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While Finnick Odair is not likely to feature in the Hunger Games movie (we only meet him in Catching Fire) if all three books are adapted for film, then someone will have to play him.  I was wondering who you think that should be? There’s been a couple of suggestions on our forum, but I’d love to know what you think.

Here’s what we know about Finnick:

Finnick Odair is the male tribute from District 4 who won the 65th Hunger Games at the age of 14. During those Games he was sent a trident, which might have been one of the most expensive gifts ever given in the Games. He excelled at using the trident as a weapon and with his skill for making nets, he would trap his opponents and then kill them.

He was also a mentor for the District 4 tributes during the 74th Hunger Games and took part in the 3rd Quarter Quell during which he was part of an alliance with Peeta, Katniss, Wiress, Beetee, Johanna Mason and his previous mentor, Mags.

He’s described as being tall, muscular and athletic, with golden skin, bronze-colored hair, and seafoam green eyes. Katniss puts his success down to a combination of his physical skill and unprecedented popularity among the Capitol.

His one and only true love is Annie Cresta, the 70th Hunger Games victor who went insane when her partner tribute got beheaded in the Games.

Hayden Christensen

My Hunger Games - Chris Pine

Chris Pine

My Hunger Games - Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch


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  1. Cindy says:

    Ian Somerhalder or Tom Welling are the only men pretty enough to play Finnick. I love Taylor Kitsch, but he just doesn’t fit the vibe of Finnick.

    • SamSam says:

      yeah they both would be okay but i think Grant Gustin would be good to play Finnick

    • Taylor says:

      You do realize Finnich is a tall muscular mid-twenties guy with sandy blonde hair and sea green eyes, right?

      • Paige says:

        ALEX PETTYFAR!!! <333 HOTT 😉

      • MD says:

        But it’s a movie so they could cast whoever they want then get that person to look like Finnick. Whoever they cast doesn’t have to be blonde, have green eyes or be tall. They can make him look tall using camera tricks, they can make his eyes green using contacts and they can die the guys hair blonde. Also if he’s not muscular they can get him a dietician, chef and personal trainer. Hope that answers your sarcastic question. lol

      • Jenna says:

        SANDY BLOND HAIR?! Sorry, It’s BRONZE.

  2. Mimi says:

    Okay don’t call me a twilight freak because in fact I hate it, but I think that Rob Pattinson would be perfect for Finnick…. he fits that description down to a T, and just because he plays a sparkly idiotic vampire doesn’t mean he’s a bad actor. He wasn’t bad in Harry Potter. I just prefer to ignore the fact that he plays Edward. In spite of all that twilight crap he’d be able to play a cocky egotistical guy in the second one, but a genuinely good guy in Mockingjay. Ignore twilight, pretend it doesn’t exist, and go watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

    • ana says:

      i watched a little bit of twilight once and i totally failed. i was like, “CEDERIC DIGGORY LIVES?!?!?!?” but in a way, i agree he could be good but at the same time…..

    • rachael says:

      no. robert pattinson is a scrawny gay guy with special needs. he always looks adjitated like he is constipated. he is the oposite of finnick.

    • Bea says:

      No. Just no.

    • Bianca says:

      Rob is too white! Finnick is a tan, beach dwelling god; that being said, I think Channing Tatum could be good or Chris Pine!

    • MiC says:

      OH GOD NO!!! He sucks. Thinking about it. He was average – below average in HP as well. He used to be good looking, but since he doesn’t take care of himself good, he just looks like.. ugh. I don’t even know how to describe it.

  3. Emma says:

    Two words: Matthew Goode

  4. Amber says:

    I could picture Orlando Bloom, cleanshaven, with blond hair as Finnick, because he’s handsome and looks good blond (We all know him from Lord of the Rings). Along with Ian and maybe Tom, Cindy.
    The others aren’t pretty enough :'(
    If any one suggests Justin Beiber I am going to scream angrily.

  5. Shannon says:

    Hayden is perfect

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’m not really sure. I still think the movie will be better if almost every character is an unknown actor, so people will focus more on the storyline rather than who plays who.

    • Abbey says:

      I agree. I think that would be better, or an actor that’s in a few things, but not superrr famous

      • Bri says:

        MAX THIERIOT!!!!!!!!!
        He’s only in a couple movies, extremely attractive, I know a to of people who want him to play the part(including him), he’s proven that he’s capable of playing really complex characters, and I’m honestly surprised he’s not hugely famous.

  7. Ruth says:

    I would prefer most of the main cast in the movie people we’ve never heard of before, and some of the side characters like Haymitch and Effie to be big hollywood stars. Then, if the movie turns out to be a big floop, it won’t damage anyone’s career.

  8. Em says:

    Um hello, James Franco?!

    • MD says:

      James Franco may be too old now. What about upcoming indie film award-winning actor Jonathan Pal? He kind of looks like Franco and has James Dean acting chops.

  9. Cassandra says:

    I kinda like Jared Padalecki he might be a little to tan for the part though then second choice would be Jensen Ackles maybe?

  10. Tenara says:

    Hayden ! Only Hayden!

    • Jasmine says:

      if i saw him playing finnick….i would think of star wars and jumper…….too known…it would ruin it….i like him though…..great actor just not for this part

  11. Melissa says:

    Until I saw the post above suggesting James Franco, I was set on Hayden. But now I am totally down with James Franco! He is definitely stunning and charming enough. Not sure how tall he is, but I am sold.

