Gale or Peeta?

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The Hunger Games debate is raging – who should Katniss end up with? Gale or Peeta?

Katniss has strong feelings for both. She shares so much of her life with Gale, but owes her life to the love Peeta has for her. But is there a third option? Could we end up seeing Katniss choose neither and walk away with her mother and sister?

The way I see it, Katniss has cut herself off emotionally from just about everyone except her sister, since her father died. She’s scared to love and be vulnerable, feeling that she needed to be strong, not just for herself, but especially for her family, since her mother slipped into a long-time depression.

This could be why she never advanced her relationship with Gale past friendship. They both struggle to express their feelings. On the other hand Peeta has no trouble knowing how he feels and letting it be known. He shows his devotion to Katniss by risking his life for her in the Games. He’s willing to give his own life for hers, the girl of his dreams.

There is no question that Katniss cares for Peeta. They go through the horrifying experience of fighting for their life. Both risk it all and are determined to save the other.

Gale though is her closest friend. There’s something beautiful about long-term friends realizing they love each other; a friendship that forms a strong foundation for a lasting romance. Katniss seems to struggle with untangling how she feels about Peeta from the bond they created out of the desperate situation they were forced to endure and deeper romantic feelings that are real and lasting.


This is the only person she can relax and be herself with. He understands her world. Together they have fed their families, taken risks and stayed strong. While he’s proven to be a faithful and caring friend, he seems stuck in the role of being like a brother to Katniss


Smart, perceptive, tender, strategic, brave and passionate. He becomes a champion for not just Katniss but the people of Panem. He knows exactly how he feels about Katniss and will do anything for her.

So, over to you…Gale or Peeta?

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  1. Tenara says:

    I’m team Peeta.
    He is selfless and so much loves Katniss!

  2. "Tickler" says:

    I’m team Gale. ‘Cause Gale’s just awesome.
    Don’t get me wrong, Peeta’s cool too. Gale’s just better :)

  3. Rizza says:

    I’m team Peeta. He is genuine and amazing.

  4. fang says:

    I’ve tried and I can’t choose!

    I do lean a tiny bit more in the way of Peeta though. Mainly because I hate to see him hurt by her.

  5. allryans says:

    It IS hard to choose, but I think we are meant to see Peeta as the more romantic of the two and that makes his vying for her affection more heartfelt, more real. Gale seems to make a half hearted and desperate bid for her once she’s seemingly taken. Still, both of them genuinely want the best for her, and her affections for them are real. It’s tough.

    I lean toward Peeta too (holla, fang!) simply because I hurt for him – if Gale dies in MJ, I don’t want Peeta to be Katniss’ consolation prize, and the thought of Peeta dying AT ALL makes me blubber. Obviously, I’m more invested in his feelings than Gale’s.

  6. Samantha says:

    I can’t decide either, But I’m leaning more to Gale, It hurts me to know that he loves her, and she’s been kissing and loving another guy. But what it must feel like to know that the person YOU love loves someone else!!! I guess i’ll just have to wait patiently, But i’m not a very patient person!!!

    • Hungergamesfan#1 says:

      Team Gale all the way peeta is an bitvh and should not be alive show some sympathy for gale come on!!!!!!

    • K.C. says:

      Well, if you think about it, Peeta is also suffering from the same pain Gale is going through.. He is also hurt by the thought that the girl he loves is in love with another guy.. Also, If I was Gale, even though I admit that I will really be hurt seeing Katniss and Peeta all lovey dovey on camera, I will at least take some consolation from the fact that I know that their love is pretend and I still have a chance. Whereas, in Peeta’s case, he is told by Katniss straight out that she did not reciprocate his feelings. Which, in my opinion, hurts more. Because he has to pretend that it didn’t hurt him and continue to act all lovey dovey on camera with her. To me, It’s a lot more difficult and painful to know that the person you love feels forced to act like they love you back. But even with all these he still thinks of nothing but her well-being. He even went as far as convince her to live for her family and to marry and have a life with Gale. Also, Peeta may be weaker than Gale but that didn’t stop him from doing all that he can to protect Katniss. He is very trustworthy, loyal, and brave.

