***Fan Question*** Why do you think that fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss?

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Girl on fire outfit

“You’re not afraid of fire, are you, Katniss?” he sees my expression and grins.  With that said here is your fan question of the week.

“Why do you think that fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss in The Hunger Games Trilogy?”

Post your answers in the comments below! And who knows your answer may end up on our front page!

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  1. Danielle says:

    Like Katniss said in the end of Mockingjay, “I have enough fire myself…”. Fire is strong, spreads, and hard to beat. Through out all three books, Katniss has been strong. She won the Hunger Games, protected Peeta, and defeated the Capitol. In the trilogy her words spread. Whatever she says or does, means something to everyone, such as the berries, her interviews, and through Mockingjay with the TV crew. Fire is the right symbol for Katniss. She is meant to be The Girl Who Was On Fire.


    You can read it in the third book, in the Ending. cause Katniss says she don’t need gales firer, she got enough in herself. that firer is fueled with hate to Capitol. therefore firer is a GOOD symbol to her. “Katniss, the girl on firer!” that’s why Peeta is Perfect for her, cause he is a beautifal flower in spring! End form Amanda 😀

  3. Meera says:

    Fire represents Katniss’s inner fiery spirit. She’s rebellious and fire aptly shows her rage and rebel against the Capitol unlike water which epitomizes calmness.

  4. Sara says:

    “Katniss, the girl on fire”

    In the first book Katniss’ personality trait of not giving up even when her father died and when the games were going on shows the fire that burned inside of her. She had that fire from the start and it began to grow as the story moved forward. She uses the fire to her advantage and takes out the Capitol for what they did to her and everyone in Panem. Fire is the perfect symbol for Katniss!!

  5. Wendy says:

    Besides the obvious fact, that it represesnt Katniss’s strength and determination, it also reflects how she feels about being destructive. Fire is dangerous, and she realizes that her drive leaves a wake of death in her footsteps. Also, it’s unpredictable like her actions at the end of Mockingjay, at the execution (I won’t say more in case someone is reading this that hasn’t finsihed the series). Finally, it’s easy spread. It moves and consumes, like her rebellion against the capitol moved and consumed the citizens of Panem for justice.

    Maybe as a side note, fire is enthralling. Many people like watching fire burn. Peeta often says she doesn’t understand the effect she has on people, and though the reader cannot understand fully because we see everything from her eyes, she obviously has some innate ability to capture and hold someone’s attention in a unique way. Though, maybe I am stretching it with that last point.

    • Lin Min says:

      I absolutely love watching fire burn. I have always been fascinated with fire. It’s ironic, really that, when I was 2,at my grandma’s birthday, my hair caught on fire. But I always have and always will love fire.

  6. ThePaperclipGirl says:

    Ever since the beginning of time, fire has been seen as something ruthless, wild, unpredictable, and powerful. Katniss clearly demonstrates from the beginning that she is powerful, and courages, just like the fire. Fire spreads quickly and powerfully, just as Katniss did in Catching Fire, spreading the flame of rebellion through the districts. However like fire, Katniss needs something to start her flame, and something to keep fuelling it. The Capitol is often seen as the main reason for Katniss’s ignition to the flame, however there are many different things that keep the flame going. Her family, Gale, Peeta, everyone around her. However there will always be a flame in her soul. In Mockingjay, Katniss is quoted saying “I have enough fire myself..” Katniss is strong, and has lit a flame in many readers, and will continue to light flames in the hearts of people across the world.

  7. Alley says:

    I think that fire is a great symbol for Katniss. It catches quickly, Like Katniss’s words when she speaks to the rebels, And when it catches nothing or no one in its way can stop it. Kattniss is the same in some ways like , she wouldn’t give up in the arena and she didn’t give up trying to defeat the capitol. She had a few melt downs, But who wouldn’t in those circumstances!
    Fire also burns when you try to touch it.
    Katniss will burn you if you try and get in her way.
    Katniss is strong like flames. And some times you have no idea what she is thinking or where she is going to go.
    Katniss IS the girl on fire….

