Hunger Games – A Look at Panem

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Hunger Games - Map of Panem

The blue dots reflect a new coastline with the Capitol “ringed” by the districts.

The Hunger Games trilogy is set in some indeterminate time in the future…a time after great disasters and droughts. Early in the Hunger Games, Mayor Undersee reads the history of Panem (an annual ritual at the Reapings). It reads: “He lists the disasters, the droughts, the storms, the fires, the encroaching seas that swallowed up so much of the land, the brutal war for what little sustenance remained. The result was Panem, a shining Capitol ringed by thirteen districts…”

Some details are provided about the nature of some of the districts, but it’s hard to get a visual on what Panem is like, how big it is and how vast (or not) the districts themselves may be. Panem, we know is located in North America. There are now only 12 districts (district 13 having been destroyed) where there used to be 30 states and provinces. We know that District 12 is small with a population of 8,000. It feels like everybody knows each other, and most residents can fit in the public square during reapings. The only buildings we hear about in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are courthouses, mayor’s homes and government buildings. There are no skyscrapers, large downtowns or suburban sprawl anymore. All the major cities could have been completely destroyed.

But while the districts might be small, it seems the land in which they reside is still quite large. We know the trains that take Katniss and Peeta around Panem travel at 250 mph. We also know that District 7 and District 10 are en route from District 12 to the Capitol. Here are some notes I’ve compiled about the things we know about Panem, the districts and some of the people who live there.  (SPOILER ALERT – some of the details come from Catching Fire,  just in case you haven’t finished reading it yet)

Capitol –  It says explicitly in The Hunger Games that the Capitol is in the Rocky Mountains. As in the other districts, it is likely that people in this area are named by the things around them. For example, mountains are snow-capped, giving us President Snow.

District 1– Luxury Items – This district is known for supplying the Capitol with its luxury goods. The boy tribute, Marvel, is killed by Katniss (her first kill) and he killed Rue.  The girl, Glimmer, is killed by tracker jacker stings.

District 2 – Industry unknown –  however the two tributes are Clove and Cato. Clove is a spice grown from a specific evergreen that only grows in warm climates, native to humid areas specifically.  Cato is killed when Katniss shoots his hand and Peeta pushes him into the horn of cornucopia and he falls.  The muttations feed on him all night until Katniss finally shoots him to put him out of his misery. Clove is killed by Thresh, saving Katniss’s life.

District 3  Factories, electronics and explosives. Wiress & Beetee, as well as the boy who re-creates the land mines in the Hunger Games, are from District 3. The boy tribute (name not known) was killed by Cato because he did his job a bit too well setting up the mines from the platforms to protect supplies. Girl (also unnamed) dies on first day.

District 4 – Fishing. Tributes from this district excel at swimming, and it is indicated they come from a warm climate (Finnick is shirtless much of the time). In The Hunger Games the boy tribute dies the first day at Cornucopia. The girl was killed from Katniss dropping the tracker jacker hive/nest on her.

District 5– Industry unknown – The boy tribute dies on the first day. Peeta kills Foxface accidently with poisonous berries.

District 6 – Transportation – what we do know is that in Catching Fire, Twill and Bonnie, were able to jump the train outside District 6 and walk in a matter of days to District 12. This means it would have to be reasonably close to District 12. Both tributes from District 6 died on the first day.

District 7 – Lumber/Trees – nothing is really known about this district. Both tributes  died on the first day of the Hunger Games. Johanna Mason though, is dressed as a tree for the parade before the Quarter Quell.

District 8– Textiles/Clothing – In Catching Fire we meet the refugees from District 8, Twill and Bonnie, names that coincide with the main industry of their district. They describe it as being “chilly”.  Katniss remembers that it was an “ugly, urban place…with no chance to learn the ways of nature.”

District 9– Generates Electricity – The boy tribute died the first day. The girl died on the morning of the second day; she was the one who lit the fire under/near Katnniss’s tree and led the Careers to her.

District 10– Livestock / Cattle – Katniss mentions that the District 10 tributes are dressed as cows with glowing belts. It’s unknown how the boy tribute died, but it was in the morning of the day Katniss blows up the Caeers’ supplies.  The girl tribute died on the first day.

District 11– Agriculture/Orchards – Rue specifically cites orchards, and climbing trees. When traveling to District 11 on the Victory Tour, Katniss observes an extreme temperature difference — the snow where she is from against it being quite warm in winter. Katniss also wonders how far south they’ve traveled on the train. Cato kills Thresh while the District 1 boy kills Rue.

District 12– Coal Mining – This district is described as being in the area formerly known as Appalachia. The district is also pretty compact compared to some others with a population of just 8,000 people. There is one big clue to where district 12 might be, that we don’t get from reading the book, but from listening to Suzanne Collins read it. She reads Katniss with a southern accent.

District 13– Graphite Mining / Nuclear Power – There is speculation that some of the inhabitants may have moved underground after the district was destroyed. It is also described as once being the furthermost district, beyond District 12 (in its absence, District 12 is described as “the end of the line”).

My Hunger Games - Panem Map

Another map of Panem taking great care to follow the clues provided in both books

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  1. MyHungerGames says:

    Interesting aside – Panem comes from the Latin panem et cirenses or “Bread and circuses” (or bread and games). According to wikipedia it’s a “metaphor for a simplistic means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace.” It adds that …”In modern usage, the phrase has become an adjective to deride a populace that no longer values civic virtues and the public life. To many across the political spectrum, left and right, it connotes the triviality and frivolity that defined the Roman Empire prior to its decline and that may contribute to the decline of modern western society.”

  2. cna training says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  3. MainaK says:

    This seems quite accurate and cool. There’s just one thing that may or may not come into play with the creation of a map… it says that Panem was created from the ruins of North America, while in this map it only includes the United States. Suzanne Collins might just be saying that and it really only includes America but this might make it easier/more difficult when devising a map of the districts.

    • A says:

      Another thing that doesnt make sense is district twelve is said to be by the woods also known as the wilds on the map but district twelve is not by the woods it is by the ocean.

  4. Roxie says:

    Considering what we learn of District 13 in Mockingjay (in the first couple of chapters), it’s very clearly Washington DC. The underground network that was already in place & the access to nukes? Along with its closeness to District 12.

    District 12 is somewhere south, the Virginia area.

    The problem with the 2nd map is that is shows the Capital not in the center. The Districts ring the Capital and while the Capital cannot be in the exact middle, it would most definitely not be on the edge.

    • Kim says:

      I agree. Plus, there has to be some sort of wilderness outside D12 and D13, where Katniss and Gael hunt. To figure out the capitol loction, we need to figure in the speed of the train and the time it took to get there.

  5. Mim says:

    I think you’re spot on with 12 and 13 … 13 can’t be Washington DC – they have Graphite mining … which would be the New Hampshire area, besides which, the underground system for living and testing Nukes would be ideal there. 12 is clearly West Virginia, SE Pennsylvania (Appalachia coal mining).

    I also think you’re right about the Capitol being closer to Denver/Colorado than the other map has it by Salt Lake City.

    I do think that 10, being that they raise livestock should probably be around Oklahoma, 2 should also be in the Rockies (stone cutting), though perhaps in Idaho. I think District 8 might be more West (think Chicago), 9 might be more in Michigan, with the Great Lakes and the Nuclear Power Plants they have – hydroelectric. 11 has to be in the SE if it can’t be in California.

    1 and 3 I can’t wrap my head around … since (presumably) the Silicon Valley is underwater, as is Microsoftland, Washington, what other places for electronic engineering are there? And luxury items? I wish we knew more.

  6. sav says:

    2 is so peacekeepers

  7. jennybean says:

    I think 1, 2, 3 and 4 are going to be closest to the Capitol (maybe it’s even mentioned that they have Capitol accents in those districts?) District 2 is definitely revealed to be close to the Capitol and also mountainous. I’d put 2 in the Salt Lake region and push 3 and 4 out towards the West coast, 3 closer to Northern California (Silicon Valley) and 4 closer to Southern California.

    Other than that, I think the maps are generally good. 7 has trees, so it’s got to be up in that northern stretch somewhere (I thought of it closer to Michigan/Wisconsin). 8 is near Chicago/Detroit (industrial/heavily urban). 10 is cattle (I’d put it near Oklahoma/Texas), then 11 would be the Southeast, 12 in the Kentucky area. 5, 6 and 9 kind of fill in the gaps in the midwest/northeast

    The biggest mystery to me is 13 (appropriate!) The combination of nukes and graphite actually suggests New Mexico to me. However, I think it’s pretty clear at some point that it’s close to Distict 12. So that made me think of Oak Ridge, TN or Washington, DC. I did get the feeling that the nukes were leftovers from our culture (I think it says somewhere that 13’s stockpile was the “work of centuries” or some such. And I thought maybe it was written somewhere that the whole graphite-mining thing was something of a ruse?

    There’s something that makes sense about the ancient capital (DC) battling the new one…but the sense of a nuclear stockpile in an area that has a lot of mining (if maybe not so much graphite) argues for Oak Ridge to me…

    • WV girl says:


      The only problem with it being in the WV coal mines is that I don’t recall mountains being mentioned in terrain descriptions. The only places that would get ’10 feet snow drifts’ would be the eastern panhandle and western Maryland, or southern WV. We know the climate changed significantly so the snow issue might be a non-issue. That leaves distance, mining and terrain.

      All of these areas have pretty high hills. To walk to the DC area in a week, I am guessing they would have to be in the West Virginia eastern panhandle/Maryland area – perhaps in the foothills. I don’t think even a very fit human can walk more than what – 20 or 25 miles a day – and probably not even that through wooded mountains with no paths.

  8. rinseandrepeat says:

    i don’t remeber if it was the 2nd or third book, but i remeber somewhere they said that District 2 provided peace keepers. It’s not all they do but it seems note worthy.

    • A says:

      in the third book when katniss battles in district 2 it is said a big mountain holding many peacekeepers are there and were bombed and i can confirm district 2 has peacekeepers. plus they said in book 1 district 2 had a machine that turns graphite into diamonds.

  9. DieTributeVonPanem says:

    District Six’s industry is Clothing. In Catching Fire, the capitol couldn’t get ribbon. And Bonnie and Twill said the clothing factory where they made peacekeeper uniforms blew up. Apparently, I would be in District 6 due to where I live.

    • Booklover428 says:

      I’m not trying to be rude, but textiles is another word for fabric/clothing. District 6 does transportation not clothing. District 8 does clothing. Bonnie and twill were from district 8. Sorry again.

      • Candi M&M says:

        We are aware of that. Thank you. It did not state that 6 did clothing. It said it was unknown and that Bonnie and Twill were from D8 but got on a train at D6. I’m not sure where whoever wrote this article got that info I don’t remember it in CF but maybe it was in there. I’ll have to look. Thank you for the info.

  10. Whatever says:

    I generally agree with the second map except that District 11 should be more along the border between Canada and the Great Planes because its speciallity is farming, but it has to have trees. This would be covered by the great plains wich currently provide the grain for the U.S but the wooded areas would around ohio would provide the trees in which Rue “flew around”. Other than that it is a really good map

  11. ilovepeeta says:

    not sure where 1 would be with luxory items

    13 is more out of the way of the rest of the districts.

    i think 4 would be more in the coast lines of new orleans or florida

    i think think 7 is more near canada , wisconcin, or new york because theres alot trees

    i think 8 is probably near montana because of the weather

    9 im not sure

    i think the capital is maybe between utah or missoury {ha ha missory get it :) )

    10 i think near oklahoma

    11 i think is near alabama

    12 i think is maybe near virginia because of the southern accent someone said and because of the warm and cold weather

    and 13 meaybe somewhere ner washington because it is out of the way and the 3rd book desribed it being large above ground and under

  12. Tanny says:

    I think district 12 is really accurate, I know that eastern Kentucky, western Virginia, and parts of Pennsylvania are coal miners. But, district 13 isnt Washington D.C. because they are graphite miners. Over all, its pretty accurate. Then again, Suzanne Collins says panem is in north america, which could include Mexico and Canada, since they are part of North America. But I think she probably meant just the U.S.A.

