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My Hunger Games - District 13

SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven’t finished reading The Hunger Games or Catching Fire…come back later

In The Hunger Games we are introduced to the world of Panem – a version of the United States that emerged following a number of devastating disasters. We find out that Panem was made up of the Capitol and 13 surrounding districts. We also find out that 74 years ago, the districts staged an ill-fated rebellion against the Capitol, the end result being that District 13 was wiped out. The premise for the story is that one of the ways the Capitol punishes the remaining districts of Panem is through a nationally televised Hunger Games, in which two children, a boy and girl from each district, are forced to fight to the death.

District 13 serves as a reminder of the Capitol’s power and ruthlessness. However, in Catching Fire we are introduced to the idea that District 13 may not be as abandoned as the rest of the country is led to believe. In fact in the final scene, Katniss is on board a hovercraft with Gale and Haymitch on the way to District 13. She’s told that District 12 no longer exists.

We don’t know much about District 13. We know that it was obliterated many years ago, and before that it was responsible for mining graphite. The remaining districts believe it no longer exists. However, in Catching Fire, we find out that the Capitol (or maybe an insider trying to fool the Capitol) is possibly hiding the existence of life in District 13. Along with Katniss we start to wonder if there are people who have managed to escape to a secret community and are now hiding out underground.

While out hunting in the woods, Katniss comes across Twill and Bonnie, two women who managed to escape from District 8 during an uprising. They were disguised in Peacekeeper uniforms and were on their way to District 13 as they believed there were others there who support the rebellion. Twill also provides another bit of information; that the district used to make nuclear weapons.

We have to put the pieces of the puzzle together along with Katniss. She slowly gets to see that there are uprisings in other districts and it’s not until she’s back in the Arena with Peeta that she starts to understand that there is an alliance among several victors and that Haymitch and Heavensbee, sitting in a hovercraft from District 13, are the likely brains behind it.

I can’t wait for Mockingjay, when we get to go to District 13. What will we find there; an advanced underground society? Did Twill and Bonnie make it? And who else is at District 13? Knowing Suzanne Collins, there will be something about District 13 that will throw us for another huge twist. I don’t think Katniss will arrive to a huge crowd of cheering fans, ready to go into battle. This will no doubt be a mammoth struggle for our protagonist, right up until the very end.

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  1. Laura says:

    man patinka

  2. Allora says:

    I love the hunger games and my bff and her friends are making a movie of it! It sounds cool and everyone should check it out! it is not out yet though!

  3. PEETA! says:

    i think it’s cool that district 13 exists, it added a twist but you could kind of see it comeing in some parts of catching fire

  4. katniss says:

    i love the hunger games the real katniss

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