  7. Stamoula says:

    Team Peeta!!!!!….. He’s perfect!!!!…. He’s sweet, cool, good, romantic, brave & he loves Katniss more than his own life! He can do ANYTHING for her! He deservers her love & I believe that he’s better than Gale!!!… Gale is her best friend, he’s in pain (because of Katniss & Peeta) & thats unfair, because he deserves love too…. all the people need love! i mean…. when you love someone & the one u love is in love or love the other guy more than u…. its really sad…. but this is the “life” for Peeta, Katniss, Gale & for many other……… its really sad….. But I believe that Peeta is the best guy ever & he deserves Katniss more than anyone!!!!!……….. TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!………. =]

    • sophie says:

      thats what i have been trying to say and peeta is so cute any way <3

    • mindy says:

      yah i agree peeta should be with katniss i like them both 😛 but peeta love for katniss i mean when he hurt his self in hunger games and said go with out me and she said no i thought aww he would save her life befor he would his self sooo sweet team PEETA! <3333333333333333333333333 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  9. samantha says:


  10. somthing says:

    Peeta’s too obsessed and Gale’s way cooler.

  11. Jessi says:

    Team Gale! I can tell that she’s really in love with him.

  12. Nikki says:

    definitely Team Gale!

  13. Ms. Sera says:

    Katniss is too confused of her feelings for Gale and Peeta but I know that she does care for both. I know it’s hard to choose between two people (both with pros and cons) while there’s danger hanging above your head.

    And I think love is not her priority. Her family–especially little Prim–will always be first.

    I can’t stand the thought of both of them–Gale and Peeta–getting hurt over their unreciprocated love for Katniss so if I were to decide I’d rather she have neither.

    At least in that way, not one of them would think they were not favored over compared to the other.

    And if there’s pain–which is inevitable–it would not hurt as much as it would. At least, I hope it wouldn’t.

  14. Sora says:

    I am all for team Gale. Even though Peeta seems to be the crowd favorite, I can see that Gale is the one who will end up being the best choice in terms of a long term life.

    I understand where people are coming from saying that Peeta has more devotion to Katniss and has a deeper, more passionate love for her, but is that really a good thing?

    Gale understands the need for restraint because of his and Katniss’ situation, being poverty stricken. I don’t think that Peeta gets that sometimes, he may not be the most important thing in Katiss’ life; I have a feeling that he wouldn’t take too kindly to the thought of Katniss putting her sister and mother to the forefront. Gale, however, would understand and try to help her to the best of his abilities.

    Peeta seems like the kind of person who would not forgive Katniss for wanting to be just friends, while Gale would get over something like that. I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that Gale is a lot more mature and more able to support Katniss in whatever she does.

    plus, Gale is just so much cooler than Peeta. :)

  15. Archiboald says:

    gale. because he’s older and sexier and a good kisser and actually talked to katniss before unlike peeta who turns into a mutt then wants to kill her and then somehow they end up having kids when really gale would be better at that sorta stuff… and plus peeta’s lame. hes a dork. loser. whatever. he’s not the same after he’s hijacked. and can’t u just see gale and katniss living happily ever after and hunting and having a long life? and plus if peeta and katniss hadn’t have been reaped together gale and katniss would’ve gone on to get married and lived happily ever after. looooooooooooooooooooserssssssssss

    Gale=Sexy Beast
    Peeta=Big Pig Loooooooooooser.

    O O

    were not insane….we just like Gale<33333 teehee

    • Katniss Mellark says:

      Ok ok ok hang on just a second… 1. Peeta never turned into a mutt and tried to kill Katniss. And 2. DO NOT diss Peeta just because you happen to favor Gale in the Team Peeta Team Gale discussion.

      You say you aren’t insane you “just like Gale”, but even if you are insanely for Gale getting Katniss, why diss Peeta??
      Are you afraid that is you don’t put Peeta down, your argument won’t be as effective? I guarantee that if Gale got Katniss, he would not rub it in Peeta’s face and call him a “loser” and a “pig”.

      Just saying…

  16. Baldwin says:

    Gale. I think Katniss should be with gale beacuse they were thrown together in a mutual relationship needing each other to survive. If Peeta was katniss’s bestie, i highly doubt he would let go of the relationship thing. Gale understands everything about katniss. they truley belong together. Gale would do anything for katniss, vice versa.

