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FAN MADE Katniss Bow and Arrow!

Check out this bow and arrow made by a fan named Raul! It’s pretty awesome looking! This is what he said about the making of the weapon: I made the bow with PVC pipe, which I heated until it was soft and pliable, so that I could give it the shape I wanted. After shaping […]

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Fan-Made ‘Mockingjay’ Trailer!

Go check out this fan-made The Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer by Spencer Bacon and his cast and crew! We think it’s pretty good. What about you??  

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FANART: The Mockingjay Katniss

Checkout this AWESOME fan art of The Mockingjay, Katniss by Oh_JLawrence:   NEW DRAWING BY ME – Katniss Everdeen

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FANART of Sam Claflin

Check out this awesome Fan art by Rhiann Hearons of the man who plays her favorite Hunger Games character Sam Claflin a.k.a Finnick Odair. You can find Rhiann on DeviantArt.

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VIDEO: (Fanmade) Katniss Responds To President Snow’s Address

Go check out this Fanmade video of Katniss’s response to President Snow’s Address. It is a teaser for a film called “Mockingjay: Burn” by the fans. Go check them out on twitter as well at @KristensReality who is producing it as well as playing Katniss and @leokeiangelos who is directing. More about the project “Mockingjay: […]

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Amazing Katniss Fan Art by Ronya Norberg!

Check out this amazing fan art by Ronya Norberg!! It’s a pretty impressive rendition of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss as the Mockingjay. You can check out her other amazing work at her blog. Via: Panem Propaganda’s FB Page

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Fan Made Katniss Everdeen Bow

We’ve seen some amazing  Hunger Games fan made creations over the years, but this one is pretty incredible. Jim McCrae has built a replica of the Katniss Everdeen bow. It is available in a kit as well as in its completed form and is up for sale on ETSY. According to Jim the original is […]

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The Hunger Games: Amazing Fan Art of Katniss Everdeen!

Fan art is one of my favorite parts of being an admirer of a particular trilogy. The creativity and brilliance of these artists, especially when you have a great muse like Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, is astounding. There is no doubt that there are some amazing artists out there. However, there is one fan […]

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The Missing Tribute and Catching Fire for Math Nerds

  It never takes long … shortly after the release of The Hunger Games we saw some pretty clever parodies emerge and now there’s some great new ones inspired by Catching Fire doing the rounds. Atomic Production sent us in their take on what happens when the  forgotten District 13 tribute  finds himself in the […]

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Reaping Ball | Hunger Games Parody of “Wrecking Ball”

This is most definitely the best thing I’ve seen since Catching Fire.  A group on YouTube called TwentyFirstRecords has posted a parody of the Miley Cyrus hit song “Wrecking Ball” and transformed it into “Reaping Ball“.  The song is sung from Gale’s perspective and features clips from both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Reaping […]

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