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Scholastic Releases New Foil Editions of The Hunger Games Trilogy!

Thanks to our friends at Jabberjay’s we have found out that Scholastic had come out with a gorgeous new set of The Hunger Games Trilogy books, foil edition!!

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Katniss Everdeen-Then and Now!

Can we take a moment to appreciate the differences in Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) from her 1st time in the arena in The Hunger Games, and as our Mockingjay in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1? She went from a young girl trying to save her sister, to our rebel freedom fighter, the Mockingjay! […]

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Fire is Catching: Support the Books 4 Tributes Literacy Revolution!

Everyone here has read The Hunger Games series at least one time through. This is one of my favorite books to date and I look forward to rereading them prior to the premiere of The Mockingjay in November. Down With The Capitol has partnered with in order to supply classrooms across the country with copies […]

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Win Infinite Energy on “The Hunger Games Adventures”

The Facebook game “The Hunger Games Adventures” has come out with a new sweepstakes for all of the fans out there. Now instead of having to wait a certain amount of time to regain energy, players could find the “Forest’s Bounty” and win the chance to have Infinite Energy! For those of you who haven’t […]

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Want to be part of the Hunger Games Universe? Play The Hunger Games Adventures!

Who here hasn’t wished and dreamed that they could enter into the world of Panem and fight against President Snow? You can now stand beside Katniss and Peeta and do just that! The Hunger Games Adventures is an online Facebook computer game that allows you to do just that. You are a citizen of District […]

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VIDEO: Elizabeth Banks Hunger Games Fireside Chat

Elizabeth Banks makes no secret of the fact that she loves her character Effie Trinket.  She was a huge fan of the books before she lobbied to be in the movie. She has posted a video on her Facebook Page reading one of the fan favorites from Effie in The Hunger Games.  How can you […]

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Catching Fire: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion Cover Art

Scholastic has just released the cover art for the Official Illustrated Movie Companion for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire letting fans know via Twitter exactly what it’s going to look like. According to the blurb: Catching Fire, the New York Times bestseller by Suzanne Collins, is now a major motion picture — and this is […]

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District 12 Capitol CoverGirl Unveiled

Capitol Couture has given us a look at the latest CoverGirl Catching Fire look. This one is inspired by District 12’s Coal Mining. The previous Capitol CoverGirl looks have been creations for District 4 and District 1  . What do you guys think of the look? I am loving the feathers and iconic braid. Oh and don’t […]

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Happy Birthday Suzanne Collins!!!!

We here at My Hunger Games want to wish Suzanne Collins a very Happy Birthday! We want to thank you for the world you have created and look forward to the ones you may create in the future!!

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Catching Fire movie tie-in edition on its way

As a fan of the Catching Fire movies you can not only pre-order your copy of the Official Illustrated Movie Companion, but Amazon is now taking orders for  the Catching Fire movie tie-in paperback.  The book has the same name, but with artwork from the movie on the cover. It will be out on October […]

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