    Gale=hot sexy beast
    Peeta=Loooooooooooser piggy

    were not obsessed or creepy, we juust <33333333333333333333333 Gale

    ;D teeeeheee

  17. Carly says:

    Team Gale for me! I love his relationship with Katniss. I like Peeta though, because he would die for Katniss, but I was a little dissapointed at the end of Mockingjay. I’m not going to say why, incase I give anything for someone who hasn’t read the book.
    GO GALE!!!!!

  18. Iamthemockingjay says:

    I’m leaning towards Peeta, but I love Gale too. Peeta’s just so sweet, and Gale didn’t really “like like” Katniss untill she had been taken away.
    But, whatever side you may take just remeber to all get along so we don’t end up like Twilighters, in actual fights over who’s better!

    Also, for the record, CINNA IS MINE!

  19. A.M says:


  20. Sims says:

    I’m not going to be all like peeta is so sweet and stuff but i really do prefer him because when i flipped through the first pages of hunger games i noticed that Gale isn’t what she needed in life. I don’t like Peeta because he’s sweet. i like him because Gale would never trust her enough to pull out those berries and he cares far to much about himself.

  21. Nilo says:

    he’s hotter , cooler , and soo much better then baby boy Peeta

  22. Mewthree says:

    I’m not too definite, but I’m leaning a little more towards Peeta.
    Sure, Gale’s awesome and cool and everything, but he’s not as caring as Peeta and everything.
    Basically, Peeta’s more romantic and even though they both want her, I think Gale doesn’t need Katniss as much as Peeta.
    Though Mockingjay was a bit disappointing…and so depressing…with Peeta… ***SPOILER ALERT*** …trying to kill Katniss and everything.

    So Gale’s badass and everything and Peeta as romantic. That’s it basically. But I agree with what people say when they’re like, “Don’t end up like Twilighters, fighting over who is best.” Cause that’s just wrong. So very wroooooong… -___-

  23. oddindie says:

    TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!
    I was peeta but i feel he can lie way to easy and can get people to feel wat he wants them to. plus gale can understand wat katniss is going through

  24. MewMew says:

    Team Gale all the way!

    I don’t mind Peeta, but most of my friends are Peeta lovers and their constant yabbering about him makes me loathe him…so right now I can’t stand him!

    Gale is athletic, strong, clever, cares for Katniss (even told her that he would feed her family when she goes to the H.G), brave! Sure Peeta loves Katniss, but I feel thats the only good quality about him, he is so oblivious about other things!
    But Gale cares about Katniss’s well-being but he is also aware of his surroundings like District 12, his family, the capitol. Gale also understands Katniss, cause they have been in each other’s shoes. They have helped each other out in times of need, they are perfect for each other.

    But eh…Peeta is ok too.

    *****************FINNICK RULES******************************************

  25. izl says:

    TEAM GALE all the way…he’s just aaaaa-mazing…

  26. Darby says:

    I say Team Peeta! Gale is cool too, but as Katniss explains in Catching Fire, stuff about would Gale kiss her if Peeta wasn’t there! GO PEETA!


  27. Marryanna says:

    TEAM GALE really both annoy me equally just Gale and Katniss are REALLY cute together and I just don’t like Peeta- to good for my liking

  28. Peeta says:

    TEAMMMMM PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. for all of u who say that Gale is cooler. stop basing it off his looks for one thing. and that you all think he’s a good kisser. Gale is too violent and vengeful while as Peeta is more gentle and caring about Katniss. So what if they were thrown into the ring together? Peeta still fell in love with Katniss for real either way and so did Katniss. Sure Gale and Katniss have been friends for an extremelyy long time and that for a good relationship, a good friendship needs to happen. But a lot of times, friends that strong know each other way too much to be able to move on. they were meant to be friends. and that’s the thing with Gale and Katniss. Remember the 2-3 kisses that Katniss and Peeta shared and how many of those types did Katniss and Gale share? none. He’s so sweet and remindful. Just because he was about to kill Katniss was because he was a mutt. and becoming a mutt was none of his fault. he became a mutt because he was trying to protect Katniss. TEAM. PEETA. END. OF. DISCUSSION.

  29. PEETA! says:


  30. Lissa says:

    I think all of you are dumb. You are degrading the integrity of both the book and film.

    The novel is not about which “hottie” Katniss will choose, but which side she will choose: to be a free rebel, or to be chained down by the Capitol.

