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Katniss and Peeta Going Home The Hunger Games


“Wow I really LOVED that scene”

“Hmm that wasn’t what I was hoping for.”

“I can’t BELIEVE they took that scene out!”

“I am glad they added that scene instead of the one from the book.”

Are these some of the questions/statements/exclamations you found yourself saying? Are you happy Gary Ross changed some of the scenes in The Hunger Games? Add new scenes? Deleted book scenes?

Well here is your chance to let us know what scenes you hated compared to what scenes you loved. You can be as specific as you want to be. Tell us what you think Gary Ross could have done better, and what he made perfect. Remember to be tactful in your responses, anything rude, insulting, or etc will be deleted without a second thought! Other than that have fun!

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  1. Kaylee L says:

    For the most part, I really loved the movie. I liked how Gary added some stuff to it. The only things I was dissapointed with were:
    Rues lullaby. she didn’t sing the whole thing which dissapointed me, The fact that two major ingeries didn’t happen. peeta – *spoiler*- never had to get his leg amputated, and katniss never lost her hearing in her left ear.

    Besides those points, I think they did a very good job :)

    • Danielle says:

      OMG I completely forgot that Peeta had to get his leg amputated! I wondered how they were gonna play off the force field thing in Catching Fire since Katniss’s ear wasnt messed up but wow. I am really upset now that I remember that, I CANT believe that they would leave out something like that!

      • Rebecca says:

        well when you think about it you can’t see her ear get messed up.It would have been god to maybe some blood come from the ear as it stated in the book, but you can’t fit everything in.That’s a hardest part of turning a novel into a movie.I totally agree that Peeta’s leg and Katniss’s ear would have been great in the movie but we all have to understand at some point.

        • Cammy says:

          I expected that the first 30 seconds or so after the explosion should switch over to Katniss’s perspective and be silent. that’s how i would have introduced the ear injury. as for Peeta’s amputation, i dont really know how they can show that, because he (josh) obviously has a leg there… it’s not like that is something that you can fake very easily.
          I was disappointed about both of these changes, but i understand the reasoning behind one of them at least.

          • Lexi says:

            But he got blood poisoning in the book and at the end needed a prosthetic leg when he lost it once transported to the capitol. And that leg plays a part in the second book so how can they incorporate it?

          • KJ says:

            They won’t.

            But in the book, the shot cured his leg for the blood poisoning…it was the mutts that tore into Peeta’s leg, which we all assumed to be the same one. Katniss used an arrow as a tournaquet which stopped the bleeding but also cut off the blood flow which was why he lost his leg in the book.

            It was the only choice available, given the circumstances.

      • Rebecca says:

        yea I know I left a comment, but she didn’t her the force field.She used the trick Beetee had told her, she just made that up so the gamemakers wouldn’t fix that and her could use that to her advantage.

    • Cammy says:

      several things i have already said in comments:
      1. mutts lookd too much like pitt bulls instead of wolves, and they DIDN’T look like the tributes.
      2. katniss didn’t lose her hearing, and peeta didnt lose his leg.
      3. There should have been more between Katniss and Rue
      4. Haymitch should have been more drunk, and should have fallen off the stage (a little comedic relief mixed in to the drama of the reaping)
      5. the cornucopia was NOTHING like i imagined it. it was a “capital”ized version
      6. i know this is just a smaller detail, but i didn’t like the fact that in the movie, the mockingjay pin was Katniss and Cinna’s “secret” like she wasn’t supposed to have it… each tribute was allowed on token from their district.

      Some of the changes that i DID like:
      1. Seneca crane’s beard was AMAZING and PERFECT!!! (i know that’s not really a change, but i still loved it!
      2. i also liked the scene in the end where Snow used the irony of the berries to kill Crane. but it was not graphic. it never showed him dying, it just implied it.
      3. i loved the scene in the training room when katniss shot the apple, and the scene immediately afterwards when they were talking about it.

      also… just a random thing that i remebered… in one of the last scenes of the movie, Katniss is standing on the roof, and i think she is talking to peeta or something. she moves just a little bit and i think a mic cord inside her dress sticks out a little. to me, it almost looks like there is a hand moving inside her dress… did anyone else notice this little blooper???

