Catching Fire Director Poll: Who Can Take Over The Hunger Games?

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Now that it’s official, that Gary Ross is not returning to direct Catching Fire, we want to know – who would you see take his place? 

Many fantastic directors have been offered up by fans, and we’ve collected many of them here. Take our poll and tell us, who should direct Catching Fire? If your pick isn’t on our list, tell us in the comments and we’ll add them!

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Christopher Nolan since he does a really good job of bringing out the hidden message in his movies just like he did in the batman movies! I think he would be a great choice (out of the list above)

  2. Josh says:

    Spielberg, Columbus, Peter Jackson or David yates!!

    • Srgg says:

      Honestly if you want epic and beautiful you want Del Toro (think Hellboy or if you are luck enough to have seen it…Pan’s Labyrinth)
      or Alfonso Cuarón.

  3. yreimm0308n90 says:

    I think Rupert Ward/Brad Bird/Steven Soderberg is great choice

  4. heaven says:

    I think David Yates, Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson are the best choices! They have good directing experience and make AMAZING films!

  5. lorebakery says:

    Steven Soderbergh
    Christopher Nolan
    The Wachowski Brothers
    Peter Jackson
    Mark Neveldine
    Michael Bay
    Rupert Sanders
    Steven Spielberg
    James McTeigue
    Mike Newell
    Alfonso Cuarón
    Andrew Niccol
    Darren Aronofsky
    Terry Gilliam

    One of those – the most involved/fan of the trilogy. HG has to be a very accurate depiction of the book, with a strong personal touch. Gary Ross did a great work, now CF has to be EPIC.

    NOT Davide Yated, please, NOT HIM. Yates has the eye for good visuals but his story telling abilities leave a whole hell of a lot to be desired! He destroyed the last 2 Potter films and made a mess of 5 & 6 by not being fully read up on the stories and not being able to make them flow one to the other.All the brilliance of Rowlings eye for detail was wasted. This must not happen with HG…

    • Elle says:

      Agreed about Yates. He dropped the ball, big time, on all of the films except Deathly Hallows Part 1, which I loved. Plus after becoming so well known for such a big franchise, it doesn’t make sense for him to switch over and take over this one.

    • i agree about David Yates- i dont think CF would be the same with him!

    • c says:

      I agree I HATE David Yates!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Steven Soderbergh and
      Christopher Nolan would be the best for the job. Soderbergh worked with Ross on HGs and I think he would do a great job with 2.

  6. molly says:

    I am sooooooo sad that Gary Ross is not directing Catching Fire but I think that Chris Columbus or David Yates should direct the rest of this Trilogy because they did a really great job with harry potter.

  7. Elle says:

    Not someone who did Harry Potter– that will only lead to constant comparisons between the two franchises, and I think Hunger Games should be able to stand out on its own. Plus Harry Potter has a very specific, quintessentially British aesthetic, and I think that it’s important for Catching Fire and Mockingjay to keep some of the same modern, sleek realism that the Hunger Games had. I think a North American director would be the best man/woman for the job. But especially not someone too blatantly famous, like a mega-director like Spielberg or Jackson.

    My votes would be Joss Whedon (because Buffy is so classic and he has never had a chance to truly develop himself with a film franchise) or Steven Soderbergh (because his contributions to the Hunger Games was so good.) Or someone unknown who will blow us all away!

    I just want Catching Fire to take the dark turn that it needs to take, with brilliant visuals and action. We already know that the actors are capable, now we just need someone who won’t screw it all up!

    • Srgg says:

      Alfonso Cuarón is from Mexico and directed the third HP film, which many think is by far the best artistically. It was in many ways the scariest and darkest of the films.
      Peter Jackson however is not from North America, he is from New Zealand. But you are right…he is too big and is working on the Hobbit now anyway.

      • Elle says:

        I just meant that Jackson is the type of big-name director that they should probably stay away from. I know he’s from New Zealand. Plus, he’s probably too busy with The Hobbit and wouldn’t do it anyway.

        HP 3 is by far the best, and I am a huge fan of Cuaron’s work on other films (especially his Mexican films.) But I still think that this franchise should distance itself from Harry Potter. Cuaron is so awesome though– imagine his interpretation of the arena? It would probably be brilliant.

    • j says:

      Totally agree that it shouldn’t be someone from Harry Potter!! Hunger Games is different, and I am sick of the constant comparison between the two franchises!!!

