Could a Small Screen Director Take Over Catching Fire?

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Catching Fire Mockingjay

TVgeekArmy has some interesting thoughts on why perhaps a television director might be the perfect choice for Catching Fire.

Television directors already live in a world where they jump from show to show to show with differing subjects, tones and styles. Great TV directors don’t get precious about having to re-write every script they direct because they only get about 4 weeks to jump in, prep their episode, shoot it and then turn in their edit.  With Academy-award winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy already deep into the Catching Fire drafts with Suzanne Collins’ notes, there’s a solid foundation for the film’s script in progress and that will work nicely for a director used to that dynamic just like it works in TV.

TV directors are also incredibly efficient. Again, most dramas get about eight days to shoot a one-hour episode. Eight days! That’s half a movie right there, and why it’s often said that making TV dramas are like making mini-movies…just 12 to 22 hours of them back-to-back in one season. Directors working in TV know how to get things done. Unlike film, they shoot pages of script in a day and can get their teams moving fast for quick-turnarounds, everything Lionsgate is going to need to get Catching Fire done on time.

Lastly, some of the most visually stunning, tense, compelling stories are being told in TV right now. While snobs might poo-poo a TV director taking over a franchise of this caliber, that’s just myopic thinking. There’s a pool of fantastic TV directors out there right now looking for an opportunity to transition from TV to theatricals and if Lionsgate is wise, and unwilling to say “Uncle” about their fixed release date, they should look to TV as Catching Fire’s possible savior. Heck, we’ll even suggest some names…

Hit the full article for their suggestions on who might fit the bill.

They do have some valid points – what do you think?  Would having a television director take over Catching Fire bother you?

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  1. jrbear says:

    This occurred to me as well. I’d propose: Jack Bender, the main director of “Lost”(42 episodes). He filmed it all on 35mm film, like a big screen movie, so he does have some experience there. (He filmed it in Hawaii, so he has experience in the jungle locations for the Quell Games.) the production values of Lost were excellent, and he had a real gift in bringing out the personal side of the characters. He handled the sci-fi aspects well too. what Catching will need, imo, is ‘flash-backs’ (many key things Katniss remembers about her past in her mind become very important later on)and Bender was great at doing this. Ross just skipped those parts entirely in the 1st film to keep it a fast paced action-adventure.

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