  2. alia says:

    well, Peeta didn’t lose his leg, Katniss didn’t lose hearing, and the part when they are in the helicopter. wasn’t marvel one of the first people to die because he fought over the backpack with Katniss?
    I did like the gamemakers room. The capitol was way more then i expected so i liked it.
    I though it was hilarious to see my whole theater jump when the mutt came out of the bush.
    Oh the cournocopia was supposed to be an actual cournicopia, but wasn’t there more than one

    • Cammy says:

      I also wanted the cornucopia to be real, rather than a “capital”ized version (modern, and industrial looking) The mutts were supposed to look like the tributes, and i imagined them being more like wolves than giant pitt bulls.

  3. Jo says:

    Really enjoyed the movie!

    I liked the addition of Seneca’s control room, and also the last scene with Cato which showed the Games even got to him (a trained killer).

    I really would have loved to see a little more depth between Katniss & Peeta. Specifically I would have liked to see more from Katniss and her thoughts on “the boy with the bread”. Gary referenced this scene several times, but never had Katniss explain that this moment saved her life and gave her hope.

    Also, I think the scene from the book where they talked outside the train right at the end would have been great to include. It could have made more clear that Peeta loved Katniss, but although Katniss felt a spark, she mostly acted in love under Haymitch’s orders. I agree this was hinted at, but it really wasn’t made clear. I saw the movie with two friends who did not read the book first, and they were very confused about the Peeta/Katniss relationship at the end. And let’s be honest, most of us REALLY love the Peeta and Katniss together – so I’d like to see Gary Ross not hold back from going deeper into their relationship in “Catching Fire”…especially in the upcoming beach scene, where Katniss first realizes that she’s in love with Peeta.

    • Katpiss Neverclean says:

      i really agree with you but Cato was just kidding when he said that stuff in the end about not being able again. he said “I’m just kidding i can still win this thing.” i dont know if that’s what you mean’t but i agree with Gary holding back on the Peetniss relationship because it’s a big part in the whole trilogy especially in catching fire as you said in the beach scene.

  4. Hunger Games Crazyβ™₯ says:

    :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯ :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯ :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯ :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯

    @ alia
    No, Marvel killed Rue.

    Well I liked how Peeta didn’t lose part of his leg and Katniss’ hearing was pretty good. But that may cause problems in in Catching Fire. Um… I was pretty good with all the changes they made. Like Madge. It makes you think Katniss loves Prim more… The Avox thing wasn’t that big… They cut scenes short but it was a long movie…

    I dOn’T tHiNk PEETA found out did he????


    Nothing that made me so mad…. ALL IN ALL

    :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯ :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯ :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯ :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ :p β™₯

    • Katpiss Neverclean says:

      In the book it says the boy from district nine was fighting her for the back pack and clove killed him. It said the boy from one killed rue and katniss killed him but his name isn’t revealed until Catching Fire.

  5. Katpiss Neverclean says:

    i really didnt like it when katniss gave prim the mockingjay pin insted of madge giving it to katniss. I also didnt like it when they left out the stuff about the Avoux girl. but over all it was a wonderful movie and i cant wait until 2013 for catching fire. also peeta losing the leg and katniss’ bionic ear.

  6. Laus says:

    I liked the riot in district 11, loved HaymitchΒ΄s “Do you call that a kiss?”

    PrimΒ΄s cuac
    Peeta when he finds out about the syrup
    katniss prepared to kill peeta at the end

  7. Mark says:

    I absolutely loved every new scene with either Seneca Crane or President Snow. One of my favorites is when Seneca is locked in the room with nothing but a bowl full of nightlock berries, BRILIANT! Also the very last scene with President Snow loved that one too. They perfectly set up Catching Fire with these. There are a couple other ones without Seneca or Snow that I can’t quite point out because I forgot what they were exactly!

