Elizabeth Banks wants your Hunger Games Questions

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Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games movie


Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games movie, has put out the call to fans to take part in a Q&A.

She's announced that she wants your questions by Friday so she can compile and answer them on video.

You know all those Hunger Games questions you’ve got? Well, now is the time to come out with them. Ask away by leaving your questions in the comments below, and I’m going to record myself answering them! But you’ve got to ask before this Friday so I can answer as many as I can in a future vlog post. Are you game?


You can find Elizabeth's Blog here


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  1. Sydney Fairburn says:

    Do you think Josh Hutcherson playing Peeta helped him eveolve as an actor, and how about yourself?

  2. Seafeather says:

    I feel like I’m a reporter asking a whole bunch of questions. ^^ Okay to start off with: I fell in love with The Hunger Games, not because of it’s fashion, or action or even the love story. It’s such a well structured plot and future that’s so sickeningly possible for us as humans. It shows the inhumanity of humanity and how we can do anything to be entertained or to get our way. Alrighty! Now for the questions! ^^

    I know I’ve heard it a thousand times “The audience is going to be /very/ happy with the outcome of the movie. It stuck well to the book.” I’m asking how well has it stuck to the book? You could ask me questions about certain things that happened in the series and I could show you exactly where they happened, what happened before then and after then. So, is it close to chapter for chapter, page for page or word for word? Obviously it isn’t word for word but it just sounded good. XP

    Watching Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson handle weaponry, did that make you want to test some of the things out? Just on a personal level? ^^ I love archery myself and would LOVE to use Jennifer’s bow.

    Are you excited to see who all is cast for the next movie? I personally can’t wait for many of the people since so many of them make an impact in Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Johanna Mason and Finnick Odair mainly.

    Are you prepared to only have a few lines in the 3rd and 4th movies? In Mockingjay Effie appears for…hm..let’s see…3 sentences to be exact. Since she was abducted by Plutarch near (with the info I’m given) the beginning of Mockingjay and was held secret until the war was officially over.

    Did you like having Jennifer, Josh, Lenny, and Woody as co-stars?

    Who were you closest to in the making of the film?

    Thank you for everything that you’re doing in the making of this movie! I really, really, REALLY appreciate making my absolute favorite book (That I’ve wished to have dreams about being in) into a movie! 😀 Oh, and thank you for your time reading all of this. XP

  3. Alexis says:

    How do you think Jennifer Lawrence did as Katniss in the movie?

  4. Hamilton says:

    Make sure to post your comments on Elizabeth Banks’ blog post – http://elizabethbanks.com/blog/post/the-hunger-games-winner-and-ask-me-your-questions – so that she sees them and can respond.

  5. christina says:

    I’m really picky about the cinematography in films-
    having seen the film, how was it filmed, in what style?
    How does the overall feel of the script differ from that of the book?
    How do jennifer lawrence and josh hutcherson feel about eachother?
    What is your favourite scene?


  6. Cory J. Clayton says:

    Hello Elizabeth Banks is there any similarity between Effie Trinket and yourself?
    You have given us a visual image of Effie Trinket to live along side what we imagined her to look. For your role did your imagination come to life?
    After the Hunger Games and its sequels how will you follow up your success? and can we expect to see you in more film adaptations of books?
    hope I didn’t ask to many questions and dream to see you in a James Bond film. I picture you as a bond girl.
    From heart with love your fan – Cory

  7. 1. do you believe that the character of Eiffe was meant for you, like do you ”feel” the charcter inside?
    2. How can you describe Josh Hutcherson? Did you like working with him?
    3. do you think that the Hunger Games movie sends the same messages the book did to the readers?
    4. who is your favorite character from the hunger games?
    5. if you were to change one actor and replace it with another one for a certain hunger games character which one would it be?
    6. are you excited for the next movies? do you think they willbe awesome?

  8. ChloeHoneyLover says:

    Hello Elizabeth Banks! My question is, Do you think Woody Harrelson actually played the role of Haymitch,just as annoying it is in the books for Effie?

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