GIVEAWAY: The My Hunger Games Birthday Prize Pack

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And the Winner is…

Amanda Zimbarg!

Contact us at to claim your prize Amanda!

Thank you all so much for your entries and birthday wishes, we love every one of you!

My Hunger Game Prize Pack

My Hunger Games is turning two!  And to mark our second anniversary and as a huge thank you for all of your support,  we’re giving you the chance to win a fantastic Hunger Games Prize Pack.

The competition runs from May 1 (our birthday) until midnight  May 8, 2012 ET – which just so happens to be Katniss Everdeen’s birthday…so double the reasons to celebrate!

To enter just make sure you “like” us on Facebook and that you’re following  us  on Twitter and then follow the prompts below.

The prize includes The Hunger Games training top (in medium), a Mockingjay pin, Katniss figurine, District 12 Strategy Game as well as Katniss Salute Pajamas (also in medium) thanks to our friends at Panem Propaganda!

This is an international giveaway, so it is open to everyone, EVERYWHERE!

Thanks again for your support and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. Bailey says:

    I want this it looks awesome! :)

  2. Myrka says:

    Happy Birthday! <3

  3. Vijeta Walke says:

    Happy Birthday “My Hunger Games” page!!!
    You guys have done such a great job over the past year. Good luck for the further years :)

  4. Kayla says:

    This is an awesome contest!

  5. Jordanne Morrow says:

    This is a great giveaway! Happy Birthday!!

  6. Kelly says:

    This is fantastic! I would love to win!
    Been a fan of this series since the first book and have been with it ever since!

  7. Juniper48111 says:

    I really want to win!!! 😀 Happy birthday!!!

  8. Kristina Fuentes says:

    My birthday is in 26 days and this would be an awesome birthday present may the odds be ever in my favor!

  9. kellyo says:

    Happy Birthday to y’all! Thanks for doin’ this! :)

  10. Anton says:

    A lot of may birthday’s like usual!!

  11. Melodie says:

    This is awesome! Happy birthday! I am such a huge HG fan!

  12. Saralyn says:

    I would like to win :)

  13. Grace says:

    hope i win!

  14. Carson J says:

    Love the Hunger Games so much! It’s my life and all I talk about. I hope I win!

  15. Cassie says:

    Reaaally want the pajamas and pin(: loved the series. Might have to read over again because I’m missing the awesomeness. And we have to wait til november 2013 for catching fire movie…:/

  16. Tania says:

    Happy Birthday! you guys are awesome! love this site

  17. Sarah M says:

    Happy birthday guys!

  18. chanel says:

    the training top looks so legit.

  19. Katie Scott says:

    I really hope I win this! I absolutely LOVE the hunger games!!! I can’t wait to get more merchandise 😀

  20. milaxx says:

    may the odds be ever in my favor.

  21. KatnissMockingjay says:

    Happy Birthday My Hunger Games! Luv ur site, the odds are in ur favour!

  22. THacker says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  23. Tania says:

    Happy Birthday! love this site!

    BTW the prompts aren’t working for me, what exactly am I supposed to do to enter apart from FB and Twitter?

  24. Shahira says:

    Happy birthday! Your site is awesome. :]


  25. Angela says:

    Please pick me! This looks awesome!

  26. Rachael says:

    Happy Birthday Hunger Games! And to Katniss Everdeen!! I got the Hunger Games for my birthday! haha

  27. Daria says:

    Happy Birthday and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  28. giu says:

    Is this an international giveaway?

  29. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday! Hopefully I win, fingers crossed! To everyone else, may the odds be ever in your favor!

  30. annabelle says:

    Happy birthday :)

  31. Janice says:

    Happy Birthday!

  32. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday!

  33. Marty says:

    OMG These are awesome. Happy Birthday! And may the odds be ever in our favor! :)

  34. Trish says:

    Happy Birthday MyHungerGames! I’ve been a fan of this site for such a long time and I’m really happy for you guys! 😀

  35. NoiF says:

    As I said – May the oods be ever in my favor :)

  36. Maya says:

    Thanks for awesome contest! Happy birthday and may the odds be ever in your favor :)

  37. Kristina Curtis says:

    I am so excited for this giveaway, they are such great prizes! Everybody- May the odds be ever in your favour! :).

  38. Phoebe McK says:

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! Happy Birthday and may the odds be ever in your (and my 😉 ) favor!

  39. Eliška B. says:

    I really hope i win!!:))

  40. Akif G says:

    Happy birthday! and thank you MyHungerGames for being my number one source of information about anything Hunger Games related. 😀

  41. Michelle says:

    awesome giveway
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  42. Jacob says:

    Awesome prizes! Good luck!