    Though with all that great stuff new some stuff got cut out. In particular what’s really bugging me is that they never made it clear that Katniss’ love relationship with Peeta was for the games. Also not so much bothered by this now and it’s been said a lot, but I didn’t really like that they cut out all the wandering for water and freezing in the nights. They could have done a bit more with it and they could have been short scenes. The games didn’t seem like there was too much suffering involved or maybe it seemed like it was too easy. I would have liked for a bit more of Katniss and Peeta in the cave bonding and Katniss having to make Peeta eat instead of him being all for it right from the start which they could have done afterward when he improved. Would have liked the bread scene to be presented in a more clearified way. Would have liked Rue’s lullaby to have been sung a bit more. Either way small little problems and they didn’t bother me way too much. The movie was great and I loved it.

  8. Sydney A. says:

    Loved the movie but some of my favorite quotes (ex. Come to finish me off sweetheart?) weren’t in it. However, I understand why Peeta’s leg wasn’t amputated, because I’m sure that considering that detail wouldn’t change the story drastically it was much easier to cut that part of the story out. Also, when the mutt jumped out I literally jumped into my friends lap…but I liked that the scene was added to the movie. I do wish though, that the mitts looked a little more…fierce; They looked more like bull dogs than wolves to me. Overall the movie was amazing and I’m not even sure I could say whether I liked the book or movie more. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out so I can see it again (due to my low budget, being 13 and all, I can’t see it again at the movies.)

  9. Pammie says:

    Even though it wasn’t spelled out that Katniss played the ‘love’ card for the games with Peeta to save his life, I think most people got it. Neither me or my friend had read the book we got the impression that she liked him but she was just going along with things in order to save them.

  10. KatnissMockingjay says:

    I though on a whole the movie was a spectacular adaption from the book! Gary ross, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz EVERYONE nailed their roles and perfected them to Oscar Worthy!

    I loved the Gamemakers room that was surreal and wicked cool! And Senecra Crane’s beard was definitely a highlight of the film!

    A few of my fav scene/quotes where cut out….but I’m like The World Biggest Hunger Games fan or one of them so I was looking and comparing everything!
    Like I was looking forward to when Katniss drugs Peeta.

    The doctors taking Peeta away on the hovercraft to perform surgery and Katniss screaming and going insane that Peeta was being taken.

    Peeta getting his leg amputated and Katniss pulling up the bottom of his trousers and see that fake leg

    None of you have noticed that, you know how when Gale see’s Katniss in the Justice Building and when they are yanking him out he goes “Remember I-” Then SLAM they close the doors. That I think was a big factor in the Gale/Katniss relationship/love for Gale and they didn’t put in. Maybe the whole “Its gonna be you” thing was it but I would have liked the whole I-

    I think that I would have liked more cave scenes. I think Gary Ross probably would have liked to incorporate how Katniss loses her hearing an Peeta losing his leg. But they weren’t compulsory for telling the story. All in All the movie was fantastic and I loved that instead of changing it, Gary ross just cut the little bits, which to me is better than changing it. Although he did change 1 or 2 things, tiny details. They weren’t major.

    So I’m crossing my fingers hoping that the next thing for The Hunger Games is awards like Oscars and Golden Globes…..

  11. KatnissMockingjay says:

    The Hunger Games was 5 stars! Oscar Worthy and my fav word Mellarkable (get it remarkable mellarkable!)
    Words can’t describe its greatness!!!!!!

    • Jade says:

      For real i just saw it and already in love with it!!! i loved the love scene i thought it was so sweet i hope they make a 2nd one im gona cry if they dot but i wounder if her bestfriend liked her it seened like it but Peeta and Cat (Dont know how to spell her name) really looked good together!!

