Catching Fire Script Being Re-Written by Michael Arndt

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THR reports that the script for Catching Fire is likely getting a rewrite.  While the first draft was completed by award winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, with a new director – especially one without screenwriting credits as Gary Ross has – it is not surprising that Lionsgate has brought on another writer to polish it up.

That writer, currently “in talks” with Lionsgate is Michael Arndt.

While his resume is rather small at the moment, it consists of Little Miss Sunshine, for which he won and Oscar, and the screenplay for a little movie called Toy Story 3.  Rest assured that Catching Fire is in good hands.

Of course, it’s always scary when a new writer is brought on board, especially this late in the game, but hopefully between the talents of Beaufoy and Arndt with the supervision of Suzanne Collins, a masterpiece will emerge.

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    jeez i hope it is

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