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The Hunger Games – one of the best novels of the century

We love The Hunger Games and we know millions of other people all around the world also love it.  The books, by Suzanne Collins have sat on top of the bookseller lists for weeks at a time.  And in recognition of that, has revealed that The Hunger Games along with other huge titles including Harry Potter […]

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EW | 16 Hunger Games Gifts for Fans

In time for the Holiday season, Entertainment Weekly has put together a list of 16 gifts that fans of The Hunger Games would like! Being fans ourselves, lets take a look at the list and see how they did on choosing these Hunger Games gifts! The Hunger Games two-disc Blu-ray Barbie Collector Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen doll Hunger […]

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A Hunger Games Style Reality TV Show for the US

Apparently a new Hunger Games style TV show is about to be made. Called The Hunt, the show puts contestants up against each other in an “intense wilderness competition” While the competing “tributes” won’t exactly be killing each other off like the movie, they will have to rely on their physicality, survival skills and hunting […]

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VIDEO: The Hobbit Games | Parody of The Hobbit and The Hunger Games

I’ll be the first to admit that the number of parody videos devoted to The Hunger Games is growing to astronomical levels. But this one, I’m a huge fan of! This new parody, called The Hobbit Games, is a great mixture of The Hobbit and The Hunger Games! If you’re a big Tolkein fan like me, you’re sure to […]

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Contest: Welcome to District 4 on Your Panem Companion Victory Tour!

Contest Closed! The Winner will be announced by email. Good Luck to everyone who entered. In honor of the release of The Panem Companion by V. Arrow the wonderful group from Smart Pop has created the The Panem Companion Victory Tour! We are District 4 on this amazing tour (Go Finnick!!). My Hunger Games in known to have […]

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The Hunger Games Adventures | Thanksgiving in Panem

It’s Thanksgiving in Panem in the Facebook game ‘The Hunger Games Adventures‘. While Katniss and Peeta are away in the Capitol, Gale and Prim are attempting to bring some cheer to District 12 and are putting on a Thanksgiving dinner in Panem. Catch wild turkeys with Gale and arrange the food with Prim in the […]

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The Hunger Games Trilogy Luxury Collector’s Edition

For Hunger Games fans in Australia, you now have the chance to get your hands on The Hunger Games trilogy in a Luxury Collector’s Edition. It’s been put out by Scholastic Australia with The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay now available with beautiful new covers and gold leaf.  You can pick up all three […]

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Tonner Peeta Doll In-Stock and Ready To Ship

Those of you interested in ‘The Hunger Games‘ Tonner Doll collection will be happy to know that the Peeta Doll is now available and ready to be shipped! Here is the description of the Peeta Doll according to Tonner: Dressed Tonner Character Figure™ Face includes hand-painted details Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic Josh Hutcherson […]

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Victory Tour 2013 | Official Dates and Location Announced!

We let you know that registration for the new Victory Tour 2013: Fan Convention opened last week. And now we have the official announcement of where and when the convention will take place! See the official press release below: After a few minor set backs and much anticipation, Victory Tour 2013 would like to announce […]

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Friday!

We may be a day behind, but we have some fantastic Fan Art to show you! First we have some amazing Hunger Games montages shared with us by Gianna: Here is ‘The Tributes Deaths’ from the YOLOShow And here is the ‘Deep Shadows Horizons Montage’   Next is Kayla’s adorable dog, who dressed up as […]

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