  13. gari says:

    Isn’t district 11 actually making nuclear bombs? They have SOME SMALL graphite mines. Graphite wasn’t their main

    • Bobbi says:

      No, district 13 made nuclear bombs. The capitol just told everyone they were graphite after they “destroyed” it.

  14. MagsNutsandVolts says:

    Collins writes that district 11 was hot during their victory tour. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t they visit the districts in order from D11 to the capitol before returning to D12? Its impractical for a train to follow either those maps without backtracking significant distances.

    13) Greenbriar, West Virginia originally housed presidential bunkers during the Cold War, and have improved as technology advances.
    12) is the smallest district and can only be in one state,
    Roughly SW inward from D13 and relatively close, as the hoverplane only takes 45 minutes to travel between either
    11) must be down South, and the whole concept of D11 has distinct parallels with American Slavery
    D11 is HUGE, it took the train a day or so to cross its borders to its town square/Justice Building
    10) Livestock district must be where buffalo and large game can flourish to sustain the entire north American Continent
    strange the tributes weren’t better at slaughtering during the Hunger games/Quarter Quell
    9) WTF does 9 even do
    8) Badass industry district that ignites the rebellion, what other than sin city itself, Chicago. Home of the Industrial revolution and sits at the top of the Mississippi River, making export all the easier, and since trains are like official business seldom betweem districts, which is what home girl Katniss/Collins says,
    RIP random Rebel teacher w/ random rebel girl who twisted her ankle/ eaten by cougars because Collins/Katniss make a point of saying the fence for D12 was meant to keep people in and predators out.
    7) LOVE JOHANNA, tree goddess of the redwoods or something equally behemoth to supply all the lumbar needed by Panem. Never watched AXMen but i bet that’s her district.
    6) must be near 12 though because rebel teacher and rebel little foot were on their way before jumping the peecekeeper uniform train or whatever, and they do medical stuff. Collins had nearly 1200 pages of fiction and couldn’t give us a clear image of where the disctricts are. I think during a rebellion a map would have been sanctioned to Katniss if not displayed constantly in Command
    5) i read might be scientific/DNA research. certainly an effort to preserve the earth’s species was on the capitol’s agenda as they so readily provided muttations with tributes eyes and hair color, like, within a week
    I secretly needed someone to whisper ‘Wingardium Leviosa”
    4) the awesome sea faring nation that could be any southern coastline. I orignally though the Gulf (maybe not since BP’s spill/… too soon)
    I super sweat Finnick, Mags, and Annie, and wish we’d been given more information about their district during the victory tour. I mean, i kinda didn’t crave harry potter after book 3, but atleast JK kept her shit consistent, with few pivotal unanswered questions. like WTF did Peeta say to win over th careers in these districts.

    I would hope, D4, D2 and D1 were on the west side of the Capitol and thereby held friendlier inter-district relations.
    Like D4 as Southwest as possible where the surf is calm and fishing easy, not really pacific conditions.
    3) our Nuts&Volts tributes from some technology, wire crazy nation stationed God knows where. Not as cool as D4, D2, D1 so I’m thinking maybe further out but also somewhere where lightning isn’t rare like tornado valley.
    Beetie’s thing was lightning and wire and Plutarch gave him that to ensure escaping the Quarter Quell arena.
    2) brown nosing 6′ tall gem miners / peacekeeper nursery. The Nut, btw, fell way too damn easily. Collins needed to give a little more of a death star demolition, use the force luke, dramatic encounter. These douchies obviously reside in the Rockies nestled near Denver/the Capitol.
    1) Luxury Goods are manufactured here.

    The Capitol is obviously Denver on steroids. the crazy piping/transport system that the Avox Pollux leads them through makes me wonder how damn efficient future city planners must be to pull that off in the mile high city.

    New Capitol D13/Coin gets assassinated so not sure if such a capitol would even exist) I lived in Washington, DC all my life and have never heard of graphite referenced outside countertops and pencils. since they were mining coal in Appalachia forever, D12 could be anywhere and D13 is not far behind. but its not DC

    SueCollins, PLEASE get your life together before the movie. I’m sure you’ll make sense of this debacle you threw at us in a visually stunning manner. Like how twilight redeemed itself with 3 hot actors to make up for the abysmal writing and uneventful saga

    Hungar games was epic, RUE and FOXFACE were the business. can’t wait to see the invisible cameras everywhere with no satellites to relay reception

    Special thanks to “the Hob” for giving us GreasySae,

  15. TheMockingjay says:

    I would be in District 6 being illinois whos industry is clothing as they say in Cathing Fire. Also, in the 2nd map District 6 is colored green. Green = my fav color. So district 6 got to be clothing(favorite), green (favorite), AND even where i live. District 6 all the way <3

  16. Trevor Turner says:

    what about the woods and the arenas?
    where are those located at?
    i really dont think this is very accurite

  17. Brooksie says:

    I along with others like map one better than map two however i still have a few questions about both.

    In both maps the assumption is made that all seas are converging on North America and have done so at an amazingly unbelievable rate. While we do not know how far into the future this is to me it seems a little much to assume that all the seas have risen and consumed almost 15 states. While we know it caused major loss of land to be noted wouldn’t loosing the entire state of California and parts of Washington and Oregon be devastating and noteworthy(yes i understand some would not agree that loosing California would not be all that devastating but lets all pretend we like each other for the sake of my argument). Also while we know that district twelve is small we also know that all the districts are surrounded by their own fence and out side of district 12 there is a wilderness which if i remember correctly Katniss says there is nothing beyond(note i have yet to read Mockingjay) so map twos proposal would be unlikely since it is surrounded by water and other districts. also i think the districts should be partially in Canada and Mexico because why would it mention former North America for Panem to reside only in the united states. My last critic for now is if Bonnie and Twill are from district eight (Looking at map 1) why the heck would they have ridden the train from eight to six only to cross eight again to go to district 13.

  18. MC says:

    I feel that if Collins meant only the United States and not all of North America, she would’ve said so, so it’s probably important to still consider Mexico and Canada in building a map. I got the feeling that the districts had space between them to keep them separated, so that would also account for more space needed than just the continental US.

    I think this map is good given the information we were given in the books, BUT, a major concern i have is that unless the landscape of the US radically changed, water levels would not rise like depicted here. (Here comes geeky rant, hold on) much of the west side of the country is significantly higher in elevation than the east…you go inland just a few miles and you are already 600+ feet above sea level. places in california, arizona, utah, neveda…many are over 1000 or more feet above sea level. I read somewhere a few years ago that even if all the polar ice caps melted, ocean levels would only rise about 200 feet. Sure, other factors could affect that, but places like the southeastern coast, gulf coast area, and even parts of the lower inland plains would be lost before that. I feel like it would take a significant change to lose the whole western side of the US. (you can google things like “map of rising ocean levels” in google images to see what i mean).

    Also, this might just be me, but I kind of got the feeling that the districts probably where in some sort of order to be numbered 1-13. As in maybe left to right or north to south…since they aren’t given individual names like states were. It seems strange to scatter numbers instead of listing them chronologically, unless somehow they were overcome in said order. (but since 12 and 13 seem to be so small, that doesn’t seem like they would be the last to fall). I don’t have any real story backing for this (except maybe that didnt they go on the capitol tour counting down the disctricts, from 11-1, then the capitol?)

    Just my (overthinking) two cents. :) I’m hoping that possibly the movie will start out with a visual of panem, maybe with text over it to explain why things are the way they are. At least there is hope for that if book 3 makes it to screen. They’ll have to have maps up in command to show their progress.

  19. savannah says:

    Its a really good idea of where everything is though here are some issuse
    1. In catching fire whe Katniss meets bonnie and…(cant renember) they say that they came from i think district 8. they then go from i beilive district 9,10,11….(correct me if i’m wrong please) and are going past 12 to 13 but in the map they go past 6, but they really wouldn’t go past 12.
    2. like everyone else is saying, dist. 12 is coal mining and would be closer to PA, virgina ect…
    3. it doesn’t say that some of northamerica is under water.
    4. 13 would be more in…DC, up to maybe new york,
    5. 12 would be more up into Ohio/PA ect, because of all the woodlands, or ever in canada too (sha does state it is in the ruins of north america)
    If i’m wrong please tell me.

  20. Someone says:

    District 13 is almost definitely Tennessee, probably in the Oak Ridge area, due to the fact that it was one of the main areas were the Manhattan project was being worked on in. Also has those grphite reactors and the nuclear plants.

  21. Someone says:

    Also 13 would DEFINITELY NOT be in D.C. If you remember, N. America was flooded, creating Panem. If America were flooded, DC would be one of the first cities to go under.

  22. cheese2194 says:

    the games and arena is in the capitol

  23. Tamara says:

    I agree with mc. Suzanne said “north America “. Panem maps should include the upper parts of Mexico and the northern most parts of canada. I think district 11 is farther south around Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, ect. The same with district 4, which seems to me like it would belong along the Mexican rim surrounding the gulf of Mexico.

  24. Tamara says:

    Whoops, meant southern parts of Canada. :)

  25. toria22 says:

    i dont think the arenas would actually be Panem itself, because on the map there is obviously know room anywhere (just districts)…and when they got into the hovercraft to take the tributes to the actual games, i believe it said that it was a long trip (atleast half hour..could be wrong..) and think how fast ther huge hovercrafts go! so the arenas are probably made somewhere far away so theres all that room for them to move around in the arena, and they just televise it there aswell as have an operation set up so they can give them there silver parachutes and all the gamer makers tricks!

  26. toria22 says:

    *be IN Panem itself…

  27. Brittany says:

    No they arent. They are moved each year. The previous arenas re tourist sites…73 years worth at the start. Thats way too much area to be IN the capitol.
    Both times Katniss talks about lengthy hovercraft rides from Capitol to Arena.

    • Beverly says:

      You’re right. I totally forgot about this. I think the arena might possibly be in Canada considering that place is HUGE. And the game makers can change the climate’s so easily so I don’t see the weather being a huge problem. Also, she did say the aren’s are MAN MADE. Totakky mmakes sense, right?

  28. mcbob says:

    wouldn’t wisconsin be district 10? I think 8 would be more like illinois

  29. Mariah says:

    Very well-thought-out. Can I feature this on my blog?

  30. Jen says:

    I guess you’re doing your best with what Susan Collins gave you to work with. As a geographer I was annoyed by the fact that I could not figure out which region of our nation she was setting her districts in. Then again much of what Collins says is not plausible. There is no way Panem would be a functioning nation. For example District 12, a district of only 9,000 citizens could not have supplied enough coal for all of Panem.

    Here is my take of where you hit the nail on the head with these maps and where you might be off (primarily because the districts descriptions do not properly match with any current places in the US)

    District 1 – (1st map suggests it is located in the southwest around the border of Arizona and New Mexico, 2nd map suggests it is located in the Rockies around Utah and Wyoming) It is supposed to supply the district with luxury items. When I hear luxury items I think of hand bags, watches, and chocolates from Europe. I just don’t picture the desert or Wyoming as luxury producing locations. It is also implied that diamonds and gems come from District 1 and that is why their children are named silly things like Marvel and Glimmer. The United States is not a large diamond producer but they have been found in small quantities in many locations. The largest currently producing mine is in Arkansas. Of course Arkansas is not located near the capital and the order of the Victory Tour would imply that District 1 is near the capital.

    District 2 – Was know for Industries and manufacturing. (the maps above suggest Oklahoma and the Great Plains) But these places are not centers of manufacturing. Sure everything could’ve changed after the United States fell apart but it seems like manufacturing districts would’ve been born out of areas that already had factories and large population who were familiar with manufacturing careers. And yes I understand that the sea levels have changed and that oceans now cover many of our large manufacturing areas along the East Coast but we have many others in the interior. Also District 2 is supposed to have at least one large mountain “The Nut.” Oklahoma and The Great Plains are not very mountainous. Pittsburgh is more than 200 miles from the Atlantic and western Pennsylvania is more mountainous,However the book implies District 2 is near the capital.