  12. sally says:

    i was very happy that they added the riot in district 11. it was a very powerful scene. i think what caused the riot was after 74 years of watching their children die, enough was enough. and katniss covering rue in flowers, and seeing how much she cared about rue made them realise that it had been going on too long and they snapped. but i was disappointed that cloves death scence with cato watching her die wasn’t that impressive. effie and haymitch were awesome, and rue, they couldn’t have casted a better rue. my fav scene was the chariot ride. i love this movie very much, ive seen it twice and i can’t wait for it to come out on dvd.

  13. D.D. says:

    I loved the movie overall, but some things I wished they’d put in there were:
    – The part where Peeta says, Don’t step on me, and come to finish me off sweetheart??
    – They didn’t give enough time to fully understand the relationship between Rue and Katniss, so people who hadn’t read the book were just like what the heck why’d she love this little girl so much??
    -They didn’t show the prep team at all.
    -SHE DIDN’T DRUG PEETA!!!!!!!!!
    -Katniss’ loss of hearing and Peeta’s amputation.

    The majorly AMAZING parts were,

    -Seneca’s game room
    -The mutts
    -The definition of Peeta’s expressions and love for Katniss.


    • Charlie Seddon says:

      I agree that the mutts were cool but they could’ve pointed it out that the mutts were actually the tributes because that would of made that film the best film ever!!!!

  14. NiKitA says:

    I was actually a bit annoyed that they didn’t go a bit more in depth with Peeta’s character, he was so much more ‘loveable/likeable’ in the book than they made him out to be in the film.
    I also didn’t like the way Katniss acquired the Mockingjay pin.
    Definitely didn’t see enough of Rue and Katniss together, but I did like how they showed her putting the flowers around her and the salute she did to the camera, and in turn district 11 doing the salute back *brought tears to my eyes!*
    In the book I didn’t feel Katniss and Gale were as ‘close’ as they made them seem in the film.
    No prep team!! I was looking forward to seeing them portrayed.
    Did anyone else feel Cinna didn’t come across as well as he could have in the book?

    Despite these negatives it was an amazing film, and I usually feel films from books don’t do them justice, however I feel with the Hunger Games it did. I can’t wait to see the next one.

  15. Elle says:

    I understand why certain things were cut and other’s weren’t. It’s never going to be a literal book-to-screen adaptation, but that’s ok. It was still a fantastic film that captured the essence of The Hunger Games.

    But there were a few things that I did miss, which I think would have been easy to include. Katniss yelling Peeta’s name instead of whispering it when they announce the rule change. Peeta getting blood poisoning– seriously, he needed to look a bit more like he was in danger. I wish Katniss had said to Rue, “you know, they arent the only ones who can make alliances.” I think that would have established their trust a little better, and would have taken literally 5 seconds to include. Haymitch should have been a bit drunker, but what can ya do. And lastly– I was disappointed how easily the games ended. Katniss doesn’t reach for her bow, which I think gives the false impression that she totally loves and trusts Peeta, where in the book, she still has doubts. And literally in 2 seconds, they’re clean, pretty, and all dolled up, doing the interview. We needed something– even a 3 second shot of Katniss in the hospital– to show that their lives were truly on the line.

    But I really did love it, especially Jennifer– she is just such a remarkable actress, and I cannot imagine anyone else as Katniss!

    • Danielle says:

      I completely agree with everything you said, those were all things I was upset about!

    • Christian says:

      I agree with you especially about the “I know what blood poisoning is, Katniss,” says Peeta. “Even if my mother isn’t a healer.” Simply because it is a key phrase that he says in Mockingjay.

  16. Nick says:

    Some of the things that Gary Ross added, I liked. I liked the whole Cato-Glimmer thing and I loved it how the Careers were fighting over Katniss when they found her. And there weren’t really any scenes that I noticed he took out, but they did leave out a lot of details, and just small things here and there.

  17. Elaina says:

    I really, really enjoyed the movie. It had a sort of different feel than the books, but they worked well together. Also, it was really clever how they did some things, like when Katniss steps up to the stage for her interview and she doesn’t hear what Caesar says, when everyone first arrives at the arena, there was no sound and only quick shots of everything, which toned down the violence, and the ringing in her ear when the explosion goes off (though they didn’t add the part about her losing hearing.)