  8. Hunger Games Crazy says:

    Katniss has fire in her soul. Her actions spread quickly and rapidly. Fire can Tear down everything in its path. It is strong. Horrible yet beautiful. You can’t control fire. It does what it wants. It burns brightly flaunting its burning rage. If you get to close it will burn you. Fire pushes you back when you get to close. Not wanting anyone or thing to stop it. Luckily, Fire can never die. You can distinguish it, watch it suffer but it will never die. It will only come back stronger and more powerful. Wanting revenge on who took part of its life. And district 12 has fire everywhere. People all have fire in their souls there. It is the source of fire within Panem. Just like if you put enough pressure on coal. It will turn into a pearl. Meaning that even the ugliest things have something beautiful underneath. Fire is just burning around the coal. Protecting its beauty and feelings. Fire is something beautiful. But Katniss needs no one else’s fire. She has enough herself. She doesn’t need her love ones to tend to her flames. Katniss is the Girl on Fire ♥

  9. Lauren Knieriem says:

    Fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss because she represents the “spark” that starts the revolution. From the first chapter, we are introduced to a character that wants to live in a different world. After she steps in to save Prim, Katniss ignites a series of events that ultimately lead to revolution.

    Once Katniss has been named “the girl on fire”, it’s exciting to see how fast rebellion grows in the districts. I love that this fire imagery is continued throughout the series. The story is a great reminder to us all – It only takes one spark to ignite the flame.

  10. Jamie Y. says:

    I believe that fire is an appropriate symbol because it a symbol of bravery and courage. Katniss is sensitive and has feelings. Fire is a perfect example of how Katniss is. Fire spreads, just like Katniss. When Katniss is talking to every district, they all know who she is (the girl on fire). They all listen to her because they know she is different. She is the symbol of rebellion. The fire is what started her courage and her power over the capitol. Now she is very courageous and brave. Cinna, who made her fire costume, knew what Katniss was able to do. He knew she was capable of a lot of things that come here way.So that many things wouldn’t come here way, Cinna made her look fearless. Katniss is fearless on the outside, but very sensitive in the inside. Cinna knows how she feels about The Hunger Games and the Capitol. Katniss and fire are similar. That is why I believe that fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss.

  11. RebeccaB. says:

    “Fire beats roses again.”

    Katniss had fire in her since she was young, first showing when her father died. She took the role of the provider of the family in order to survive. Strong will and determination pulled her through the death. In the series fire becomes another symbol of Katniss, the first being her mockingjay pin then the bird itself.

    She’s a survivor, tough, and manages to stand strong even when it should be her breaking point. Fire spreads, and the more it spreads, the more powerful and large it becomes. Just like Katniss’ actions. The pin was a spark, the berry incident heated an uprising, and during the third Quarter Quell, fire set Panem ablaze. Mockingjay was her shining moment.

    It represents her personality, her will, and everything else.

  12. Katniss says:

    “FIRE IS CATCHING!.IF WE BURN, YOU BURN WITH US!” is the line Katniss delivers when she is in District 8 being filmed by the ‘Bugs’, after the Capitol has made an attack on helpless and injured men, wemen and children Katniss is provoked to send a message to President Snow. This is just one of the many examples that you run into throughout the trilogy.

    Fire is the right thing for this trilogy it relates to Katniss since they both spread,fight and it grows on you, they also both have determination. Katniss makes references throughout the trilogy, its the perfect example. Katniss is on fire!

    Eversince Katniss was young she had fire in her veins, she has resented the Capitol eversince the Hunger Games were created and since her father died in the mine explosion.

    At first i thought they were using references to fire because the Game makers use the fire balls in the Hunger Games but as i read the books over and over agian i found out that it is because Katniss is ALOT like fire, with her attitude, her personality and her need to fight. In the dictonary under the word FIRE it says:To add fuel to (something burning). Which Katniss and Peeta are doing by holding out the berries, and making a fool out of President Snow. Katniss is adding fuel to the rebellion making it go a blaze and out of control causing all of the Districts to fight. Katniss does not know what affect she has on people everyone of her words she speaks to the rebellion spreads and catches.All of the people of Panem cant help but to stop and listen to this wise, strong, angry girl. Katniss has so much power. Fire starts with a simple spark witch Katniss is, if you dont tend to it, it could turn into an INFERNO. Fire is dangerous if you get too close to it or mess with it in any way you may get burnt.