    I’m a big fan of both both Matthew Goode and Robert Pattinson but I personally don’t think either are right for Finnick.

  12. R. says:

    Umm isn’t it obvious Milo Ventimiglia, Ian Somerhalder and Logan Lerman (Can’t choose).But Chris Pine could do.

  13. jen7waters says:

    Jackson Rathbone 😉

  14. Natahsa says:

    CHRIS PINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was AMAZAING in Star Trek!

  15. Allen says:

    I just posted this on the movie update, but I noticed this story talks about the actor and there is a mention of that in this story. I like all those people but I think they are all too old.

  16. Julia Ordaz says:

    I think Hayden Christensen would be a great Peeta, and Chris Pine
    would be a good Finnick.

  17. Jelsay says:

    y’all need to think about kellan lutz

  18. Geneva says:

    If i’ve heard of him, he’s too known. Sure, that picture of hayden just happens to be a good one, (really good) but after watching Jumper…..that’s just not Finnick okay? As my new favorite character of ALL time his actor must be new, hot, and talented and most of these posts dont fit the new and especially not the “hot” criteria of this. sorry.

  19. Chelsea says:

    I think that Jensen Ackles would be great!. hes a bit short but i think it would be a good pick. Or chirs pine (:
    they would both be so good.

  20. Lea says:

    Bradley Cooper.

  21. Unit7 says:

    Trevor Donovan is so Finnick Odair

  22. hertwstdupfrown says:

    wow i vote for DEVON GRAYE

  23. cinnalvr2112 says:

    ummmm adrien grenier??? 😀 ian somerhalder would be peeeeeeerfect though – as long as he wouldn’t bring too much damon into it.

  24. Amrit says:

    i totally agree that Ian Somerhalder is DEFINITELY pretty enough… and please ignore twilight and just watch GoF. Ian Somerhalder could definitelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do it though… HAAWWWT. :) Damn.. if Ian’s Finnick… do I wanna be Annie!~!

  25. Laurel says:

    Ian Somerhalder. He already knows how to play an egotistal male. Look at Damon! <3

  26. Amrit says:

    one name people. IAN SOMERHALDER. :) <3 (L)

    • Inky says:



  27. somer says:

    I think James Maslow (from BTR) should play finnick becuse he seems 2 fit the decription of how finnick looks.

    • Ria says:

      Oh god why. I’ve lost all faith in humanity now. DOES JAMES MASLOW HAVE SANDY BLOND HAIR? NO. DOES HE HAVE SEA GREEN EYES? NO. SO WHY DO YOU SAY THAT? Because you a Rusher and your idol is perfect for ANY role *rolls eyes*.

  28. Tia says:

    LANDON LIBOIRON! hands down! i know hes not on the list, but none of the guys on the list are attractive….

  29. rev02a says:

    As I was reading, I imagined James Marsters as Finnick– only he’s too old. :(

  30. Finnickod4 says:

    Trevor Donovan is Finnick Odair

  31. Kay says:

    Alex Pettyfer is too old-looking to play Peeta, but maybe he’d make a good Finnick or Cato or maybe even Gale if he had black hair.

  32. Anastasia says:

    Ian Somerhalder=YUM
    and he’s definitely pretty enough. :]

  33. Emmad says:

    I can definitely see Ian Somerhalder, but my dream Finnick is Paul Walker

  34. Jen says:

    I like Philip Ettinger as Finnick. Not very well known (he is in the movie Twelve) so he would be a fresh face.,0,214,314_.jpg

  35. jerby says:

    Alex pettyfer would be a better finnick then peeta.

  36. Deliantha says:

    i think the same as cindy the first reply on this site Ian sommerholder or Tom Welling would fite perfect for finnick hope the first movie is so good that the other two books will be a movie too.

  37. Annie says:

    Google David Gandy. What a man.

  38. Annie B says:

    the person i feel fit’s finnick in personality and looks is Trevor Donovan

  39. briar says:


  40. Emma says:

    Hailee Stienfeld = Katniss
    Taylor Kitsch = Finnick <3
    Kenton Duty = Peeta
    Drew Roy = Gale
    Viggo Morenson (they would need to do make up and stuff) or Robert Downey Jr. = Haymitch

  41. Rhonda says:

    No Finick should be Chillian Murphy. It would be too good. He has the feminine qualities to make him a pretty boy but you still see his all man!!!

  42. Heather says:

    Justin Hartley.
    I think is perfect. If you saw him in the Aquaman episode that was supposed to be a spin-off of Smallville (in which he plays the Green Arrow) you’d see how fluid he looks in the water, it’s perfect. Here’s a pic:

  43. Lucia says:

    FInnick needs to be played by Chord Overstreet!

  44. meghan says:

    Zac Efron all the way. Tan, pretty, blue eyes. And he’s ripped enough to be Finnick. He’s also the right age — mid twenties. A lot of people being mentioned are way off as far as age.

  45. Jaden says:

    I think Robert Pattinson would be perfect for this role, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Twilight fan.
    If you really think about it he fits perfectly, the hair, the body, the age, the eyes, they all fit.

  46. Gwen says:

    I think Freddie Stroma would be PERFECT as Finnick!

