Five Reasons To Be Stoked for ‘Catching Fire’

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As we sit in an anticipation to hear the news of who will direct ‘The Hunger Games‘ sequel, MTV has given us Five Reasons to get excited for ‘Catching Fire‘! Here are some of them:

It’s Actually Being Made

Obvious, sure, but remember when a sequel wasn’t a foregone conclusion? When Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said the first installment had to hit $100 million domestically in order to justify sequels (which it did handily)? We’re lucky to have at least two — if not three — more films on the horizon. Just think how “John Carter” fans feel right now …


Either Director Will Excel

Speaking of a challenge, if the rumored director shortlist of Lawrence (“Water for Elephants”) and Miller (“Moneyball”) is accurate, the series will be in safe and sound hands. My colleague, Kevin P. Sullivan, already examined the candidates’ respective CVs in length, but suffice it to say, both directors will bring their respective strengths to the Games.


Fresh Faces Will Abound

Once a director is in place, casting can begin in earnest for the bevy of new characters in “Catching Fire.” Whether you’re dying to drool over dreamy District 4 tribute Finnick Odair or can’t wait to see who struts as Johanna Mason, there will be a whole new slew of casting announcements to await. And, of course, we’ll be speculating endlessly until the reaping is complete.


We’ll Enter a Whole New Arena

In addition to the tribute parade, fans will devour an entirely new Games thanks to the jungle-like setting of the Quarter Quell. Remember how cool it was to see the arena for the first time in “The Hunger Games”? Well, prepare for that feeling again! Beyond that, it will be intriguing to see how a new director handles the aesthetics of Katniss’ dystopian world. Let “Catching Fire” blaze!

Read their full article here!

And go here to look at MTV’s breakdown of the two directors being considered for ‘Catching Fire‘!

So tell us, why are you excited for ‘Catching Fire’?

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  1. PeetaLuv (Paloma) says:

    I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE FINNICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really hope they cast Grant Gustin as Finnick!!!

    • Dedalus says:

      mmm…I think he’s too young to play Finnick, who’s in his mid-20s. I was actually thinking that Matt Bomer (Blaine’s big bro) would’ve been perfect if he were a few years younger.

  2. Sussie says:

    I’m excited to see how Jennifer Lawrence potrays the second iteration of Katniss – the awareness of how she has not truly escaped the games, her growing awareness of the unrest in Panem, and her decision to keep Peeta alive at all costs in the Quarter Quell. I’m also curious to see how they’ll show Haymitch’s involvement in the rebellion/how he got involved or pulled into it.

  3. Matthew says:

    Don’t make this one cuss please cause lots of people can’t watch cussing movies. And I am totally pumped for this.

  4. Marissa says:

    I want Alex Pettyfer to play Finnick! He’d be perfect!!

  5. bi says:

    the will cast someone in their late twenties/early thirties to play finnick. they can´t cast an actor too close in age to jennifer, who is playing a teenager.

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