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Yay! It's time for another week of FAN ART FRIDAY!! I absolutely LOVE this big, big, big day :) Here is this weeks submissions…

From Kathlein-Girl On Fire

From-Kalani Aponte  “I paint shoes for people! This is a picture of some Hunger Games shoes I painted for my friend.”

From Todd – Everyone in our entire family has read the books and is eagerly awaiting the film release…here's their fan art”


Thank you everyone for all of your submissions!

Keep them coming admin@myhungergames.comIf you have sent yours in and haven't seen it on the page please feel free to resend it!!


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  1. PeetaLuv says:

    Those shoes look so amazing…is there anyway I could request a pair?

  2. yes you can I paint shoes and sell them. Go check out my facebook page for more details! ww.facebook.com/KalaniKicks

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