    District 3 – Again same argument. It is known for factories, electronics and explosives but the places suggested on the maps above (Utah, Southwest) are not known for these things.

    District 4 – The district is involved in fishing. If the Sea levels have changed I guess this could be anywhere along the new coast, so the guesses on the map above areas good as anyone could make. I am bothered by the fact that everyone from this district seems to have green eyes. There is no place in the United States with a dominate green eye population. The only way to explain this would be to claim that everyone except the green eyed people were killed off and then these green eyed people were isolated.

    District 5 & District 6 – Unknown Industries

    District 7 – Its industry is lumber. Both maps above suggest it would be in the Northwest and that could be true, though it is not the only possible location. The Southeast actually has more acreage of forestry.

    District 8 – Their principal industry is the production of textiles. I feel the same way I do about District 2 and 3–that it should be near a current industrial area, which is why I feel both of the map creators made a wise choice when they put it by the Great Lakes.

    District 9 – generates electricity – I guess it depends on the type of electricity. Wind, Solar… I’m not sure about the suggestions above.

    District 10 – Livestock, much of our nation has enough vegetation for Livestock so there are many places you can put this district, and both of the suggested locations make sense.

    District 11 – Known Agriculture (orchards and fields of grain and cotton) Both maps place this well. It was a large district and I’d suggest that it could have extended further into the midwest and our nation’s bread basket.

    District 12 – Outside the capital this is the one place compare to a current geographic landmark (the Appalachian mountains) Both maps placed it there, though I think the first map placed it further north than I personally envisioned.

    District 13 – Its industry was nuclear weapons and some Graphite Mining. We have Nuclear programs across the Nation, though a majority of our reactors are on the east coast. When reading the book I pictured 13 being located around Virginia. It seemed, to me, to imply that 13 was just east of 12 (which I envisioned to be West Virginia). Virginia is also near our current seat of government and crawling with secret bunkers. One of the first things my mind jumped to when reading about 13 was a documentary about Greenbrier Hotel which houses a massive Cold War bunker below it. Of course Susan Collins did throw in the bit about graphite mining. The United States does not do a lot of graphite mining, there are a few places around the country but it is slightly more common in the Northeast, so I can understand why the map makers would put it there. I would suggest having 13 cover a larger area from Virginia, Maryland, Eastern Penn, Eastern NY, and into New Hampshire.

    I’m not sure if there is any right or wrong answer, but I am glad to see that others were thinking about it and commend these map makers for making an attempt. I guess I’d like to see a series guide and see if Susan Collins had a logic behind it or if she was just pulling stuff out of thin air for entertainment value.

    • A person says:

      District 5 is Power
      District 6 is transport full of morphling addicts
      District 9 is grain
      District 2 is masonry

    • A person says:

      District 5 is Power
      District 6 is transport full of morphling addicts
      District 9 is grain
      District 2 is masonry

    • A person says:

      District 5 is Power
      District 6 is transport full of morphling addicts
      District 9 is grain
      District 2 is masonry

  31. Neb says:

    If north america was destroyed, what happened to the rest of the world?

  32. Hunger Games Freak says:

    I have no Freaking idea

    Who knows, maybe it’s still there and prospering but surely they would have said something in the books, and wouldn’t some other country be kind enough to come in and stop the hunger games

    • brandon says:

      what are you talking about the hunger games would be awesome to have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jamie says:

    Acording to the second one, I`m underwater.

  34. Jaid92 says:

    I absolutely love this. The first map, in my opinion, is a little more accurate than the second. District 12 is most deffinately the state of West Virginia. That is my home state. Everything Katniss describes from the size of her home, to the woods she hunts in, and especially the coal mining, screams West Virginia. The appalachian mountains are practically my backyard. When Suzanne Collins read Katniss’ parts with a slight southern accent i became 100% sure of the place she was reffering to. Not that it only includes the state of West Virginia, but I believe it is the heart of district 12. It may be made up of small parts of Pennsylvania and northen Virginia. What do ya’ll think?

  35. PEETA! says:

    Wow! i pictured them to be alot closer together and more in a line with district 12 like in arizona or california

  36. Smantha says:

    Bonnie and Twill were from district 8, which produces clothing. District 6 produced medicine. The Morphlings came from district 6.

  37. Claire says:

    The fundamental problem with your maps is that your districts are way too big. District 12 is really just one city/town. There are no folks living in outlying areas of the district. And it must be the same for all the districts for the peacekeeprs to be effective. There must be vast areas in between some of the districts that are just unoccupied land and you do not account for that.

  38. Arielle says:

    What I think people fail to grasp is that you can’t go off of current industry hotspots to place districts. Snow says they crawled from the ashes of North America. Most of the survivors would probably have had to learn new industries. And they could have tried to escape during the rebellion and ended up in entirely different areas. People proficient in technology could easily have come from the East as Silicon Valley. Fishing could be anywhere there’s a coastline. There’s no way to tell.

  39. Sarah says:

    District 13 is most definitely Oakridge Tennessee where the U.S. did most of the development of the Manhattan Project. Also located there is one of the largest graphite nuclear reactors as well as near the boarder of Tennessee and GA is one of the larger Graphite mines.
    District 12 is in the Appalachia mountains somewhere in the VA, WVA, NC, TENN area. Maybe Kentucky but I doubt it. District 8 people went near district 12 to get to 13…In fact type in Appalachia VA and coal mines into google maps. You will find a lot of mines near a place called Big Stone Gap…it isn’t far from Oakridge about 120 miles…or 20 miles a day, 5 days…a week (like in the books) District 8 could be Pittsburgh. Type in textiles companies and see how many places pop up… just some thoughts

  40. Sarah says:

    I don’t really think your logic is sound. If you look at migration patterns of the United States based on historical data from where people came from originally (their home countries) most people migrate to climates to which they are most familiar. The northern mid-west for instance has a heavy Swedish or Scandinavian influence. Why? Because of similar land type and temperatures etc. Same reason that the Scots and Irish found homes in the Appalachia mountains. It looked like home. My point is that despite the war, most people would continue to look for areas that would most similarly mimic their previous homes. They would also continue to cultivate the jobs that were most familiar to them and the areas that they were in. The south was and has always been known for agriculture. Even today the south hasn’t changed to where it can say it has a strong industrial side to it. I agree that coast lines may change but not every textile mill would be destroyed, just like Appalachia still has coal mines. One can assume that some things made it through the war. I would assume that the Capital was placed where it was most likely Denver and District 2 is said to have “the Nut” I would assume that the “nut” a mountain fort is actually Norad…or Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs.

  41. Ian says:

    According to these maps I would be in “Wilds” The major problem is they need Canada and Mexico

  42. CheezIt says:

    Wow, those are a whole lot closer together than I thought they would be!

  43. Gale's Girlfriend says:

    Bonnie and Twill were from 8. 6 was meds, hence the morphlings

  44. Miss Displaced says:

    Thanks for this. I’m reading the books and was trying to visualize Panem within the existing USA. It’s hard, and not many details are given. I don’t remember areas being underwater! I guess though that being set far far in the future the Earth would have experience global warming and this was the result (as well as decreased food production). Nice job!

  45. Dee says:

    Rizzoni’s map is inaccurate. the Capitol is located in an area once known as “The Rockies”

  46. E-G says:

    Sigh… im under water. We probably would have fled to Idaho, so I work with trees! Coolio!

  47. mcbob says:

    according to the top map, I might be underwater (if not, directly on the coastline) and since it doesn’t realy show a clear district there, I’m probably district 10, cowland.

  48. Amber says:

    Wait, I’ve just got two problems;
    1: The districts are not bordering each other like the second map suggests, they are quite far apart.
    and 2: Katniss said in Catching Fire that she “Caught a brief glimpse” of the ocean. This was obviously something she’d never seen before, not in person. So I don’t think that the water line rose as far as the map suggests.
    Other than that great map and well researched. 😀

  49. ashleigh says:

    I’m sorry, but North America would includes Canada and Mexico as well. I don’t think this is what it would look like at all.. and the Rocky Mountains are quite predominant on the Western side of Canada at all. If you were to include the other two countries, your map would likely be a lot better. Overall, I like your input and your thoughts on it. But the United States is not the centre of everything.

  50. Peeta Lover says:

    the only suggestion i have it to extend the districts past the borders because it does mention in the book that panem is where NORTH AMERICA once was so it should include canada and mexico

  51. ThePaperclipGirl says:

    I think this is a very useful map. However, I disagree. i did some research and I beleive that much of Panem is also in Canada, not just the states. However I do think you did a reeeeaaally awesome job making this.

  52. Cassie says:

    I don’t think the districts had boarders that touched at all. From what I read I don’t imagine the districts to be the size of multiple states, I envision them to be the sizes of cities. They aren’t housing large populations.

    There would be plenty of room left for the arenas, even 75 of them, if the map showed the districts as smaller areas (like Map #1 did).

  53. Kristina says:

    I know that the current District 13 debate is that it is either placed in Washington D.C. or the north-eastern states BUT I don’t think that the map makers should ignore the fact that Canada is also part of North America. A little known fact is that the Sudbury, Ontario region in Canada (google maps it) has huge deposits of heavy metals and one of its main industries is the mining of radioactive metals such as uranium (radioactive metals are used in nuclear bombs…if you didn’t know). It is also an area covered by rich and extensive forest.

    As for District 12, the Appalachian region so clearly marked in the United States region of the map also extends farther up north into Quebec. Ever heard of a small ski vacation spot called Mont Tremblant? Pretty much the same ecological environment as where District 12 is currently placed on the map, but the winter scenes in the novel (where Katniss is trekking around through a ton of ice and snow) are far more imaginable taking place in Quebec than in a Northern Carolina type setting. This region has coal mining as well…

  54. Lysis says:

    Here’s the only problem I have with district 12’s placement. Wouldn’t it be landlocked? If I’m looking at the map correctly district 12 looks like it’s on the coast and that it’s near water. Katniss had never seen the ocean until she went on the victory tour, and where D12 is on the map seems to put it on the coast.

  55. martin says:

    she is from the west side of 12 and they where not to leave the town that is why but the map is very close

  56. *-LaLaa says:

    I Dont Understand. Where Does District 12 Lie On???

  57. Katie says:

    District 2 is graphite but secretly trains the peacekeepers, it should be closer to the capitol as per book 3.

  58. Arden says:

    Spoiler alert!

    You find in Mockingjay that District 2 is in the mountains (and produces nuclear weaponry), thus I think it would make sense that it would be where District 1 is on the first map (since you have both Los Alamos National Labs and Sandia National Labs–both in mountainous areas). The current location of District 2 doesn’t make sense as there are no mountains of quantitative size near Amarillo.

    However the mapped location for District 1 could make sense since there is a lot of turquoise in the area, a good source for luxury goods.

    I pictured District 11 being further west as it seemed to be in a more open, less-treed area, perhaps closer to District 5, and the area is currently largely agricultural.

  59. Nick says:

    Uhm the second map cant be true because if district 12 was that large how could there be one school and only 2 towns and only a few thousand of kids? Unless they had some sort of transportation but that is never mentioned

  60. Sarah says:

    I also feel the Capital should be in Colorado. I don’t know if the sea levels changed, but I feel that District 11 should be the entire South East. With all the orchards, and a lot of fruit is grown in Florida, SC, GA, AL. District 12 is the Appalachian Mountains, but it’s small, so it could definitely just be WV. I grew up in WV and it sounded exactly like it. The coal dust every where, mountains, the animals. It just fits. I also feel there is wilderness around all the districts.

  61. Ilsa says:

    I do think District 13 is the Northeast. Living in Upstate NY myself, there is a nuclear plant in Oswego, NY (on Lake Ontario). I do not know of others in the Northeast, but considering the Oswego Plant it would make sense. Also, there was graphite mining in the area earlier (pre-1950’s). It would make sense for District 13 to be the Northeast, especially considering once you get past the big coastal cities (NYC, Boston etc.,). it’s quite rural with wilderness, small towns, and midsize cities.