    Please, don’t make this terrible for the readers like Twilight was (and still is).

  31. Hayley says:

    i think what Katniss needs is what she didnt have during her childhood, and Peeta gives that to her. Peeta loves her unconditionally, kind of like the way God loves us, and he gave her the love and attention she never had growing up. Gale just seems kind of hardend by the whole situation the capital is putting all of the districts in, which is why Katniss would be better off without him.

  32. LemmyPower says:

    Real Hunger Games fans are both Team Peeta and Team Gale because I’m pretty sure Suzanne Collins didn’t want to start a fan war… did you people hear how bad Twilight got? People started biting each other on the neck and some of them drew blood. PLEASE do not let it come to that! Let’s not be Team Peeta and Team Gale, let’s be Team Hunger Games! PEACE TREATY!!!!!! =] thank you for your time <3

  33. lklkl says:

    team gale all the way plus he is hot and i much rather read about him and katniss than peata even though i like peata but it does not matter because i have read the book and peata is her love :( im so sad

  34. theannoyed says:

    Awesome! Another trilogy being corrupted by idiots who think that they can change the end of a series! And for a second there I thought we could all just enjoy the movie… Thank you all for proving me wrong. Such a relief!

    Grow up. Please.

  35. Anna says:

    I can’t decide but I am slightly leaning towards Team Peeta.

  36. MrsMellark says:

    This is the hunger games not twilight!!! if you compare the teams (Peeta or Gale) to twilight then you are trying to start something along those lines anyway!!!!
    Apart from that I’m team Peeta all the way!!♥♥ I ♥ how kind and considerate he is and what happened in MJ just made that stronger!!!!

  37. TeamPeetaForever says:

    i ofcourse am on team Peeta. I am team Peeta because he has known her longer and has risked his life for her. The first time was when they were 11 and Katniss was starving for food…he saw her purposely burned bread got smacked in the face by his wich of a mother and gave the bread to her. The second was when he told her to run from a deadly Cato and took another beating and a slash in the leg to keep her safe that is true love. Gale is more of a brother type. First he is 2 years older than her and only loves her because of jealousy. The first time was when he was jealous of some other handsome guy flirting with her the second was seeing Katniss kiss Peeta. Also when Peeta was brain washed to hate Katniss Gale made things “better” by telling her he has kissed other girls a bunch which he can not remember because there were to many. Even though Peeta was hijacked to hate her he remembered some deep romance between them like those long nights on the train. Lastly when he came back from the capitol to district 12 he planted primroses in Primrose’s memory thinking it would make Katniss a little less depressed which worked. Another reason Gale is not right for her is beacause first he killed Prim!! He made the bomb that killed her knowing that some of the rebels would be there he still let them use it!! Peeta will always be there for Katniss he is a great friend,husband, and will be a great father!!

  38. Kay says:

    I really do love both. But, when it comes down to it, I have to go with Gale!!! Team Gale <3

  39. Sally says:

    it’s kinda strange for me… When Katniss like Peeta i seem to be on Peeta’s side but when she choose’s Gale I pick Gale team!!!

    Honestly I think who ever she choose’s woukd be fine with me! A OKAY!

  40. Em says:

    Team Peeta!!<3
    Peeta is extremely sweet and caring and has loved Katniss since he first met herGale is great, and is a good friend for her, but nothing more.
    Towards the end of Mockingjay, do you remember what Katniss says about those three special kisses with Peeta? She said the first time she felt that hunger, she knew, deep in her heart, that she would end up with him. She loved him, though she didn't realize it. She could never have loved Gale after that. Soo, TEAM PEETA FOREVER!! <33

  41. meg says:

    TEAM GALE!!!

  42. Annie says:

    DON’T DENY THE TRUTH! Peeta is wimpy. Gale is better.

  43. Lucy says:

    Gale, if you actually read the books each book, it very clearly states that Katniss dreads being with Peeta romantically because that is the Capitol twisting her arm to do so, AND even before reaping day she says that “what Gale and I have is more than just a friendship”
    I think Peeta just doesn’t match with Katniss-he is whiney and always needs to be saved, but they have been through so much a relationship just wouldn’t be right.
    And yes, I know, Suzanne Collins just had to be a terrible person and didn’t even let Gale and Katniss say good bye.

