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My Hunger Games - District 2

The reaping for The Hunger Games movie is over.  The final tributes have been cast with Lionsgate announcing today the actors who will be playing Cato and Clove, the tributes from District 2.

Alexander Ludwig, once considered a potential actor for the role of Peeta,  will be playing Cato. Isabelle Fuhrman will be playing Clove.

Ludwig is perhaps best known for his roles in The Seeker: The Dark is  Rising and The Race to Witch Mountain, but also has experience in  smaller roles for film and TV.

Furhman’s credits include Orphan, Hounddog (with Dakota Fanning),  and a number of TV appearances, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,  The Cleveland Show, Ghost Whisperer and Justice.

Cato and Clove are two of the most significant tributes in the 74th Hunger Games.  Both Cato and Clove are known as “Career” tributes

District 2 is the place where the peacekeepers are trained and where the weapons are manufactured. It’s also where the stone quaries are and, like District 13, is known for graphite mining.

Clove was an expert at knife throwing while Cato was described in the book as a huge male tribute, and definitely not one you wanted to mess with.  He was mean and unrelenting and used brute strength for almost everything and fought hard to win the Games.

So what do you think of Cato and Clove?


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  1. Mar says:

    I like the choices for these two! But by far my favorite casted tribue is Glimmer! She’s exactly how I pictured her!

  2. Drusilla says:

    Those two look fabulous as Cato and Clove!

    And let me just say, I’m thoroughly enjoying the casting thus far. Shocker, right?

    What I find entertaining about people in absolute dispair about the cast, is the the CREATOR of the trilogy is giving this cast a thumbs up. Oh so now you’re mad at Suzanne? Guess what, without her creative genius you wouldn’t have your beloved Katniss, Peeta and Gale. So when the author and creator approves of the person and/or persons portraying a beloved character, you know darn well it’s going to be spot on.

    Oh an actor doesn’t look how you thought the character should look? Tough. Last time I checked your opinion didn’t matter.

    Also, it’s called acting for a reason. Just because an actress looks more a Katniss like over Jennifer doesn’t mean the ‘said actress’ will give a winning performance. What if it falls flat? Jennifer Lawrence can convince me she’s Katniss Everdeen of District 12. And she will.

    Actors are not just models. They’re not one dimensional. They’re there to tell a story with more than looks.

    Jennifer, Josh and Liam will do just that. Because they’re actors and the creator of their characters know they will.

    And I support Suzanne Collins 100%, because I am a TRUE Hunger Games fan.

    Ok, rant over.

    • Ellie says:

      Oh grow up! Just because you aren’t a mind clone of the author and actually have your own opinion it doesn’t make you any less of a fan! Personally I think Isabelle would make a perfect Katniss. She looks how I imagined Katniss to look. I also think Isabelle has the talant to play Katniss.

      But hey, I prefer Cato and Clove over Katniss and Peeta – so I clearly cannot be a ‘real’ fan.

  3. Hunger games says:

    not what I expected :( ………….

  4. Rose says:

    I expected someone more ruthless and older looking, their good though, I don’t know their acting abilities.

  5. Max says:

    My evil sister thought Alex Ludwig & Josh Hutcherson should make out onscreen and now I can’t get that damn image outta my head :(

  6. Rosalie says:

    i love thiss! Cato is just how i pictured him, he just gotta bulk up a bit:p..i love this!! perfect tribute casting all around, but these two have been the ones ive been waiting for..and there perfect!!

  7. I love Finnick says:

    Clove is supposed to be bigger then Katniss….. But I love, love, love love the pick for Cato!!!! HEART!

  8. Hunger Games Crazy says:

    PERFECT!!!!!! I love them. And what it says about Alex being a possible choice for Peeta, I CAN TOTALLY SEE IT! HUNGER GAMES IS THE BEST!

  9. Hunger Games Crazy says:

    And I thought that they were suppost be be like 260 pounds from all the muscel…

  10. morgan says:

    i like clove, she is almost exactly like i pictured her. and she plays maya on the sweet life on deck, how’s that for her acting skills?

  11. Sarren16 says:

    Darn!!! I think Clove is fine but I always imagined Cato havin dark brown hair and dark eyes- what can I say??!! As long as Suzannes input was put on this movie then I guess it’ll be ok right?

  12. Alyi says:

    Drusilla, that rant amused me. It’s true though. There two, except for Ludwigs easily changable hair color, are exactly how I imagined them.

  13. Tally says:

    I love what you said Drusilla!

    I cannot wait for this movie!!

  14. The guy says:

    I don’t like the fact that clove looks like a freaking 2 year old with throwing knives and half the size of katniss and that Cato is blonde and not big and buff because it describes them being dark haired.

    • Emma says:

      Isabelle Fuhrman does NOT look like a 2 year old… Obviously there’s training and physical modification before filming… Gosh, seriously, does it even matter? They were both perfect for their roles.