  62. akjar says:

    I think this stuff is all fun and entertaining but…if the ice caps melted due to earth warming the most sea levels would rise is around 220 feet. That being said, im from Oregon and can tell you most of the state is above this. The only areas I can see being under water is most of the Portland metro area and Willamette Valley with some small coast areas. There would be a lot of area left, still with 80% of the population of the state in Multnomah county, ie Portland, it would be devastating. Anyway love the books, looking forward to the movie…4 days!!

  63. Claxington says:

    1 – Luxury: Arkansas area
    2 – Masonry: Rocky Mountains area
    3 – Technology: northern OR, southern WA
    4 – Fishing: Great Lakes area.
    5 – Power: PA
    6 – Transportation: Michigan
    7 – Lumber: TN, KY
    8 – Textiles: Iowa
    9 – Grain: Kansas/Breadbasket area
    10 – Livestock:Northern TX, NE, and OK
    11 – Agriculture: Around FL
    12 – Mining: NC, VA, WV area
    13 – Upstate NY, New England area

  64. Chris says:

    I don’t know if the dotted blue line on the first map means the areas outside of it are also underwater like in map two, but if that is the case then neither of these maps are accurate. Taking into account the elevation of North America and what places would actually be underwater if ocean levels were to rise, then much of California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona would not be underwater and most of the south and into the Mississippi river valley would be underwater. If that were to be taken into account, both of these maps would change a lot. Just a thought.

  65. Audry says:

    i’m trying to get to be johanna i hope i am that would be like idk life changing

  66. Winter says:

    Your ethnocentrism is showing. The book says that Panem covers what used to be North America, not just the United States. Why do these maps all end at the United States border? Even if you argue that the oceans have risen, the borders drawn don’t make much geographic sense. Mexico is full of high mountains and the Great Lakes basin would be flooded, especially the lowlands between Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee. The top map… seriously, even in a post-apocalyptic world, the border between “civilization” and “wilds” is going to match up perfectly with the US-Canada border? There are nuclear power plants all over the continent but uranium deposits–needed for producing nuclear power–are found in the United States Rocky Mountains, possibly in Mexico (they’re prospecting for it now), and in MUCH higher levels in northern Canada. Canada also has some graphite deposits. If District 13 is far from the capitol (read: not in the Rockies) then it makes sense to put it somewhere where it can get the material it needs to do its job… right?

    • Rudy says:

      Exactly! I just read the first book and saw the movie, and hello! North America does not end at the US-Canada border. Seriously!

  67. faggot says:

    the majority of graphite in north america is around the canadian side of the great lakes. based off of this, it is very likely that district 13 is around this area. also, i think the information about nukes is inconsequential in this debate about its location. The US and USSR were able to stockpile tens of thousands of nukes within a few decades after they were invented. since the hunger games takes place at least a few centuries in the future, it is very possible that the nukes in district 13’s possession were built in the future, not simply leftovers from the United State’s current arsenal

  68. Craig says:

    Opps – HTML tag got messed up. Hover over the text for the link to the map.

    Capitol – in the rockies, south of Denver. The area includes Los Alamos, which is why they have nukes.

    District 1 – roughly Southern California, clearly a hot spot for Hollywood style luxury.

    District 2 – northern Utah, southern Idaho, over to Cheyenne (where NORAD used to be based – Many have speculated this is the ‘Nut’)

    District 3 – Northern CA, including what’s left of the bay area. Silicon valley migrated here when the oceans flooded the world.

    District 4 – Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria Island. Great source of fishing.

    District 5 – Arizona and Southern NM. Since it’s focus is on power, it makes sense that all the power generating dams, and the nuke capabilities of Los Alamos would play a part.

    District 6 – Northern Plains. Lots of rivers and open space requiring transportation

    District 7 – Northwest forests, lots of lumber

    District 8 – Upper midwest, where a lot of industry important for textiles still survived.

    District 9 – Lower Midwest, where farming is the main industry.

    District 10 – Texas, where lifestock still plays a part of the lifestyle.

    District 11 – what’s left of the south, with plantations and orchards.

    District 12 – WV, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY. Lots of coal mining here.

    District 13 – New England, centered around Boston’s technology center. Always a hotbed for revolution.

  69. jrbear says:

    @ Craig. I like your map the best so far! I agree that there would be large areas of ‘Federal Land” between districts as you show. your loss of land to oceans seems more accurate than the other maps. (wouldn’t the Great Lakes also grow?)
    A couple of things though; The Capitol: is said to be in the N.WEST Rockies. Most want to put it in Denver, you put it south of there. It’s shown in the movie to be nestled between mtns and built next to a lake. I’d put it between 7 and 2, around the Cordallaine Idaho area. District 4 is said to be very warm, it should be along the Gulf of Mexico, like the others show. I’d make 7 larger to include your 4 and Oregon. I do like that you included Calif, and 3 is where Silicon Valley is. 1 is good too. other than that, i’d make some of the others larger and some smaller. I’d flip 6 with 9, making 9 larger, and 6 smaller to be a central transportation hub around the St. Louis area. i’m working on my own version. great work!

  70. Molly says:

    Why is California underwater? Don’t you see all the mountains? To me it makes sense for the land right by the coast to be flooded, but not the whole state.

    The second map has a lot of major flaws. I honestly don’t even see where the district placements came from. Why is District 2 so far away from the Capitol? Also it specifically said in the books that the districts were small areas, completely enclosed by fences and surrounded by wilderness.

    Here’s how I picture Panem:

    The Capitol: Rocky Mountains
    District 1-Luxury: Colorado (diamond and silver mines) and Nevada (gold mines), in the mountains.
    District 2-Masonry/Weapons: Very close to the Capitol in the Rockies, including Cheyenne Mountain (similar to the Nut).
    District 3-Technology: Northern California (Silicon Valley).
    District 4-Fishing: I imagine a long narrow strip of coastline stretching from Alaska all the way around Mexico (Central America would be underwater) to the Gulf Coast.
    District 5-Power: The Southwest. I bet they use a lot of nuclear power, which requires uranium, which some people have actually suggested we mine for in the Grand Canyon-can’t you just see the Capitol doing that? Plus the Hoover Dam for hydroelectricity and lots of sun for solar.
    District 6-Transportation: Chicago, which was once the railroad hub of the U.S. and now has O’Hare. Plus it’s centrally located.
    District 7-Lumber: Pacific Northwest/western Canada.
    District 8-Textiles: There is virtually no textile industry in the U.S., so this could be anywhere.
    District 9-Grain: Iowa/Nebraska/Kansas.
    District 10-Livestock: Texas.
    District 11-Agriculture: A shame Florida would be underwater, as it would be perfect-orange trees and other produce, an appropriately crazy government, hot weather and to top it off our state bird is the mockingbird. But since we can’t have that-the Deep South.
    District 12-Mining: West Virginia.

  71. Steven says:

    I see that most of the districts are in the places they should be. Especially one in genral being District 13, in the books they find out that they moved underground. Which would really work for the New York area, with all the miles of abandoned subway systems.

  72. Tom says:

    District 7 is the upper midwest, and if anyone says different they are ignorant! if you are an American you should know that the best lumber comes from Pine, and pine grows in the Midwest. The Midwest is where in current days the paper industry survives, and in the past where all of the Major Lumber companies were. Yes the Upper west coast has more trees, but it is not as obtainable there. it is not just about the amount of trees. it is also about what the people in that area are known and skilled for.

    District 8 should be where the black hills are, Trust me. Freezing winters and barren land. It would be very apropriate to put textile factories there because there isn’t much that land can provide.

    The Midwest has a lot of resources, and even though it seems as if 7 should be in Washington, its not the case. The lumber industry is in the midwest. Sorry but its true!

    Also with district 7, How could the lumber easily be moved between districts if it is in the upper northwest? in the Midwest we have the easiest means of lumber transportation, we have the Great lakes which can easily move stuff East, and the Mississippi which could easily move it south, and because of the rivers that flow into it, West and also East. it would also make since because the “wilderness” is located north of us, which is also true, if Panem includes parts of Canada, than all you have to do is basically go north about 200 miles and you hit wilderness.

    There is my argument for District 7 and 8 being switched

    • Sarah says:

      I disagree with pine being the best lumber it has alot of issues, its semi soft, has a tarry sap problem and should for whatever reason the capitol people want to make a wood fire well lets just say pine smoke leaves a lot to be desired…

  73. Drake Skinner says:

    District 13 was specifically described as having nuclear missiles. Since 1998, the only active ICBM bases in North America are: Minot, ND; F.E. Warren, WY; and Malmstrom, MT. Given that Minot, ND is the Easternmost of these and that Capitol was described as having control over missiles to the West of District 13, the likeliest location for District 13 is Minot and the location of the Capitol-controlled nukes is F E Warren, WY.

    Also, your projected coastline is ludicrous. It’s wildly unlikely that the North American Coast Range, the Cascades, and the Sierra Nevada would all be underwater, especially given that all three Western ranges have a much higher average altitude than the Appalachian Mountains.

  74. Lulu says:

    District 1 is Luxury
    District 2 is Masonry, or Rock
    District 3 is Technology
    District 4 is Fishing
    District 5 is Electricity
    District 6 is Transportation
    District 7 is Lumber
    District 8 is Textiles, or clothes
    District 9 is GRAIN (no one gets it right)
    District 10 is Livestock
    District 11 is Agriculture
    District 12 is Coal Mining
    District 13 is Graphite and Nuclear Weapons

    Please look it up and get it right

  75. hmm says:

    To Be honest it does make since that dist 13 would be where That is, also think of where the bases are starting to be built, the government would want to hide district 13 and to be quite honest wouldn’t it be easiest to put dist 13 in a cold are as well, also would it make since to put it north of the capitol as it could be easiest to keep people away from there???

  76. @Molly says:

    The reason most likely for California to be flooded would be the San Andres fault. It causes a lot of earthquakes and maybe it just simply moved fast one day and like the rumors say… California dropped into the ocean. there had to be reason for flooding, which was probably the same reason… just saying cali being underwater makes complete sense

  77. Molly says:

    Good point, but we don’t even know if earthquakes played a role in the destruction of North America/creation of Panem. The books specifically list droughts, storms, wildfires and rising sea levels with no mention of earthquakes or fault lines. I’m not saying it’s not possible, just that there’s no basis for it in the books which is why it bothers me when people just cut it off the maps of Panem, especially when it would make such an ideal location for some of the districts.

  78. jrbear says:

    testing to see if works

  79. jrbear says:

    Agree with most of Molly’s layout, but with a few differences.
    The film shown at the D12 Reaping showed a nuke blast, so nukes did get used in the 1st Rebellion. The books suggest there are only about 2 million people left in the entire country, so I think each District is widely separated from each other, with large areas of ‘Federal Lands’ sep’g them, (even if their maps show them touching each other). It would also answer how such a small pop. in D12 could mine enough coal for the entire Country.
    I also think that no current large cities were re-built, but are avoided due to their massive destruction and possible lingering radiation. (one is shown to be a past Games site)

    The Capitol: it’s said to be in the N.West Rockies. Denver is East of them, on the edge of the Great Plains next to them. So any map showing the Capitol there is wrong right off the bat. I’d put it in Idaho, near what is now Idaho Falls, along the Snake River, on the western side of the Rockies, and between mountain ranges, as shown in the movie.
    1. is Luxury: agree that it would be in Nevada/Utah area. Near the power Dist. of 5.
    2. is Masonry, or Rock.: Also has ‘the Nut’ should be where Norad is now, in S. Colorado, in the mountains and where mines are.
    3. is Technology. Agree that it should be in N. Calif. near the Silicon Valley area (Calif. does NOT fall into the ocean, lol!)
    4. is Fishing: agree it would be along the Gulf of Mexico and the inland sea the Miss. River has become due to flooding. It is warm, and shrimp is mentioned.
    5. is Electricity: Agree that it should be along the Colo. River w/ Hoover Dam, goes into the S.West states of Arz. and N.Mexico with large open areas for solar and wind power.
    6. is Transportation: I’d put it around the St. Louis area (but not in it). Almost the exact center of the other production Districts, a rail hub between 10 and 9 and near 6 Textiles. It’s also at the Miss. and Missouri River junction, so at the top of 4. I’d also guess that all trains from the other D’s have to go thru it, for more Capitol control.
    7. is Lumber: most put it in the Pacific N.W. but as one pointed out above, more lumber comes from the Wisc./Minn. areas. Important point; Katniss says they pass thru it on way to the Capitol from D12. So I’d put in the the forests of Ky and Tennessee.
    8. is Textiles, or clothes: I’d put it in the areas outside of Chicago to Detroit where many textile mills did once exist, and could use water power from the Great Lakes for elect’y.
    9. is GRAIN: Clearly would be in the ‘Grain Belt’ of Neb., Iowa up thru S. Dakota.
    10. is Livestock: N.Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas area.
    11. is Agriculture: Clearly what is left of the Deep South, and just South of 12.
    12. is Coal Mining: Only one clearly located. West Virginia, or a small part of it.
    13. is Graphite and Nuclear Weapons: The N. East. Just how big it is? Likely would be in Penn., maybe goes up to southern Canada.