  44. Foxface says:

    We all know KAtniss ends up with Peeta, but I have always thought of him as a very weak character compared to Katniss. I think that, apart from Prim thing at the end of mockingjay, Gale is the perfect match. TEAM GALE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Kat says:

    certainly team gale

  46. TheGirlOnFire says:

    Gale. As Stamoula said, Peeta IS perfect. Which is exactly why I loathe him. I despise him. Every other character has some sort of BIG flaw. But no, siree, not good little Peeta. Everyone loves him. I mean, he’s this goody two shoes. No flaws, nothing. He’s perfect. And for some reason, that ticks me off. I mean, I’m Sooooooo not doing this based off looks, but Gale is “stronger” both mentally and physically. If Katniss was sick, Peeta couldn’t provide for her. She can provide for him, but the “providing” could be done equally between Gale and Katniss. She can hunt, and He can. People say Gale doesn’t “love” Katniss. But I believe he does. He, st the beginning of The Hunger Games, right before Katniss leaves says “I…” and is cut off. There is no proof stating he will state he loves her, but us Gale lovers can assume he does, and even Peeta loves can assume, using logic based on what happens later in the books, and when earlier he states they could run away together. He may not mean this romantically, but again, using logic and hope :( we can assume. Gale does show affection and love towards Katniss, despite the good argument Team Peeta puts up. While I personally think Gale and Katniss should be together, I can rely on my fannon (fan made stories) and imagination for Mrs. Katniss Hawthorne

  47. seren blade says:

    TEAM PEETA!! he love katniss… if it was not fot him she would have been died years ago…gale had hes chance to take katniss and love her but no…he did not!!!!!!! so hello peeta!!

  48. star says:

    me loves peeta!! <3 team peeta all the way

  49. peeta says:

    gale sucks!!! boooboooo

  50. Kayla says:

    Team Gale. I love Gale. He’s amazing! I know Katniss and Peeta have been through a lot with the Hunger Games and all, but Katniss knows more about Gale, and you can tell she loves him. Team Gale all the way! I would want Gale personally too. He’d be my kind of babe! <3

  51. Haley says:

    Screw the Hunger Games, I’m Team Harry Potter!!!

  52. hannah says:

    Team peeta!!! he is way better than gale, and is a lot hotter than gale is 😉

  53. Rose says:

    I am team Peeta. Because he is so sweet and romantic and cares about Katniss so much. But Gale is so much better looking. He is the hottest guy ever so that is what makes me like him. Well I like him for other reasons too. Like he would have taken care of Katniss’ family if she didn’t come back. Also he is more manly and protective. Peeta was always there for her though and wanted to die for her. I think if anyone was in Katniss’ position they would pick Peeta cause he did everything he could for her and it is so adorable. TEAM PEETA! 😀

  54. Irish says:

    PEETA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the way…i just love reading parts when they are talking they really like each other…<3

  55. Rosa says:

    PEETA!!! <3

  56. iheartpeeta says:


  57. JoshHutcherson says:

    TEAM PEETA!!!! Peeta rocks!!! Gale likes his best and maybe only friend that is so wierd!! Peet riskes hi LIFE for katniss so he diserves no questions asked. Gale can get any girl if he wanted to .
    When you read the last book, Peeta wants to KILL Katniss. That made me want to cry. star cross Lovers die :(.
    This is Just my opion but no hard disision PEETA ALL THE WAY!!! Sorry Gale fans but Peeta Gets Katniss.
    and Peeta’s actor, Josh Hutcherson , is soooo cute .Josh was the perfect actor to be Peeta No JOKE.
    Bottom line: TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY!!

  58. bLoNdEsWiMmEr says:


  59. Hartzzy says:

    Ok, so I Harry Potter is WAY better, but team GALE all ‘da way!!!!
    -friends with Katniss for almost ever.
    -helped Katniss everyday with food, and with getting over her dad’s death
    -has a firery heart, would never give up if Katniss was in danger
    -protected Katniss forever
    -knows Katniss the best
    -doesnt depend on anyone- independent
    -always had to keep his family alive
    –Gale is the only person Katniss can relax with

    -only helped Katniss once before the hunger games
    -didn’t even bother to hand the burnt bread to Katniss when she was starving, threw it in a rain puddle
    -scared of his mother
    -never had to fend for himself
    -always depended on Katniss to survive
    -during the first book, he hid in the mud for like half the hunger games.
    -is dumb
    -all he knows how to do is bake and decorate

    basically, the only thing good about Peeta is that he’s nice. dont get me wrong, he is very nice, but Gale is way better

    TEAM BOY WITH THE BOW!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Marly says:

    Why no team Finnick!?