  47. Heaven says:

    OMG . No way that zac efron plays finnick. everyone would only think of high school musical and then there are all those kiddies in the film .
    I think a very good suggest was from Lucia. I like chord overstreet

  48. Nat says:

    I think Garrett Hedlund would make an awesome Finnick.

  49. jessica says:

    Ever since I read the book I pictured Justin Hartley to play finnick hands down best pick for that character!!!!

  50. Lindsay says:

    Out of this list, definitely Chris Pine. But Arnie Hammer (from The Social Network and the new superhero movie) could work. But Chris Pine does the cocky but damaged thing so well. And is so, so attractive.

  51. HungerGames 101 says:

    OK well i think that it is obvious that bradley cooper should be the one that plays Finnick he is the best or the part. Finnick is hot and so it he….

  52. Mequin says:

    Okay, I could totaly see Jams Franco as Finnick, Jared Padalecki could probably pull off an awesome Peeta, but I do think that unknown actors would be better for most of the characters. Especialy the main characters and the younger characters. Look at Harry Potter. Main rolls as unknows (well, obviously not anymore, but you know what I mean. lol) and the older, side characters were more known.

  53. Vanessa says:

    SEAN FARIS…i dare you to say he’s not finnick 😉

  54. sabrina says:

    ohhhhhhhhh yes sean faris would be perfect there’s no doubt!

  55. Maya says:

    What about robert pattinson? With contacts, a tan and a serious workout???

  56. Emily says:

    Okay, I’m sorry. But Robert Pattinson is HORRIBLE for the role. I think Ian Somerhalder would be great, even though his eyes aren’t that GORGEOUS sea green that Finnick’s are supposed to be. But the others aren’t cocky and pretty or anything like Finnick is supposed to be.

  57. Bianca says:

    OMG! I think Ian Somerhalder should play Finnick he woukd be PERFECT. I totally agree with Emily. =)

  58. Kristen says:

    I think that Garrett Hedlund should be Finnick. He reminds me so much of him. And he looks just how I pictured Finnick to look. Finnick is my favorite character and I want him to be casted right.

  59. RamonaFlowers says:

    Jared Padalecki would be perfect!!! The guy is about 6’5″, super good looking, charming, great build and a really sexy voice.

  60. Behnice says:

    I would say Liam Court or Ian Somerhalder. :3 they’re both hot.

  61. Behnice says:

    I would say Matt Lanter, the guy who played Liam Court in 90210 or Ian Somerhalder. :3 they’re both hot.

  62. Molly says:

    Robert Pattinson all the way!!!!! When I was reading the books I pictured him the way through them. He looks exactly like Finnick is described in the books… bronze hair… green eyes… and he is definatly hot enough. Rob would be the perfect Finnick

  63. Lola says:

    Paul Walker

  64. sabrina says:

    Sean Faris, Garrett Hedlund OR Henry Cavill…all gold :)

  65. sam says:

    channing tatum 😀 that’s all i’m saying.

  66. Pauile says:

    definitly not robert pattinson or freakn justib bieber ?
    make finnick someone unknown of maybe?
    finnick is my favourite character and i want him to be good .

  67. Ginni says:

    Cam Gigandet!!!!

  68. grace says:

    and he can play a cocky guy, he was mclaggen in harry potter but in real life he’s like 23 or 24

  69. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    ummmmmmmmmmm i not really sure but i could see chris pine but i really dont kno i should look up actors.

  70. Raider3 says:

    Cam Gigandet would be a perfect Finnick. He is for sure hot enough, has the right color eyes, rocking body and could pull off the Finnick’s edge.

  71. Zoll says:

    Zac Efron

  72. ash says:

    The Rock or Chris

  73. Paulie says:

    out of those three i choose the hayden guy ! the other two are :/ for finnick . the hayden guy for sure

  74. Lori says:

    Tom Welling. The most gorgeous man.
    Natural Green Eyes.
    He is Finnick. He has the charisma to show why he was so popular and beloved. And he has the athleticism to show how he won the Games.

  75. Lori says:

    Tom Welling. The most gorgeous man.
    Natural Green Eyes.

    He is Finnick. He has the charisma to show why he was so popular and beloved. And he has the athleticism to show how he won the Games.

  76. Lori says:

    Tom Welling. The most gorgeous man.
    Natural Green Eyes.

    He is Finnick. He has the charisma to show why he was so popular and beloved. And, he has the athleticism to show how he won the Games.

  77. Diane says:

    I think that Robert Pattinson would be perfect in the part. I agree with what someone else said about his needing to work out but he actually does have greenish/blue eyes so it’s not a real stretch. He’s got the looks and hair color.

  78. mmss says:

    hayden christensen!

  79. Paulie says:

    nooo robert pattinson is too famous xD , people will just see him as a vampire in the movie especially since twilight saga & hunger games are both dark movies/books .
    so far hayden christensen is the best , tho i reaaaaaaaaaally want to see some alex pettyfer in this movie 😀

  80. Emily says:

    i say zac efron. forget the haters, he’s perfect!

  81. Emily says:

    zac efron is the first person i think of for finnick. he’s also great at acting cocky. he’s tan, he has the right hair color, he could wear colored contacts for finnick’s sea green eyes, he’s ripped, he’s dreamy, and who wouldnt want to see him in his fishing net costume?

  82. Hunger games fan maddie says:

    Ian somerhalder hands down.

