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***Fan Question*** Music to My Ears Part 2

So, as we get closer to the production start date(next month!! wooohooo) on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire I think it is time to update our iPods(or equivalent). Here is your Fan Question! “What songs make up YOUR Catching Fire soundtrack?” Below are the songs that make up my (Summer) Catching Fire soundtrack. Post yours in […]

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GIVEAWAY: The Recipes of The Hunger Games Cover Contest

This is a brilliant book  – The Recipes of The Hunger Games – about to be released as an eBook and hardcover. It includes more than  175 recipes from and inspired by the trilogy, covering the food from the first meal of The Hunger Games to the last meal of Mockingjay.  Readers can re-live the story […]

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Locations of First Districts Released | Official Map of Panem

We’ve done it! Over a week ago, The Hunger Games Adventures released a community quest to find District Seals scattered about the game. Once enough seals had been found, they would release the first locations on the official map of Panem. We now have the official locations for the Capitol along with Districts 2, 11 […]

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Fan Art Friday!

Yay! It’s Fan Art Friday time!! First up is Lindsey, Marisa, and Zoe with their Hunger Games Music video parody!(Yep, I’ll be humming this ALL DAY!) Next, we have Stephen with a commercial for the Silver Parachute Fund. (I’ll Donate! Hilarious) Then we have some drawings by Hanne. And Lastly, but certainly not least, some […]

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The Hunger Games Trilogy Sells 50 Million Copies

The publishers of The Hunger Games trilogy, Scholastic, has announced that since the release of the movie, new readers have continued to discover the books, while others have been picking up the sequels to find out what happens next. As of today, Scholastic has more than 50 million copies of the original three books in […]

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Monday!!!

So since I haven’t posted a Fan Art Friday in quite some time I have decided to do a Hunger Games Fan Art Monday! Let’s do this!!! First off we have Mandy   Next we have Izabelle Last we have Maria Great job this week guys! If you are not seeing the Fan Art you submit to us […]

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Panem District Seals | The Hunger Games Adventures

It was announced yesterday that the Official Map of Panem is now able to be unlocked on the Facebook game, The Hunger Games Adventures. In order to do so, players need to find seals for all the Districts of Panem. This can seem like a daunting task. So, for all of you looking for some […]

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Hunger Games Fan Question | You Asked, We Answered

So with our latest Fan Question we asked you to ask us the questions you couldn’t at the Fiction to Film Convention in Chicago. You could have asked us pretty much anything, whether it be about The Hunger Games Trilogy or about our work on the site. And here’s how we answered some of your […]

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Official Panem Map Available in The Hunger Games Adventures

The time has come! The official map of Panem is now available to unlock in The Hunger Games Adventures on Facebook! In a new quest, unlock the seals for all of the districts, and along the way unlock the map fans have been waiting to see! New Chapter in The Hunger Games Adventures! Preparation for […]

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Happy Independence Day | Panem-Style

professional essay writer On this 4th of July, some of the Hunger Games fandom weighed in on what we thought our favorite characters would be planning to do on Panem's Independence Day – if the Capitol had won. Take a look at some of our ideas! Elena & Lauren – HG Movie Site – Finnick [Finnick’s POV] […]

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