Elizabeth Banks says the Mahogany Line has Deeper Meaning

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That Is Mahogany The Hunger games


Anyone who has seen The Hunger Games at least cracked a smile at this exclamation from Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks. In an interview in the Charlotte Observer, Elizabeth discusses the Mahogany line, which was not featured in the book, but is quickly becoming one of the most quoted lines in the film.

“Everyone loved that one,” says Banks of the mahogany line, which has inspired a Facebook fan page and is trending as a popular joke on Twitter and Tumblr.

Because of subject matter, though, “I never wanted to just say a jokey line for a jokey line,” Banks says. “That mahogany line is (saying) these kids, they need to respect. ‘I have been brought up to respect the Capitol and its ideals, and I’m trying to instill that in these tributes because that will reflect best on all of us.’ ”

I Just Love That Effie Trinket The Hunger Games

Elizabeth also gives us a little more insight into her experience getting the role of Effie, and how Gary Ross settled on that Trinket look.

“He didn’t know how old Effie should be,” says Banks, 38. “I know he looked at Tracey Ullman at one point. I think he was just trying to figure out the world that this was. Then we had a conversation where I said, ‘Well, I want her to be ageless. I want it to be like you don’t know if she’s 35 or 135.

“Then I went to his office and we looked at all of his inspiration boards, and he told me he was going to talk to Lenny (Kravitz) and Woody (Harrelson), and I was like, ‘Great, great’ … ‘Why are you telling me this? You better (expletive) be giving me this movie!’ ” she says, laughing.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, isn’t it obvious? You’re doing it. I didn’t call you down here to waste your time.’ ”

“I’m really proud of her,” Banks says. “She’s everything that Gary and I talked about. She came across how I wanted her to. I wanted her to be funny and brittle and a little grotesque and a little mean, and she’s all those things.”

source: Charlotte Observer

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