but i live in sweden and i am 13 years so i don’t know help me sombody please

    • kathryn says:

      It shouldn’t matter where your from like germany or somewhere because liam hmesworth is austrian and he got the part of gale. Who says you lot can’t send in a video audition to the adresses, that was what I was going to do but I thought it would be short notice so I’m waiting for mockingjay but who says you lot can’t audition. I bet you all have the skills even with no experience and I bet one will get it because you tried. If you don’t try you won’t get anywhere. Don’t be spending your time writing on here, read the address and do them videos and mail them! At least you can say you tried!

      • Blaine Chesley says:

        where do I send the video audition to and how long do I have to make it. How do I make a video audition if there is no script. How do I do this

        • Jslay says:

          You can make a video audition from lines in the novel. But that isn’t your main concern. You absolutely need a head shot and a resume. And regardless of what other people are saying on here, and there’s just a lot of flat out stupid things people are saying or just making up about the way things work, if you have what they’re looking for, they will contact you. The video may only help if you have no credits or resume whatsoever, but it still is not a requirement. It makes me laugh some of the stuff people are saying on here. Also, you can “SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY” if you have a video or for example for the breakdown for ‘Mags’ it specifically said “SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY ONLY”. To do that, you would need an agent or manager who has a password to access the network where these breakdowns are posted. I’ll tell you one thing for sure though – the casting director for this is no joke, although they do cast new talent and unknowns. Anything is possible. One of my friends is a huge actor and that’s how he got in. 4 months after moving out here, and he booked a huge role in one of the biggest films in the last 10 years

      • I says:

        Amen to that!

  137. I’m 16 (17 october,2012). And I have dark hair and blue/grey eyes. I live in Alberta,Canada and I have no acting experience, but I’d really like to audition for the role of Leevy.How should I go about doing so?

    • Jslay says:

      There hasn’t been a breakdown that has ‘Leevy’ in it yet. The “smart guy” who posted the fake breakdown that’s circulating the internet needs to stop doing that. So far the only characters that have been released in the breakdown are: Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, Twill, Bonnie, Darius, Gloss, Cashmere, Brutus, and a week after those, Mags. Roles for characters like Plutarch weren’t even released in a breakdown, because they weren’t up for grabs like these roles are. They already had the person or people in mind they wanted to cast so that’s that.

  138. Cassidy cowart a says:

    Dear cassidy,
    My name is also Cassidy. My skin is between olive and fair and I have long dark brown hair that looks almost black and eyes that change color depending on light. I just turned 13 a few months ago and live in atlanta. I love the hunger games and I am gonna audition because it’s my dream to be an actor and meet josh hutcherson. I look like peeta and katniss daughter so I’m hoping to get a chance. See ya there!! (if I’m not too late)
    Sincerely, Cassidy

  139. Rebecca says:

    I would love to audition for hunger games for the role of, Johanna Mason, from District 7. But I dont know where to send my application, if someone could tell me please to what email I have to send it.

  140. Gabrielle Monroe says:

    How do you send in an audition tape? Like, what do you do for it? Who do you send it to? Help me!

  141. Kayla says:

    I’d love to play Johanna because I’m somewhat like her and it has no look requirement. But I live in New Jersey :(

    • stella says:

      same here but i live in new york and my parents probably won’t support me for being an actress

  142. Uniclove says:

    I’d love to audition but I’m only twelve, I only look 13. If Bristel and Bonnie were younger I could probably audition. And what about video auditions???

  143. Madyson A. Fair says:

    I would LOVE to be ANYTHING in the Hunger Games movie. I am 13 years old. I have dark brown eyes and hair and the skin town of Rue. I could maybe resemble Rue. But I would love to be Bristel maybe but I dont have the “Seam” look. But I would love to be an extra. Maybe for when Katniss and Peeta are on tour and visit District 11. But I would love to be in the movie. I just need to know the location and date/time. I live in Hickory North Carolina.

    • Madyson A. Fair says:

      But people say I could look 15 or younger. Maybe around 11. It depends the way I put myself as. (Hair, make-up etc.)

    • TeamKlato says:


  144. kimberly says:

    It would be an honor to play a character in the movie

  145. mikenzey says:

    I would love to be an extra but I’m only 11 I have Blondel hair and my wouldn’t let me plus I live in new Mexico so grrrrrrr :(

  146. Alex says:

    im 14 and live in the US but none of the characters match me besides bonnie but shes older and my teeth are straight. does anybody know how i could be an extra?

  147. Chase says:

    Is there anyone I can contact via email if I want to be an extra and get more information?

  148. Josie says:

    I’m sorry but I have to agree with no name. You guys are all ridiculous for thinking that you will acyually get the parts. And no, I am not trying to step on all of your dreams. They obviously wont take 14 year olds for the part of Johanna Mason. She’s like in her 20s. And they will have thousands of people auditioning, so unless you are a phenomenally good actor, you won’t get the part. Don’t waste your money flying all the way to Georgia fr something you won’t get. Try out for small roles near you.

  149. rebekah says:

    hey i love the huger games and i am an actress i used to be at angies acting studio and here is my information=

    hight-5 foot
    eye colour-blue/grey(my friends say that i look like im from the seem)
    hair-blonde a pit past my shoulders and wavy/curly(willing to die or cut it if needed)
    i would play any part needed or even an extra but if i had to pick one it would be catos sister.
    i have experience in the media arts!!!!
    it would be an amazing experinence to play a part in catching fire

  150. rebekah says:

    hey i love the huger games and i am an actress i used to be at angies acting studio and here is my information=

    hight-5 foot
    eye colour-blue/grey(my friends say that i look like im from the seem)
    hair-blonde a pit past my shoulders and wavy/curly(willing to die or cut it if needed)
    i would play any part needed or even an extra but if i had to pick one it would be catos sister.
    i have experience in the media arts!!!!
    it would be an amazing experinence to play a part in catching fire

    i live in ontairo,canada though i would fly anywhere to be apart of this movie

  151. Alice says:

    Is there an email to send an extra reseme to?

  152. Vanessa says:

    i am only 11 but i live in north Carolina i am 4 foot 9 black straight hair (die it if i have to) brown eyes and i LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. i would love to be part of tis interesting slite fasinating movie age 15 would love to be an extra please contact me back at my email location diamond bar,california.