  83. Lily says:

    I think that the model, Dylan Koroll, looks exactly how I expected Finnick to look like. Just add some seagreen eyes. :)

  84. Noxidih says:

    Jensen Ackles all the way if he had green eyes he’d be perfect

  85. Hannah says:

    Definately Haden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finnick is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Vivi says:

    I absolutely adore Finnick! He’s my favorite character! For some reason, I can see Kellan Lutz taking on the role… :]

  87. Paulie says:

    i know right vivi , finnick is just like :O :O i love him !

  88. Megan says:

    Efron is too short. I want Tom Welling.

  89. Tyler Apple says:

    Finnick is also my favorite character, and I think Garrett Hedlund should play him. He has the perfect features for Finnick, all he needs is the sea-foam green eyes.

  90. Annabella says:

    Finnick is my favorite character, so I don’t want to be dissapointed.Ok, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ian as Finnick, but I personally think if you put a brunette wig on Alex Pettyfer, you would have a beautiful Finnick.

  91. Vivi says:

    I agree that Finnick needs to be absolutely beautiful in Catching Fire! That’s the way he is in the book! I agree with a lot of the suggestions. Especially Tom Welling, Freddie Stroma, or Dylan Koroll! As soon as Finnick was introduced, I fell in love with him! After I finished the series, I found myself going back and re-reading all of the hilarious things he says and does! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE FINNICK!
    *Seductively* “… Want a sugar cube?” :D!!

  92. Sarah says:

    It is really too bad he is too old for it, but I was picturing Ryan Reynolds when I thought of Finnick. But Ryan is 35 and Finnick is only 24…then Annie his wife would only be 20! This is very sad to think about really…

  93. Nichole says:

    My vote: RYAN REYNOLDS!!!

  94. Nichole says:

    Umm, hello?!? Ryan Reynolds!!!!

  95. Lucy says:

    all these people have this rough look about them…. we need somebody incredibly hot,but in a beautiful way, you know? Angelic, polished look about them too, great smile, eyes that make you melt… thats my type of Finnick! Dunno If anybody on earth really is good enough, but you never know! Also, its not only looks: finnick in the books has this beautiful charisma too, which is part of what makes him so seductive :) R.I.P, Finnick.

  96. Jessica says:

    Yes Vivi! Finnick is beautiful. People keep mentioning “so and so .. if we just change his hair color, or eyes, or ignore his height, or get him into shape”!

    Tom Welling is already there. No need to change anything! He already has the green eyes, the dark hair, the athletic body! He is gorgeous and fits Finnick perfectly.

  97. Kelleigh says:

    deffinitely taylor kitsch!! he is so finnick! i think he would play the part so well! ian somerhalder is not big enough to be finnich. i could maybe see tom welling but idk i think as it goes by looks and personality taylor kitsch would be perfect

  98. widad says:

    I reckon hayden.

  99. Amy says:

    taylor kitsch. i pictured him from the start.

  100. george says:


  101. ok I will say this even though finnick is my fave and he dies I would totally and only for humor cut off katy perrys hair and dye it blond. But to be serious I would cast the gut who played sarahs boyfriend in Roomate

  102. HGLoverSweden says:

    Is it it just me, or would Alex Pettyfer make a great Finnick? At least He’s got the looks and the acting skills. I want to see him playing Finnick, for sure.

  103. mıstıque says:

    I thınk lucas till from X-men first class should play finnick because he has the smile that is like finnick and he’s super hot!!

  104. will says:

    its gotta be a big dude like kellan lutz. does anyone think ian somerhalder can carry josh hutcherson’s (peeta) character running up hill for like 15 minutes in the movie. no way. gotta be like 6 foot plus. ian is only like 5 foot 9

  105. Stacy says:

    I will kill myself if rob pats gets anywhere near hunger games!!!! I think finnick should be played by hunter parish, Robert hoffman, jack Abel, Freddie stroma, or maybe zac effron. I picture him to have lighter hair and thin muscular build with a young (timeless) face. Charming male prostitute like.

  106. Stacy says:

    I like the suggestion for Hayden, he’s very nice to look at :) I also have some ideas’s no one has mentioned before (I don’t think). Freddie Stroma is good looking and almost completely unknown in the US. I also like the idea of Hunter Parrish, Zac Effron, and Jake Abel. I always pictured a little more attractive Jake Abel as Finnick but he come’s closest to the image in my mind.

    So my favorites are: Freddie Stroma, Jake Abel, and Hayden Christian.

  107. Kate says:

    you all do realize that Finnick is supposed to have BRONZE hair correct? This would make his hair a reddish blonde definatley NOT dark like, oh say, Tom Welling. Personally, I can see William Moseley (with the shorter tousled hair, and of course, he would have to lose the accent.)

  108. shelby says:

    During catching fire and Mocking Jay I always pictured Finnick Odair as Cameron Mitchell. He is gorgeous and fits the description perfectly, all he would need to do is gain some muscle mass

  109. Marianna says:

    Alex Pettyfer. He’s only a little younger than the character, but he’s exactly who I imagined while I was reading the books.

