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Hunger Games Fan of the Week - Rebecca Jones   Hunger Games Fan of the Week - Rebecca Jones

My name is Rebecca Jones. I live in Ontario Canada, I am 14 years old, and i think I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games

What is it I love about The Hunger Games so much?

I love the Hunger Games so much because its a book you just cant put down; its like 3:00 in the morning and I'm still reading because at the end of every chapter there's always a cliff-hanger that makes me want to read even more! Suzanne Collins work has inspired me and the book makes me want to write one of my own! I love that fact how the book is so unpredictable. some of the books I read are all the same and you can guess what's going to happen but not with the Hunger Games and that's why i love the books so much. I cant wait until the movie comes out and i plan on buying tickets on Feb. 22 right when they come out.

Who is my favorite character? 

That's a tough  for sure, but i would have to say my favorite character would be Katniss. She's down to earth and she accepts the position of becoming a parent so easily when her father dies and her mother goes into a deep depression. I love the fact that when Clove is about to cut her up that she stares her down because she doesn't like the comment about rue that she made, she stands for what she believes in and I respect her for that. She's not spoiled or overly rich but she manages to make the best of it by going in the woods every morning with Gale (in the first book) Although i love Katniss i also like Johanna Mason and Mags, they make me laugh every time i read the series!

What are my expectation for the movie?

Well if it looks as good as the trailer I'm sure it will be amazing, i was a bit confused as how they didnt have madge in the movie

though because in later books Katniss and her become friends and she plays a role in giving the morphling to Gale after he gets whipped in Catching Fire, but I'm not to worried about that. The movies look amazing and the characters fit perfectly i just hope they dont mess a lot with the script. I'm very excited to see the costumes and i hope they are as good and they replicate the ones that the book describes.

What's my favorite quote?

There are so many quotes that i love the line of ' i decorate her body with flowers , covering the ugly wound. weaving her face. weaving her hair with bright colors. They will have to show it and even if they choose to turn the cameras elewhere, they'll have to bring them back when they collect the bodies and everyone will see her then and know that i did it' I love that part because she is explaining to the people in the capitol that she doesnt accept being in the arena and that she wants to show how wrong it is. how wrong it was to kill a kill children. she rebels in a way but shes herself when she does because she knows its wrong and she knows that people do agree with her.


Things to add

Well im really excited for all the movies and im thinking of doing a short film with my friends of the Katniss and Johanna scene where she figures out its a clock. should be fun!

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  1. Emma says:

    Okay. So this is all really cool, but the real reason I’m commenting is because I figured out something really important about the movie. (Nobody else commented here, so I figured this was a good place to tell you guys of My Hunger Games.) Everybody fan I know thinks that Katniss gives the Mockingjay pin to Prim, and that she promised that nothing bad will happen to her as long as she has it with her. Yes, it says that in the trailer. BUT, I believe fully that they cut out and pasted Katniss saying “I promise” to Prim. Because, it shows PRIMS hands folding the pin in KATNISS’ hands. Not the other way around. I didn’t notice it before, but it’s at that angle clearly showing that she’s putting the pin back into Katniss’ hands. Which most likely means that Katniss is promising to something different, like she’s promising to keep the pin and stay safe. I think they took out that part for the trailer, of course. But I promise, if you focus hard enough, you will notice. (I am very sorry this is such a long ‘comment’.) I had to tell somebody my discovery, and unfortunately my family is sick of hearing about the Hunger Games. I thought this was an awesome discovery, I hope you guys do, too!!! (Again, sorry about the length of this ‘comment’.)

  2. MyHungerGames says:

    Interesting!!! I will have to go and watch it closely … it would be one explanation for how the mockingjay pin ends up being in the Capitol :)
    Thanks for taking the time to write that out

  3. Emma says:

    No problem! Thank you for responding!!! :)

  4. clove says:

    Yay! I’m from Ontario too! Go Canadian Hunger Games fanatics!

  5. lian92 says:

    I think that at first Katniss gives Prim the pin before the reaping , and than after Katniss volonteers Prim gives her the pin back.

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