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We Want YOUR Hunger Games Fan Art!

Here at My Hunger Games we pride ourselves on fan interaction. We LOVE when Hunger Games fans send us their amazing Hunger Games inspired artwork for our Fan Art Fridays. Artwork to us includes posters, paintings, writing, poems, sketches, photography, gifs, digital art, videos, and etc. Make sure to send in your submissions to […]

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Friday!

We may be a day behind, but we have some fantastic Fan Art to show you! First we have some amazing Hunger Games montages shared with us by Gianna: Here is ‘The Tributes Deaths’ from the YOLOShow And here is the ‘Deep Shadows Horizons Montage’   Next is Kayla’s adorable dog, who dressed up as […]

November 10, 2012 | 6 Comments More

Style Bistro’s Katniss Everdeen Braid (Step By Step)

I know everyone loves the Katniss Everdeen braid from the first Hunger Games film. Well Style Bistro has brought you their step by step version of the braid. Step 1: Spritz slightly damp strands with a sea-salt spray for that slightly-grungy I’ve-been-kicking-butt-all-day style Katniss always has going on. We love Charlotte Ronson‘s A Perfect Mess […]

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Friday!!!

It’s that time again when we get to feature some of the awesome Hunger Games Fan Art.  Fan Art Friday is upon us again and we have a bunch of submissions so lets get started… First is Sienna. Next is Jillian. Then comes Macy Then Cheryl did a Katniss drawing with pencils and charcoal. Then […]

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Fan Art Friday!!!

Yay!!! Hey Tributes! It’s that time again, Fan Art Friday! Kiriana made us some amazing edits featuing Katniss Everdeen.  Next is Kaleigh is drew Katniss on her iPad. Lastly, comes Sabrina with her sketch of Katniss Everdeen  If you want to submit some Hunger Games inspired Fan Art for our Fan Art Friday make sure to send […]

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Fan Art Friday!!!

It’s that time again, Fan Art Friday! This picture was submitted by Dennis. Great Job!   Here is Summer’s (MHG staff member) rendition of The Reaping Scene from The Hunger Games.   Lastly, these were taken by Janae.   If you want to see your Hunger Games fan art email it to

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Fan Art Friday!

It’s FAN ART FRIDAY TIME!!!!! Let’s get this show on the road! First Vera submitted her Katniss Everdeen Replica Girl on Fire Interview Dress. (Taken from her Youtube video)Vera Campbell’s stunning version of Katniss Everdeen’s interview dress from The Hunger Games, for the Dragon*Con Friday Night Costume Contest on Aug. 30, 2012, which one won […]

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Fan Art Friday!!!

First is Leah who has created some Hunger Games Propo posters on her Esty Account. Check them out below! I would love to have one of these on my wall (especially The Hob one)   Next, is Tally who created a Mockingjay Costume. I think it looks amazing! Great Job!   Here is Marc’s Girl on Fire […]

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Fans of the Week & Fan Art Friday

Today we have a special combo addition of Fans of the Week and Fan Art Friday! Recently My Hunger Games admin Summer and her company Dark Room Developments had the chance to recreate some more Hunger Games inspired photography and scenes from the book. So this week we are going to highlight the actors (and huge […]

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Friday!!!

Today for My Hunger Games Fan Art Friday (on Thursday) we are going to spotlight some amazing Fan Art posters from Nina Strieder! Click the images below to enlarge! What an amazing job! If you want to see your Hunger Games inspired fan art on our page make sure to email it (Subject Fan Art […]

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