  154. Lauren Bri says:

    i would love to audition for bonnie or johanna im 15 dark hair and dark brown eyes im 5’2 and a half but dont know when or where can someone please help me im from north carolina and i want this so badly ive had dreams of being in the hunger games and being an actress is something iv wanted since i was 6 and i know im capable of it so any tips on the date of the auditions would be great thanks :)

  155. Bader says:

    I’m bader frm Kuwait age:16 eyes:black hair:black skin:middle eastern …I really don’t care

  156. i love jhutch says:

    O MY FREKIN GOD i live in georgia!!! im like an hour away from at;anta man i wish i did hav acting experiance i reallllly wanna become an actor can any of u help me?

  157. polly_pocket says:

    I WANT TO BE AN EXTRA!!! Do i have to purchase the e-book to apply

  158. Rayleigh Johnson says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hello! My name is Rayleigh Johnson. I practically live outdoors, and know about many cultures because I have lived in Africa, America, and soon Russia, because my dad is in the US Embassy. I am living in Washington DC this year, and I want a chance to show everyone my acting skills. I am American and just LOVE acting. I am practically adappted to the outdoors, especially heat. I run up mountains in 105 degrees. I can handle practically anything. I don’t care what part I get, even if it is an extra. I just hope I will get a major part in this fantastic series, and I hope I can help bring it to life.

    Age: 11 ( but people mistake me for 13/14 )
    Hair color: brown
    Eyes: Blue Green
    Body: Skinny and lean

    For further information about myself, please send me an email.
    Thank You!

  159. Andrea Guzman says:

    I live in los angeles but if i have to go to north carlina im not sure my parents wouldn’t mind sending me

    i would like to tryout for bonnie because i fit her description well but the only thing is that i’m missing 1 of my front teeth and i look 10 when im 12 but my friends tell me i still audition and my eyes are a light chcolate color but i think i still will audition and my hair is a light brown with blond strips in them but i will dye it

  160. gabby mcmann says:

    i love the hunger games and im love all the actors and actresses i’ve read all three books 5 to 6 times and would kill to be an extra. i have brown hair and brown eyes and im 12. i love the outdoors.

  161. gabby mcmann says:

    i love the hunger games and im love all the actors and actresses i’ve read all three books 5 to 6 times and would kill to be an extra. i have brown hair and brown eyes and im 12. i love the outdoors. i loooovvveee the hunger games

  162. Aimee Munyard says:

    Is it possible for people from Australia to Audition?

  163. Morgan says:

    Hello, I’m Morgan Hale and I’d LOVE to play the part of Leevy or Bonnie.
    It dosn’t say much about theire ages in the book but I still think I could play one of the two parts. First of all, I have crooked teeth wich may be a problem so I would use a flipper. Seconed, if my eye color ( Blue ) is a problem, I would use colored contacts. ( Iv’e had to do this in my previous acting history. ) I’m an 12 year old girl but with the right make up, I could look 15. I have a very spontaneous and creative personality with a healthy sense of humor. I’m comfortable with anything and I love to be told what to do. I’d be fine with even the smallest part. Even a dead body, but I’d really love one of the parts I listed above. And if I don’t make the part, possibly could you consider me for your next movie? Thanks, Below is my further info:
    I’m 5”5 and have an athleted build
    I’m caucasion,
    My location is in Canada, but I travel around the world for acting.
    My acting history? I’ve been on at least 7 commercals and 2 extras on TV shows.
    Lastly, For my picture and further info, Please email me. My email is: Morgan.lorie@yahoo.com.

  164. sascha shingles says:

    is there an age limit? because im 12yrs old and have been searching for a good site to submit a resume’but i reeeeeeeelllly want to be in it (even as an extra, that would be awesome!!!!!) because im not one for taking on uge roles jus like the the bits like effie ,theres talking but not heeps. but i havent ad any acting classes or anything so yeh:( i hope something comes up. i live in west australia so flights and green cards and stuuf would be hard to get done!!!!!

  165. sascha shingles says:

    oh and btw im 5’0,have long gold hair but dont mind dyeing or cutting,having sorta crooked teeth,dark chocolate brown eyes and yeh.!!!!:)

  166. Weiyin Teh says:

    I’m 15 years old, brown hair, my height is 163cm. I’m Asian and I’m from New Zealand. I would go to the location the movie is filming by flight.

    I take acting classes and I play mostly main roles. My dream is to be an actress.

    I really want to be an extra in Catching Fire. I have read all 3 books and i love them all.

    Thank you.

  167. Marwa Sakhizada says:

    I just want to start by saying how amazing this oppurtunity is for me to shine and showcase my true talent i will honestly do anything to be part of this amazing movie, even if i am the extra i would be honored. I am very outspoken, dramatic, outgoing and love talking. I loved all the book series, and the movie of course. My name is Marwa Sakhizada and I am 14 years old i really love acting its one of my favourite things to do. In school i am involved in as many plays. Reading the book and watching the movie i could see you need to be athletic and i am in almost every sport in my school i have also graduated this year from middle school and i received the Drama metal award for this year. Many people have told me i should consider getting into acting and getting is as a career but now a days it is pretty hard to be in the acting industry there are many amazing people with amazing skills, but i wont let that bring me down i am very determined and i am willing to do anything to become what i love. I Believe that i am not just another actor i believe i am one of a kind and most importantly I am myself. I think i trully belong behind the camera its been my dream since i was little, i am very confident, And honestly i do not want to do this for just the fame or to be recognized i really want to do this because i truly want this, its my passion and i wont give up. Acting is my true talent please give me this opportunity to showcase my talent to guys, and show what i have and i wont let you guys down i promise. so please please give me this oppurtunity it would mean the world. I would be a great asset to you guys. I also actually have a twin sister who is also very much into acting just to let you guys now.

    Thank you so so much for taking the time to read this i hope i can hear from you guys anytime soon.

    Marwa Sakhizada.

    • MyHungerGames says:

      Hi Marwa,

      Unfortunately we don’t have anything to do with casting – or the movie – we are a fansite set up to just update the latest news on anything Hunger Games. You need to contact the casting agents.

      Good luck with your quest :)

  168. Bevery Carr says:

    I’m Beverly F Carr I will like to be the one to play any role ,because I love to act as another person in a another world please call me 404-916-3813 if you turn me down I wont be mad and I will never ghive up on my goals

  169. Devan polk says:

    My name is Devan polk i am 5 foot tall
    I have blue eyes
    I am 11 will be twelve before the movie will be in theaters
    i am very fast and strong and hardworking
    i am very athletic
    and if you like me please call 7042495530 Thank you so much.