  80. meredith says:

    this map is not correct because panem is all over north america. that means that it is also in canada. it says that in many descriptions of the hunger games and hunger games sites.

  81. Beth says:

    Remember guys, panem was built from the RUINS of north America so things like trees and plants wouldn’t matter because the landscape would probably be different from what it is now, but districts the districts seem spot on but I thought 13 would be bigger?

  82. The Capitol is in Denver.
    D12 is Appalachia.
    D11 shares a border with D12, is one of the largest districts, is South of D12, and is primarily used for growing grain and produce.
    D10 is primarily used for raising livestock. They do NOT process the livestock in D10. However, to feed an entire nation, D10 is likely another very large District.
    D9 processes food for the Capitol and the tesserae; therefore, it likely shares borders with the food production Districts (D4, D10, D11).
    D8 produces and treats textiles and is a factory District. It is POSSIBLE to reach D12 from D8 on foot over a course of weeks/months. Therefore, it does not cross a large body of water.
    D7 specializes in lumber. It’s probably large. It has no role in food processing or manufacture.
    D6 works closely with the Capitol in the research and manufacture of drugs (morphling, medicines). It likely has close ties to D5 in the production of mutts.
    D5 is entirely dependent on the Capitol, so it’s probably somewhat nearby, and specializes in genetic research and manipulation. Because of the necessity of creative thought and intellect, it’s most likely a smaller District so that it’s easier to monitor and control.
    D4 is the ocean. It does have a role in food production. It’s very large. It is a Career District, so it likely is near the Capitol and has some self-sufficiency, but not enough that it doesn’t engender loyalty. (Aside from that, D4 = perfect.)
    D3 has extremely close ties to the Capitol and works with electronics and technology. It is likely small, the Capitol can closely monitor its scientific minds. It has no role in food manufacture or processing.
    D2 specializes in weaponry, is the most loyal District (because the Capitol needs to keep its weapon specialists happy, non?), and has no role in food production. D2 also works in some minor Mining elements and trains Peacekeepers. The Panem railroad is easily accessible in D2.
    D1 produces luxury goods for the Capitol — INCLUDING having a diamond mine. Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine is a defunct diamond mine in Colorado, USA. It is located in the State Line Kimberlite District, near the Wyoming border.
    D13 specialized in nuclear power, shares a border with D12, is both visible and reachable from D12 by foot, and is North of West Virginia. Three Mile Island was in New York Pennsylvania, and probably remained a nuclear reactor or was co-opted again as a reactor. D13 is small but mighty and is surrounded by Wilderness. It is self-sufficient.

    • jrbear says:

      The Capitol: it’s said to be in the N.West Rockies. Denver is East of them, on the edge of the Great Plains, next to them, and very flat. Book 1 says they go thru tunnels in the mountains to get to the Capitol. That would not be ness’y coming from the East if it were in Denver. So any map showing the Capitol there is wrong right off the bat. I’d put it in Idaho, near what is now Idaho Falls, along the Snake River, on the western side of the Rockies, and between mountain ranges, as shown in the movie. You just quoted the article of the map that is a spiral:

  83. JoeC says:

    Couple of interesting points to note:
    For one, the idea of Panem existing post-massive flooding has to be taken into account. Therefore it should not just be the coastlines that flood, but also the mississippi river, hudson bay and the great lakes, essentially creating a nation mostly focuses in the western half with only a narrow (geographiclly) land bridge linking the great plains and the appalations, in between Kentucky and Ohio.

    Also, Canada and Mexico should be taken into account, as in a post apocalypic world, they would most likely be grouped together. The Canadian boreal forrests (Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario) are the most likely location of District 7, whose industry is lumber. As well, the majority of graphite deposits lie in the norther quebec/ontario border area, making this a likely location for District 13, which could be long and narrow from north to south, as the novel suggests it is only a 45 min hovercraft ride from district 12, which is obviously in Virginia/Pensylvania.

    As for my thoughts for the rest of the districts…
    Capital – Salt lake city or Denver area.

    D1 – Possibly washington state/ oregon – the parts that aren’t underwater

    D2 – Close to the capital, in the rockies.

    D3 – Northern California, whatever isnt underwater.

    D4 – Along the southeast coast of Panem (what is now central texas). Their main industry is fishing, and remember, the flooding pushes the Texas coast to near Dallas or Austin.

    D5 – Power. Probably somewhere in the midwest, Indiana or Kansas possibly.

    D6 – Unknown. Probaly factories. Sonmewhere near an established urban centre, like chicago. But im just spit balling here.

    D7 – See top.

    D8 – Textiles. Requires factories, so probably near another major centre. Maybe Minesota or Wisonsin, whatever is nlt swallowed by great lakes flooding. It could also be in south/central ontario or southern quebec, but that would make it not seem to follow the sequential west-east order of districts.

    D9 – Grain/ factories. Probably on the land bridge in ohio/ kentucky. But who knows.

    D10 – Livestock, so it would have to be big to support all of panem. It could be either in the great plains (Montana, southern albera/saskatchewan) or the N.E US, but would probably have to take up all of New England at least. Plus, there’s flooding to take into account.

    D11 – Agriculture. This one kinda throws the whole sequential thing out of balance, as all signs point to Nothern Texas/Oklahoma. It has to be large and flat and in the south and this area sure has that. It could also be in Alabama/Louisiana area, but that is most likely underwater.

    Well, that about does it. In all honesty, Collins kind of made it hard to figure out because some details (such as flooding) were not taken into account during writing, but hey ITS A FICTIONAL BOOK, so I’ll cut her some slack. Still fun to imagine though :)

  84. jrbear says:

    Joe, check out this ‘Flood Maps’ site:
    put it to 60M, which is what is said to be if the polar ice caps melted, so should be a good ref. point on how much of Panem is flooded.(it doesn’t show the Great Lakes flooded, and i agree with you that they would be bigger)
    yes, the Southern Miss. River would turn into an inland sea, but not as much of the West Coast would flood (or sink, lol) as most seem to think.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Collins never really thought it out, since it’s about a girl who ignores her school lessons anyway.(In book 3, she mentions maps of the country the rebels are looking at, so maybe when that movie gets made…we will see an official version)

    • JoeC says:


      Saw the map and you’re right, I really overestimated how much the mississippi would flood, as well as the texas coast.

      Also, it’s so true. It’s not really essential to the plot of the books, so Collins didnt over-think it. Hopefully they show it in the third movie – would give me some closure lol

  85. melody says:

    I think District 12 is placed to far north on the first map. Appalachia would be the western parts of Virginia, TN, and West Virginia. I’d place it right along the Blue Ridge Parkway somewhere. But I’m a Virginian, so that might make me a little biased.

    13.. That’s the question that brought me here. It would have to border 12 on the eastern or northern side.

    The Capitol is Denver, CO. This I am positive about. So the first map has it almost in the right spot, just on the wrong side of the mountain range.
    It’s no secret that Denver plays a part in the US government’s contingency plan, specifically the Denver Airport. If shit goes down, the government will be moved to a new location. Google the Denver Airport. Look at the murals. Freaky shit, I’m not kidding. If there is a disaster, be it natural or otherwise, the plan is to relocate there.

    I think it’s a pretty accurate description of the flooding. There is actually a map the Navy did that gives a pretty good picture of what the country will look like if sea levels rise or the New Madrid fault line decides to crack open.

    • jrbear says:

      if the Capitol is further to the west in the mountains, and surrounded by them, as the books describe(and as shown in the movie), then it is not Denver. Denver is very flat on the Great Plains next to the mountains. the large airport is not needed since the Capitol uses those hover-planes, which land vertically, to get around.
      one article puts it in the Aspen/Vail area, another puts it in the area of Grand Junction. both book 1 and book 3 describe going thru long tunnels thru the mountains to get to it from the east, which cuts it off from the rebels in both rebellions.
      Agree re. D12. a good article puts it in the ‘pan-handle’ of W. Virginia. where-ever it is, it is very small in size, and isolated, no bigger than a small town of 8,000 or so.

  86. David says:

    there is just 1 problem in your theory it says that the districts and the capitol are in North America which would be Canada

    • jrbear says:

      It should have some at least part of Canada in it’s territory. N. America is actually Canada, USA and Mexico. I could see the Capitol being in the N.West Rockies around the Baniff (spelling?) area, and much of the country being in S.Canada, which has large forests, cattle raising, and wheat fields.

  87. Judith says:

    I’d just like to point out that even though you suggest that the names of the tributes reflect what district they come from, and indeed in some of the, as with Glimmer, they do, it is not a solid indication based on the fact that the names Katniss, Primrose, Peeta, and Gale are not connected with mining, at least as far as I can tell.

  88. konner says:

    I imagined the capitol being in vegas.. i know it is not but still.

  89. Stephanie says:

    The major thing that I see wrong with these maps is that the districts are way too big. The books make it sound like the people all come together for different occasions and also just wouldn’t make sense as far as resources for them to be si spread out in these vast areas.

    • jrbear says:

      a very good point. i agree. i think there is large areas of ‘Capitol owned land’ between all the Districts. when Katniss goes to D11 on her victory tour, she says there are large fields of grain with cattle in them, then they get to the fenced off border of D11.

  90. Sarah says:

    District 2 to is stone quarrying and military
    mentioned in Mocking Jay

  91. joe says:

    I think that district 12 is where the map places it and is only a town of 10,000 or so people. I think it is on the west side of the Appalachia mountains.

    13 – not far east of district 12 (only a couple of days walk), probably north west of DC.

    11 – In the book it is said to be hot, in the south and large so i’m going for Georgia and Alabama area.

    10 – livestock so could be anywhere but Dalton got to 13 so i’m guessing somewhere like Kentucky

    9 – Grain, so, again could be anywhere but it sounds as though it is a processing center close to 11, 10 and maybe 4 but i think it would be a similar size to district 12. I think it would be just north of Memphis or the remains of Memphis itself as it is close to 10 and 11.

    8 – Again could be anywhere but a 6 hour train ride and a few weeks from there to 12 whilst also in range of Capitol airstrikes from 2 so it would have to be east of the capital and 2. It’s also described as being hot in Mockingjay and it’s not too big as they could all fit in the square (probably around 50000 people). I’m going for the remains of Indiana.

    7 – Lumber and pine is what we have to go on so it’s obviously up north and, I would imagine, large. I’m going for the western side of Idaho.

    6 – Transportation so it produces hovercraft, etc. for the capitol I’m guessing and probably drills for oil and gas. Manufacturing could take place anywhere but drilling for oil and gas? Has to be east Texas, around Houston.

    5 – It generates electricity, probably in Nuclear form and solar and hydroelectric. I’m going for somewhere near the Hoover Dam.

    4 – Fishing so it’s on the coast and my guess is it is either western Cali. or, in the south east so from Louisiana down to Mexico. I would go for somewhere on the border between Mexico and the US on the south east coast. How far inland depends on how far the seas have expanded.

    3 – Electronics and explosives. my immediate thought was silicon valley but it’s underwater but I doubt it would of moved far because it needs to be close to the capitol. It also has to be reasonably large as it was one of the first to rebel successfully. Reno springs out as most likely but it could be anywhere to be honest.