  110. Jessica says:

    After reading through everyone’s posts on here, I have to say that an unknown actor would be the best. I try picturing all the suggestions for Finnick but something just doesn’t do it for me. Like when I think about the scene where FInnick is telling his story of what Snow made him do to the camera in the destruction of District 12, no one fits the bill. And while I admit I love Robert Pattinson, having someone famous would just give people the excuse to say it will be bad like Twilight. I say unknown is better! I’m so hoping for all three books to be made into movies (already so excited for The Hunger Games in March!!!) and I wouldn’t want peoples feelings they have about one actor to make them not want to see it. I am pleased with the cast for the movie and think Jennifer Lawrence will be amazing as Katniss :)

  111. Paulie says:

    why the heck did people even bring up robert pattinson

  112. shelby says:

    cameron mitchell! :) he’s unknown, all he’s even been in is the glee project, and he might be on glee soon, if he just gained some muscle he’d be the PERFECT Finnick Odair. heres a link!
    (the one on the left)
    (the one on the bottom)

    he would make a great finnick!

  113. Erin says:

    Chad Michael Murray!

  114. Beck says:

    I think Hayden Christensen would be good, also wouldn’t mind seeing Alex Pettyfer.
    Sorry, but I think Ian Somerhalder would be a terrible choice for the role, he’s a good actor but he’s not what I imagined Finnick to be. Also, they’ve got to be a lot taller than Josh Hutcherson, who is 5′ 7″, Ian Somerhalder is 5′ 9″.
    Either of the Supernatural boys could pull it off.
    There’s no way I want ANYONE from Glee, not enough acting talent!
    So I’m concluding that my first choices would be Alex Pettyfer or Hayden Christensen.

  115. Amanda says:

    I vote Alex pettyfer for Finnick.I see him as Finnick since he’s good at playing guys who are ”full of themselves”, yet very intellegent. Also, he’s got the looks, wich is perfect. Since Alex pettyfer is hot as hell, and Finnick is also supposed to be really hot. Other than Alex, I could see Chris pine, but he’d be my last choice-ish. Ian Somerhalder (if thats how you spell his name) – He’s alright, he would definitely have the looks and charisma, and the charms ofcourse. But being Beautiful and intellegent at the same time? Hmmm, I don’t know. Let’s just say I think Alex would be better for that.

  116. Mitali says:

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!

  117. franky says:

    i’m torn between justin hartley (green arrow/oliver queen in smallville) or aidan turner (though that would make him irish) aidan turner plays mitchell in the british version of being human.

  118. Paige says:

    Alex Pettyfer

  119. Diana says:

    i think that ben stone should play him! he would be amazing at it!

  120. Zoeann says:

    Alex Pettyfer! He would be THE best choice.

  121. Craig says:

    I think that Max Adler would be perfect as Finnick! The guy is big and an amazing actor!

  122. kristy says:

    Benjamin Stone. He plays an emotionally layered cocky guy on the Nine Lives of Chloe King (ABC Family on Tuesday at 9pm) and he rocks that role.

  123. Amanda says:

    I’m not really into any of the actors people suggested.
    He’s tan, bronze hair, and I picture him toned and strong. and every actor suggested, though goodlooking, is just too pale and skinny to be him.

    I can’t name anyone I’d recommend though.

  124. Amanda says:

    I guess the closest looks I can compare to my idea of Finnick is like… Robbie Ornellish, except tanner.

  125. Beck says:

    Max Adler does not fit the description of Finnick, I don’t think. Finnick’s supposed to be a ‘tall, pretty boy.’ Max Adler is a bit too big.
    Justin Hartley’s a great suggestion! I could definitely imagine him.

  126. lily says:

    only hayden. only hayden.

  127. KJM says:

    When i was thinking of who could play Finnick, first thought was Ethan Peck. Gorgeous. Seductive. Hypnotizing eyes (have to have green contacts, of course). Sexy voice. Yet sincere. Just what i would like to see in the theater. But who knows, there could be some unknown guy out there who will blow all of our suggestions out of the water. We can only hope.

  128. KJM says:

    Forgot to mention tall.

  129. Katy Miller says:

    I think Benjamin Stone would make an awesome Finnick! He has blue eyes blond hair and is an amazing actor.

  130. Miriam Janssen says:

    Benjamin Stone!!!!!!! lolerz

  131. Miriam Janssen says:

    I love Finnick Odair and I think Benjamin Stone would be perfect! He’s an incredible actor!

  132. Nic says:

    These guys are all too little. Finnick is beautiful, but he is alos massive. Remeber, he has to be big and strong enough to throw Peeta over his shoulder and run for miles with him…. I’m thinking we need to enter Greek god territory – Poseidon.

  133. Nic says:

    He’s also older than the others as he was a victor from ten years earlier…

  134. Kate says:

    Zac Effron is like a greek god. When I was reading the books he is the ONLY actor that I pictured so if he isnt cast for the part I will be very disappoointed.

  135. Katie says:

    I always saw Justin Hartley as Finnick. I wasn’t a big smallville fan but I was watching one night with a friend and as soon as I saw Justin he immediately became Finnick for me 😀

  136. Craig says:

    I agree with Nic. Finnick was older and larger then Peeta. They need someone with some size and muscle. :)

  137. Andy says:

    Although Justin Hartley is a great suggestion I always pictured Finnick’s beautiful face/body and initial arrogance played by Armie Hammer. He did such a great job with a similar character in Social Network he could easily pull it off..

  138. Karen says:

    About Robert Pattinson: he is a horrible choice; he is not attractive or athletic in any way. That being said, the only person I pictured when I read the book (and I tried hard to picture a good Finnick) was Ryan Reynolds. I know he may be too old and popular, but I think he would work. He is super hot, we know he has the body, he’s funny and charming with a little bit of smarminess, and has done action movies before.