    FIRE is one of the main characters throughout the trilogy. Without it i believe the story wouldnt be interesting. Katniss is meant to be THE GIRL ON FIRE!…..KATNISS IS FIRE!

  13. (Shh! It's a secret!) says:

    I like to believe this: Katniss is not the fire, the fire is Katniss.

    I know. Talk about contradictory. But I like to think of it this way, it represents all she is, and doesn’t want to be. Katniss Everdeen started out normal, well, as normal as you can get in The Hunger Games, but when her father died, she changed, became harder, colder, more prone to grudges, though she was still herself, and that’s what set the stage for the spark.

    The spark itself was when the Avox girl and her companion were taken away. It’s a very understated theme in the book, though I believe it to be true.

    However, the spark began to spread years later. When Prim was reaped? A little piece caught on fire. As they trained? It began to catch, albeit very, very slowly.

    Then the Games began, Katniss witnessed murder, death, she lost Rue, and the flames began to warm.

    By the end of the Quarter Quell and the beginning of the rebellion, the fire had caught completely, and suddenly, from the outside, she was no longer known as Katniss Everdeen, the people she loved could not tell the difference between her and the act she put on for the audience. To them, she was no longer the Girl From The Seam. She was the Girl On Fire, the Mockingjay, the leader of a rebellion.

    Inside, however, she is still herself. For a while. Then as they begin to win, the fire, which burned like an inferno outside, began to move inwards, and by the time the rebellion was done and over with, even she could not remember who Katniss Everdeen was, could not remember a time when she was not a murderer, the figurehead of District Thirteen.

    She had been consumed.

    Katniss is not, in any way, fire. She is the wood, the kindle, the stage, the figurehead, whatever you wish to call her, and it was chance, or destiny, depending, that caused the spark.

    The fire is the all-consuming beast, threatening to destroy some, and save others. Unpredictable. Untrustable. Like the Games. Like Katniss Everdeen.

  14. Sydney Lyman says:

    I think fire is appropiate for Katniss because she starts the big rebellion and is the FIRE of it they say. Also fire comes up a lot in her life and she literely turns to fire herself.

    So my respons would be because she’s the FIRE of the rebelion and leads it. Slso everyone looks up to the girl on fire to lead them.

  15. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    Well the reason that I think that fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss would be that fire fits her personality and the person that she is. Fire can be a symbol of rage, which we all know she holds against the Capitol and certain people in the books. Fire can also be uncontrallable, that when it wants to cause damage,it will cause as much damage as it can. Katniss’s “inner fire”, led her to lead the rebellion and destroy the Capitol. As said in Mockingjay, the reason she chooses Peeta is because she realized that she needs the daisy out in the prairie, not more fire, which is what Gale would’ve offered. She needed Peeta to somewhat keep her “fire” under control, much like fire needs water to keep it under control. Fire can be unexpected and extremely dangerous, which I know for sure that we all know that Katniss can be the girl you do not want to mess with. Katniss wasn’t given the name, “The Girl On Fire”, for no reason, Suzanne knew Katniss’s attributes, could be, either for the better or the worse, just like a fire. Katniss is fire and fire is Katniss.

  16. Dejay says:

    As fire is used to test gold, so that only the true pureness of gold is revealed, so is fire with Katniss. She withstands everything the Capitol has ever thrown at her, and she always perseveres and endures, coming out even more strengthened and powerful.

  17. THG says:

    They most likely did that because she has a fiery,brave,unpredictable,and sometimes even hostile personality.Like in Mockingjay,she says as a warning to the capitol “Fire is catching and if we burn down you burn down with us.” Thats when she is just realizing she is the Mockinjay and shes is the face of the rebellion.Fire can usually withhlod anything and she does.The capitol tortured Peeta,killed her sister,and did anything they thought would kill her inside,but she still stood strong.