    2 – close to the capitol so somewhere in the rockys.

    1 – produces luxury goods for the capitol and the largest diamond mine in the USA today is in arkansas. Luckily, the mine is not underwater like a lot of the state so I can safely say that district one is around Nashville, Arkansas.

    The Capitol – Salt Lake City. In the Rockys so the tunnels into it through the mountains in mockingjay make sense here, unlike Denver.

    The Hunger Games arenas are probably dotted around the wilderness in Canada. My guess is that the population of Panem is around 5-6 Million people, with the majority living in districts 10, 7, 11. The capitol probably then has the next highest population of around 100,000 people or so. the other districts are relatively small.

    • jrbear says:

      Hi Joe, same as Joe C.? i’ve read an article that put the pop. at around 4 million. either way, it’s quite small. It’s occurred to me that each District is much smaller than we think, and surrounded by large areas of ‘fenced off’ Capitol owned land. Even the populated parts of them may be moved around as needed for farming and fishing.
      D5. Hoover Dam is what i think too.
      D3. I like the Nevada area too, and lots of manf’g there already.
      D8. i thought would be around the Detroit area, they describe a ‘gritty dark urban’ setting that sounds a lot like that decaying city. Also, the people who jumped the train from there were able to walk to D12 to the east.

      D6 is the most interesting to me. i see it around the St. Louis area, it’s central to all the ‘production oriented’ Districts of 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and at the N. end of the Miss. River’s now inland sea (D4). I think it would be a central ‘rail hub’ that all those other ‘disloyal worker bee’ D’s have to go thru before going anywhere else. They mention stopping for fuel several times in the books. D6 would seem to be the logical place to do that. It takes the Victory Tour a full 24 hr. day to get from D12(W. Virgina) to D11 (the Deep South as we both think), even though a high speed train wouldn’t take that long if it were a direct route.

      • Joe says:

        Different Joe. That does sound about right considering Beetees concerns in mockingjay about the sustainability of the population. Personally, I see a central town/ city with outlying villages that could easily be moved for most districts.

        I think that the train was most likely headed east towards the Capitol or 6 and I doubt it was a high speed on used for transporting victors and that train would have had to have fuelled somewhere near Indiana so I think that’s a better shout. Detroit is district 8.

        District 6 is a bit of mystery but I am certain that the manufacturing of hovercraft and the like is based there but your idea makes more sense than a place where oil is for as they do have coal and, I’m assuming other futuristic technology to fuel the trains. The only place of a meaningful siize between the Capitol and district 12 in a straight line (that’s far enough east) is Kansas city so Kansas City it is!

        • jrbear says:

          The flood map shows current highways on it. (zoom in a little and they are labeled) St. Louis is on the same I-70 as KC, both approx. mid-way between D12 and The Capitol. I-70 leads directly west to Denver/Rockies (where many think the Capitol is; inside the Aspen/Vail/Grand Junction valley, AND it leads onto Utah, the other prime choice for the Capitol)). In my theory, all the current large cities are destroyed, so I’d go with that D6 is in between these 2 cities. I could see D8 being in Indiana, since it’s likely that Detroit would be flooded from the Great Lakes, and it is on I-70 as well.

          • JoeC says:

            District 5 and 6 are the hardest to place because they both have to be cantral to all the disricts. I never thought of 6 being as far south as texas. But it says in catching fire that Bonnie and Twill were on their way to 6 from 8 before they headed east to twelve. Eight doesnt have to be hot all the time, they were just there in the summer.

            Seeing as this is a post-apocalypic world, existing highways such as the I-70 arent in play anymore.

            What always confounded me was the fact that train stops for FUEL, which cant be coal or electricty, but there is no mention of any district producing Oil. Could that be 5? or 6?

          • jrbear says:

            hi joe,”existing highways such as the I-70 aren’t in play anymore.” of course not, but the foundations for them could still be there to build their raised rail lines on top of; and they are laid out in the most direct routes. I noticed that there is no mention of Oil either (wasn’t there a mention that all the oil was gone in one book?). They do make cars in D6, so i guess they would be electric? I think the high speed trains of today are electric? there is some mention of ‘fission’ power, I think she meant ‘Fusion’ power, which we don’t have yet.

  92. joe says:

    I used as my source of info at +60m.

    • jrbear says:

      i’ve seen that before as well. the best source for what N.America would prob’ly look like. (but Houston would be underwater?)

  93. Jill says:

    I think there is strong evidence that District 2 is near/around Colorado Springs in Colorado. The description of The Nut stands out to me as being the strongest clue with Cheyenne Mountain and NORAD. District 2 is close to the Capitol in the Rocky Mountains. Plus District 2 also commands the Capitol’s “Air Force” for lack of a better term which is another reference to NORAD and possibly to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Plus District 2 trains the Peacekeepers and Colorado Springs has a strong military presence with Ft. Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, and Schriever Air Force base.

    For simplicity, I can see where people call the location of the Capitol being in Denver. While a large area of Denver is on the flat plains, the city has expanded westward towards and into the mountains. Perhaps the Capitol is closer to the areas further west than Denver such as Silverthrone, Dillon, Vail, Aspen, Granby, Grand Lake, etc. With the mention of long tunnels in the mountains, this reminds of the Eisenhower Tunnel which is West of Denver in the mountains. So saying that the Capitol is near Denver may not be as far off as some have stated.

    I can also see the Capitol being near Salt Lake City, Utah.

    • jrbear says:

      “District 2 is near/around Colorado Springs”. That’s what i’ve always thought as well. Until I finally read book 3, which describes The Nut as being built during the 1st rebellion from an old mining tunnels complex. Very much like Norad, but not built from it. So it wouldn’t ness’ly be there, but that area still makes the most sense.
      I like the idea that The Capitol is inside the Rockie Mountains (from the tunnels to it, the mountains protect it), so the area just east of SaltLakeCity (Park City area) would work. the movie does show it being along a large river and mountains all around it, so i like the Idaho Falls area, next to the Snake River. It’s location fits even better than Park City or the Aspen/Vail area. (I saw an article by an Aspen writer who claims it IS Aspen.)

  94. readaholic says:

    Well, Maine is dead…… Oh, I live in Maine and my family is mostly in newengland. My Aunt is in the Capitol

  95. readaholic says:

    Never mind… she lives in cali

  96. Niko says:

    I live in new jersy so im underwater im so sad:(

  97. Niko says:

    where did evry on underwater go?

  98. JoeC says:

    Ive done a lot of thinking about this and ive determined that District 5 is the game changer. District 5 produces power: therefore it would have to be relatively close to the capital and the other “power using” districts: 3, 6, 8, 9 (the book says that each district has electricity, but the capital turns it on only at certain points. Districts 3, 6, 8, 9’s industries all require power, as do 1 and 2’s, probably). As well, I was thinking of the point of District 12’s coal. From all descriptions of the capital, it does not seam like a place where coal is used. The only logical use that Panem would have for coal would be to create power – making district 5 closer to district 12 than previously thought.

    When trying to place the districts, the argument that they are numbered according to creation (like the phi spiral rendering) has one big flaw: it makes no sense for a nation to create districts creating Luxury items, weapons and electronics first, while leaving Livestock and agriculture till the end. So, I’ve concluded that the districts were numbered accordingly only AFTER the first rebellion, as the Capital strived to create a more homogeneous, totalitarian Nation. The most logical way of numbering would be proximity to the capital. Also, The Hunger Games describes the new nation of Panem as ‘A shining capital ringed by thirteen districts”, so there are districts all around the capital, to the east, west, north and south.
    Id put Panem’s population at about 2-3 million with the amount of people in the capital equaling the amount in all the districts. The districts themseleves do not have touching borders and are relatively small: More like counties than states. District 12, the smallest has only 8,000 people, with one town, the seam neigbourhood and the coal mines. All of the districts seem to be set up in the same way, with a large town at the centre (with the justice building, etc.) and small towns surrounding it. The rest of the land is proportionate to the industry.
    10, 11, 7 are the largest, 12, 13, 5 are the smallest and the rest are medium sized

    • jrbear says:

      good points re. D5 , power. that spiral map has become the most popular one, cuz it’s very pretty and futuristic, but in many ways the most flawed, imo. I too liked the idea that D5 would be where Hoover dam now is, and where next to it is lots of open desert for solar panels and modern windmills. but it maybe, should be, closer to the Capitol and more central as you deduce. Perhaps along the Misouri River of near the Great Lakes for Hydro Power?
      D4 is another quandary. it is a ‘Careers’ district, but by all accounts, it is along the Gulf Coast(they mention shrimp, not found along the Pacific Coast), so pretty far away from the Capitol. All the other ‘loyal’ D’s seem very close to the Capitol. the other most ‘worker bee’ type producing D’s are the farthest away.

      • JoeC says:

        The missouri river near the great lakes could definitely work for D5 cuz that might put it central to D6 and 8 as well as 12, for coal.

        Do u think think that Panem could actually be more canadian oriented (maybe this is just my Canadian bias speaking here)?

        The capital could still be just west of the rockies, near Banff, Alberta or Whistler,BC.
        D1 could be near Calgary (where i hear theres diamond deposits), 2 just east in the Rockies, 9 in the Saskatchewan plains (tons of wheat), 7 north in the boreal forests of Manitoba/Ontario and 8 and 13 in southern Ontarion. The rest of the districts can still be in the states, but maybe Panem is more expansive than we thought? Your Thoughts?

        • JoeC says:

          *sorry, Ontario

        • jrbear says:

          totally agree, and since the books say North America, she seemed to want to include Canada. I made this comment a few weeks ago above:
          “It should have some at least part of Canada in it’s territory. I could see the Capitol being in the N.West Rockies around the Banff area, and much of the country being in S.Canada, which has large forests, cattle raising, and wheat fields.” (not to mention many large lakes and rivers for hydro-power)
          I’ve been to Banff, and it fits the mountainous scene of the train coming to The Capitol very well. I could see the entire country being shifted North, since if there was a nuke war in the past, more of the USA would be destroyed than Canada.

  99. JoeC says:

    If 5 and 9’s industries were switched, it would be so much easier. You cant really blame Suzanne Collins, though as the little details like this are not really essential to the story

    • jrbear says:

      if this were books by some of the more established Sci-Fi writers, it would be more detailed in these respects. it killed me when she’d just pass-over the whole account of the fall of our world, and the rise of Panem as just being boring to Katniss. Many writers would’ve included that whole back story in detail. Only clue is in the film that Effie shows at the reaping has a nuke blast at the start of it. (in the movie, not spelled out in the book)

      • Jane says:

        I am glad that she didn’t and agree with the OP — it would take the focus away from the plot. I think it’s unnecessary–it really doesn’t matter how they got there. The author just plunges the reader into the world–similarly to one one gets thrown into the games.

  100. Cammin says:

    omg loved the movie but reading the book and so many different things

  101. Erin says:

    I am in district twelve “Wear you can starve to death in safety.” xD

  102. John j, says:

    I think this is a bit far fetched, since it was stated that there were districts WEST of the capitol (district 1, for example). I also would not cover so much of Texas by water, because that region is quite elevated above sea level. I would leave the water marker at Houston.

  103. Katie says:

    I think that the Capitol is in Vegas.
    And 12 in ohio and WV (have u seen the strip mines?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

  104. jai says:

    Excuse me if im wrong but if north america was flooded wouldnt you be looking at the states more inland and it was stated in the book that panem was created from the ruins of north america so really all the places that make stuff materially would be gone district 12 is definately in appalachia and the capitol in the rockies but for the other districts it would be narder to pin point their location because the flood would have changed the climate for example district 4 could be anywhere along the coast line but it would most likely be in a warmer place but not nesscerially as some types of fish are atractedto colder climates.

    • cheryl says:

      i agree with you jai, it was flooded and also she did say north america so i dont think it was just in the usa but in canada as well

  105. Maddy says:

    It said district 2 is be peacekeepers, so it should be in a major army training are, right?

