Catching Fire Fan Cast Poll: Who Should Play Wiress?

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Let’s keep fan casting Catching Fire!

wiress fan art hunger games by firemutt on tumblr

We’ve already asked you who should play Finnick, AnnieJohanna, Mags and Beetee. Now the question is who should play Beetee’s District partner Wiress?

If you need a reminder on who Wiress is, check out our Character Profile of her! Wiress is described as a crazy yet intuitive, District 3 victor having ashen skin, black hair and in her 30′s.

The Wiress casting debate has produced a large range of actresses, do any of them fit the bill for you? Take our comprehensive poll below!

Don’t see your favorite on our list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Comments (62)

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  1. KEE says:


  2. Mark says:

    Helena Bonham Carter seems to be a good choice.

    Off topic comment: Winona Ryder is pretty close to how I pictured Johanna, not sure if she could pull that off though since I barely know her. I just wanted to mention that.

    • Rebekah says:

      Winona Ryder could definitely pull it off but she’s probably a little too old. She’s a talented and experienced actress who is admired among the acting community. She was kind of the “it girl” of the 90s. Although I doubt she’ll be cast you should check her out. I recommend
      Edward Scissorhands, Girl Interrupted and Little Women.

  3. mtX says:

    I allways imagined Wiress to be older than every actress considered here. I Love Helena Bonham Carter because of her mad role in Harry Potter… I still think she looks too young, but If I had too chose someone from this lot, I would vote for Helena.


  4. Sonny :D says:

    I think either Jane Adams or Helena Bonham Carter would do awesome!!
    But if I had to choose one, it’s Helena!!

  5. Team Peeta says:

    I have no idea who I want to play Wiress I just hope I like whoever they choose. Tick tock tick tock
    check out my site

  6. Jabber jay says:

    I just don’t think Helena would say yes

  7. milaxx says:

    Carol Kane has made a career of these types of characters as has Helena Bonham Carter.

    My vote is for Tilda. If anyone has seen the movie Orlando, she has a gift for characters. I think she could bring a different take then just the typical, frantic crazy lady that we have come to expect from Kane & Carter.

  8. Lu says:

    I think that Catching Fire should not be filled with well known stars, at least not all of them. Let Jennifer, Josh, Woody and Liam be the starts and complete the ensemble with supporting actors who would deliver great performances. Sometimes filling the cast with stars can lead to failure. Just my thought.

    • Elle says:

      I think that’s what they will go for. It’s just not realistic, anyway, that a film would be filled with such huge name stars for supporting characters. Helena is the coolest but she would just never do it.

  9. Serpens says:

    Yeah Helena would be an amazing option! But for sure this is not gonna happen =)

  10. Cara says:

    Helena Boham Grant-looks like my version of Wiress

    • Cara says:

      Sorry I don’t know what I was thinking. I was reading the other comments while typing. I meant Helena Bonham Carter. SORRY!

  11. Hannah says:

    Helana Bonham Carter would be perfect! She’s such a good actress as well.

    • SilverMockingjay says:

      she’s just like i pictured Wiress also she’s an amazing actress and Wiress is one of my favorite characters of Catching Fire!! HELENA’S PERFECT FOR WIRESS

  12. Hannah says:

    Helena or Wannona

  13. helena all the way!!!!!!!

  14. eee says:

    wiress is supposed to be an older lady..not in her 30s
    i think you got her mixed up with Cecelia, the woman in her 30s from another district that had three kids she had to peel off her at the reaping…

  15. Eva says:

    Well i think Wiona Rider.She’s an amazing actress and if they want her old, Hey, they have make-up I think because its hollywood. Everyone will appear younger that is supposed to be old.

  16. bell says:

    i think tilda. she is an amazing actress

  17. Magda says:

    I vote either Uma or Helena!

  18. AmyDeHP says:

    Come on, people, HBC is Enobaria! My Wiress is Winona.

  19. Natalie says:

    I defo think Helena but I think she would make an even better Johanna?!

  20. Tia says:

    WOuld love to see helena, shes pretty good at crazy. Shes amazing. :)

  21. Mrs. Peeta Mellark says:

    I find it very amusing that Zooey Deschanel has been nominated for both Wiress and Annie Cresta. I mean, really? Wiress is Katniss’ mother’s age – around forty – whereas Annie is a young woman, in her early twenties.

  22. Sheepus says:

    Helena Bonham Carter is exactly what I pictured for the girl morphling!!!!

  23. Esther says:

    Seeing Emma Thompson act all crazy and strange as Professor Sybill Trelawney in Harry Potter makes me want to give her my vote!