  8. Srgg says:

    Peter Jackson is working on The Hobbit. I doubt he has time to work on Catching Fire.
    Visually David Yates did a good job with HP but I agree with lorebarkery that he was awful at his story telling and left out major themes.
    Kind of funny that you didn’t mention that Alfonso Cuarón filmed the beautiful Harry Potter 3. It is by far my favorite HP film. It doesn’t follow the book exactly but it has a lovely flow and the cinematography is AMAZING!
    Steven Spielberg has been more of a producer recently and honestly the best movie you choose as an example is “minority report”?
    If Chris Columbus is chosen I won’t go see the movie. The first HP movies were horrible, that is why he was replaced. He was bad…read about it.
    Michael Bay, same thing…Horrible and doesn’t he had a Transformers movie to butcher?
    Christopher Nolan is filming Superman right now isn’t he? He would make the movie too dark for kids. But it would be good.
    Matthew Vaughn has a working relationship with Lawrence as she was in the First Class and he knows how to work CGI. Might be good. Good story teller as well
    Rupert Wyatt took an old story and made it new with great direction.
    So I would go, Cuarón, Wyatt, then Vaughn.
    BUT NOT YATES and certainly NOT COLUMBUS!!!

  9. auggie says:

    first choice is danny boyle. apart from slumdog millionaire he’s directed some good sci-fi movies like 28 days later & the red planet. his directing style is similar to ross, if not better. he also have a close working relationship with simon beaufoy. so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to fill in ross’ shoes.

    second choice, I think is jj abrams. he’s had a successful tv series which is “lost” and “alias.” I’m curious of how he’s going to make the quarter quell scenes. somehow they remind me a little bit of “lost.” he also likes to shake things up when it comes to story telling. so, it should be interesting to see how the movie’s gonna turn out.

  10. Hana says:

    Agree with Elle and Lorebakery on David Yates. My vote would be either Danny Boyle (I loved Slumdog Millionare and it shares many stylistic elements with Ross’ HG) or Alfonso Cuaron (he did a superb job with Prisoner of Azkaban). From the schedules in IMDb it looks like both might be available. Catching Fire is a tougher book to adapt and the film will have to take more liberties with the book than was the case with HG. Either one of these directors has the creative talent and sense for character and story-telling to get it right. Fingers crossed!!

  11. Josh K. says:

    First of all, we might as well rule out all of the Directors who are going to be too expensive like Peter Jackson, Michael Bay, etc. The ideal person would be a fan of the books, but we do not know that at face value. Must have good story telling ability and not be a control freak with an ego problem. It would also be nice for the to have some existing relationship with the present cast. Personally, I think soderbergh would fit best, but I think he will exit the franchise also.

  12. Josh K. says:

    Also, David Hates should not be Director. I lived the HP movies of his, but did not like the book to screen adaptation. Alfonso Cuaron did do HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban which was my favorite. He was able to put an artistic feel on the movie told the story well and he also has a futuristic movie under his belt with Gamer. just a thought. Anyone agree?

  13. Hana says:

    Isn’t Soderberg mostly a producer? Kathryn Biglow might be great, though more for Mockingjay than Catching Fire and anyway she’s in the middle of doing a film about a Navy Seal team going after Bin Laden. What about Mark Herman of The Boy in Striped Pyjamas?

  14. jrbear says:

    Tell us who is actually available and re-issue the choices, lol. I’d like a lesser known director who will stay true to the story and capture more of the sub-text of emotions than Ross did, but still has experience on a big-budget special effects film. Rupert Wyatt: Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He did a great job making the Apes believable and show emotions.

  15. Jabber jay says:

    It won’t be anyone good bc who would film for tht little amount of money

  16. Peeta&finnick:) says:

    Oh no, not David Slade. I do not want any director of Twilight directing the HG films!!!

  17. Hello says:

    Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan are, in my opinion the best ones for this job and maybe David Yates. Peter Jackson obviously did a great job with the Lord of the Rings and Christopher Nolan just because I love the Batman movies and same for Yates 😛

  18. Crazy obsessed Josh h. stalker says:

    James Cameron but I want to bet that there picking that alfonzo dude because he has a wierd name:)

  19. Katie says:

    Steven Soderbergh he’s already done work on the first movie, and i’m not sure but i think he started doing work on Catching Fire i’m no sure what is was but i think he should do it.

  20. Pedro says:

    I’m so happy. I hope they get Guillermo Del Toro to direct, he will be perfect. We all know Catching Fire is the best book of the trilogy, we need a director worthy, and gary ross is not that director, neither is chris colombus, did you see what he did to Percy Jackson. Nolan is one of my favorite directors, but this is not his type of movie. So Guillermo will be perfect. He will show the darker grittier feel of the capitol, as well as pushing the limits of the pg-13 rating with the violence/darkness of the film.

  21. Gabriel says:

    Because movie franchises like HG, HP, Twilight, X-Men, etc don’t give the directors much creative freedom. A lot of these suggestions are just not realistic. James Cameron, Darren Aronofsky, Steven Spielberg, PT Anderson, and heck even Joe Wright are all sought after directors who like to have complete creative control over their projects.