  43. Rorymellark says:

    Awesome, they all look so cool!

  44. Karen says:

    canadians allowed?

  45. Yolanda Flores says:

    My daughter would absolutely love this!!

  46. Yolanda Flores says:

    My daughter would absolutely love this!! Happy birthday!

  47. SpeedBrkr says:

    Thanks for the awesome contest! ^_^

  48. Marie E.K says:

    Happy birthday ! and thanks you some much for all the news, you’re really reliable ! and thanks again for all the gives away !!

  49. Georgie says:

    OMG, The coolest contest ever. love to win :):):)

  50. Jane says:

    This is great…Happy Birthday :)

  51. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  52. Ghale Reyes says:

    so excited!!!!:)) I wish I could win!

  53. Stephanie Copenhaver says:

    OMG I wanna win!!! The prizes are EPIC! So excited!!!! Happy Birthday!!

  54. Melissa C. says:

    Awesome giveaway! You rock!

  55. AEo says:

    Hope the odds will be in MY favor 😉

  56. Katri says:

    Wow!! This is awesome!! I hope the odds be ever in my favor!

  57. Piper says:

    *fingers crossed* hooray prize pack!

  58. Leah says:

    Woooooohoooooo may the odds be ever in your favor :)

  59. Joyce says:

    Happy Birthday! 😀

  60. Simone Hutcherson says:

    OMG! This is so awesome.. I have always dreamed about this moment.. And happy birthday!;);)
    -Hope the odds are with me

  61. Dawn says:

    Love it! Thanks!

  62. teris says:

    Happy birthday, My Hunger Games!! May the odds be ever in my favor!

  63. Kathryn J says:

    Happy birthday!!

  64. Megan Giberson says:

    I love The Hunger Games! Def wanna win some awesome goodies :)

  65. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday guys. This is an awesome prize :)

  66. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  67. Vy says:

    This is the first time I enter a giveaway. Really hope I’ll win because there’s no way to have stuffs like these in my country. And Happy Birthday My Hunger Games, I really love your site♥

  68. Tia Shaw says:

    Awesome!!!!!! I really hope i win!!!! I was the first one of my friends to read them, then i got them hooked. All the clothing is in my size and the game looks awesome. I will probably display the figurine on a shelf because its so authentic. *GO HUNGER GAMES*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Kriztinoiz says:

    Happy Effieing Birthday!! and may the odds be Eva in your Fava!

  70. Lauren says:

    epic contest

  71. Emma says:

    I really want to win!!!

  72. Shereen says:

    Happy Birthday My Hunger Games…. im so excited….and i really want that prize pack 😛 !!!

  73. Kevin says:

    Love the Hunger Games. Hope I win.

  74. Quin says:

    Happy Birthday My Hunger Games! Hope to win this giveaway because I’ve never won a giveaway before. :)

  75. Hannah says:

    Happy birthday, My Hunger Games! This is so awesome! I screamed a little bit…. 😀

  76. Lily says:

    Happy birthday. <3 Been coming to this website for all the latest news – it's the greatest HG news website ever!

  77. Ellie says:

    Wow! This birthday prize pack is awesome! Happy birthday My Hunger Games! 😀

  78. Nia says:

    Happy Birthday guys! Such an awesome giveaway!

  79. Hosea says:

    Happy Birthday!!! and thanks for the opportunity in this awesome giveaway!!

  80. Rebekah says:

    Happy Birthday!Thank you guys for being my #1 fansite to check everyday!!
    You guys are awesome!! Happy Bday!!;D

  81. Jean says:

    Thanks so much!!! Happy Birthday y’all!!!

  82. Grace says:

    An amazing prize pack from a truly amazing site! :)

  83. Maddie says:

    This is a great giveaway! Thanks!:)

  84. Lisa says:

    I would love to win this!

  85. queen_akasha2004 says:

    It’s Summer here, I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of My Hunger Games for all the birthday wishes. We are so glad to have all of you along for this amazing ride with us, and it’s just getting started!

  86. Mollie says:

    Hope I win…. SOOOOOO want a mockingjay pin<3

  87. Adele says:

    Happy birthday to you guys 😀

  88. Emma says:

    This giveaway is awesome! :) Happy Birthday My Hunger Games!

  89. Sara says:

    Really hope I win cuz I really love The Hunger Games!

  90. Ruth says:

    happy birthday guys!

  91. Gina says:

    Happy Birthday !