    I understand that they had to cut things for the movie, but I almost wish the movie was longer just so they could add more details. For example, I agree with D.D. about how they didn’t really develop Rue and Katniss’s relationship too much. It was okay.

    Also, I really wanted them to have that part in the hovercraft where Katniss goes crazy while the doctors work on Peeta. That was a big point in the book, but they couldn’t really do that when Peeta’s leg wasn’t being amputated.

    And there was no Avox girl– none mentioned at least– which makes sense because she wasn’t important to the plot, but still… I also wished Katniss’ and Cinna’s relationship would have been more highlighted. Maybe they’ll do more of that in Catching Fire.

  18. Eliza says:

    I thought overall it was a great movie and that Gary did an awesome job! I was disappointed how fast everything went. Now don’t jump on my back and say “If they slowed everything down it would have been a 10 hour movie!” I understand that, I just would have rather had everything slowed down a bit and focus more on how fearful Katniss was the night before the games, or her relationship with Peeta. And in the beginning (I know, It was going to be like this) the camera work was extremely shaky for me. I understand that is Gary’s form of filming but It didn’t really let me get a feel for District 12 much cause I couldn’t see much of it, and the bits I did see were blurred and shaky. I felt the games flew by! I really did enjoy for some reason, the Cato and Glimmer relationship, even if it was a minor thing I really did love that! And in the book, right at the beginning of the games when the careers found the girl who made the fire, I wish Peeta would have gone back and killed her, it would have added more suspense and horror to the scene, that Peeta was with the careers! I also didn’t feel like a person who hadn’t read the book could have gotten really connected with Rue. The time you saw of Rue went by super fast, then all of a sudden she was dead! Then there weren’t the super “aww<3" moment in the cave with Peeta and Katniss like I hoped… But I thought the fight scenes and all of that stuff was pretty awesome! I absolutely loved the scenes of Senaca and the control room, and of Haymitch, and the outburst in District 11! Those were perfect touches. Now this might sound like I'm a complainer, but I really loved to movie overall. At first I was almost extremely disappointed… But i realized that it was a really good movie.

  19. Jillybean says:

    i loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a die-hard fan, but some parts pissed me off!
    -i hated when Katniss didnt yell peets’s name after the rule change, or how she didnt drug him.
    -It also dissapointed me when his cut was so minor, and healed so quickly.
    -i was sad how quick rue and katniss’s relationship was…… same as her and peeta
    -i was sad that Madge or the Avox girl wasnt in the movie
    -the cave scene was WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too short (btw they only kissed twice the whole movie.
    -Lasty i was sooooooo pisssed on how it ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Peeta still had his leg!
    2. Katniss didnt loose her hearing
    3. Cato took way longer to die
    4. the nightlock was in their mouths
    5. There was little PDA at the end
    6. PEETA DIDNT HATE KATNISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish it was longer so it had more details, but other than that (yeah im picky) it was AMAZING


  20. Lola says:

    I love the scene:
    Plutarch: everyone loves an underdog
    Snow: I don’t

    I was really disappointed in the scene where Katniss blows up the Career’s food. It seemed like the Careers left to voluntarily, and the explosions seemed minor compared to what the book described.