  106. Hunger Games Rocks!! says:

    Well I think district 12 should be a little smaller and 2 should be a little bigger. In one of the books it said that district 12 was smaller then most of the other districts. Also it is good that 12 and 13 are close together because some people had to walk from district 12 to district 13.

    Hunger Games Rocks!!

  107. Tommy says:

    A lot of good stuff, but some frequently heard arguments should be re-thought, I think. 😉

    • We need to completely forget about present-day Silicon Valley, the Hoover Dam, major population and industrial centers, nuclear installations and pretty much everything else man-made. If the books are clear about one thing, it is that Panem is set MANY hundreds of years from now. There are more cultural references to Ancient Rome than to the U.S., which means that Panem culture is FAR removed from 21st-century American culture, much further than we are removed, e.g., from the American Revolution. What resemblance do Silicon Valley, D.C., and Detroit bear to their respective locations even 200 years ago? Absolutely none! Industrial hubs change within generations (Rust Belt, anyone?) and will almost certainly be completely destroyed or reorganized within several centuries.

    • For the same reason, we can stop being hung up on the term “North America”. At Panem time, political entities such as United States, Canada, Mexico have become so far removed as to have lost all meaning. In this context, “North America” is not used as a geopolitical, but merely as a geographical, term. It’s not intended to describe the sum of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, but solely the North American CONTINENT. Therefore, Panem could be anywhere on this continent and does NOT have to extend beyond the borders of any one present-day country. (In other words, it could be entirely located within the U.S. We know it can’t be entirely within Canada or Mexico because of the reference to Appalachia.)

    • Forget about present-day climate conditions. Remember that the pre-Panem climate change was so catastrophic, it apparently wiped out all of humankind except Panem’s immediate ancestors (at most a few million people?), all located in North America. The best regions for orchards, fishing, livestock, lumber, and even power production (solar, wind, hydro, oil/gas?) could be in completely different areas than we’d now suspect.

    So what do we know for sure (I’d like to work off those facts and discard all the chatter)?

    • Geology doesn’t change within centuries or even millennia.
      · 12 must be in a part of the Appalachians that has coal NOW (even if it may not be commercially viable today.)
      · 13 must be somewhere that has (or geologically MAY HAVE) graphite now (even if it may not be commercially viable today.)
    · 2 must have underground rock deposits that are so valuable that it makes sense to recover them through sub-surface (!!!) mining. That fancy marble perhaps that was used to build 2’s Justice Building?

    • Even dramatic climate change won’t change the basic orientation of the Earth’s axis. This means that whatever the climate is, it will still be warmer closer to the equator. Therefore, 11 is to the south of 12.

    • Don’t limit “Appalachia” to West Virginia. shows it extending from Mississippi all the way to Upstate New York. You’ll find hills and coal in many places along the way.

    • 13 is on the side of 12 that faces away from the Capitol, therefore to its E, NE, or SE. It’s about a week’s journey away on foot, presumably for a person of Katniss’s healthy constitution, but through wilderness, with no nice hiking trails (for all who are thinking about the Appalachian Trail). So we are probably not talking more than 150 miles or so, right?

    • Bonnie and Twill hiked from the rail line that connects 8 and 6 to the outskirts of 12, with no more food than they could carry. I’m not sure how useful this really is, since we don’t know how far 6 would be beyond the point where Bonnie and Twill disembarked. In any case, it suggests that 6 is somewhere to the east (or NE or SE) of 8.

    My thoughts about the western districts (closer to the Capitol) to follow …

    Comments are appreciated. :-)

    • jrbear says:

      All really good points Tommy! Most figure that Panem is about 300 years in the future when the 1st rebellion happened.(so + 75 when H.G. happens) and there has been flooding, look at the flood maps we posted above. A large portion of the East Cost would be gone, and the whole area is warmer than now.

      So i think it’s poss. that D11 is west of the Appala’s Mtns, maybe as far away as N.Texas. (it takes them a full day by high speed train to get there from D12)
      I have decided that all of Panem is further North than most have thought, so D12 could be well be in the N. part of Appala., but still likely in North part of W.Virg.
      D6 would be around Ohio, next to the Great Lakes, which now are bigger. Then D13 would be in Penn., still in the Mtns; where someone said there is nuke fuel(and old reactors).
      An interesting comment in the book is how deep they have to go to mine in D12, so they are very old mines.
      there is never any indication of if there are other countries still around or not. My guess is the Capitol gov’t doesn’t want it’s slave population to know.

      • Tommy says:

        I don’t think there is any way of knowing how many centuries from now Panem was founded. My guess would be quite a few, because it is obvious that Panem already had a very different culture from ours before the Dark Days. My guess – and that’s just a guess – would be that 300 years might be the absolute minimum. It might as well have been 1000 years or more. The language has apparently changed quite a bit (see the reference to the old “English” (!) word hijack) and there are new animal and plant species (groosling, nightlock), which wouldn’t evolve overnight, even given dramatic changes to the environment.

        How much land has flooded, we have no way of knowing. I don’t think it was necessary for flooding to have destroyed land within more than a few dozen miles or so inland. That’s where the major population centers of the U.S. are now (Metro Boston, NY, Philly, Baltimore, DC, all of Florida, SF Bay Area, LA). Wiping those out would be more than sufficient to destroy the North American economy and throw the continent into a post-apocalyptic realignment.

        How deep miners have to dig in 12 does not seem to be an important issue to me. Over the last 100 years, miners in our reality have managed to dig pretty deep in places, so considering that Panem happens at least a few centuries from now, anywhere would have to be pretty deep (or WE would have exploited the deposits already.)

        Perhaps Northeastern PA would be a good candidate for 12, since it has high-quality anthracite coal (with no active mines, since remaining reserves are currently too deep to be economical). If we consider how tiny 12 is and how many places there are in the U.S. with (relatively) deep low-grade coal, you’d have to wonder why the Capitol would have all its coal production handled by such a tiny district with apparently a single mine. Perhaps its the special properties of anthracite that are for whatever futuristic reason attractive to the Capitol economy (which obviously has access to clean energy sources, see Twill’s Peackeeper gun, which uses solar energy.)

        About human life beyond Panem, wouldn’t 13 know about it? Plutarch, too, who knows much more about human history, incl. republican forms of government (which the Capitol obviously wouldn’t want anyone to know about).

      • Allie says:

        I think D12 is in the appalachias because when Gale and Katniss look over they see very green mountains

  108. Tommy says:

    About numbering districts in some sort of geographical order …

    • 13 is adjacent to 12
    • 13 is farthest from the Capitol (District 0, if you will); 12 is second-farthest
    • 11 is possibly adjacent to 12, albeit quite a distance away. However, there is no indication that one passes to anything but wilderness on the way from 12 to 11.
    • 2 is “out west”, presumably much closer to the Capitol than 11, 12 or 13.

    • To get from 8 to 12, take the train toward 6 at least part of the way. This suggests that 6 is somewhere in between 8 and 12.
    • Government nomenclature is rarely intuitive. There could be a million reasons why the districts were number in that way. Perhaps the order is completely random.
    • One reasonable pattern might be that the districts were numbered in the order in which they came under the administration of the original Panem (presumably hundreds of years before the Dark Days.) Compare to the American tradition of nicknaming Delaware 1st state and Hawaii 50th state. It would make sense that the districts farthest away from the seat of government (i.e., 12 and 13) might have come under the central authority last (again, compare to the original 13 states, all on the Eastern seaboard, vis-a-vis Alaska [49th] and Hawaii [50th]).

    Anyway, fun stuff to brainstorm about … :-)

  109. Robert says:

    I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games, and I have tried putting together Panem myself. So, to be ultra-analytical, I’d like to note that Suzanne Collins has a lot of inspirations for this story. The basis of the Hunger Games for example comes from the ancient story of Theseus and the Minotaur-and thus, the inspiration for Katniss comes from none other than Artemis. How do I know? Because Artemis-the daughter of Zeus-was usually depicted as a teen about 16 years old, and was famous for her silver bow. She was considered the most beautiful of the Goddesses of Olympus, second only to her half-sister Aprhodite-and she was the protector of Theseus.

    Anyway, in looking at these districts, there are little tell-tale signs. ‘Mockingjay’ provides some very useful clues. District Two, the one that provided the Peacekeepers, had a huge underground fortress, and was relatively close to the Capitol-anyone remember NORAD, from back in the Cold War days? If not, check our “WarGames” with Matthew Broderick. I agree firmly that the Capitol itself lay in the vicinity of Utah, possibly Salt Lake City-the geography and description of that place is just too similar. Silicon Valley would figure very prominently as well. Beef would indicate a district in Texas, which is famous for that. District 11 I’m not entirely sure of. It is in the South, but given the climate shift and the rising seas, would that mean northern Alabama (and I think Suzanne Collins went to college in Alabama) or perhaps Tennessee? Probably. However, in “Mockingjay”, Suzanne Collins made a reference to District 13 and District 12 being only 45 minutes apart by hovercraft. Now, given inspiration here, the likelihood of District 13 being Oak Ridge, Tennessee-where nuclear weapons were made for years-then, District 12 lies within a radius of a 45-minute flight time. There are no coal fields to the west or south of Oak Ridge that I’m aware of, but the big ones are to the north and the east. Now, given Kentucky and West Virginia are both famous for coal mining, plus considering movies such as “Harlan County, USA” and “Matewan”, District 12 lies I think probably where southeastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia meet-look closely at a map. To further support this, the Big South Fork National Recreational Area lies north of Oak Ridge on the Tennessee-Kentucky border, and part of this is a national park called Blue Heron, which is a former coal camp, near Stearns, Kentucky-and a helicopter ride between these two places would take roughly 45 minutes.

    • Tommy says:

      I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t make any sense to base the locations of Panem districts on the locations of NORAD, Silicon Valley and other contemporary man-made structures. This makes about as much sense as basing the locations of our auto industry on where horse-drawn carriages were manufactured in the Middle Ages.

    • Liam says:

      It is described by Katness in the ‘mocking jay’ that district 13 was warmer than district twelve and because the climate wouldn’t have changed to much in a few centuries district 13 would be south east of district 12. Also it wasn’t snowing in district 13 when it was in district 12 but that doesn’t mean much, also district 11 would be in the south because Suzanne Collins inspiration of the farming seems to be from 1960’s America where the population of the district is mostly African American farmers. Just a thought. I also believe that even though district 12 is tiny and the other districts are larger I don’t believe they would take up intire states as the land around district 12 is referred to as ‘the capitols land’ where to trespass would result in being either killed or turned into an Avox and because the districts have all rebeled before to control them it would seem logical to cut most of the communications and the primary functions of the districts is to support the Capitol who benefit off all the districts they mention in the last book when the districts rebel that the Capitol runs low on supplies of certain goods. I believe the population of all the districts and the Capitol are low as when the rebellion is won they want to kill all of the capitols people but they decide not to as it would have to much of a drastic effect on population and the option of nuclear war is a no because the effect would destroy panem suggesting that the districts are all pretty close and I believe they all would be in America but idk the extent of the water level rise would Be. I also believe district 12 would produce the coal either for the capitols heating or for the power plants of district 5. District 10 would be large district with mostly fertile plains. Most of the districts if not all would be to the east of the Capitol as during the rebellion if district one for example was beyond the Capitol it would be the last to be taken. It would be great if the author writes a book about all the history and the location and a map of the districts even though it is known that they don’t had the technologies for satilites so no satitilite images of the nation or world would excist they need to describe things more. My theory is a nuclear war was the main reason the world is in its state now and of course in the future natural climate change would cause flooding, droughts etc. most of the species that are around are the same as present except some genetically modified creatures. The fact Katniss when hunting in the first book misses the deer because of gale this suggests whatever happened has effected the population of animals and the main reason they end up putting the district 12 fence back up is to stop predators which could be bears or something else. The fact the districts are fenced and far apart could be to keep alway from hazardous nuclear bomb sites perhaps? And the fact one of the arenas is an old city which was destroyed could mean that the old world that we know might not be as far away as excepted as the city isn’t as decayed as some old cities. That’s just my theory I could speak about this all day but in the end everyone had their own opinions and the author could have purposely left out these details to not discract people from the actual story. I love the hunger games.