  139. Gina says:

    Dean Geyer From Terra Nova would be a good Finnick and he has a nice body!

  140. Amanda says:

    I would definitely like to see Alex Pettyfer play Finnick. He has the looks, the attitude, the confidence, and lastly …the softness that we see in Mockingjay. He would be perfect for the role and I can only hope that the casting director will agree.

  141. Sarah says:

    Zac Efron for Finnick!!!!

    • Bethany says:

      But, He’ from Disney. He would practically turn Hunger Games For kids!! Not trying to be rude, But I still think Chris Zylka!! :) Look him up on Google!!

  142. Jesika says:

    Channing Tatum!!!(:<3

  143. Kayla says:

    Benjamin Stone <3

  144. M. R-S says:

    i think that Finnick needs to be played by Benjamin Stone, he would be great for that role
    Robert Pattinson is over used as well as Zac Effron, all of the suggested actors at the top are already associated with other movies, and i don’t think that they would be very good. i also think that we would still be thinking about them in the other roles that they have already played.

  145. Shar says:

    Two words. Alex Pettyfer. Look him up.

  146. Chess says:

    I would say Jared Leto! <3

  147. Katie says:

    bit late.

  148. Brenda says:

    Chase. Crawford.
    Ian Somerhalder…either work for me, but i am a fan of Crawford lol

  149. Mel says:

    DREW FULLER and only DREW FULLER!!!!! He has gorgeous green eyes and he is VERY handsome =D
    Just look at him, he is so perfect

  150. ketzia Villalobos says:

    Lol… I loved scrolling through these and looking up the guys. I love how the first comment has the hottest guys ever. I love Ian Somerhalder and Tom Welling:)

  151. Iris says:

    Ian Somerhalder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGG Ian Somerhalder is totally fit for Finnick’s role .

  152. 7980798079807980 says:

    none of these, and they should have seafoam green eyes, or at least contacts. BUT THE REST OF THE CASTINGS ARE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Dezzz says:

    James Marsden! While reading the book I was thinking of someone similar to me (even though, to be honest, I don’t think there is an actor out there that could do Finnick’s looks justice!)

  154. Freya says:

    Taylor Kitsch. Please? 😀 Apart from a few minor details, he is what I imagine Finnick to look like.

  155. Jordynn says:

    Jared padalecki is perfect he’s tall and beautiful. He’s not that well known either. He’s super tall and may I remind you guys that finnick has to carry mags and peeta at once. Most the guys ur suggesting can not do that but I’m pretty sure Jared padalecki could

  156. i LOVE HG!!! says:

    Alex Pettyfer all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  157. HeartOfGale says:

    Alex pettyfer or Trevor Donovan……… Damn they’re hot!

  158. H says:

    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. He has Finnick’s pretty-boy, adonis good looks, his confidence and his sense of humour. It’s not hard to imagine Justin raking in the sponsors in the arena, but I can also see him as a lethal killer. At the same time, he seems like he would be very loyal and devoted to the woman he loves. I think he would make a great Finnick.


    I don’t know why but I imagine him looking like Grant Gustin (Sebastien in Glee) – but more ‘beefed up’ and blonde hahaaa

  160. Elise says:

    Personally, I can’t think of ANYONE in Hollywood who fits my vision of Finnick. The one perfect word to describe him is ‘Golden’. He has to be tan, but not too tan. He has to have beautiful sea green eyes, and caramel golden highlighted hair. So if you could take Justin Bieber’s Hair, slap it on someone with a body like Kellan Lutz, who has tanner skin, he’d be perfect.

  161. Kaela says:

    Chris Pine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Kellen Lutz

  162. Nicole Lusk says:

    When my friends and I read these books, the only person in our minds who could possibly play Finnick Odair was our friend, Lucus Thompson. Please check out this Facebook video and see for yourself. Like it, share it, and be a part of making our dreams come true!

  163. vicky says:

    they don’t like me.. I like: TOM WELLING, JENSEN ACKLES, IAN SOMERHALDER, or LACHLAN BUCHANAN =) what do you think?

  164. taylor99 says:

    robbert pattinson!!! he should definately play finnick!!!!

    • Bethany says:

      Um… No Please! I would Like Chris Zylka!! :) Look him up on Google Images!! He is muscular, blonde, tall I think, And Super Hott!!! He could definitely share sugar cubes!!

      • Sarah says:

        whats with all this blonde s**t? excuse my language but it is a bit annoying. he has bronze hair lol after seeing too many comments abt him being blonde its really annoying me

  165. taylor99 says:

    kellan lutz!!!! omg yes!!! or maybe even jackson rathbone!!!!!

  166. Lauren says:

    Duh! Ryan Renolds

  167. Sarah says:

    Hugh Dancy

  168. Maggie says:

    Joe Walker from Starkid! (google it)
    Handsome, tall, strong, smart, definitely cheeky but with the ability to respect deep emotion, relatively unknown, PERFECT!

    • Laurren says:

      I totally agree. I pictured him as Finnick whilst I read the books and just think he’d have been perfect. Really hope he gets somewhere in the future.

  169. Syllan Ryder says:

    The person who should play Finnick should be Cam Gigandet. HE”S TOTALLY HOT!!!!

  170. HGLover says:

    Matthew Bomer. I know he is a bit old but so is cinna and is buff.

