“District 12″ to be Featured on SyFy Show

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The district 12 site for the Hunger Games movie - Hildebran North Carolina

Combining the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” mantra with love of all things related to film, SyFy Channel’s Hollywood Treasures features a group of people who specialize in tracking down and auctioning off movie memorabilia, and is one of my personal favorite shows.  The Hickory Daily Record is now reporting that an episode of the show for the upcoming second season – starting May 22 at 10 PM – was filmed in the Henry River Mill Village which is better known as District 12 in The Hunger Games movie.

The SyFy Channel was at the village on Tuesday filming an episode of the second season of “Hollywood Treasures,” and the show’s host, Joe Maddalena, was at the village looking for anything left behind from the movie.

The show is a documentary reality show based on Maddalena’s life as he travels the world hunting down Hollywood treasures to sell at auction. Maddalena has been hunting treasures for 26 years and owns a business in Los Angeles, “Profiles in History.”

Maddalena said the episode also could help the property’s owner, Wade Shepherd, sell the village that stood as the home for “The Hunger Games” heroine Katniss Everdeen.

He talked about how beautiful the property is and how people may have the misconception that it’s in the middle of nowhere.

“I think that’s one thing we’ll do on the show is convey how amazing this property is and how amazing this location is,” Maddalena said. “It’s like out of a Norman Rockwell painting.”

Maddalena added, “It’s just a nice experience.”

The show arrived at the village early Tuesday morning and was still there at lunchtime.

Maddalena, whose parents were antique dealers, said he was intrigued with the idea of helping Shepherd sell the property. He thinks there is a market for the property beyond just real estate, maybe something that could give visitors “The Hunger Games” experience. The old mill village store and some homes still remain on the 72-acre site. The asking price for the property is $1.4 million.

Maddalena said he can envision maybe a bed and breakfast business on the property, or a micro-brewery and maybe something called “Peeta’s Bakery,” to play off the name of one of the movie’s main characters.

Read the rest of the article here.  No word yet on when this particular episode will be airing, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we hear!  Would you watch it?

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  1. RebeccaB. says:

    I really wish that Hollywood, locals, and rabid fans would leave the Henry River Mill village (aka District 12) alone. People should not be allowed to take things from the “set” especially, because more than likely it will be used in Catching Fire. What they’ll do with Mockingjay I don’t know, but if you’re a true Hunger Games fan, you wouldn’t want to take away from the cast, crew, and future films, would you? I also think this new obsession with North Carolina (particularly Hunger Games filming locations) is ridiculous. I live three hours away from Asheville and I can honestly now say that The Hunger Games was much more enjoyable before the entire world saw it as “that Battle Royale [enter another movie/book with the same basic plot] copy” and “that really overdone and overrated movie that is so popular” or even “that book series the movie was made about”.

    The Hunger Games is far from a copy of anything, and those who claim otherwise really need to get their facts straight. There is a huge difference in having the same plot idea (kids fight to the death; one survivor) and plagiarism. Look it up, please. And I have been into archery before the first book came out, now the majority of people seem to think that if you’re taking archery classes or whatever it’s all because of The Hunger Games. I always thought archery was so fun when I was younger, and I still think it’s a blast. Before I even read the book, or even knew what it was about, I had no clue archery was involved. But I guess you *could* say that The Hunger Games heightened the fun of the sport, at least for me.

    Well, I apologize for my little rant, but this needed to be off my chest. I also find the idea that the Henry River Mill village can be bought is crazy. Don’t buy the “set”—it will be needed for the future films!

  2. Jabber jay says:

    I looked on my tv and I can’t find the series. I used to record it but it’s stopped and I thought it was canceled so idk of this is accurate.

  3. Hamilton says:

    @Jabber Jay – I double checked, the starting date of season 2 is actually May 22 – there was a “2” missing from the original post, sorry about that!

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