  24. Amelia says:

    I could see Laura Linney playing Wiress. Or even Meryl Streep. I know she’s a bit older, but Meryl Streep can do anything.

    But I might be biased seeing as both of them live in my town. :)

  25. Helena Bonham Carter . She looks crazy like how i imadgained wiress

  26. Theophania says:

    She’s about 35 – 45 years old. Black hair, ashen skin, small. Don’t forget.

  27. AkiraEm says:

    I didn’t picture Wiress as young as Winona Ryder, yet not as old as Carol Cane. I kind of like Jane Adams; she has the big, crazy eyes I pictured Wiress having.

  28. Owen says:

    Helena Bonham Carter because she needs to look a little crazy, but nice. And that she could play!

  29. Rachelle Yang says:

    Helena Bonham Carter :3 She plays good roles and does good with characters that are a bit crazy or loony in some way like Bellatrix, the red Queen and some of her other roles.

  30. GracieD says:

    I would actually cry with happiness if helena bonham carter played wiress as Helena is my favourite actress of all time and I also love wiress, shes so crazy and awesome. Helena is great with crazy characters so she is definitely the best one. I really can imagine her as wiress. I hope she plays her. Please please please :)

  31. Chi-townGuy says:

    Joan Cusack would be perfect for this. Maybe not who everyone would immediately think of, but I think she’d kill it.

  32. Gannets says:

    Lucy Liu

  33. Zelda says:

    Before I even came on to this web suite I thought Helen Bonham would play a great Wiress. She just seems crazy and different like Wiress and she should play her.

  34. startanius says:

    Only Tilda Swinton seems Wiress. Her face remind me a scientist.

  35. Paula says:

    Helena Bonham Carter must play Wiress! If you do any other actress would not be the same

  36. Ravyn says:

    Honestly, I’d have to say out of the given choices, that I’d pick Winona Ryder. If you ever saw Girl, Interrupted or The Crucible at least, you can totally visualize her as Wiress. Plus, she fits the description.

    Ashen skin : Yep.
    Black hair : Yep.
    Small frame : Yep.

    And to you guys who say HBC… HBC would be an AMAZING Enobaria. Right?! Ripping out an opponent’s neck with her TEETH! Bellatrix anyone?! XD

    • Natalie says:

      Yes helana would make a great Enobaria too but Wiress suits her too. Ithink she could play anybody if she tried. She is an AMAZING actress!!!!!

  37. Emmi says:

    Helena Bonham Carter is perfect!!! When I was reading Catching Fire, I defintly imagined her.

  38. phin says:

    I really like the idea of Susan Lynch or Helena Bonham Carter. There are some imdb cast lists with a bunch of great suggestions. Here are just a few of the ones I’ve found.

  39. Lauren Mellark says:

    No question. Helena Bonham Carter.

  40. Camila says:

    I would like to see Tilda in The Hunger Games. But then I saw Helena and I knew it.. SHE WOULD BE PERFECT AS WIRESS!

  41. rose says:

    Helena Bonham Carter all the way! she is an amazing actress! i would LOVE it if she is in this movie.

  42. Laura says:

    I like Uma Thurman but whenever i see her i think poison ivy…

  43. Valentina says:

    Helena Bonham Carter is EXACTLY the wiress I pictured!

  44. Shane says:

    I don’t really see Helena as Wiress. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really seen her play a normal role and because of her thick British accent. If she were to be Wiress she’d have to have a really good American (impoverished Panem citizen?) accent to make the role feel authentic imo. You know, add some verisimilitude. And her hair couldn’t be too crazy like it usually is. Because to me Wiress seems like the kind of woman who doesn’t care for fashion, lets her hair flow normally, and dresses sensibly.

    Honestly, from the pictures, Amanda Plummer sticks out to me the most. I actually remember her role in “Get a Clue”, a Disney Channel Original Movie from way long ago with a teenage Lindsay Lohan. She was good from what I remember and her voice just sticks with me after all these years. I think its right for Wiress.

    If I could, though, my perfect choice would be the blonde woman from Titanic, who plays Rose’s granddaughter. She’s exactly who I pictured as Wiress as I read the books. Sadly, she gave up acting at the turn of the century.

    Most likely they’ll cast an unknown for this role. I agree they shouldn’t put too many big names in supporting roles. Otherwise, we’d have another “New Year’s Eve” or “Valentine’s Day” set in the Hunger Games universe.

  45. kristi says:

    How about Anna silk

  46. ko says:

    I think Anna Silk from lost girl

  47. stef says:

    Helena Bonham Carter seems to be a good choice

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