  61. Kate says:

    I say Team Peeta, ive been on alot of websites with alot of Team Gales, but i still say Peeta not only because hes super SEXY but i know what its like to be in love with someone for along time and to not be chosen by them hurts alot. Peeta and Katniss really do make a connection and they make such a cute couple. Gale is cute to (but not as much as Peeta) but he has this type of friendship with Katniss that no one would want to ruien, it would be like dating a brother, Peeta just seems to be the right choice!

  62. Korynn says:

    i def say team Peeta he said on national TV that he is in love with katniss, he defiantly cares for her even though she got mad at him for doing that. he still cares enough to risk his life for her. even though Peeta had gotten brainwashed to kill Katniss, his overwhelming feelings for her had a very big effect on him. Peeta has loved her since the minute he has met her, in the begging of the movie when Peeta was picked he was stunned, looked completely horrified, i thought it was because he didn’t want to fight, i then realized that either he died or he lost his love. He protects her and trust her through out the movie unlike Gale who only sees her romantically because Peeta kisses her on the big screen.

    • Kate says:

      Amen Korynn!! Lol (i wrote half of that…acutely pretty much all of it) Haha!!! <3

  63. Katniss Mellark says:

    TEAM PEETA FOREVER!! I’ve seen a lot of comments dissing either Peeta if they’re Team Gale, or Gale if they’re Team Peeta. It is wrong. Suzanne Collins did not write the books so we could fight and have little wars of our own over who would get Katniss in the end. Ms. Collins wrote the books for people to enjoy and love. They ARE NOT ABOUT THE KATNISS-PEETA-GALE LOVE TRIANGLE PEOPLE!! If it would cause a war, I would totally either be Team Katniss or Team Haymitch, because no one can get mad over those. (And also because Josh Hutcherson began Team Haymitch hehe.)

    The reason I choose Peeta over Gale, is because Peeta loves Katniss like nobody’s business, and risked his life and almost died numerous times for her. Examples:
    -When Katniss dropped the tracker jacker nest on the careers, and she was stung and hallucinating, he saved her from Cato, and got a deadly cut for her.
    -Peeta joined the careers to keep Katniss SAFE
    -Peeta IS the boy with the bread. He saved both Katniss’ and her family’s life by giving her the bread, he purposely burned, and took a beating for.
    -In the Quarter Quell he kept her safe so many times it’s hard to count, and he made a deal with Haymitch to save her instead of himself. That is True Love.

    I also love Gale though, don’t get me wrong, he is an amazing, caring friend, who I believe, would do anything for Katniss if it came down to it. He did become her hunting partner/best friend to keep an eye out for her, and help her and her family survive.

    I don’t believe though that Gale becomes jealous, because he sees Katniss and Peeta kissing, i think he genuinely had feeling for her before the Games. He did say they could run off into the woods together, so think about that…