  92. Jellybellys78 says:

    Very cool contest and have a very happy birthday. May this year be the best one yet 😉

  93. Victoria Lopes says:

    Happy Birthday! And may the odds be ever in my favor

  94. sophie stocks says:

    happy birthday : ) thanks for the chance to win this i love the hunger gamesx

  95. Mariah says:

    Happy birthday !! Aww I really hope I win this, I love The Hunger Games so much !! :)

  96. Natalie says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  97. happy birthday my hunger games! and may the odds be ever in my favor to win!……..

  98. Kateirna says:

    would totally kill to have this !!!!!

  99. Ricardo says:

    Happy Birthday MyHungerGames!!

  100. Christin VanNorman says:

    Happy Birthday! Those pajamas are callin my name!!

  101. Katniss Mellark says:

    Happy Birthday MyHungerGames!! And of course last but not least KATNISS!!! I reaaalllyyy want to win this so May The Odds Be Eva In Ma Fava!! Happy Hunger Games tyo ya’ll!!

  102. Josy says:

    Happy birthdayy maligayang bati

  103. Dennis A. says:

    happy birthday!! 😀

  104. valeria says:

    i didn’t win last time but i still have hope that i will win this time I ♥ THE HUNGER GAMES

  105. elle98x says:

    I want this soo badly :)

  106. Mark says:

    Happy Birthday My Hunger Games! And Happy (Early) Birthday Katniss! 😀

  107. Cel says:

    Yeah, happy birthday My Hunger Games, and Katniss :)

  108. Cathy says:

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for this amazing giveaway! (even though i probably won’t win)

  109. Rena Baradi says:

    This is awesome! Happy birthday! <3

  110. Brenda says:

    This is love! 😀

  111. Michaela says:

    Happy Birthday!!! And this giveaway is amazing! Too bad the odds are not in my favor:(

  112. Demitra says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  113. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday :)

  114. kierstan says:

    OMG. THE BEST PRIZE ENTERING CONTEST EVER!!! i just love this website so much:D

  115. kierstan says:

    OMG. THE BEST PRIZE ENTERING CONTEST EVER!!! i just love this website so much:D oh and happy birthday guys!

  116. Daysi A. says:

    Amazing Prizes! Ofcourse everything hunger games is amazing:) But most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Enjoy your day:) My birthday is the next day so i’ll be celebrating too.:)

  117. Karli says:

    AMAZING prizes!!!! Happy birthday haha and thanks for the giveaway

  118. KatnissEverdeen says:

    thanks for the giveaway…tweeted :) @mockingjay_fire

  119. Kaitlyn Petersen says:


  120. Sammy oulton says:


  121. Samantha Williams says:

    This looks amazing<3

  122. Julie says:

    Happy birthday! Hope the odds are in my favor! :)

  123. Karalyn says:

    These are awesome prizes!

  124. Kate V. says:

    My birthday is the same day as Katniss’!!!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

  125. Alex Teri says:


  126. kaytlen says:

    omg!!!!i hope i win these!!!!!!

  127. Lilly says:

    these are awesome!!! please choose me!!! por favor señor!!

  128. Kuro V says:

    Happy Birthday to both the Hunger Games and Katniss!!! I want this so much!! :)

  129. Kelsea says:

    Happy Birthday And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour! :)

  130. claudine ampolitod says:

    happy birthday and love your giveaways 😀

  131. annie browen says:

    AND A EXTRA SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HERO AND MY INSPIRATION IN LIFE KATNISS. I want this prize pack so bad the hunger games is my whole life i breathe it talk about non stop everything i think almost 24/7 is hunger games related my friends think i need rehab i want the katniss figureen so bad i cant find them anywhere besides online the training shirt wont fit me but i guess i could sell it andby it in a bigger size. Katniss is my hero she has saved me from a very hard time in my life and thats why this series means so much to me. Suzanne Collins is my idol i inspire to be a great writer like her she helpedme keep going withmy writing i want to win this so bad and i truly do hope that the odds are forever in my favor.

  132. annie bebe says:

    i want this so bad so so bad

  133. Jade says:

    Happy birthday, guys!

  134. Alyssa says:

    OMGGGGG may 8th’s my birthday ;__; i hope i win the shirt!!!! been wanting it so bad.


  135. Bonnie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celeeeebrate good times, cmon! Haha. Amazing prizes, bless you all for the opportunity!

    Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic giveaway, btw 😀

  137. Melanie says:

    that is MAHOGANY!

  138. Rachel says:

    So many wishes
    So many smiles
    Too many memories
    Too few words
    With one big Birthday
    Happy Birthday MyHunger Games.

  139. Brittnie says:

    This looks awsome! Happy Birthday to MyHunger Games!!!!!