  110. tidbit says:

    So is disctrict 13 around NY?

  111. Socks12ful says:

    You can never really know where the districts would be placed cus It says that droughts, floods, fires, and things like that destroyed much of the land so….yeah.

  112. Peeta'sGirl says:

    Isn’t Mexico Central America?

  113. Awesome72here says:

    I’ve seen plenty of maps like these and have noticed that the New York area is either District 12 or District 13. Does anyone happen to know which one it is in? I would say District 13 because District 12 would probably be further South. Thank you!

  114. Sarah says:

    Can anyone give me an idea of which district Missouri would be in? (Preferably the St. Louis area)

    • jrbear says:

      Hi Sarah. It’s been my theory that it is in D6, the Transportation District. It would be central to all the farming, lumber, cattle raising areas, at the north end of the inland sea that the Miss. River had become, so next to D4, Fishing, as well. Directly west of D12, Coal, and west of D8, Industry. It would be directly east of the Capitol (if it is in the Rockies near Denver). So it would make a perfect ‘hub’ for all the train lines from these Districts to pass through as supplies are sent to the Capitol and to the other districts. I also checked a topo map, and found there is some highlands south of St. Louis (the old city likely would no longer exist) that would not have been flooded. That is where the new city could be built.
      I think D1, D2, D3, and D5 are all nearer the Capitol.

  115. YUNGHdog says:

    I think everyone is kinda wrong about district 12….I mean, think about it. Where did they film the movie? Western North Carolina….It’s obvious that district 12 is in the south, and in my opinion it is in the North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee area. heres my list.

    District 1. Caliornia, Orgegon. Luxury Items, Im just taking a guess.

    District 2. Eastern Colrado, Kansas, some of Nebraska. Weapons and peacekeepers. Its near the Capitol.

    District 3. Arizona/ Texas Area

    District 4. Ok so this is gonna sound weird, but i imagine that Panem is also in Canada. So therefore, i think that District 4 is probably in the Gulf of Mexico area, but extends up to the border of Tennessee, near the memphis area.

    District 5. Sort of to the right of the capitol…So like Wyoming.

    District 6. North Dakota South Dakota

    District 7. Alright so since its lumber…Im gonna have to say minnesota and extends up into Canada.
    District 8. Illinois and Michigan area no doubt.
    District 9. Missouri.
    District 10. In the North Mid-West.
    District 11. Most of the South….And it probably goes into the Eastern part of the Mid-west.
    District 12. Ok, TN,SC, NC, and Kentucky.
    District 13. Probably Virginia,and other northern states.

    Capitol. Most definitely in the Denver/Colorado Springs area.

    • NCBob says:

      They filmed the entire movie in North Carolina including Capitol scenes. Does that mean the Capitol is in North Carolina too? It doesn’t work that way. Where they film the movie has little to do with where Suzanne Collins wrote those location to be. They could have filmed the entire movie on a Hollywood backlot for that matter.

      • YUNGHdog says:

        No I didn’t mean that…I agree, what I’m saying is, they needed a completely REAL southern area…that really has nothing to do with it either, im just saying. Now looking back at this, I’m thinking D12 is the very north eastern tip of Tennessee, where TN and Virginia meet…possibly Kentucky…One more thing….North America flooded and people keep saying D13 is in New York…I mean, wouldn’t the north east have been flooded too? D13 could be in New York but i think its possible that it could be in PA…thanks for your time

    • panem is awsome says:

      Good. I know it doesn’t say this in the books but (5?) Powerplant district should be in Montana”Ish” area there are a lot of power plants there. Also eleven would be good in Idaho Washington area. Just putting two and two together about Idaho state

  116. lily says:

    well i herd that katniss got ppreganet at the end and gael bomed the city and at cachting fier gae got whip

  117. jordan says:

    i would live in district 12 if i was in the hunger games

  118. NCBob says:

    District 12 is almost certainly West Virginia. Its the only place that fits everything. Some of the other places mentioned cant be district 12 because they just don’t fit the descriptions. The entire state of WV sits in Appalachia. It’s got the big coal reserves. It’s in the south. It gets lots of snow. Since its the most northern of southern states it would be very close to the northeast which is where district 13 is likely to be. District 12 has to be West Virginia or a big part of it.

    District 12 is not Pennsylvania. If you have listened to Suzanne Collins reading from the books, Katniss has a southern accent Pennsylvania wont have that accent and neither will Ohio which is another choice that has been mentioned. Its not Virginia because Virginia doesn’t have the coal deposits. North Carolina doesn’t have the coal deposits either. Just google a U.S. coal deposit map. You also need lots of snow in District 12. West Virginia gets lots of snow and has several big ski resorts. Does Kentucky or Tennessee get 10 foot snow drifts in winter like West Virginia which is further north? especially if the climate has warmed up where the ice caps melted and part of North America is flooded? Tennessee (and maybe Kentucky) also seem like they may be a little too far south to be close enough to district 13 to make the quick trip. West Virginia is the only area that fits district 12 perfectly. There may be an argument to include part of south east Kentucky in district 12 but for the most part you are looking at district 12 being where currently West Virginia is.

  119. NCBob says:

    The Capitol is most certainly not Denver. Denver sits on the western edge of the great plains. The Capitol is protected by the Rocky mountains to the east. There are no Rocky Mountains east of Denver so Denver is clearly not the Capitol. Aspen would would be a much better guess. It could be a number of cities/towns but whatever one it is, it has to sit in the Rocky Mountains.

  120. Andrew says:

    Aw, that sucks, my city is underwater! Well, if my city wasn’t underwater, I would be in District 4.

  121. Finnick fan says:

    i think since north America flooded I’m guessing the states of the eastern and western coastline such as ny ,nj,ct,california etc would be destroyed while the inland states including some small cities in Canada would be the only living area of land.

  122. Finnick fan says:

    All other states not on the coastline are mostly field and plains so probably all the coastline states can be under water. If I’m wrong then all the southern states are flooded will the northern states are the only civilization left. But what about the other side of the world? Was north America the only country that suffered mass destruction? Because if that’s true then to me that’s mean. What about Asia,europe,africa,australia, anartica, and the other little island and islets? Is Hawaii still even on the futuristic map of the world ?!?!?!?!

  123. Jess says:

    My main issue is why are the Cascades and Sierra Nevadas flooded when the elevation there is over 1600 ft but the Mississippi River Valley with elevation up to 700 ft is not covered in water. It makes no sense.

  124. Nia says:

    Hmm, the second one sees most accurate…and of COURSE California gets the Capitol! And Louisiana is District 7! That makes complete sense!

  125. Chelsea says:

    So I was just thinking if there was the hollowed out mountain in 2 with the peacekeepers it could possibly be inspired by Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs! It is an old Cold War Bunker that NORAD uses now. Which would make further sense considering the Capital is in the Rockies

  126. David says:

    Just my thoughts….
    Capitol- Denver Area?
    District 1- Santa Fe Area?
    District 2- Boise Area?
    District 3- North-East Nevada Area?
    District 4- Corpus Christi, Texas Area?
    D5-Central Arkansas?
    D6-Nebraska Area?
    D7- West Wyoming Area?
    D8-Canada Side Great Lakes Area?
    D9-Iowa Area?
    D10-Missouri Area?
    D11-Atlanta Area?
    D12-Kentucky/WV Area?
    D13-Penn Area?

  127. Jason says:

    There are a couple flaws with this map. I was born and live in Maine but I have traveled most of this country and lived in many other states. That being said, there is no friggen way the vast majority of the states that are “underwater” would be. For example, you have the state of Maine near completely under water. The ocean would have to rise thousands of feet for that to happen. If that did most all of the country would be underwater except for the most mountainous states. California too is too far inland before you’re not underwater. Texas as well. Most states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama most of their coasts are marsh, bogs and barely above sea level yet the are goes almost to the coast in some of those states. Florida I agree would be pretty much gone. 80% of that state is barely above sea level. And on a side note, district 13 IMO, is from New York, maybe part of Pennsylvania up through the New England states.

  128. Susan says:

    The capital is definately in the rocky mountains but the people seem like lie Angeles or Beverly Hills type people

  129. LilTorro says:

    Just thought of something, in present day North Korea a large part of the population has no idea about the outside world beyond what their government tells them. In the Panem there is obviously no freedom of the press, similar to North Korea so maybe there are other societies in the world that survived all the disasters/ww3 or whatever happened, but because of the information blackout only Snow and a handful of other people know the truth. And the reason the other societies or nations dont intervine is because they either dont know about the atrocities (the games, public floggings, executions and starving people) that go on in Panem, or Panem is a superpower and intervention would lead to ANOTHER (nuclear? ) world war (4?) As far as what districts are where, im fairly certain 12 is somewhere in the Appalachian mountains (probably west virginia), the capitol is somewhere in or around the Denver/ Colorado springs area, the “nut” was either built using old U.S. military hardened bunkers tunnels and facilities, or at the very least the capitol got the idea from them, Panem most likely goes into northern Mexico and southern Canada, and finally district 13 probably goes from Washington DC into NY NJ PA and New England possibly into parts of Canada. Get at me with your thoughts on my theroy. BTW in case your interested I’d be from D13 so dead? :(

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  131. Geographer in the West says:

    After reading the books, and looking at other maps, I have noticed that there may be some misplaced districts. The first map assumes that global warming pretty much shrunk North America by rising ocean waters. Effectively making North America an island continent. Using the assumptions above, basing on the present United States, and assuming that Panem effectively kept the present US economic regions intact, this is my take of what the districts should be.

    Knowing the terrain west of Denver, the Capital is about in the right place. Probably more to the NW of Denver, at the west portal of the Moffat Tunnel ( More exactly, south of Granby and North of Winter Park Ski Resort.,-105.8220473,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9ad1168e578def16. Why there? Because this area is between two high mountain passes and the only way in is US 40, besides the tunnel.

    District 1 and 2 should both be near the Capital. Current day Colorado Springs has military bases, western Colorado has marble quarries. Current day Cheyenne to at least current day Trinidad (north of Raton Pass) would be a logical location for District 1. With District 2 west of the Continental Divide to about the Utah Border, because of quarries is western Colorado and NORAD just west of Colorado Springs.

    District 3, could also be located in Denver, but more likely in Austin, to not have too many important districts in one area. More than likely District 2 has great sway and control over District 3 for national security purposes.

    District 4, the eastern seaboard, and south of district 11 along the coast and along what is left of the west coast. This would be a think coastal district to catch a variety of sea life. It is possible, that even the Great Lakes could be included in this district.

    District 5, power generation we can start with Niagara Falls and Ontario, as most of the power generated for Ontario is hydroelectric. Of course, as this is infrastructure, wind generation, solar generating would be occurring in all districts and those, in this occupation, are heavily supervised, by peace keepers, when they leave their district.

    District 6, hard to see a transport district being tied to one geographical area. Roads and railroads certainly not. Though, transportation manufacturing, would be in the area between Erie PA to Chicago, up to Milwaukee.

    District 7, Pacific Northwest as this is a heavy timber region.

    District 8, this is probably carved out in the south area, between coastal District 4 and District 11. Approximately present day Georgia.

    District 9, east of the Rockies, north of the Ohio/Missouri River’s, east to the Appalachians. District 5 would be more or less surrounded on 3 sides by District 9.

    District 10, South of the Missouri/west of the Mississippi, east of District 1, north of the coastal area occupied by District 4.

    District 11. East of the Mississippi, South of the Ohio river, west of the Appalachians, north of the coastal are (district 4) and Textiles (Georgia District 8).

    District 12, from present day Scranton PA south to Chattanooga, TN. The Appalachian range.

    District 13. Based upon the first map, and the books indicate that District 13 is next to District 12. The logical place is Oak Ridge, TN. A major nuclear research site. Also, hydro electric from the TVA projects as a secondary power source. Of course District 13, surface was destroyed leaving only one source of hydro. So, destroying District 13 eliminated a second power generation source.

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