  18. District12IsMyFrickinLife says:

    cause katniss (lik fire) can spread n stuff and she means sumthin to people. she is the simble of the rebelian and what can kill the capitol even though in the end she doesnt exactly kill the presidint but she kills who she thinks deserves to be killed. so thats the real reason why kaniss is lik fire and coal. she lights up and can touch people!

  19. McKenna says:

    I think that fire is a good symbol for Katniss because she can spread, and is very hard to stop. Once a forest fire is started it will take alot to stop it and as hard as President Smow tried to keep her contained and eventually to destroy her, he couldnt and a war broke out. And fire represents her bravory, strength, and also beauty (dont many people have TVs in their houses with a video of fire burning just because of its beauty and how it lightens a room). She is fire and she is strong and brave and compassionate. 8^)

  20. Pitta Mellerk says:

    Cause shes lik fire . she can spread and stuff and cant be captured in a bottle . no she has to be left to spread . katnisd can do anything and nothin can stop her or come close kinda lik fire, thats why i think that fire would make a cool simbol for her and all. she could kill the capitol even though she didnt technically kill p. snow cause she killed who she thinks deserves to be killed which was coin. so thats what i think.

  21. Lesa says:

    the reason the symbol is fire is beacues in the book her district was 12 coal minning and fire burns coal and cinna made her outfits that way to make her remembered by everyone if she didnt make it in the hunger games.

  22. Andrea says:

    Fire is a perfect symbol for Katniss because, like fire, Katniss is very strong. She has to take care of her family after her father passes. Secondly, Katniss shows us in all the books she can be very suprising. Showing off her archery skills in front of Haymitch on the train in the first book, and how well she can take care of Peeta later on. Fire is definatly bright. That could definatly translate into how smart Katniss is. In the later books she does lose her head at some points, which could translate into a fire burning out, but with a little air, it starts right up again. Just like Katniss.

  23. thg lover says:

    i thinks its a great symbol be cause katniss brings the fire she starts the rebellion. she made the rebels belive they can be free from the capitol. fire made katniss belive she could make it out another games in catching fire.cinna made katniss the girl on fire. katnis was never the girl on fire. katniss was born with fire.

  24. Starrynights says:

    Katniss is fierce and dangerous like fire but she is also kind and lights the way like fire.I could go on and on but these I can explain the best.

  25. Starrynights says:

    I just realized something! Catching fire is a good name for the the second book because the flames of rebellion start to blaze! And the last book’s title Mockingjay is good because Katniss finally becomes the symbol that everyone knew her to be!

  26. Sarah says:

    There are so many reasons why I believe Katniss Everdeen embodies fire perfectly. Here are a four.
    1) Fire is what warms you from the cold. You see this type of fire in Katniss when she cares for her sister Prim, her brief friendship with Rue, and with Peeta when he needs it in the arena. She protects those she loves from the harsh cold circumstances around them with her warmth.
    2) If you mess with fire, you get burned. Katniss is a strong young woman who is prepared to do what it takes to survive and protect the ones she loves. Not to mention a woman with mad archery skills. Just ask the tribute who takes the life of Rue. You don’t want to mess with Katniss. Because like fire, you will get burned.
    3) Fire is mesmerizing. Katniss is the tribute that gets everyone’s attention, and it’s not just fiery clothes that Cinna designs. It is her beauty, skill, and fiery determination that mesmerizes the districts.
    4) Last but not least, Fire spreads and consumes. Katniss is the spark that spreads the fire of revolt throughout the districts. Her fire continues and intensifies as the Mokingjay until the capitol is consumed. Ultimately, Katniss represents the fire of Change for Panem. And after the fire comes the rain. The rain of hope that only Katniss’ fire could bring.

  27. Kelci Brook says:

    To see a fire in a dream, suggests that it is time to express yourself more freely and let go of the old outdated ways of thinking. Katniss goes all out with her thinking. To see something burning in your dream, indicates that you are experiencing some intense emotions. Her father died in a mine accedent, she got put in The Hunger Games, and again in the Quarter Quell…she has a lot of intense emotions. There is some situation or issue that you can no longer avoid and ignore. She can not ignore the things the capitol does, if it was not obvious. Therefore, fire best fits Katniss’ symbol. Fire could haunt people in there dreams, and so could she.