    I’m kind of a flip-flopper because I love them both so much, but at heart I am…


  64. Peeta's Love says:

    Team Peeta All The Way!!! Omg I love him sooooo much

  65. Peeta's Love says:

    Team Peeta All The Way!!! Omg I love him sooooo much

  66. Team Peeta says:

    The Perfect Match for Katniss

    During the Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss were able to form a relationship with a strong foundation, experiencing the worst together. Although Katniss is confused of her love for Peeta, or for Gale, in the end she shows that Peeta is the one for her. Katniss and Peeta need each other, after going through the Hunger Games together they wouldn’t be able to live without each other. Peeta is the ideal match for Katniss because his love for her is genuine, he protects her, and he is dependable. Being reaped for the Hunger Games, was a shock for both Peeta and Katniss, but turned into a growing relationship between them.
    Peeta genuinely liked Katniss, and expressed that by telling the whole world. Growing up in the same District, Peeta knew the struggle she had to survive. Once, as Katniss was on the verge of starving, he gave her bread, knowing later he would be punished. That act of kindness, saving her life, showed he cared for her even before she knew he cared. During the Hunger Games, Peeta’s priority was to keep Katniss alive, and he always put her before himself, showing his genuine love. Even after the Hunger Games, Katniss was unsure of the relationship between her and Peeta, but Peeta learned to respect that, and let her decide. After the Games, Katniss was haunted with nightmares about all the awful things she had witnessed, but Peeta was always there to comfort her. Peeta showed many aspect of his genuine love for Katniss throughout their journey. He gave Katniss what she didn’t have throughout her childhood, genuine love.
    Throughout the Hunger Games, Peeta showed his protective side towards Katniss. When Cato was chasing after Katniss, Peeta warned Katniss, and he ended up getting hurt, from protecting her. He showed that he would do anything to protect her, even if that meant to sacrifice him for her. He even showed concern for her, when they were in the cave, and she wanted to go off and get the medicine from the cornucopia, he didn’t want her to get hurt. Peeta was selfless, willing to die, so nothing would happen to her.
    “The greatest ability is dependability” (Bob Jones) Katniss knew that Peeta would always be there for her. She knew that she could tell Peeta everything, and he would make her feel better. She could depend on him, being there for her throughout her struggles in life, after the Games. In the end, she realized he was the one for her, because he would be the only one to understand what she had gone through. He was the only one who could help heal the wounds still living inside her.
    Although Peeta was destroyed by the Capitol, he was able to come back to love genuinely, protect, and be a dependable person for Katniss. He wasn’t willing to give up the love they had before. He even knew Katniss was certainly the one for him. Peeta and Katniss both didn’t want the Games to change them, and for that to happen, they needed to be together to keep each other strong.

  67. tori says:

    omg team peeta all the way i think gale is stuckup and toooo jelious i love petta. even tho he tryies to kill katniss he doesn’t meant to

  68. Saint says:

    I’m on Team Peeta. He is a baker, I love a boy wearing apron and making breads lol. And Peeta is not a handsome boy like a popular Gale (although Josh is handsome in real), that makes Peeta more special at least for me :)
    The way Katnis thought about Peeta is unique, she was like couldn’t admit that she was kinda interested with him, while she mentioned that Gale was like her brother, friend, or best friend with no romantic relationship.

  69. emma says:

    TEAM PEETA he is perfect for katniss.TEAM PEETA OH YEAH!

  70. asdfghjkl says:


    At first i was happy for her choosing peeta,but i was a bit bothered by how they completely cut gale out of the picture when he had been there all of katniss’s life. After giving it some thought I think she would have been better off with gale. I also feel that by her ending up with peeta, she is somewhat giving into the capitol, marrying who they wanted her to marry. Katniss ending up with gale seemed to go along better with the idea of rebellion.

  71. Jocelyn says:

    I love gale I don’t know what people see in peeta he is ugly !!!!!!!! Get it in everyone’s head
    Gale takes good care of katniss when peeta wants to kill her im in love with gale

  72. Lily says:

    I am sooo with Team Gale he really understands Katniss and Peeta is a weinie he has to pick food while the girl hunts Gale can do both which is way better so I’m 100% with Team Gale I

  73. Lesa says:

    TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Awesomee says:

    Peeta has loved Katniss for like forever….. Gale has been kissing girls all over District 12…. he loves Katniss more recently….. So… Peeta:)

  75. Dizzy says:

    It took me a while to decide but i’m totally team gale now!!!!!!!! He understands her more and has known her much longer. Peeta just started talking to her and is still trying to figure out all her secrets. But i’ve read all the books and i don’t want to be a spoiler but…I’m sorry team Gale! I guess Peeta isn’t the worst you could get–IF it ends that way! I’m not saying it WILL! Iread these before they got famous sooooooooooooooooooooooo…………

  76. aubrey says:

    idk?? because katniss almost died when pr=eeta died in catching fire and almost died when gale got whiped. sorry if i spolled if for anyone

  77. Emily says:

    I’m Team Peeta.
    He’s adorable and everything I think a boy/man should be!
    He’s so kind and passionate and he saved Katniss! He’s smart and gentle and can bake!
    Gale is nice but would only seem as a friend.