  171. Kitty says:

    So many of the guys mentioned already are way too old for this role. even my pic is pushing it but he truly is the embodiment of Finnick. Matt Barr. although i hate that his shows are on the CW, cuz that’s like the shittiest tv, he still looks exactly like Finnick from the bronze skin to the sculpted abs to the golden hair. he’s perfect.
    check him out

  172. Kitty says:

    oh and there’s no way to get Ian Somerhalder eyebrows light enough or him tan enough and so many of these other guys are just too bulky. like kellan lutz. Finnick is from district 4! He should have the lean body of a swimmer. not some lumberjack from District 7.

  173. Charlet says:

    I’m sorry to say but some of you guys are crazy! The only people that could possibly be Finnick are Zac Effron, Dean Geyer, Cam Gigandet or Alex Pettyfer!!! They are all sexy as all hell, have the best bodies and are bloody good actors!

  174. Shay says:

    Landon Liboiron NEEDS to play Finnick. I imagined him the whole time while I read the book. He’s underrated and would be SO PERFECT for this part. (I know he’s not one of the designated choices).

    A second, if I had to, would be Alex Pettyfer…with his accent.

  175. Scarlett says:

    I like the idea of having someone who is not really well known to play the part, just to give younger actors with a lot of potential a way to get their name out there and show what they can do, like in Harry Potter. It works cause you don’t already have a set view of them cause they are not well known. That being said, I see Grant Gustin as a good Finnick. A lot of these other suggestions are too old for the role, remember, he is supposed to be 24. But if I had to pick someone well known to play him I guess I’d go for Alex Pettyfer or Taylor Kitsch. Grant’s the closest to Finnick in my mind though.

  176. Ashleigh says:

    Personally I think that Kendall Schmidt from BTR should play Finnick because he has those all too beautiful green eyes, the gorgeous bronze hair, and if he buffed up a little bit I think he would be an AMAZING Finnick!! =D

  177. Anabelle says:

    What about Colton Haynes? I think he did a great job in Teen Wolf. He was the first person I thought of who fits the description of Finnick and he has the acting capabilities to pull off the role.

    Besides, he is a huge fan of the Hunger Games and will most likely audition for the role as hinted by Just Jared.

  178. EM says:

    Paul Walker. I know he’s a little old for the part, but while reading the books I kept visualizing finnick as paul walker.

  179. Carmen says:

    A lot of these suggestions are great, but we need to consider more than just looks for Finnick. He’s a complex character. Sure, he’s gorgeous and conceited but that’s on the outside. He’s in love with a poor mad girl from his district who lost her mind after seeing her tribute partner be decapitated. In Mockingjay, Finnick is mental for the beginning, almost half of the novel. Whomever plays Finnick Odair needs to be able to act reeeally well, not just look really good. Finnick is a tough character.

  180. Ange says:

    I so wish Francisco Lachowski was an actor. He would be
    Remember guys, Finnick is supposed to have bronze coloured hair. greenish eyes, but i think francisco lachowski is perfect. check him out google images xD it will make you happy

    • Dijana says:

      … he would be perfect wouldn’t he? he just needs a little more meat on him LOL
      What do you think of Jared Padalecki?

      • Gina says:

        Good lord. Get a life. Jared will never be finnick, neither will jensen, neither will Misha, nor anyone on Supernatural. SPN fans are batshit crazy….

  181. Anja says:

    BRADLEY JAMES and IAN SOMERHALDER would be perfect actors for Finnick…
    i actually agree with Carmen that the actor for Finnick should be very flexible… Ian’s Vampire Diaries show a dark and brooding jerk of a man who has his own problems to deal with… same as Bradley in Merlin who plays the role of Arthur Pendragon,,. albeit a tad bit more of an annoying royal jackass…

  182. teamCHACE says:

    CHACE CRAWFORD!!!! No arguments about that. He’s perfect for the role!

  183. Hannah Odair says:

    I know it is April folls so it might be a joke but I just read its going to Justin Bieber, I personal deteste him and there is no way he could play teh Sexiest guy in Panem so lets all just hope that it is a joke :/

  184. valerie says:

    TEHEHE I LIKE CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Sara says:

    Jensen Ackles would be the PERFECT Finnick.

  186. Frances says:

    Jensen Ackles all the way! He’s got the good looks, charm, not to mention muscular, he could pull off an emotional Finnick and still be manly. He could pull off as a killer.

  187. Dijana says:

    Honestly, the first name that came into my head when I heard casting for Finnick Odair was Jared Padalecki. His super tall and built. Tan him up a little more and his literally a bronze male model. Cut his hair more, he has a very beautiful flawless face .. ALL DONE!

    • M. says:

      He’s not that attractive and he looks a lot older than he his. Large nose, big forehead, not a strong actor… definitely not Finnick.

  188. Patricia says:

    I think that Alex Pettyfer should be Finnick because the other guys looks kind of too old.. Since Finnick is supposed to be 24..

  189. Alexander Pharr says:

    Honestley I think I could pull off playing the role of Finnik Odair if I were to have a bit longer hair and a little bit more in shape! I wish I could play as him because I was completely drawn to his charecter! Just everything about him somewhat suits me I guess? Plus if I were to get the role (I doubt it though)I’d be sooooo happy because I really want to become an actor! Jenn and Josh are my insperation!