  170. Hello my name is Taylor Johnson and I am interested in joining the cast of catching fire, I live about 20 minutes outside of Los Angeles. I am mixed, African American, Mexican, and native American.
    Age:15 (can play 15-17)
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5’7
    Body type: Medium
    Hair color: Dark brown

  171. Dear Casting Director, I am very interested in being apart of the catching fire cast. For further information, please visit my profile at: http://www.exploretalent.com/taylorjohnson126 I look forward to your audition process.
    Ethnicity: mixed (African American, native American, and Mexican)
    Age:15 (can play 15-17)
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5’7
    Body type: Medium
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Sincerely, Taylor Johnson

  172. TeamKlato says:

    Man do I wish I could be an extra

  173. Diana says:

    Dear casting director,
    I really want to be apart of this movie to show i can be a good performal i just want to have the chance to prove i can do this and meet some of the people who enjoy this book.looking forward for the audition .
    Im a female race; mexican
    English, french,and spanish speeking

  174. Carrie Scott says:

    I am a 14 year old girl from Scotland, I have green eyes and brown wavy hair that goes past my shoulders, but I straighten quite a lot,I am quite pale, my height is 5’3 and I’m very slim.I am very athletic and sporty and quite flexible and love drama!.I have a creative mind and am quite hyper at times.I have read all the hunger games books lots of times and can seem never put them down!. I went to see the film with all my friends the first Saturday it was out and was completely amazed with it!
    thank you so much for taking up your time to read this.

    your sincerely Carrie Scott

  175. Hi I am Brenda Salazar I am 14 years old and i am a huge fan of hunger games
    Hair:Light Brown Hair
    Eyes: Dark brown eyes
    Skin: like Jennifer Lawrence kind of skin


  176. Grace says:

    Hi, my name is Grace and I would love to be in the movie Catching Fire. I have read all the Hunger Games books. I am always thinking about the hunger games. It would be a dream come true to be able to star in the hunger games. I have always wanted to be an actor but since both of my parennts are in the military I wasn’t sure if I could be one but now I can. I hope my career can start here. I am 12 I will be 13 in september however most people think I am 14. I live in Virgina so I am very close to North Carolina. Please consider me for a part in the movie and email me information. Thank you very much!

  177. Grace says:

    I also wanted to add that I have long brown hair hazel eyes I am white and latin I am 5’3 tan and body is small/medium

  178. Grace says:

    I think I would be good as Johanna Mason

  179. Joshua Jimenez says:

    Hello I Am Joshua Jimenez A 13 Year Old Boy Who has Wanted To Be In A Movie Since 2005 I I Have Been Trying to get into Any Movie Possible! it Would Mean The World To Me If I Was Picked! I Am About 5,3 I Have Black Hair Brown Eyes ,Pale skin. Even If I Was An Extra, Or A Boy Who Got Killed Right In The Beggining I Would Probably Explode With Happiness. please Consider My Submission 😀 Thx,!

  180. Joshua Jimenez says:

    Btw My Hair Is Short And Wazy ^.^

  181. Alicia Delgado says:

    Hi, my name is Alicia Delgado. I am absolutely in love with The Hunger Games! I have read all the books and studied the trilogy. I am so inspired with the collaboration Suzanne Collins came up with about making a trilogy based on reality television and the Iraq War. I love the way she projected her thoughts on paper in such a way that while reading it, the picture in my mind couldn’t be any clearer. I feel as if I have connected with the characters on a personal level.
    I was so amazed with the Hunger Games movie, not only the movie itself, but the motivation Gary Ross put forth to create it. His drive to create The Hunger Games inspired me to have the same enthuasim to become part of the second movie somehow.
    I am a 14 year old girl, 5 feet and 5 inches and weigh 110 pounds; my race is Hispanic and German. Therefore my skin color is caramel brown. Being Hispanic and German will give me an authentic and unique look that could bring so much to the table in Catching Fire. I have long, dark brown hair, as well as dark brown eyes. My hair is slightly curly and wavy. I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I also participated in forensics in 8th grade. This means I know how to memorize scripts and act very well. I am also very fit and flexible. I would love to be picked to be incorporated in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

  182. Brianna Coward says:

    Hi, my name is Brianna Coward! I got the inspiration to become a part of the next movie while I was visiting my aunt in Charlotte, NC. While we were driving my aunt showed me the forest in which the first movie took place. Then she told me they where casting auditions for the next movie Hunger Games Catching Fire. She told me to do additional research on it and here I am.
    I’m a 11 year old girl, 5’0, and 79 pounds. I am very fit and flexible. I have many awards for my physical abilities and my academic achievements. I have Rue’s short tight curly medium brown hair but mine has natural highlights, I have hazel eyes which sometimes change colors depending on what I’m wearing, I have an olive completion, I live in Raleigh, NC, and my race is German, Black, and Puerto Rican. I have an AMAZING personality and a WONDERFUL sense of humor you will love!
    I would love to be in this movie because I love the way it is an action but still fun for the family kind of movie. I think I would be a great part in this next movie you will be filming soon! I hope and pray you will pick me! Thank you 

  183. Grady Bernard says:

    Finnick Odair, male, mid-20′s, very handsome, tall, tan skin, bronze hair, green eye
    I’d like to audition this role
    if you need some pics email me
    Loved the books and just saw the movie

  184. Peyton says:

    Hey I am a experienced actress anyway here is my information.
    I am 10 almost 11
    I have chestnut hair (straight an inch above my shoulders and WILL CUT OR DIE HAIR)
    Hieght 4 foot 9
    I will take any part but I would LOVE to be catos SISTER
    I live in Va but will fly an stay in a hotels if selected

  185. Delaney M. Sullivan says:

    I’m a 13 year old girl. I’m 5’7, have blond hair, dark green eyes, tannish skin ( a lat of people think i look older than i am), i have glasses but don’t need them all the time. I read the Hunger Games Series in 2 days, and catching fire is my favorite. I’m willing to travel, I do get nervous infront a big crowd, but have acted in front of 400-600 people.i have two earing peircings( if it matters) I live in NC near the Virgina boarder. I want to be a actress. I never got around to seeing the 1st movie when it came out, so when it came out, i went out and got it and watched it immedeatly. I play volleyball, am a realistic actress, and think betty white shoud be the old lady( i think her name was Mage or something) that dissapears into the mist. i wouldn’t want a huge part, just a small one or an extra. If i don’t get the part, no biggie! Please consider me!