    The type of directors who sign onto this kind of project are ones who are not big names and need a hit movie under their belt to establish themselves in the industry. I know people keep mentioning Alfonso Cuaron but he was in a different situation when he did HP3. He wasn’t as established as he is now.

    My favorite option: Alfonso Cuaron
    Must realistic option: Steven Soderbergh

  22. Moe says:

    When I heard that Gary Ross was not going to be directing I was pretty sad he made the hunger games so amazing. I really don’t want to have another director making Catching Fire because Ross made the hunger games just right incept for a few changes here and there. I don’t want another director because he/she may change the feeling of the Hunger Games Trilogy.
    I personaly would like to see David Yates direct the next two movies since he did an amazing job on the harry potter sereis.
    I just wish that Lionsgate could give him a little more time and pospone the x men for as long as he needs I understand that they can’t do that though.

    well, “Happy Hunger Games And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor”-Effie

  23. Taylor says:

    Michael Bay, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, or Steven Spielberg

  24. Patrick C. says:

    I think Ridley Scott and Steven Soderbergh are both good candidates.
    But I will agree that the most realistic would be Steven Soderbergh.

    Ridley Scott is just so awesome in Blade Runner… such a classic.

  25. TheMaster says:

    1. Danny Boyle
    2. Steven Soderbergh
    3. Joe Wright
    4. Joss Whedon
    5. David Slade

  26. sarah says:

    i think they should put 24 directors in an arena and whoever survives becomes the director. may the odds be ever in their favor!

  27. Moe says:

    I agree with sarah

  28. Derek says:

    You guys are idiots to want Spielberg or Soderberg. When was the last good movie they did on this scale?

    And no Yates or Columbus. Just no.

    Cuaron or bust.

  29. jrbear says:

    I threw this out there on the article re. the possibility of hiring a “TV director”…since they work faster, for less money and know how to stick to a script that’s handed to them.
    I’d propose: Jack Bender, the main director of “Lost”(42 episodes). He filmed it all on 35mm film, like a big screen movie, so he does have some experience there. (He filmed it in Hawaii, so he has experience in the jungle locations for the Quell Games.) the production values of Lost were excellent, and he had a real gift in bringing out the personal side of the characters. He handled the sci-fi aspects well too. what Catching will need, imo, is ‘flash-backs’ (many key things Katniss remembers about her past in her mind become very important later on)and Bender was great at doing this. Ross just skipped those parts entirely in the 1st film to keep it a fast paced action-adventure.

  30. KEE says:

    Well, The Hunger Games needs a director who :

    1. has read the books.
    2.loves the hunger games
    3. will keep gary ross’s vision of panem ( sooooo good)
    4. will not make it a U film. no tea partys , this is the hunger games .

  31. canuslunar says:

    spielberg would surely make catching fire the most intense movie if he directed it. every single movie of his has been awe inspiring

  32. finnick lover! says:

    steven spielberg because he has already helped with th hunger games so he is familiar with hot it should turn out

  33. finnick lover! says:


    * how

  34. gabby says:

    I just think that the cave scene was missing some much more.. I mean.. a lot really happened there and we only see like two scenes.. I just think he was short on the cave scene.. we needed to see more of the battle that katniss was suffering between playing or really beliving Peeta’s feelings…

  35. Chloe says:


  36. Vezw says:

    To be frank, I want Gary Ross. I’m scared that if any other director will take on Catching Fire it won’t feel the same and won’t be as good.

    Most of the actors said they loved working with Ross and he was also key in casting Jennifer Lawrence who turned out really good for the role.

    God, I hope Catching Fire turns out good…

  37. Amelia says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Andrew Adamson (First two Narnia movies) would do an excellent job? He knows how to handle such a big thing, he isn’t afraid to go over the top, he’ll be loyal to the books, he’s tons of fun, AND he would be willing to cast unknowns.

  38. Laura says:


  39. John says:

    Definitely not Yates or Columbus, I hated HP. Spielberg and Cameron are too famous. Christopher Nolan and Ridley Scott are good directors, but they would make the movie too dark. And Peter Jackson is just too good and too busy for Catching Fire. Michael Bay would just add a bunch of explosions and make the movie even worse than The Hunger Games, if that is possible. Del Toro is interesting, but would also make the film too dark, like Pan’s Labyrinth. None of these directors are suitable except Jackson, and he’s too busy. I’m glad Ross is being replaced. The Hunger Games had terrible acting, camerawork, cinematography, special effects, storyline, production design, costume design, and everything else. It would be interesting if someone like Scorsese or Tarantino made Catching Fire. They’re not really suitable for the job, since they don’t make retarded teenager movies. But then again, they only make good films.

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