  21. ok..so overall this movie is incredible!!! its totally a mst- see and im glad that i went to the midnight premiere.
    I like how Gary Ross made the book into life but i think he couldve added at least a bit more. Yes, he added the MAIN ppoints and lacked details but sometimes those details is what makes something good.
    i loved that Gary Ross added extra scenes that were not in the book like penty shots of Gale while Katniss and Peeta are in the arena, i mean tthat added to what Gale’s character really is, how although hes quiet he reallly cares about Katniss in the games. I also liked how Ross added the scene of the rebellion going on in district 11(i think its distric 11:) Anywaays i think that this will add to the second movie Catching Fire.. Very nicce job Gary Ross!
    In the other hand though i didnt like how Ross didnt aqdd parts that i believe needed to be there to make the movie how i expected perfect(although i know that not all movies stay 100% true to the book) i didn’t like that well idk like Ross should have made Katniss with more emotions, like in the book because in the movie it seems like she is tooooo quiet and emotion-less while in the book she kinda makes jokes a little like when shes in the capitoll or with peeta. i didn’t like that Ross rushed the ending… it seemed that the ending was quick and it seemed like the Hunger Games is something easy to beat while its not. Liek they didn’t show how Cato is supposed to be running away from the dogs and then run into katniss and peeta and in the movie its as if Cato is waiting for them in the Cornocupia, and the whole peeta bleeding didnt happn(this was a great dissapointment)
    As in for peeta well, he wasn’t in the mud like he was supposed to be(although i love d how he was camoflauged into the tree thing) but they didn’t ven put my favorite line Peeta says whenever Katniss finds him in the mud its something like this ”are you here to finish me off”( another disappointment)
    But after watching it and taking it all in i realized that Gary Ross did a fabulous job doing the movie and i think that what he put in as extra scenes that werent in the book made up for the parts he left out.
    Good job Ross!

  22. tabitha says:

    I loved the movie!!!!!!!! I didn’t read the books, but my only comments about the movie are:
    ~the cave scene was my favorite; it should have been longer <3
    ~katniss and peeta, in my opinion, were perfectly casted!
    ~we probably should have seen more of katniss and gale's relationship…
    ~i really liked their trainer guy (i forgot his name) he was hilarious!
    ~the ending of the movie was great

    Oh, and, one more thing… does anyone know when the movie is coming out on DVD or iTunes? And when are they going to make the second and third movies? I know the movies will get better and better… πŸ˜€

    Great job!!!

    p.s. I love Josh Hutcherson with blonde hair! <3

  23. Hamilton says:

    @Tabitha, The Hunger Games DVD is listed as coming out Aug. 23 in Germany but no official word from Lionsgate on that or any other countries yet.

    Catching Fire is tentatively scheduled for theatrical release November 22, 2013 but has not yet started filming.

  24. OwlTopaz says:

    I did, but the only disappointment was that Katniss never lost the hearing in her left ear after the explosion, and that the cannons didn’t go off when:
    Rue died
    Marvel died
    Glimmer died
    The boy who was looking after the careers food, and cato snapped his neck

    And that:
    We never saw Katniss and Gale and prim etc. reunited at the end. :/
    Apart from that- everything was awesome!m <33333333

  25. BOBO says:

    Overall, I absolutely loved this movie! It was so amazing!
    Favorites / things I liked:
    – the fighting scene between katniss and clove
    – Foxface. SHE IS AMAZING (foxface and clove are my favorite characters)
    – the game center
    – cato and glimmer
    – how everyone fought over who got to kill Katniss ( it felt like they were actually going to catch her)

    Comments / Changes/ Suggestions:
    – More developed relationships between Katniss and Peeta, Katniss and Rue, Katniss and Gale etc…
    – some of my favorite quotes werent in the movie
    – there was no distraught suffering (thirst, hunger, exhaustion)
    – not enough violence. It seemed like it wasnt as scary as I thought it was going to be.
    -Katniss didn’t yell Peeta’s name when the rules changed

  26. Nicole says:

    I loved the movie but a couple things i wish they would have done is:
    made the cave scene longer (im a total romance freak)
    made the mutts look like the dead tributes
    and i wish they hadnt left out the fight at the end

  27. Andrew says:

    I loved the movie…..I do agree that they should have addeed some of the not so importsnt parts like peetas leg amputation and they should have made the mutts more like how they were described in the book 5 stars for me!!!!!

  28. Andrew says:

    I love Seneca’s beard!!!!!!!!!