  186. Sierra says:

    I’m 13 and I love The Hunger Games! Please give me a chance. I will travel anywhere. I have brown hair, I’m tan and I have brown eyes. I’m not sure about my weight or height though.

  187. Hi , my name is Erycka Anderson
    12 years old
    Dark brown hair
    Dark brown eyes
    I live in North Carolina
    I would love to be apart of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire because I am a wonderful actress and I’m a confident and outgoing girl. I don’t care if i’m an extra in the movie if i was lucky enough to get picked. I would just like to be apart of Catching Fire.

    • Tara says:

      I am a 13 year old female from the UK. I would be honoured to have this opportunity of being in a film, even if it was just a small role. I have been in a few school plays, all with lines, used to perform regular performances in front of an audience, and as an infant I did pictures for a well known British newspaper.
      Hair: Brown/Auburn
      Eyes: Light blue
      Country: United Kingdom, England
      Slim figure.
      Tall/ish height.
      I speak well, with a good British accent. Thank you for considering me, and I hope I appeal to you. I can also be found at starsinmyeyes.tv, or you can just email me. Thank you again!!!

  188. Pablo says:

    hi, i’m 19 years old, 5’74 feet, brown long hair, brown eyes. I would love to be in this film, i’m a really good actor, and I am very commited to what i do, i hope to play some main role, or at least an extra.. i know it’s late, but I had no faith on this film, until I saw it.. and I loved it, now i’m reading the books and I love this story, i would really like to audition for some role

  189. Hoksila says:

    Im a big fan of hunger games and Its what makes me want to make a bow im 5,6 and 12thanku

  190. emily says:

    Hello, i love hunger games! I am living in kentucky. I have dirty blond hair, light green eyes,almost look brown,and about 54. I am reading the first book but i am almost done. i can read a big book in like a day. I am trying to start a archery club at school. I love archery! But if you decline, that is fine, i will do whatever it takes to be part of the move, a extra, anything. I just would like to kick my acting career of.

  191. Kain Gandy says:

    Kain Gandy(male), 18 years old, just graduated. I am athletic and skilled at acting. i believe i would add to the movie both passionately and with action. i do my own stunts, and am skilled with weapons. i have good looks, weigh a fit 145lbs and am 5’10. Brown hair, Green eyes.Capable of moving anywhere to film. Have great ambitions to be an actor / firefighter.. am easy to work with, and can be trained to do almost anything physically. please contact me if you need to see my looks, have any questions or anything else. id be happy to answer them for you. Thank you so much for this opportunity

  192. Kelly Wu says:

    I’m Kelly Wu (female). Obviously I am a Hunger Games Fan and I would love the opportunity to be in Catching Fire or Mocking Jay, Hunger Games. I would be happy to play ny role in The Hunger Game I am 12 yrs old but some people say that I can be a 12-15 yr old girl and around 150cm. I have long, straight hair with dark brown eyes. I was born in 200 on the 6th of September. I live in Australia, QLD, Brisbane. I do not want to be vain but I would consider myself talented. My piano skills are okay, I am at a grade 3 level since i did start late but my piano teacher says that I play really good for someone my age. I think i sing really good and I have received many positive comments about my singing. I enjoy acting and I do take my role seriously when it comes to acting but I have a lot of fun working with people. It would be my honour to work with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and the rest of the cast. Thankyou <3 ;D

  193. Catherine Averill says:

    I would love to be an extra how do I sign up and I’m a great actress!

    • Catherine Averill says:

      Never mind I didn’t realize it was in north Carolina I thought it was in Atlanta

  194. Amber Jarman says:

    I am not an actress but i would die for a part in this movie, i am 5-4, i weigh 124lb I have brown hair, grayish blue eyes.
    I would like to know some information on the casting calls and such. Thanks

  195. alek says:

    Name: aleksander schaff
    Age: 13
    Gender: male
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Hair color: dark Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Languages: English, little samaon
    Perfomance skills: Acting
    Hobbies:biking, playing recorder (awsome)
    my name is alek schaff. i live in maryland. my dream job was to be a actor. if i do get the roll please call 2405879153. we travel through the east coast alot so traveling doesnt matter.

  196. Hi! I am 15 years old. Acting has been one of my passions for a while now, it has inspired me to be more social, energetic, and reading more books. It all started when i read the series of the lords of darkness by lg burbank. After that i found out about the hunger games and read them all in a month. I am only five foot tall, which sometimes frustrates me i have too admit that, i am insecure about my looks. But i get flattered almost every day by alot of people:) my hair is short and i am brunnette. My eyes are brown, i need glasses but if you want me to use contacts or colored contacts,i would totally do it. My life is based on a quote my grandfather used to say to us before he passed away,”the obsticles in life arent something to be afraid of, they are something to learn from.” So if this is not the right place for me, i will never know until i try. So dear myhungergames, if you want to PLEASE tell me any websites to help me, i would highly appreciate your assisstance. Thank you for allowing me to post this.
    -Janeth Corral

  197. Hello, My name is Christian Maglaya Im 14 years old, Im from Philippines.
    Im good at acting and singing. I like to be part of The Hunger Games
    because i like to show my acting skills and challenge my self too.
    Many people try to audition in Hunger Games but i hope im gonna choose..

    This is my identity

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14 years old
    Color of SKin: Brown
    Color of Hair: Black
    Color of Eyes: Black
    Height: 4″9

    I know im an Asian but im still hoping that im gonna be the part
    Hope for your Considerations!! 😀

    You can contact me @chanmaglaya on twitter…

  198. Hello, My name is Christian Maglaya Im 14 years old, Im from Philippines.
    Im good at acting and singing. I like to be part of The Hunger Games
    because i like to show my acting skills and challenge my self too.
    Many people try to audition in Hunger Games but i hope im gonna choose..