  15. Jack says:

    Perfect but Alexander need to look like he’s rood raging in the movie

  16. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    ummmm nooooooo but they do got that “u better not mess with me”look when you look at them but not very happy with who the actors are and morgan, she is not maya on the suite life on deck, similar looks but no. idk whether to :) or to :( huhhhhhhh

  17. irine says:

    yay we are so close. I cant wait

  18. HungerGamesFan1 says:

    Okay I don’t think they did a good job on Cato, but who they picked for Clove is amazing. She looks like she can play the role but Cato is supposed to be big and strong, not this kid who’s handsome and thin…

  19. HungerGamesFan1 says:

    Drusilla your rant was amazing you are so right! I just want to see Cato (Alex) bulk up a bit, but he can convince me as a Cato I’m pretty sure….

  20. kelsey says:

    Drusilla! You perfectly put into words what I’ve been thinking. Thank you. There is no way that any cast could satisfy the imagination of every Hunger Games fan. Suzanne Collins has been absolutely behind every casting decision, and if the creator of it all is happy, I know I will be too.

  21. Taylor says:

    The guy playing Cato doesn’t need to bulk up any, look at his IMDB page. And the girl playing Clove, watch “The Orphan” and you will see why she was choosing to play Clove, she’s scary!!

  22. sam says:

    A+++++++ on the pick for district 2 alex will play a good cato.

  23. Kristine says:

    When I saw this I was so happy I jumped up and down all the way to my phone, and then I called my mom. x)
    Cato is just like I pictured him :) Alex are perfect!

  24. Tally says:

    Yeah, according to IMDb.com, he’s 6″0 and the pictures show him being rippppppppped. 😉

    Look at this picture of him here, meow 😉


    And the girl is from the Orphan, and in that movie she was so sadistic, manipulative, cruel, and scary, so I can see why she was cast.

    As for them being dark-haired, I can see why that would matter for Katniss, Peeta, and Gale, but I can’t see how it would really matter for sort of minor characters like these. Their hair color does not reflect their personality or demeanor or the storyline. As producer Nina Jacobson said in a recent article, “You can manipulate appearance, not essence.”

  25. kaylee says:

    I like them i guess, i pictured cato alot more buff, and clove a golden blonde…or jet black not a kind of dark brown, but they look fine, the guy for cato is a good actor I haven’t been disappointed..yet..i’m waiting for cinna though…oh and what about portia???

  26. Marryanna says:

    Cato looks like Peeta exact opposite of what I pictured him

    Clove looks alright she just didn’t have freckles

  27. alex says:

    cato looks like peeta! so hot! hoothooot

  28. Jasmine says:

    Can you guys tell me what will happened to Cato and Clove?Are they couples in the movie?
    Thank you.

  29. emmy says:

    i. love. cato.
    need i say more? 😉

  30. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    ok im sorry for my last comment now i absolutely love the choices especially clove!!!! she was awesome in the movie.

  31. toria22 says:

    AWESOME CLOVE! she looks like shes ready to kill katniss! i think shes perfect….as for cato…? idk i imagined him as a bigger built, large, tough guy…not some pretty boy who will stand there and look hot -_- any1 else agree?

  32. Syd says:

    Cato is SEXY

  33. Syd says:

    I agree with you, T22. I did think as him as a guy with a leather jacket, hard face, and muscles like stone,

  34. Lucas says:

    Cato is fine, but not really liked the girl. But with some tweaks here and there, she’ll do well, I believe.

  35. Sarren16 says:

    not judging acting capabilities but rather looks : these guys look more like K & P then cato and clove… :( tho clove is a good pick i think

  36. walrus says:

    i pictured cato as a wrestler type person. like, fit and strong and tall but also kind of meaty (like chubbyish) but i think this is still a great pick

  37. noki101 says:

    OMG… so r these the people who r going to play the other districts?

  38. noki101 says:

    i always thought they would choose i big tougher and meaner guy other than alexander ludwig

  39. mikki randomz says:

    Okay…um no….I playe the part of Clove in a school play recently….lets just say…I was the star… Scratch Katniss…it was all me! So um….I will be waiting to see how the chick plays me…If i dont like it….WEEELLLLL….I will be calling Lionsgate!

  40. Jessie for Nothin says:

    Literally,Alexander would do better as Peeta. But Clove is exactly how I imagined her.

  41. Michaela says:

    Clove looks totally perfect. I can absolutely picture as a sadistic killing machine. But Cato… I dont know. I think hes too handsome to be playing Cato. Cato shouldn’t be good-looking, hes a brutal killing force, there shouldn’t be anything we could like about him.

  42. PEETA! says:

    Cato’s too samll and clove’s too young it think. I thought of cato as a body-building eighteen year-old whos 6’2”

  43. clove says:

    clove, you have to admit is tough but id kill katniss too. i mean other than her and that tribute three guy katniss killed all the carres including cato who witch im pretty sure liked her. cato, handsome but lost his mind in the games. i think cato thought katniss killed clove and wanted to kill her. like thresh, who thought she killed rue. but it wasnt clove it was marvel!

  44. kevinae says:

    how old is clove supposed to be in this movie?

  45. Emma says:

    Those two were both PERFECT in the movie. They couldn’t have chosen a better cast.

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