  29. @sweetheart says:

    i love the book sooooooooo much and think the film portrayed it in a fabulous way

    was waiting for peeta to be washed in the stream and was dissapointed when it never happened

    loved katniss’s and effie’s outfits and hairdo’s

    seneca cranes control room was a good addition so was the riot in district 11 after rues death

    thought the cave scenes should have been longer and that the mutts could have looked like the dead tributes and katniss’s memory of the first time they met SHOULD have been included and madge should have been in the film

    but all in all this is the best film that i can remember and cant wait for the squels xxxxxx

  30. Softball4ever says:

    Okay, I LOVE PEETA!!!!! and katniss but their were some parts that I hated that weren’t exactly like the book.
    Peeta didn’t lose his leg at the end of the book when he revealed it at the interview.
    The cave scene wasn’t as romantic in the book, and their wan’t a lot of kissing (romantic freak)
    Peeta didn’t have the argument with Katniss, that her love for him was fake.
    Also they really didn’t make the flashback clear of katniss and peeta, when he threw her the bread since she was starving.
    ~team peeta and josh~

  31. KJ says:

    I think one of the things I missed in the movie was the bread from District 11 and her thoughts about how much those folks had to give up for them to send the bread for her. How that had never been done before, a tribute getting a gift from another district, and how THAT help to start the riot. The death of Rue was pivotal as it got Katniss thinking about the injustices of the Capital, yet the whole thing was sort of glossed over in the movie.

    Not understanding why everyone thinks her losing her hearing wasn’t in the movie. After the blast, she was not able to hear, running when she saw Cato take out the tribute from 3 by snapping his neck, stumbling around in the woods, turned her head so she could hear Rue call out.

    While it wasn’t referenced, there wasn’t blood, etc., it could still come up in Catching Fire. We may need a flashback to remind everyone when she lost the hearing in the movie.

    Maybe Peeta’s leg isn’t that big of an issue. It was only the fact that he isn’t quiet when stealth is required.

    • Cammy says:

      In the book, she couldn’t hear anything for hours and it really hindered her. They may have included it in the movie, but if they did they played it WAY down. To the point where most people (even those who were expecting it) did not realize she had lost her hearing.

  32. KJ says:

    I really did NOT like the additions of the control room. How did that help to tell the story? There were several of them and they just cut in at the wrong times. 1) Seneca counting down the start — rather have the time seeing the costumes of the contestants, 2) Seneca prompting President Snow — why? Who cares?, 3) Showing the anthem being placed — again Why — Just show it on sky, 4) blocking Katniss from the left flank of the arena — this one actually fit in the story, 5) ‘Get a tree ready’ — overkill but okay still fits, 6) ‘Get the cannon ready’ when she is in the water and the careers are on top of her, 7) Mutt being built, 8) MUTTS being added. Those are just the ones I remember. I think there were 3 or 4 more. The one where it was control room for the first anthem, then over to Cesar Flickerman for explanation and run through of bloodbath deaths.

    Didn’t like it/them. I thought they took time away from things that were cut that I would have rather seen.

    • Mrs.MellarkHutcherson says:

      All Of The Control Room Scenes Took Away From Peeta And Katniss But I Understand How He Wanted To Show How Cold-Hearted They Are

  33. BlankNameUnavailable says:

    I really liked the scene with the first revs when rue died in District 11. I creates major forshadowing for catching fire.

  34. katniss773 says:

    i have only read the books but after reading all this and watching every hunger games video i can find i bet i know what the movies going to be like.

  35. aly says:

    I agree with people that say there should have been more kissing in the cave scenes and the part at the end when Peeta discovers that Katniss didn’t feel the same way. I also think that there should have been a tiny bit more background on her father’s death and her mother’s absence. However, I don’t really mind that they left out the part where Peeta loses his leg and Katniss her hearing because other than in that first book, it isn’t a big issue. I really don’t mind that the Avox girl wasn’t there because she wasn’t a big part of the book. What I disagree with people’s comments above is that the mutts should have looked more like wolves. I am kind of relieved that they looked a little more like bulldogs because then they would look like the twilight werewolves, and who wants that?