    This is my identity

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14 years old
    Color of SKin: Brown
    Color of Hair: Black
    Color of Eyes: Black
    Height: 4″9

    I know im an Asian but im still hoping that im gonna be the part
    Hope for your Considerations!! 😀

    You can contact me @chanmaglaya on twitter…
    And my YahooMail chan_haze@yahoo.com

  199. Stephanie Wallace says:

    Hey, My name is Estephania Wallace (you can call me stephanie.. i prefer that)and I’m 14 years old about to turn 15. I’m from mexico yet i was raised in canada so i know spanish and english. I’d like to audition for Bonnie if you’d let me…

    I am white
    Dark Brown Long Curly Hair
    Brown eyes
    I’m around a meter and a half. ( yea i know I’m kind of short )

    I also have crooked teeth (I say because that’s one of the requirements for bonnie)

    I really would like a chance to be in the hunger games even as just an audition or an extra… I not an experienced actor but I can act quite well.

    I can send pictures if you ask me for some from my email

    Hoping you answer and/or read this!

    Thanks for you attention!(:

  200. Naomi Anderson says:

    Hi my name is Naomi I’m 12 years old and will be 13 next February. I’m 5 foot 6 inches I’m mixed race with braces (although they should be off in 2 months) and I have dark brown African American hair (afro) and dark brown eyes (almost black). I’m 112 lbs and would say im slender because I used to do gymnastics for 4 years but sadly had to stop because we moved away. I live in Gloucester, UK but I will be willing to move anywhere for this opportunity . As soon as I watched the Hunger Games I was in love with it and I made my mom buy me all the books and all the merchandise. If I got chosen to be in the Hunger Games, I would work as hard as I could and more, and never let you down! I have always been the lead in all my school plays and I think this would be a good starting point to my hopefully long career in acting. I would be more than happy to portray any character in Mocking Jay and if necessary I can send you a picture of myself over e-mail. Thank you so much for your time and hopefully you will consider me for this once in a life time opportunity! Thank you x
    Naomi Anderson

  201. Evan Olsem says:

    hi my name is Evan Olsem and here is a little bit about myself….

    – I am 13 years old
    – I was born on May 6, 1999
    – I am 5;3
    – I have brown hair and blue eyes
    – I have some acting and drama experience for school
    – I want to major in drama and acting in college
    – I am Team Peeta ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!
    – I love the Hunger Games
    – I have been to the Hunger Games Fan Tour Camp outside of Brevard, NC

    I just want to audition because it would be a great experience but to get a part in the actual movie Catching Fire would be the greatest moment in my acting “career”. Thank you and I hope you can at least consider the thought and read through my whole resume which if you are reading this you have read the whole thing already haha! Well alright then. Please consider! Thank you.

  202. Solange says:

    Hi,my name is Solange and I would like to be part of ”Catching Fire”. I believe that this movie will be better than the first one. I’m a huge fan of the Hunger Games, the first movie I watched many time because the story is so well written and performed. I would like to apply for a role as a tribute in the games.
    Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcheson are both very good actors. Jennifer has not had any acting school experience just like me.
    I am a hard working, athletic,enrgetic and tri-langual person, I am 14 years old.
    I believe that I will live up to the directors expectation. I think that I could bring a new dimension to the film.

  203. kiera morgan says:

    HI! my name is KIera Morgan. Acting is my dream, i have been in many plays ever since i was seven years old. I have read and fallen in love with Hunger Games saga. i do not have acting school experience, but i have been in every play my school has to offer. so i do have acting references if needed.
    -i turned 16 in june
    -i live in rochester ny
    -i have brown hair
    -i have medium gray/blue eyes
    -i am 5’7”
    -i am very athletic
    -i have preformed in 3 musicals and 2 drama club plays in high school,
    they were Guys and Dolls, Beauty and the Beast (as Madam de la Grande Bouche), Anything Goes (as Bonnie), Fantastical Friends (as the mad hatter and Mrs. White) and the jungle book (as tabakoo a hyena)
    -i have been an extra in a independent movie “King’s Faith)

    I beleive i am capable of taking on the role of any character you would like me to preforme and i have asked my parents because i am a miner, that if i am concidered for a role that they will let me travel. i hope you concider me

  204. Erin Baker says:

    Hi im Erin

    im 12 years old
    i live in georgia
    i have brownish blond hair
    i have hazel eyes
    im 5’2″
    i have been acting since i was 5
    I can have any role i would love to be in the movie to start up my fame (just kidding). I have asked my friend to come with me. PLEASE CONCIDER ME
    ~Erin Baker

  205. Hello, my name is Danielle Leleu. I have the Hunger Games trilogy completely read and now I keep reading because it is so exciting and so beautiful.
    I love acting and I would be very happy if I could join in Catching Fire or Mockingjay. I learn very quickly, I can well texts (dialogues) rote learning, can run fast, swim well, I can well karate, can also sing and dance.

    age: 12 years but in early November, I was 13
    height: 1m 58cm
    Eye color: gray-green
    weight: 43kg
    Hair: blond-brown, semi-long hair
    I can act well

    Send me an email as soon as possible if you please.

  206. Gessyca says:

    Hello my name gessyca I’ll be 17 years in November, I live in France and I have always dreamed of entering the world of cinema and leave a trace in the history of saga as daniel radcliff in harry potter or as robert pattinson in twilight. I have brown hair with long hair and blue eyes, I do a lot of dance since I was very young and I love the scene. I have lot of other specialty I dream to develop in the professional world. I am in high school to study art. I’m serious, always motivated and determined with great energy. I hope you will read my message and hope to receive an answer soon

  207. George Hodgson says:

    Let me introduce myself….. I am George Hodgson

    I am 14 and im 5’8″, i live in london UK. If you decided to select me you would not be disappointed,i have read the first and second book and they were amazing. I am currently doing Drama and Music G.C.S.E and my end of year 9 level was a 6+. I am always making films on my mac at home and i always love to be in front of the camera. This is the best opportunity for me to kickstart my acting career and i can only see myself being a actor because i always think creatively and i stand out when it comes to Drama,Art and music.I can learn line quickly and i can adapt to any situation. I hope you give me a chance to show what i can give, You will not regret it!

  208. Jay Osinski says:

    Hi, I’m Jay, a girl who loves to act!
    I’m 15, but can look older, and I’m 5’8. I have bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. I weigh 134 lbs and my measurements are 36-25-34.
    Johanna Mason, Cashmere, and Bristel are roles I think I would do the best at. Thanks for reading this. I hope to hear from you!
    Thanks, Jay

  209. Victoria says:

    Hello my name is victoria, and i am interested in any extra part.
    *I have dark brown hair.
    *i am 5’2
    *i am 13 years old.
    *i have dark eyes.
    if you may have a part, i may take, please consider me.

