EW Exclusive: Sam Claflin on Finnick’s sugar cube scene: ‘I was definitely prepared to do anything’

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Finnick and Katniss screenshot

I love when EW does all their amazing Catching Fire exclusives. This time they chatted with Sam Claflin on playing fan favorite Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. He was on a promotional tour for Snow White and the Huntsman when his agent sent him in to read for Finnick.

“Finnick is this tanned, green-eyed, sex god,” laughs the 26-year-old Brit over sodas at his Waikiki hotel on a day off from shooting. “I’m thinking I’m brunette, I have loads of stubble, at the time I was by no means in shape. This guy walked in just after my audition who looked like Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise. Yeah, I’m not going to get this.”

Nina Jacobson had some pretty endearing things to say about Claflin despite how he felt he looked at his audition.

“Sometimes you get someone with the swagger but not the soulfulness or the other way around, Sam had both. He is such a sweet, sweet fellow.”

To read what else Sam had to say about his role as Finnick click HERE (and trust me you’ll want to)

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