  36. katniss773 says:

    WHAT! the Avox girl wont be in the movie she was such a big part in the books not only did she show us how cruel the capitol is by cutting out criminals tongues then having them a slaves but she also helps us see how much katniss loathes herself.

  37. Mrs.MellarkHutcherson says:

    I Was Mad That They Took Out A Lot Of The Cave Scenes And The Fact That At The End Katniss Starts Crying When She Finds Out About Peetas Leg.. Overall I Think It Was A 7 Out Of 10 It Deleted Alot Of What I Wanted To See. :(

  38. Rachel D says:

    It KILLED me that they didn’t show Cato coming for Clove at the Feast. It showed Cato had humanity and that he did care for someone. I hope that it may be a deleted scene!!

  39. millie says:

    i think the relationship between peeta and katniss wasnt portrayed thAT WELL. i hadnt read the books when i saw the film so i was quite confused as to what the status of there relationship was especially at the end on the train. i hope in catching fire they portray their relationship in more detail like in the book because those were my favourite bits in the book!!!!

    • KJ says:

      If you were confused about their relationship, then you were right where Katniss was until the end of MockingJay.

      The books are about war…and a relationship that survived that kind of trauma.

  40. cloudmane says:

    I really wish that it had been more obvious that Gale liked Katniss, it kind of looked like he was just her brother or something, they only spent like 10 seconds together.

  41. charisma says:

    where the hell was madge ! without her katniss would have never got the pin stupid change in my opinion and now madge isant in it how will katniss see the uppriseing in district 8 because katniss see’s it on tv in the mares house when she is visiting madge.

    allso peets led injurey is a good point from other comments that should have been in there!

  42. Sophie says:

    When I first watched the film I was so disappointed with it! I am a die-hard fan of the books so when I saw they cut parts out I was really annoyed. Reflecting upon it now and watching it for the second time, I realize that it was a very good film all-in-all.
    There was a few things that I liked and disliked about the film:
    Why has Madge been cut out? I wasn’t keen on how Katniss received the pin. The fact that it was Cinna’s and Katniss’ little secret was a bit strange – they could of easily mentioned each tribute was allowed a token from their own district. In Catching Fire, Peeta gives Katniss a locket that he brought as his token… How are they going to do that by taking it out of the first film?
    Secondly, I think the train journey was way too fast. They didn’t really show Katniss’ amazement of the food that was at her disposal.
    I liked how the capital was though. The graphics were amazing and exceeded my expectations.
    I didn’t like how they missed out the whole Avox situation, and then with Peeta covering for her saying she was thinking of Delly. I think if they could’ve shown a flashback of what was going on in Katniss’ head of when she was with Gale and with the hovercraft snatching the Avox away. I think this would’ve shown the audience 2 things: Gale and Katniss’ survival and history of their relationship, and also the evilness of the capital.
    The scoring scene with the apple was very well done and stayed true to the book. (Senecra’s beard looked amazing too!)
    Other things that bugged me were (to some up the rest): we didn’t see the stylists very much; when Katniss shoved Peeta he didn’t cut his hands; they didn’t go into her dehydration at the start of the games; for people who hadn’t read the books prior they may not have seen how close Rue and Katniss were; Katniss didn’t call out Peeta’s name; cave scenes were too short; Peeta’s leg didn’t get bitten by the mutts meaning no fake leg; they didn’t show how frantic Katniss was to see Peeta after they “won”; her hearing wasn’t miracously fixed by the Capitol (may cause some problems in Catching Fire as she won’t be able to pretend to be able to hear the force field); and finally, Peeta hating Katniss for pretending to be in love with him.
    Now I feel better that I have moaned about everything I disliked about the film, I feel I should say how I thought the majority was well done. I hope the next film is longer and they don’t cut out key parts again (hopefully 3 hours long!) I think all the roles were cast perfectly in The Hunger Games and the acting was amazing – particularly by Jennifer! Can’t wait for the next film! :)

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