  210. Veronica Brtek says:

    Hello, my name is Veronica. I would be incredibly happy if I received any part in this movie. I haven’t done much acting, but I used to take acting classes when I was younger. I also used to be a model.

    Age- 14
    Birthday- April 28, 1998
    Hair- Dark brown
    Eyes- Green
    Height- 5’3″
    Weight- 96 lbs.
    Skin- Olive
    I live in Colorado.

    Thank you so much for your time, and please consider me for a role in this movie.

  211. Ingrid adegue says:

    hello my name is ingrid and i am 13 year old turning 14 may 25 i really want this part because i read allt he serie of the hunger game i love it and it been my dream to be a actress i really want this so bad i have a really good attitude am alway positive and happy joeyful person and loving to i hape u pick me thank for reading this have a good day by

  212. Garima Yajnik says:

    My name’s Garima, and I adore the hunger games, I’ve read all the books and I hope the second movie will be as good as the first!
    I’m not gonna bore with details but I’ve been involved in theatre all my life and recently completed a shakespeare, contemporary and musical theatre course in London.
    I’m an Indian female from London, England. 17 years old =D
    I’d love to audition for Bonnie or Bristel as i’m the right age and have the described appearance, If not then maybe a position as an extra??

  213. Garima Yajnik says:

    My name’s Garima, and I adore the hunger games, I’ve read all the books and I hope the second movie will be as good as the first!
    I’m not gonna bore with details but I’ve been involved in theatre all my life and recently completed a shakespeare, contemporary and musical theatre course in London.
    I’m an Indian female from London, England. 17 years old =D
    I’d love to audition for Bonnie or Bristel as i’m the right age and have the described appearance, If not then maybe a position as an extra??

  214. Yasmine Hood says:

    Hello my whole name is yasmine simone hood.I have an acting experience from my school that has a theatre class i take. I really want to be famous one day in my life.When i grow up i want to be an actress and a model.
    Birthday-April 9,1997
    Eyes-Dark Brown Eyes
    hertiage-African American
    From-Charlotte,North Carolina
    Thank you so much and please pick me for a good role the movie:)!!!!

  215. Nadia says:

    Hello my name is Nadia. I fell in love with the books right away and I would love to be in the movies. If I could have any part even a small one I would be really happy. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and this could be my chance. Please consider me.

    Age- 16 in a month
    Hair- light brown
    Eyes- Greenish brown (hazel)
    Height- 5’7″
    Weight- 117 lb.

  216. zachary deithorn says:

    -i turned 19 in august
    -i live in lebanon pa
    -i have brown hair
    -i have hazel eyes with a natural black ring around them
    -i am 5’11 3/4″
    -i am very athletic
    the hunger games series have been my favorite series of book since they came out i am good at playing darker characters and dramatic roles. my experience includes Dog/Amazon King and I Vero Beach high school

    Carl Man By the Window Youth on a Mission

    Faversham No More Homework Vero Beach high school

    Ozian/Winkie Wizard of Oz Vero Beach high school

    Soldier Living Stations St. Helens youth group

    Thief Shut and Bar the Door Vero beach high school
    also i played both jekyll and hyde in my college performence of jekyll and hyde
    i have qualifications to be a great addition to the catching fire cast
    please consider me for a role and may the odds be ever in your favor

  217. Paige Weeded says:

    hello I’m Paige Josephine Weeden i am 13 but look older 5’9 hight blonde with blue/green eyes white and speak English and can put on an american accent love to act horse ride and swim i love the script of this and if you decide to have me on board i wont let you down this will change my life thank you for your consideration and i hope that luck is on my side this once thanks again.

  218. Dilara Huryasar says:

    Hello, my name is Dilara Yar Huryasar.I’m from Florida, U.S.A. I am interested in being in Catching Fire. The Hunger Games is my favorite book trilogy of all time! When I grow up I want to be an actress/singer and this could be my chance. I would love to audition for the roles of either Leevy, Bristol or Bonnie. Some info about me…

    -12 years old (could pass as 13-16!)
    -Birthday: May 17th 2000
    Eyes- Dark Brown
    Hair- Very Long Dark Brown
    Height- 5 ft.
    Skin- Olive
    Skills- singing,acting, piano, guitar, art

    It would be such an other to be an addition to the cast, or even as an extra, and work along side with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth! Please consider me, I hope to hear from you!
    Thank you,

  219. Dyllan vosloo says:

    Hello my name is Dyllan vosloo i am 13 years old and could pass 14-15. My birthday is in august i live in new zealand originally from South Africa i have tanned skin black/brownish hair and hazel eyes i would love to be part of this movie and i am willing to travel to wherever the auditions will be held i stared in simple plays i am fit and my height is 5ft5 i would like to audition for any kind of spotlight i relate to finnicks hunger game times when he was 14 i love and know the sea quite well if there is a role for a flashback i would love to take it thank you
    Dyllan Vosloo

  220. Elisabeth Aispuro says:

    Hello I’m Elisabeth aispuro I just want to start and tell you some things right off the back
    I’m 5″4
    Dark brown eyes
    Dark brown hair(willing to die it)
    I’m 15 years old
    I would say I’m pretty slender
    I have relitivle straight teeth
    I took acting classes for a year at barbizon acting in Portland Oregon
    I also took have a year acting in school
    I would really like robe apart of the hunger games cast or even a extra I would be happy with both but thank you for reading this and I hope you chose me for some role(:

  221. Charlie Idahosa says:

    A young ambitious creative hardworking kid with a passion to star in the new hunger games movie is I, Charlie Idahosa. Ever since I seen the first Hunger Games movie I fell in-love with it. I am 5’9 and 134 pounds, a young Africa american and I have a great smile and also a great personality. Having me in your new movie will only bring postive and exciting moments and memories. Working hard and never giving up are habits i was born with so I know you would never regret having me so Please contact me I would really love to be aprat of this new film.

  222. Pablo says:

    Hello! My name is Pablo, I’m 19 years old, 5’74 feet, brown long hair, brown eyes. I would love to be on this film. I am a really good actor, and I’m very committed to what I do, I hope to play some role, or at least an extra.. I know it’s a bit late, but I had no faith on this film, until I saw it.. and I loved it, now I’m reading the books and I love this story, I would really like to audition for some role.. thank you!

