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Fan Art Friday – Breijanna’s Hunger Games Birthday Party

  For this addition of Fan Art Friday we are spotlighting Breijanna’s Hunger Games inspired 13th birthday party! Her mother sent in a fabulous play by play of the festivities as well as the party goers dressed as their fav Hunger Games characters! Check it out below! Happy Birthday and Happy Hunger Games Breijanna!! And May […]

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Is Aspen Colorado the Capitol of Panem?

That’s what Jeremy Madden, Aspen Daily News Columnist wonders and investigates in a recent article.  He makes a lot of interesting observations but ultimately is left in the same place the rest of us are – wondering where exactly the Capitol is and what the nation of Panem really looks like since Suzanne Collins has […]

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VIDEO: Jacqueline Emerson Talks Foxface Suicide Theories

Celebuzz chatted with Jacqueline Emerson at the Kid’s Choice Award’s Orange Carpet this past weekend to talk about her role as Foxface in The Hunger Games. They asked Jackie about the fan theory that Foxface actually intended to commit suicide by eating the poisonous nightlock berries. She her perspective in this video, plus more on The Hunger […]

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She Knows Gives Their Interpretations of Hunger Games Style

SheKnows  has posted their own interpretations of The Hunger Games style  – the way Katniss is described throughout The Hunger Games trilogy. Katniss Everdeen is one literary character we’re actually proud to see our sisters and daughters emulate (we’re looking at you, Bella Swan). Author Suzanne Collins purposely described her heroine in simple terms so we can […]

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***Fan Question*** Hmmmm that was….

  “Wow I really LOVED that scene” “Hmm that wasn’t what I was hoping for.” “I can’t BELIEVE they took that scene out!” “I am glad they added that scene instead of the one from the book.” Are these some of the questions/statements/exclamations you found yourself saying? Are you happy Gary Ross changed some of […]

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PHOTOS: The Hunger Games Propaganda Posters

There have been some wonderful fan made Hunger Games PSA Posters in favor of both The Capitol and The Districts released, and we’ve collected a few of them for you to look at! source: Pinterest

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Fan Art Friday!!

Yay! Now that we’ve had the HUGE opening of The Hunger Games we can start getting back to weekly stuff like Fan Art Friday!! Here are some new submissions and if you want to see YOUR submissions on the front page email us at!! Here is another amazing makeup tutorial from our friend Melinda! […]

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Everyone is Now Welcome to Play The Hunger Games Adventures!

The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook game is Now Open for everyone! Plus, in game if you click the “Capitol TV” tab, you can see an exclusive clip from the film. We’ll just say, it’s on fire… Click HERE to get started on your Adventure! Here’s what Lionsgate Execs told Forbes about THGA: “This game is an […]

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Jennifer Lawrence and Suzanne Collins Nominated for Times 100 List

The Hunger Games has been quite an influential force in popular culture in the past year, and that’s why it is no surprise that writer Suzanne Collins and Hunger Games Actress Jennifer Lawrence (who plays Katniss Everdeen) are in the running for the TIME 100. The Time 100 List features people who are considered to […]

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MTV’s FIVE Lessons for Catching Fire

MTV picked out a few details they hope Catching Fire doesn’t skimp out on. Take a look at them below and add any of your preferences in the comments section below!! DO keep the arena underwraps This one isn’t so much for Ross as it is for the Gamemakers at Lionsgate, but we have to […]

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