  140. Kasey says:

    Thank you for the Chance to win this! 😀 Happy Birthday to MyHunger Games 😀 😀 😀

  141. Nadia Lim says:

    Hope I’ll win! :)

  142. Chelsie says:

    Happy Borthday guys and May the Odds be Ever in your Favor :)

  143. Catt says:

    May the odds be ever in your favor…

  144. Kristel says:

    OMG this is awesome!! I hope I win this!!
    and Happy Birthday ‘My Hunger Games’ you guys have been really awesome about giving us all the latest news about the movie!!! (: <3

  145. Kristy says:

    i would really like to win this giveaaway!!!!!!! i hope i will! it would really awesome to have all this =!!!

  146. Emma says:

    Happy Birthday My Hunger Games & Katniss :)
    hope ur birthday is gonna be great and may the odds be ever in ur favour

  147. Nele Coghe says:

    I want to win this sooo badly!
    My best friend and I are both celebrating our birthdays in May –
    And we’re both HUGE Hunger Games-fans; I mean, it’s all we ever talk about!

    [So… , this would be a great way to celebrate our 16th birthday! ;d
    We even ordered a cake inspired by the Hunger Games! ;)]

    May the odds be ever in your favour! Well.. hopefully in ours this time!

    And we both wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  148. Wouter says:

    Happy birthday!
    &Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!
    The pyjamas aren’t really meant for boys, I guess, but I’m sure my sister would be really happy with it!

    That way, you can make two people happy.
    Wouldn’t that be a great idea? :) *hint*

    Thanks again for this giveaway!

  149. Hungergamesaddicted says:

    I hope you continue for LOTS of years because I visit you every single day for hunger games news.
    When I saw the “GIVEAWAY: The My Hunger Games Birthday Prize Pack” my heart stopped.
    As the hunger games fan no 1 I’d love to receive all those prizes.
    No, I’d die to receive those prizes.
    Hunger games forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Christina B says:

    This is freaking awesome, thank you for the giveaway:)

  151. Mockingjay says:

    Looks incredible<3

  152. Sofi says:

    It’s my birthday on Monday, May 7th so it would be amazing if I won. It looks incredible 😀

  153. Ileana A. says:

    Happy Birthday! And thank you so much for the chance!! ^^

  154. Blade says:

    I want it!

  155. Samar says:

    may the odds be ever in my favor ! happy birthday!

  156. Shanice says:

    this is amazing!

  157. Chelsea says:

    I hope I win this, this is awesome! Happy birthday guys! (:

  158. ivory says:

    i would like to win because i am a very very big fan of hunger games i just think it would be very cool to win these prizes

  159. sadee says:

    i love the hunger games and i would be soooooooooo happy if i won,the hunger games is my life!!!!!

  160. Katy says:

    This is a really awesome giveaway. I really HOPE I win cos i am in love with the Hunger Games and everything Hunger Games related… except President Snow!!! 😉

  161. Michelle says:

    i look at ur twitter/facebook/website all the time and when i herd about this i just had to enter i am the biggest fan of the hunger games i even know how to do katniss’s hair do i love the movies and the books so much! i only have a mockingjay pin atm and i want to buy more stuff but my mom wont let me buy it off of ebay this would mean the world to me if i won i know you guys might not read this but MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN MY FAVOR!!!!

  162. Michelle says:

    oh and happy birthday i really hope i win and u guys see my comment above i have been trying to get this stuff but its all in the USA and not canada :'(

  163. Sophia says:

    I so hope I win!!! I have never seen a giveaway that has everything that I want before!

  164. iMHOME says:

    WInning this would be soo cool!! I especially love the PJ’s;) Happy birthday!!:)

  165. Lu says:

    YAY happy birthday :)

  166. Karalee says:

    Happy birthday, this package is amazing it would be really cool to win this.

  167. Tori says:

    Hopes are high c:

  168. Sinsajo says:

    Happy Birthday and thank you for bringing us the Odds and giving us the Favor!

  169. Bailey says:

    Happy Birthday! :) Thank you very much for the opportunity and may the odds be in everyone’s favour xo

  170. Paula says:

    Thank you very much and may the odds be ever in my favour! :)

  171. Kristel says:

    Happy Birthday !! This is like the best fan site ever! I hope I win this giveaway!! I love the HUNGER GAMES!!!!<3

  172. Ysa says:

    Happy birthday!! I would really love to win these giveaways, especially the training top! I hope the odds are in my favor!

  173. cainie brown says:


  174. Siana says:

    Happy Birthday and May the odds be ever in your favour…

  175. Laurel says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY “MY HUNGER GAMES”!!!! I want to thank all the people who work behind the scenes because you guys have provided us with good info about everything Hunger Games!!! You have made my life happier and after all the movies are gone….I don’t know what I will do without you guys!! Thanks!!!

