Great ideas for your Hunger Games themed party

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We know there’s some pretty die-hard Hunger Games fans out there.  You only have to look at the incredible array of fan art  to see how inspired many have been by Suzanne Collins’ books.

So if you’re as crazy about The Hunger Games as we are, then the idea of a Hunger Games themed party might be right up your alley.  Hypable has taken a look at some ideas if you want to go all out.

  • As they point out, the centerpiece of a party is often the cake.  You can make this one by following all of the steps outlined  here.

My Hunger Games - the hunger games cake

  • Another element of a great theme party is food. There are many creative ways to surprise even the most discriminate Hunger Games fan. This site has compiled an entire catalogue of different Hunger Games-oriented recipes.
  • Styling the party invitation can be really fun. Here’s a sample idea for how to make a Hunger Games-themed party invitation.
  • Decor is essential. If you don’t have the resources (or energy) to transform your space completely, posters or book cover images are always a good start. If you want to take it all the way, though, you could set up houseplants to replicate the woods and have a mini-pond (a child’s swimming pool would work) to house the ice and drinks, put a few parachutes with prizes about, and hang a few mockingjays around the ceiling. Notice what was done with the parachutes in the party pictures here.

My Hunger Games - parachutes

  • Games will also be a fun element to play with in a Hunger Games-themed party. You could have a trivia game (a great sample list of questions can be found here)

Other touches that could be put on a Hunger Games party are costumes, gifts, and party favors (like Mockingjay Pins to take home or parachutes with bread rolls or chocolates).




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  1. Katniss Mellark says:

    Lets do this!! We should have premiere parties everywhere :O YES PARTY!!!

  2. Hayley says:

    I had a pirates of the Caribbean party last year…


  3. Delly says:

    I made my friend a cake that had the mockinjay on it in yellow icing, it looked really good.

    My friend i also having a HG themed party and she is going to have games, every time you win a game you get one name in the reaping (except its a good thing) then whoevers name gets pulled out, (by me coz im going as Effie) wins a prize!!! SHes going to male her backgarden look like an arena with a small pool and a cornucopia… IM SO EXCITED!!

  4. PEETA! says:

    wow @Delly, that sounds so fun!!!!!!! I’d do that but not alot of people i know are obsessed about it as i am. That cake looks BOMB!

  5. Madie says:

    WOW, this looks like an awsome party things and even better the movie comes out on my birthday!!! =)

  6. Leah says:

    These are amazing Hunger Game party ideas! I just decorated my son’s room “Hunger Games” per his request, and I see a birthday party in his future. Found this great set of 25 Hunger Games bookmarks to use as party favors.
    Can’t wait!

  7. Peeta'sLOVER says:

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SECOND ONE! I’ve read all the books, seen the movie the first second it came out and I’ve literally memorized every line in all of the books. I’m having a Hunger Games themed party this year, turning 11. The games are going to be the arena, Archery contest, and more! Our decorations are mostly Gold and Gray since we couldn’t find actual Hunger Games decorations. We will be having a raspberry drink with a strawberry and a raspberry hanging off the tip of the glass. The food with be bread, (colored black with food dye) to match Peeta and his burnt loaves. I CANNOT WAIT! EEEK!

    • vicky Hawthorne says:

      My birthday is May 1st and I’m also doing a hunger games themed party I have woods close to my house and will be reinacting scenes with friends (no killing probably:D) and I am so excited. you have any idea where yo get decorations though?

      • Emily says:

        I think you should make them and stroll websites to buy them i am also have a hunger games themed bday party and my birthday is also may first. if i find any thing i will show it to you

    • Fluttershy:) says:

      I am turning 11 too!
      I love your idea!!!!I’m still on the first one
      because i got it late.
      I will take your advise!

    • Future Mrs. Hutcherson says:

      Peeta is Mine!
      I LOVE Peeta and the hunger games!

  8. Mille says:

    Oh! And it could be really cool if you were serving a pig with an apple in it’s mouth, and there was an arrow trough the apple:D Oh and it would be cool if the servants didn’t speak (avox)8D And of course the only music to be played should be soundtracks of hunger games!

  9. Lakayla Mellark says:

    I’m having a hunger games party! Anyone have some suggestions??

  10. Cara says:

    I am dieing to have a hunger games party! I am planning one for an end of the year party with my friends and classmates. It is going to be awesome! I am thinking of a sleepover. Maybe sleeping in my backyard. I’m going tO make my own decoration. Posters-pictures on paper, streamers with pictures on them. I’m planning to have trivia games, archery contest. My friends and I are going to pick a district out of a bowl and come dressed like someone from that district! It is going to be so much fun!

  11. Baylee says:

    this upcoming saturday, im going to have a few friends over and go to the woods not too far from my house and film our own hunger games!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXITED 😀

  12. birdy says:

    Love love hunger games, having a H.G. party too, we found a lot of cool items at toys r us. We bought everyone a district tote bag from the feast scene, filled with goodies. We made a bee hive pinata, its gonna be so cool breaking it open. We made parachutes with silver boxes on the end for the kids to put their pinata treats in. For the invites We bought 4 inch clear plastic ornaments/balls and one simple white paper wrote that their name was pulled during the reaping and they were to represent their district in the games. We are playing a version of the games with no killings of course. Doing some crafts like making friendship bracelets to represent the snare training. And decorating our own cup cakes to represent the camoflage training. I can’t wait!!!!!!

  13. birdy says:

    Oh forgot we are having a candy buffet/bar to represent the lavish meals they ate at the capital. And doing a capital costume contest.