  78. Alexa says:

    TEAM GALE!!! even though peeta is sincere and sweet and genuine, they would have never gotten together if it wasnt for president snow. Gale deserves Katniss and im very upset because he does not get her. Dont get me wrong. i love the books, i just wish they ended a bit differently. but on the bright side, GALES AVAILABLE!

  79. Curtis says:

    Actions speak louder than words, Gale knows what to do to take care of Katniss. He has experience in taking care of his own family whilst also juggling the welfare of Katniss’s family whilst she is in the games.

    Peeta, even though he may be a sweet talker, can be quite deceptive with his words. Mentioning that Katniss was pregnant could have had some dire repercussions later on down the road.

    Both Gale and Peeta would be there for her in her times of needs, but Peeta lacks the ability to provide to Katniss and her family. Gale is truly the one that “puts the bread on the table.”
    ^^(ironic I know, haha)

  80. team gale says:

    gale all the way he cares about Katniss he spent most of his life with her that is not fair this turned into twilight because the guy who new her better always loses and by the way is hotter

  81. stitch7 says:

    Team Peeta! How wouldn’t want to have a guy that will give up his life to protect you and be with you.

  82. Peeta he is sweet, kind and caring!!! Gale said she will pick the guy she cant live without!!! And umm guess what she picked Peeta. Plus Peeta is cute and loved Katniss from the first time he say her Peeta is the right pick!!!

  83. THG fan says:

    TEAM GALE !!! I just cant get over how disappointed he looked watching katniss kiss peeta .

    I just wished he kissed her b4 she left to the hunger games the first time that would of left her something to Go home to!! I dont know why but i feel like peeta isnt good enough for her no offence !!
    I was soo pissed reading the books and finding out she chose peeta !! CANT WAIT 4 the next movie!!!

  84. Catnip says:

    GALE GALE GALE and GALE all the way…!! I mean peeta’s good too but he just loves katniss..nothing else…Gale actually understands her…he is aware about things going around him…He takes the decision which will be best for katniss, her family and everybody else….not stupid decisions like peeta takes just blin in love…Gale actually know what katniss wants..soo TEAM GALE…!!

  85. demonised says:

    team gale defiantly! cuz gale has always been there for her. he took decisions to save katniss and her loved ones efficiently. and besides he and katniss both feel it hard to open up about their feelings which makes their relationship more complicated and beautiful.

  86. beauty says:

    team peeta all the way gale only liked katniss after peeta anounced that ur time is up u blew it to late now and HE RISKED HES EFFING LIFE FOR HER HE WOULD DIE FOR HER


  87. THG says:

    After finishing reading the second book, I found myself on Wikipedia, only to find out who Katniss chooses. I was never torn between Gale and Peeta – although I did like Gale and at times felt quite sorry for him, for me it was always Peeta and I’m glad Katniss felt the same way.

  88. Gaby says:

    Team PEETAA!!!!

  89. mindy says:

    yah i agree peeta should be with katniss i like them both 😛 but peeta love for katniss i mean when he hurt his self in hunger games and said go with out me and she said no i thought aww he would save her life befor he would his self sooo sweet team PEETA! <3333333333333333333333333 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  90. It's MEEEE says:

    Peeta is like a stalker. Come on guys, doesn’t it seem a bit odd that he remembers her every move and watches her walk home from school.

  91. Gale because... says:

    first of all i hate that team-shit. it isn’t twilight!!
    but i have to say:
    some people call Gale a murderer but no nobody knows if it was his bomb who killed Prim. He was Katniss best friend for years he just left because he knew she would Always see him with Prim’s dead. I agree Peeta and Katniss should be together but I just ask not to hate Gale. He saved 800 people from district 12 although he could die by that, you don’t know if he killed Prim (i’m sure he didn’t want that), he just hated the capitol, so stop hating him please cuz he’s awesome

  92. Megan says:

    I’m team Gale all the way!!!!!! For these reasons

    1) gale is hot, peeta isn’t
    2) Gale has helped Katniss, Katniss has saved Peeta way more times than he has saved her
    3) Gale hunts, Peeta bakes… you can figure THAT one out
    Finally, Gale loved Katniss forever and now has to watch her make out with some kid being broadcast to the world. He is in pain because of that and it makes me sad, which just makes him hotter for some reason…

    So yep. I LOVE GALE!!!!

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