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There’s been many attempts to create a map of the land of Panem – the bit of North America in The Hunger Games that remains after years of droughts, storms, fires and advancing seas changed the landscape.

The people at the Mercury News have created an interactive map so that you can play around with your own interpretation of this future world.

You can check it out  here, but in the meantime, here’s where they think the Districts belong.  Let us know what you think.  Is this map close to what you’d imagine or what’s described in the books?

Map of Panem

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  1. Nick says:

    Hmmm I never thought that it looked like that, and I assumed that all the districts were closer together a little bit and that they would be in order, like 1/2/3/4 would all be in a row, and then the rest would be close by to each other…I never imagened that they would be like that.

  2. Hannah says:

    I Imagined Distrct to have water surronding it

  3. Hannah says:

    *District 4

  4. miranda brown says:

    that’s a pretty cool map

  5. Ryan says:

    It was told to us that district 2 was located farther south in the appalacian mountains. Interesting map though, nice work

  6. gab says:

    The districts are also in Canada, not just the states.It says in the book, in the ruins of NORTH AMERICA, lies the nation of panem.

    • Kacey says:

      I agree. They are also in Canada, but if they were all in the USA, I would have imagined them all being along the east coast.

  7. vito says:

    yes include canada and mexico. but not much of mexico. the area around the great lakes is to high for it to be flooded. district 6 is logistics and should therefore run through and connect to each district. district 4 is in whats left of the byyou (or however its spelled. district 2 is next to the capitol and district 1. districts 9 10 11 all belong in the breadbasket of north america and the capitol belongs in cali protected by the rockeys.districts 12 and 13 should be lower. fix this and it shoulld b about perfect. oh and have 7 between 6 12 and the capitol

  8. Kacey says:

    I agree, some of them are in Canada, but if they were all in the USA, i would think that they would all be along the east coast. I don’t know why

  9. kaleb says:

    i also agree. cvanada has diomand mines so should be either in the quebec area or next to the crater diomands in now days arkansas. dis.2 will be next ti the rockys. and capatol on the other side. for protection. dis.3 should be around l.a. cause alot of inventions are made there. 4 should be in the rhode island region. 5 between dis.3 and the atlantac. cause they make power. (hydrolic is for atlantic) and dis.3 needs alot of power. 6 should be on east coast. cause alot of vehicals are made there. 7 in oklahome. cause they have lots of forests. 8 in las vegas. thats self explaanitory. 9 in the breadbasket. ten in the other side of oklahome. cattle and livestalk. 11 also in breadbowl. dis.12 in northern canada. dis.13 further away than dis.12.

  10. Uthea says:

    It says in the book (book 1, chapter 3) that district 12 is in Appalachia. But you guys are right about the rockies, it says the Capitol is at the rockies in that very same paragraph. It also says in one of the books that beyond district 12 is 13, and that’s it. And it also says that it’s abaout a week’s journey on foot from 12 to 13, so I think that part of the map is right. Obviously 4 would be surrounded by ocean. District 2 is said to be just near the capitol, and it has one big mountain in the centre of it, and more mountains surrounding the district.

  11. Lucy says:

    I imagined for some reason the mining Districts to be in the mountainous areas. Also i though D7 shouldn’t of been in the mountains. Just my opinion 😀

  12. aphrodite says:

    this map makes no sense. ive looked at other maps and they matched somewhat closley but these districts are placed poorly. the problem is that fans make maps that arent official and makes people confused. the capitol is suppoosed to be practically in denver and uggh just all the districts are messed up:( oooh wellll….

  13. rhys says:

    I would say district 12 would be in west Virginia and Virginia because that where we mine coal in the United states.And yeah I belive the capitol would bi in the Denver vicinity I don’t know where we mine graphite so D13 is out of the question for me.D8 would be a outlying district because in the book Twill and Bonnie come from D8 and I don’t think they’d travel cross country on a Theory of D13.And in the book it said D2 and D1 were the closest so I don’t think 1 would be far out.One more thing 7 would probably be in Canada because I believe a
    lot of evergreens grow in Canada and D7 is a lumber mining district.

  14. Finnabulous (That's Finnick and Fabulous combined) says:

    This map sucks! First of all 1 and the Capitol are much closer, also they should kind of be in a row in numerical order, not like a perfect line but still in order. 2 should be higher because it has the mountains which we find out about in mockingjay. Nevermind too much is wrong can’t tell them all. Anyway long story short this map is horrible.

  15. Fletcher says:

    I actually do not think that I saw that map look like that in the movie.

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