  190. Iris says:

    I don’t really care who they pick, as long as he’s able to not only play the smug and cocky Finnick but also the mental breakdown one. As for looks, I’d like him to be kind of like Harry Lloyd or Eddie Redmayne, but definitely not some big, muscle heap-buff-guy.

  191. Annie says:

    I don’t like the possible characters at all. They should NOT play finnick odair, change the character to someone hot!

  192. Finnickfan says:

    ALEX PETTYFER. Anyone?!

  193. Noelle says:

    Finnick Odair needs to be played by Drew Roy.. and I know you guys dont know who he is but omg.. look him up he is perfect!

  194. Sapphire says:

    Hayden. But I would LOVE Alex Pettyfer. He is like the perfect person to play Finnick. It would be horrible if Robert Pattinson played him, because The Hunger Games is supposed to SURPASS Twilight. Not have a Twilight star in there. I don’t think anyone can get over a sparkly vampire. Just go with Alex. Please, for all our sakes.

  195. Trix says:

    My first choice is JENSEN ACKLES. He’s beautiful, charismatic, and green eyed. He can play arrogant. He can also play vulnerable characters which would come in handy for Mockingjay. Unfortunately, he’s too old for the part….I picture Jared as Gale….

  196. Taylor says:

    @Iris I can see your point. I know Finnick is tall and strong, but I always pictured a swimmer’s body, not so much brawn. Finnick is also quite an “actor”. He pretends to be smooth and in control, but he’s not. Finnick has some issues and he needs to be played by an actor who can portray Finnick as not only a capable victor, but a damaged one as well. I too saw Jensen Ackles, yes JENSEN ACKLES in the role when I read the book. But the actor is now too old to play the character. *too bad*

  197. Taylor says:

    1. HE’S A BLONDE

  198. Denise says:

    My vote is for Chace Crawford, he is tall, muscular and athletic and very talented. I think he is the best choice as he is perfect for the role.

    • JENNIFER says:


  199. Denise says:

    Chace Crawford is very easy on the eyes HOTT HOTT HOTT, has eyes that melt and a great smile that makes the ladies swoon.

  200. Bethany says:

    Personally, I think That Robert Pattinson would be a horrible Finnick. Please, Don’t let him play as Finnick! I swear I along with many people will burst to tears!! I really think a good Finnick would be Chris Zylka!!!! Does anyone else think so? Because I know many people who look him up on Google will agree!! I mean, He looks so perfect. And, I would be so freaking thrilled!! Has anyone else on here thought of how good he would play as him?!? He would definitely be a Perfect Finnick Odair!! Everybody just has to agree!! Right?

  201. Bethany says:

    Chris Zylka Hands Down. No exceptions. Well, as long as it’s NOT Robert Pattinson!!! People are saying he’s going to play him… But he can’t!! He just Can’t!!!!

  202. BD says:

    I can’t believe Justin Hartley is not being talked about more often for this role! He fits the physical description perfectly, plus his acting skills cover the flirtatious cocky Finnick perfectly AND the soft spoken, sweet Finnick as well as portrayed in Smallville and his other works. I think he would be perfect in the role.

  203. Ramy says:

    Finnick is described as being tall, muscular and athletic, with golden skin, bronze-colored hair, and seafoam green eyes.
    Which actor fits this description?
    Oh yeah.. JENSEN ACKLES.

    • MD says:

      But it’s a movie so they could cast whoever they want then get that person to look like Finnick. Whoever they cast doesn’t have to be blonde, have green eyes or be tall. They can make him look tall using camera tricks, they can make his eyes green using contacts and they can die the guys hair blonde. Also if he’s not muscular they can get him a dietician, chef and personal trainer. They could also throw the actor in a tanning bed until they’re tan. Someone above said something about James Franco, which seems like a good idea, but he seems too old now. I suggested the younger indie award-winning film actor Jonathan Pal. He’s very upcoming but has been around awhile, has a very James Dean quality about him.

    • J Dean (not Jimmy dean) says:

      I think Jensen Ackles would be perfect. He looks exactly what I dream of Finnick, no need to waste time changing someone else, and he could totally sell the joking cockiness to the super sweet caring guy. He also has one of the saddest “going crazy”/ scared face, so perfect for the jabberjay scene.

  204. Denise says:

    My choice is Chace Crawford. He is a very talented actor, very athletic and muscular. His eyes are very dreamy. He is tall and handsome. He is the only choice and the perfect choice. CHACE CRAWFORD CHACE CRAWFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. JENNIFER says:

    Chace Crawford is the only choice for finnick. His eyes are so dreamy and he has a very sexy smile….Chace Crawford for Finnick

  206. bla says:

    Definately Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!

  207. chinsdfdsadq says:

    Only ian xxxxx

  208. Sarah says:


  209. CMB says:

    Wentworth Miller. Finnick has golden skin and bronze hair. I picture someone who is mixed.

  210. Allison says:

    Grant Gustin! Totally i REALLY want him to be the awesome, amazing, and daring role of Finick Odair!

  211. J Dean (not Jimmy dean) says:

    Jensen Ackles please!!!! Green eyes, Light hair, muscular build, and slight faint freckles. PERFECT!!!!! he is the sex god of District 4 FOR SURE! If only we would audition, I know he would get it and be perfect for it!

  212. vicky says:

    Jensen ackes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! or Tom welling!!!!!!!! They are perfect! 😀

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