  223. Jack Grey says:

    My name is Jack Grey, I’m sixteen years old. I am a hard working and passionate actor. I have done acting over the years in stage schools, and in school plays. I have been looking for auditions on the internet, but there was nothing right for me, until I sass this, and I thought I would be good to play one of the characters in this film.
    I hope you take in all I have said, and consider me a part in this film.
    Thanks Jack Grey

  224. Job Jones says:

    Hi, my name is Job Jones. I’ve wrote messages to other sites like this but for some reason they keep disappearing.I just turned 14 and am in the 8th grade.I have brownish blondish hair but only because I dyed it my original hair color is light brown.I am 5/8 and do not have tan skin but am not pale.I love the Hunger Games and have read the first book in literally two days and I’m in the process of reading Catching Fire.As soon as I found out the movie was a book trilogy I knew I had to be in the second or third movie.I live in Georgia but I am originally from North Carolina.I am very good at memorizing scripts and can work really well with the cast and crew. I do not have an agent because they are SOOOOOOOO expensive, but if you give me a chance you will not regret it.I know there are ALOT of great actors and actresses that would love to take part in this spectacular film but if you consider me I can be as great or greater than them.I hope don’t sound cocky but I just really want a part in this movie. My whole family has been telling me that I won’t get anywhere by writing these letters so I also want to prove them wrong sooo PLEASE take this letter into consideration.Thank you for your time.Oh, and if you were wondering my name is Job with long o .I know not to get my hopes up incase I don’t get a part.But I pray you’ll really think about it. Thanks again ——-JOB JONES :)

  225. Job Jones says:

    i hope that the odds are ever in my favor lol just had to say that haha thanks again—-:)

  226. Erandi Rubi says:

    Hi, my name is Erandi Rubi
    – I am 12 years old , but i will be turning 13 in the upcoming september
    – I am 5 feet tall
    – I have crooked teeth
    – My irises are green brown and yellow
    – I have big pupils
    – I have big eyelashes
    All i would like to do is have a part in either of catching fire or mocking jay. Where i come from people like me dont get chances like other people. The hunget games inspired me to try to pursue my dreams. I do have some experience from school. Thank you for reading.

  227. Ashley Deaver says:

    Hey, my name is Ashley Deaver. Here is a little about myself:
    -I’m 14 years old
    -Born on April 23, 1998
    -Brown eyes
    -Hair to mid-back
    -Often told I look older than i actually am but I disagree
    I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan! I have little experience in acting; meaning I’ve never been in school plays or anything; but I’m a dancer so I’m used to preforming in front of large crowds. Since I haven’t done any serious acting, I obviously don’t have any of the permit things listed above but I’m sure I could get them. I would be so happy if i got a part in this movie even if it was just standing there. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

  228. Charlie Landon says:

    I am looking for a part thought this would be cool 15 male pretty strong I guess …..

  229. Charlie Landon says:

    I guess I should add this uh
    Longish brown hair ( Justin BIEBER) style get that a lot lol
    15 male
    Brown eyes
    Looking for the part :)

  230. Maud says:

    I love the Hunger Games and i live in Cumming, GA.
    I am 5′ 3” and 12 years old.
    i love the hunger games and i’ve tried to apply for being in extra in Atlanta but my email never gets through. I have blond hair, blue eyes and i weigh a bit over 92 lbs.

  231. metaya says:

    hi im metaya


    lite brown hair in the sun black hair in the dark

    im 5’1 and live in sacrmento,ca

    born janury 15 1999

    with dark brown eyes

  232. Amaria says:

    Hey my name is amaria im 13 but look younger than that ,im 5’2 and 83.9lbs im not really experience ,but i will give u 100% im not looking for a role in partuculiar i will be happy for a crying child extra ,i am african american, i have curly hair when wet ,my hair is short and dark brown in light ,i have brown eyes , i live in georgia ,close to the set,in atlanta clayton county

  233. Connor says:

    Hi my name is Connor I am 15, 6’4 strong build and very athletic I also have blue eyes and light tan skin. (I can play rolls that are older as I look fairly old for my age. I have been in several school productions and was in my intermediates drama academy for two years. I would love to play any roll in the hunger games. If I could suite any roll or extra please get back to me. Thanks

  234. Isabella says:

    Hi there! I’m Isabella and I live in Atlanta. I am 11 years old and I can look older. I have experience, I am in a talent agency. I have brown eyes and blonde hair. I could be a double for Primm or anything.

  235. Cody Hammock says:

    I am 12 year old boy, 5’6″ weighing at 101lbs and I run cross country. Have worked in community theatre a little. Would love to play an extra for this movie, please let me know when casting is available. I live in Ga but mom works or an airline and grandma is retired so they are on board with me filming in North Carolina.

  236. Maddie Laird says:

    Hi im Maddie Laird
    I live in Atlanta
    Im a 13 year old girl
    I have had a little bit of experience but i love acting and have always wanted to act
    I am 5’7, blonde hair, blue eye, i am a very athletic person
    – I love the hunger games i love the books and the movies, the hunger games is the best movie all around!

  237. Name: kevin brian balboa
    D.O.B: December 9,1993
    Height: 5’8
    Eye Color:Honey
    Weight: 118pnds
    Skin: White
    Hair color: Brown
    leave in a small town called Mont Alto located in south Texas since 3rd grade. Used to live in Mexico im Mexican/Spanish decant.
    for more info contact me at…
    (956)-998-0626 work phone.
    or in case of a website facebook?

  238. camilo says:

    Hello my name is Camilo
    My birthday:12/28/2001
    Height:5 feet
    Eye color:green
    Hair color:light brown
    I live in Atlanta GA I am 10 going to turn 11 on December 28 iv’e been accepted to a ACTING agency named AMTC i am a very good actor and am i huge fan of the hunger games ask me any questions you want I will do any roll you want I hope you consider me

  239. Mariana says:

    Hi I’m Mariana I’m 14 ears old and I’m a huge fan of the hunger games and I would love to take place in catching fire or mocking jay! I have brown hair and dark brown eyes I can do every sport (almost) I can speak perfectly English and Spanish ! And I can pretty much act. Please consider me!!!

