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Naya Rivera for Johanna Mason Catching Fire

You’d have to think that getting cast in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire would be high on the list of just about any actor right now. As fans, we’ve spent months now talking about who we’d love to see in the movie.  One actress that gets a lot of support for the role of Johanna Mason, is Glee’s Naya Rivera.  She had a chat to Radar Online who asked her how she felt about so many fans reaching out to let her know how much they’d love her to be in Catching Fire.

Naya explains that she’s a big fan of The Hunger Games herself:

She started as Santana, the bad-girl Cheerio who only joined the glee club as a spy for her cheerleading coach. But against all odds, stunning actress and singer Naya Rivera has turned her Glee character into a fan favorite. Now those fans have a goal: use Twitter and Facebook to land her a role in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. Naya, 25, talks to Star about the flattering campaign.

Q: Did you enjoy The Hunger Games?
I started reading the books before I even knew they were making it into a movie. I’m just a huge fan. I would love to play Johanna Mason. She’s the axe-wielding ex-tribute and former winner. She’s a grade-A badass!

Q: Are you surprised by the outpouring from fans?
It’s so exciting. I get tweets every day, and it feels good that they get behind something I’m passionate about.

So what do you think? Could you see Naya as Johanna Mason?

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  1. KJ says:

    Can see either/both girls from Glee; her or Diane Aragon as Johanna. Catalina would be good as well as she would bring the world market.

    Can definitely see Naya wriggling out of her tree costume and then stalking Peeta/Katniss in the elevator. I can also see her vulnerable side. Not sure about the wrestling scene, but…we don’t actually have to see her wrestling…just preparing to wrestle. Either of the Glee girls would be a good foil for JLaw. Not that familiar with Catalina. Will be checking out Sam Caitlan this weekend in Snow White.

  2. Alley says:

    I personally think she be a FANTASTIC!

    • NAYA RIVERA FAN says:

      I AGREE

      • fangirling101 says:

        I AGREE!!! OMG THIS IS ALL SSSOOO CONFUSING!!! SSSSOOOO many people would be great as Johanna including Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried

        • Christina says:

          I think we need someone who has a killer body! and by that I mean curves. Alot of these women are beautiful but they dont have that sex-symbol body that I think Johanna has. I also think they should try to find NEW actors and actresses. No Glee or Twilight sloppy seconds. Lets get some new faces.

      • Marisa says:

        You and heather are my favorite characters in glee!!! I think you would play great in this part!!!! Good luck!!

        From, Marisa your biggest fan

  3. Rachael says:

    I think Natalie Portman should play Johanna

    • that b**** says:

      I would love if Zoe Saldana played Johanna. she would be amazing and totally believeable!


  4. catnip says:

    diane agron is madge undersee and naya is good for johanna

  5. THGirl says:


  6. I think Nathalie Paulding would make a great Johanna Mason, check out her Youtube video

  7. NAYA RIVERA FAN says:



    LOVE YOU NAYA <3<3<3<3<3<3

  8. Aya says:

    In my head i thought that johanna had red hair and light skin and blue eyes, just like a ginger x)

  9. Jazzmine says:

    I wanted either someone no one knows about to play Johanna or Kristen Bell. Why I want Kristen Bell? I’m honestly not sure but she seems like she wants it more than anyone else.

    • Marissa says:

      I completely agree about Kristen Bell! Naya is a good actress but she’s would NOT be a good fit for Hunger Games.

  10. I think Angelina Jolie could play Johanna cuz I always imagined Johanna with jet black hair and bangs and Angelina Jolie has those qualities

  11. She is awsome for the role . In Glee she some what acts like Johanna . I Glee she acts like nobody loves her and johanna acts like that.

  12. She is awsome for the role . In Glee she some what acts like Johanna . In Glee she acts like nobody loves her and johanna acts like that.

  13. I says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!! She is my favourite after Mila Kunis. I think she would be just great!

  14. Emma says:

    YES!!! I think se would be a perfect Johanna. She’s my favorite with Garrett for Finnick 😀

  15. yukillofffinnick says:

    hell no Milan kunis

  16. Leilani says:

    YES YES YES! Naya is absolutely perfect for Johanna. I’ve always imagined Hohanna with dark hair and being tan like Naya.

  17. Mikaeli Gleek says:

    Naya would be SO fantastic as Johanna! That would give me another reason to go see Catching Fire! I would see it anyway, cuz i’m a HUGE Hunger Gamer, but my Naya…oh, god she HAS to get the part!!!!! XD Hoping she does

    • KJ says:

      I think you are behind on your reading. The part of Johanna Mason was offered and accepted to/by Jena Malone.

  18. Patrick says:

    Please! Please! Please! Naya be Johanna! She would be so peeefrect!

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