    Fire symbolizes rage. She has rage for the capitol and shows it. I couldn’t say she isn’t afraid to show her rage for the capitol, because, well, she is. She is just afraid of what they would do to her family. If there ever was a dichotomous element it would be Fire. Fire, the bringer of destruction, the symbolism of chaos and war. Fire burns everything, bringing nothing but ruin. Fire banishes the darkness. Fire cleanses and purifies. And sometimes, Love is spoken of as an eternal flame.

    All of these show how fire is most appropiate for Katniss’ symbol. All of these, show how she would keep fighting for everyone. She isn’t affraid to back down. Just like how she would always come back up and attack again…just like fire. “Katniss, the girl who was on fire!”

  28. Sarah says:

    As has been said, I think, at first the fire can be seen as simply metaphorical for her determination and strength, as well as a mere symbol of her district; but as the books evolve so does Katniss. As apart of her character this sense of her ability to mesmerise others, also evolves; “She has no idea of the effect she can have,” and she doesn’t. Neither do we, the reader, as has been previously said, we have never been exposed to this first hand, we can merely watch as her ‘fire’ spreads. Watch as she captures the hearts of Panem, the heart of Peeta.
    Eventually Katniss becomes almost like a forest fire, she spreads from tree to tree, she leaves an imprint on each person she comes in contact with.
    This was evident from the very beginning, and remains an underlying theme throughout all of the books, in the form of Peeta.

    Katniss left a permanent imprint on Peeta, the boy with the bread, he was mesmerised by her fire before, even she, knew of it’s existence. This draw, this connection, he had caused him to burn the bread, to take a beating, and in turn, save her life.

    Katniss, just as fire, is uncontrollable, unpredictable. No matter who tries to control her. including the capitol, nearly all fail.

    However, as a living, back in district 12, Peeta used fire, he crafted it, controlled it, in-order to create his bread. Unlike Katniss, Peeta could never fully yield fire, he could never cause destruction or leave a blazing trail of chaos behind him. (Shown when he went into the hunger games, not to kill, but to prove the Capitol do not own him.) Peeta respects fire, it’s potential and, even though she constantly tries to deny it, he is the only person who could come close to ‘contolling’ or ‘influencing’ Katniss’ emotions. Peeta was her anchor throughout ‘Catching Fire’ and he was her focus during ‘Mockingjay’. Peeta was a constant reminder of the beauty of fire, not only the destruction which the capitol seemed to see. Because from fire beauty and life can be created.
    This is why I think that fire is the perfect symbol for Katniss.

  29. Sarah says:

    Adding to my last comment, I just found this.
    “What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.”
    It just fits really well.

  30. Team Katniss says:

    Well I think Fire is the PERFECT Symbol for Katniss because Fire is Hot, Strong, Destructive. Just like her anger on the Capitol.
    Fire is also HOT. Which is like her face.

    Side Note:
    I Think the perfect symbol for Prim is Water, Which is Calm and Gentle. She is Katniss’ Weakness. Remember when it all Started? When Katniss Volunteered to be a Tribute? She Volunteered to take Prim’s place because Katniss loves Prim, She is her only weakness…

  31. Rue says:

    Katniss The Girl on Fire…

    I think that fire is a perfect symbol for Katniss because fire can be essential for survival, but at the same time is destructive and can burn you.

    Katniss can be destructive but tries to hide her emotions from almost everyone because it makes her feel vulnerable… she only opens herself up to people she trusts.
    She is the face of the rebellion because of her fire-like attribute.

  32. Hayleey says:

    Because she has the fire inside of her, of her own, as she says at the end of the book, “I have plenty of fire myself.” Also, the Mockingjay brooch she wears over her heart has a fire surrounding the bird.

  33. Sage says:

    Fire is strong,raging and does not go down without a fight, but fire has a soft side;when its low to the earth and crackling just about ready to give out….then somehow it springs back up and rages once again…..fire is Katniss Everdeen.

  34. White Rose says:

    I think it is very suitible for Katniss Everdeen because how many people have you seen control fire? You have to have something special about you to be able to control Katniss Everdeen. @-}—

  35. jack says:

    i think you are all wrong.

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