  240. Amber says:

    Hi, my name is Amber. I’ve recently moved to Texas. I would love the opportunity to be in The Hunger Games trilogy. I’ve read the books and seen the movie, and thought both of them were amazing. I don’t have any acting experience. I’ve been trying to get into acting classes, but their isn’t really any places to go to were I live. I’m athletic and hardworking. Gender: Female. Age:13. Weight:105. Height: 5’2. Hair color: Dirty blonde. Eye color: Hazel. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  241. Isabelle Cooper says:

    Hi I’m Isabelle or most people call me Izzy. Its always been my dream to act or sing some where big! I’ve done plays, & I’m very dramatic 😀 haha! I’m 13 years old I am 5’1 & way 99 pounds! My hair color is brown, & I have brown eyes!I am very out going & very social, I ride horses and run and swim & bike! I’ve never been in a movie or anything so this is all new to me, but It’s never to late to start! If you picked me I may be the happiest person EVERRR!!!! I understand if you don’t pick me because theres so many talented people out there and they would love to have this opportunity as much as I do! But thankyou soooooo much for taking your time! :) ~Izzy

  242. Aisha says:

    Hi my name is Aisha.

    Gender: Female
    Age:13 years
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Race: Indian (Not Native American Indian)
    From: Long Island, NY

    I absoulutely love the Hunger Games and practically have each book memorized. I would be thrilled to get to be in Catching Fire. Even if I was an extra.

  243. Cara Termine says:

    Hello, my name is Cara Termine. I am 13 years old and female. I am mostly english but have a slight sicilian connection. My height is 5 ft 4 and I am an average weight. I have brown/green eyes and tanned-ish skin. my hair is brown with a slight kink in it, and is up to my ribs. I have been wanting to become an actress since I was about 8 years old. I love acting, performing and audition myself for every school show we have. My dream would to participate in a film, it is my life long ambition. I’m not shy at all when it comes to being in front of a camera. I love the Hunger Games so much! I have read all the books (The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Mockingjay) 3 times each already and watch the film at least 4 times a week. It would be an honour for you to read my subscription and maybe consider taking me on for one of the roles in the new hunger games film, Catching Fire. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Cara Termine.

  244. Bronte Young says:

    Hi, I’m Bronte and I’m from Australia
    I am an extremely confident 14/15 year old girl and I love to act. I can take on many roles and many different types of emotions and connections. I would love to add an Australian element to the cast as this could be quite unique and interesting.
    Hair-long, chocolate brown curly hair
    Skin-tan/olive skin tone

    Other information-
    I have danced for 10 years
    I have acted and done many monologues and other performances throughout my life
    I can act in an American accent if wanted (however the australian accent could be an extremely interesting element to the movie)
    I am confident and willing to take great critisim

    As I am in Australia, it would be great if I could understand the circumstances for a video audition.
    If it is too late to audition for catching fire, I would love to know the details for auditioning for the third film.
    Thankyou, contact me

  245. rony kirollos says:

    Hi, I’m Rony Kirollos from Los Angeles, California and although I’m not a proffesional actor I need this. I can get into a sob story but no I’ll be plain and simple I’m 13 years old and would be great for this.

    hair:dark brown
    eyes:dark brown
    please respond

  246. Dillon Baker says:

    name:Dillon Baker
    School:Friern Barnet performing arts school
    Hoobies:Breakdancing,football and acting

    To who this may concern,
    my name is Dillon baker I am 12 yrs old I currently live with my parents in England/London.
    I would like to audition for a roll in the new film catching fire,I have not done acting before apart from in my infant school witch I had a few lead rolls, my main passion at the time was street dance, as time has gone and I now go to a school that has a high reputation for its performing arts in the London area it has now opened my eyes to what else I feel that I am good at for example street dance,football and drama.from 7 yrs old I started street dance,first with a after school club, I then progressed to stage shows.Football is another thing I like to take part in I play on weekends and train during the week this helps me to focus,keep fit and play as part of a team,plus im doing something I enjoy.Drama is another thing that I would like to focus on,I haven’t had that much experience except from when
    attend my primary school I took part in many productions and sometimes had lead roles now that I go to a performing arts school(Singing,dancing and drama)I hope to be in many more productions and learn a lot more about stage direction the reason I think I should also be considered is because I am very hard working,focused and a determined person who never gives up.

  247. Emily Johnson says:

    Hi, my name is Emily Johnson. I live in Virginia and am 11 years old. I will turn twelve in three months. I am 5’1 and weigh 94 pounds. I have light brown hair and brown eyes. I really love to act and people say I am very good at it. I really have always wanted to be acting in a movie and it would mean so much to me. I am very hard working and I would be extremely excited if I could be in Catching fire. Even a minor role I would be more than glad to take. Please consider me, because I believe I could act a very good part. Thank you!

  248. Austin register says:

    Hey, my name is austin, i am 13 yrs old, born may 1st 1999. I live in tampa florida and i have dirty blonde hair am 5ft 4in and weigh 105 pounds, i have taken drama throughout school and have been in plays at my local church and at school. Learning is really important to me but i want to take my acting to a higher level, and why not in the sequal to the Hunger games?

  249. Sara Griffin says:

    Hello, my name is Sara Griffin and I would love to be apart in Catching Fire! I am 11 years old. My birthday is April 3. I have strawberry – blonde hair, blue eyes, and straight teeth. My weight is 88.2 lbs. I live in Macon, GA. I love to act and I have a lot of great experience. One day, I wish to become famous and hopefully my dream will come true, if I get picked to be in Catching Fire. I would love to be Bristel from Catching Fire. I kinda have some things in common with her. My best friend and I love the books and my favorite author is Suzanne Collins. I would really wish to meet Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hendsworth. I believe that they are all good actors. I’m clever, smart, very friendly, creative and funny. I
    would be very honored and very happy if I got to be in Catching Fire.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  250. Indra Vanden Bergh says:

    Hi, I’m Indra Vanden Bergh
    I love the books of the hunger games. I saw the first film and I love acting and doing crazy things with my friends. I really wil act in catching fire or the third film.
    I’m 14 years old and my birthday is 06/05/1998
    My hair color is blond medium lenght
    my eye color is blue-gray
    lenght: 1m 60cm
    my weight is 40,2 kg
    I’m slim and a little bit crazy (sometimes)
    I live in Belgium so I think that I not really make a chance to act in an American movie but I wil try it.
    I would really like in the hunger games acting.
    Thanks for you attention and hopefully am I eligible.
    If you still want to know more about me than I want this you always tell.

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