  14. HG lover says:

    Me and my friends are having a hunger games party and we are having our own hunger games with sponsers, care packages, and of course, no killing. I’m super excited! 😀

  15. Rue says:

    i really want to have end of school year party with classmates and friends. any ideas?

  16. Katnniss Everdeen says:

    i love hunger games i’m 12 and want a hunger games birthday party.

  17. Vera says:

    Here is another great idea for your Hunger Games themed party. Instead of goody bags, give your guests an authentic piece of memorabilia from the fire scene in DuPont State Forest! I have these Fire Ring and Fire Wood necklaces for sale for $10 and $15- not much more than you would spend on goodie bags and they are AUTHENTIC. Lionsgate legal team has approved my claims and allowed me to sell them. Check them out at

    Also, for girly girls who are fans, you could have a Capitol themed party where the participants put on glittery makeup, temporary body art and hair color, etc.

  18. HungerGames!!!! says:

    Next month a bunch of my friends are coming over to my house so we can have our own hunger games! We are all getting white tshirts and a marker. The maker will resemble their district color and the markers are going to be our “knives.” I even made a slide show of all of all the rules and the tributes that will be participating and rated them. My brother is going to be the game maker and put out buckets of water balloons in the forest and the cornucopia so we can pick them up and throw them at people. We are even going to do a reaping to find out who is in what district. It’s going to be amazing! My brother also has a blow horn to blow every time a player is eliminated. (we can’t really get access to a cannon. Haha)

  19. Katniss mellark says:

    I’m gonna be having a hunger games party next year m already planning It. I’m gonna make my house into a arena have parachutes hanging from my ceiling. I will have a hunger games cake and well everything

  20. I’m also planning a hunger games party for my 14th bday in February but my mom is against anything to do with THG. Any suggestions,though?

    • Lakayla Mellark says:

      If she hasn’t seen the movie I get it. If she hasn’t then you have tell her about and she will most Likley let you have it

    • hunger games #1 fan says:

      well if she wontlet you then tell her that you will read the book first. Thats what got my mom. At first she would not even let me see the movie but when I told her that she said yes!

  21. taylorswifthungergamessafeandsoundfan1 says:

    i luv the sponsors idea! how would we do that though, and how exactly would the reaping go? the avox idea is perfect,like the one day you can force your parents to stop talking and have a reason, lol!

  22. London Love says:

    It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Brittany says:

    I’m turning 21 in December. I’m a huge hunger games fan. I have read the series 3 times and on THG for the fourth time. I am having a HG themed party. I’m gona make different foods from the books. Including Lamb stew with dried plums on wild rice and other yummy foods. Plus a cake and decorations. Duno what else yet though but the music will be the soundtrack from the movie.


    another idea is you could have an actual hunger games, but instead of weapons use water guns, and if you get hit by a water gun you have to pretend your dead!

  25. Grace :) says:

    I think i will do a HG party for my 12th birthday! Since i am finally able to be in the Hunger Games! LOL! But i am having a lazer tag party, and each kid is from a district. Once you vest is hit 3 times you die! So who ever is left is the winner, and gets an HG t shirt!

  26. Happy Hunger Games says:

    Going to be making some of these for my Hunger Games DVD release party! I also grabbed a few things (to save time) from Amazon:

    Hunger Games Bookmarks (SET OF 25):

    Hunger Games Posters (I’m using these for door prizes)
    Mellark Bakery and The Hob Hunger Games Posters –

    May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor (Mockingjay) and Katniss Stay Alive Hunger Games Posters:

    I also found this printable on Etsy –
    Mockingjay Tribute Stickers –

    Happy Hunger Games!

  27. Natalie says:

    Hey! Im going to be 12 on halloween this year and im so excited to have a Hunger games party! Id like to recreate the games since i live in a wooded area with a huge backyard. Its just a perfect setting does anybody have any ideas on how I could play? I dont want to use anything wet because it will be cold! You can email me here your ideas: thank you so much!

  28. hgpersongirlthing says:

    I’m having a birthday party this month ,and we are going to do a hunger games . We are going to run around my neighborhood and have plastic knives , and stab each other . I’m printing of labels to put on pocketbac bottles that say “tracker jacker anti venom ” that will be in goodie bags along with other things like little bags with foren blueberries in them to represent nightlock . best party ever .

  29. Teen on fire says:

    My last birthday party i did a Hunger Games theme, and it totally rocked! me and 21 of my friends dressed up as the characters and got fake weapons and packs with supplies. we were set loose in a forest for several hours and we had to track each other down and basically kill/ tag each other with the weapons. we all had a pack that was filled with snacks, water, weapons, and a walkie talkie in case we needed help. It was the best party ever

  30. catnip says:

    i like so much this page….. i love it
    i am super super fan of this thing and of course i love with allllll my life josh hutcherson

  31. TOMMOROW! says:

    I am so excited. Tommorow is my birthday party, and it is HG themed! 11 of my friends are sleeping over and we get nerf guns and foam swords. It’s gonna be so freaking awesome

  32. Larissa says:

    Check out all of our ideas for a Catching Fire party. We have free Catching Fire printables too.

  33. Effie Trinket says:

    Any idea how I can turn my aunt’s backyard into an arena? I’m going to do it exactly like the Hunger Games is in the book/movie, with them starting out on the plates (probably gray pieces or cardboard or something) and places to hide. The problem is- there is nowhere to hide there. It’s all open space. Maybe I should put some potted plants next to each other? There isn’t a real forest anywhere near and I need ideas. Help please?

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