  176. jennifer b says:

    Happy Birthday! Great Contest! Thanks @TwilightJen

  177. Marielena Rios says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I would so love to win this. I have read the books like three times and loved them every time. So want the PJs.
    Good Luck every one and MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR! LOL ♥ ☺ :)

  178. Deleah says:

    Want this sooo bad!!!

  179. Eula says:

    Happy Birthday!! I wanna win this soooo bad! may the odds be ever in MY favor!

  180. Lauren B says:

    i hope I win!!

  181. Congraaaaaaats! My tribute life is definitely better with you guys updating me on everything and anything Hunger Games. And I just wanted to thank you for that. I always participate in your giveaways hoping the odds will be in my favor but apparantly they never are, never have been at least. Lets just pray they are this time. (:
    I really wanna so badly win!!! Please? Xoxo

  182. Rachel says:

    This has got to be one of the coolest give-aways yet!

  183. Natalie says:

    this is so cool i love the jammies!

  184. Debbie says:

    I remember you guys from the hob at the movie premiere, cool to see your doing more giveaways, thanks!!! I have even seen any of the stuff you’re giving away in store, so it would be really neat to win!

  185. Heidi says:

    awww so exciting I didn’t even think about Katniss’s birthday coming up!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Thanks for every bit of information you have provided me this past year!!

  186. Tayla says:

    OHMYHUNGERGAMES!!!! So want to win!! I can’t get those from anywhere here in Australia, only from the internet!!Hopefully the odds will be in my favour!
    I look forward to another year hearing from you:)

  187. happy birthday! 😀

  188. Pontus says:

    Happy Birthday!

  189. OMG where did you find those?They look really cool I’m from Greece and here there are only the books on stores and the movie.I had only the internet to buy or learn things from the hunger games.I’m crazy about your prizes.

  190. Samantha says:

    This is an amazing contest! Thanks so much and happy anniversary!!!

  191. Frency Tem says:

    oh my god!! this giveaway is heaven!! i love everything. wish i’ll win :’)

  192. Bnard says:

    HBD!! Yehey!! 😀

  193. Corinne Katniss says:

    Bleh, I don’t have a facebook or twitter so this is my only chance. I hope I win!!! I absolutely LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!! Scratch that, I am far beyond love and obsession!!! Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYHUNGERGAMES!!! You have gave me soooo much info about the movie and the stars and everything else!!! And don’t forget Katniss. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATNISS!!! You are literally my hero and role model!! Haha. Well, I hope I win.

  194. Karalee says:

    The Hunger Games trilogy is the best set of books, I love them, it would be soooo
    cool to win this prize pack. Happy Birthday, and may the odds be ever in my favor.

  195. Katie Wong says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ve never seen those pajamas before, they would be so cool to have! :) Thanks myhungergames!

  196. Cheryl Sab says:

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  197. Katie says:

    Really really want to win! 😀 Its an awesome giveaway!

  198. Kate V. says:

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!! It ends on my birthday so I really really REALLY want to win! I never win any of the contests a enter so Fingers Crossed!!!!

  199. Claudia says:


  200. ThePaperclipGirl says:

    Happy birthday you guys! I love you! <3

  201. Daniel M says:

    great prize pack!

  202. Darrella Gautreaux says:

    Happy Bday!! Thanx for the great giveaway!

  203. Christina says:

    FELIZ CUMPLEANOS (: happy birthday! i have a hunger games tumblr called RU3FUL.TUMBLR.COM (: this is a great oppurtunity!

  204. Heather says:

    Omg!!! Happy Birthday guys!!! I love your website!! (& your Twitter) <3 Thanks a bunch for this contest & May the odds be ever in my favor!!<333333

  205. Feli says:

    Hey guys! Happy Birthday!!

  206. Angie Nichols says:

    you guys have an amazing collection of Hunger Games stuff for your anniversary giveaway. Happy Birthday!!!

  207. Kristel says:

    i just really want to win this giveaway!!! love ‘’

  208. Natália A. says:


  209. Michelle Blake Odair says:

    I’d seriously do anything to win this.

  210. Rebecca says:

    must win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  211. Kristel says:

    cool prizes!! i love them all!! im really hoping i win this giveaway! Belated Happy Birthday and Happy early birthday Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire!

  212. Louise says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  213. Nicola says:

    Amazing contest, thanks for running it, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  214. Stephani says:

    Sooo excited! My birthday is coming up this month, and this would be an awesome gift to win!

  215. Daria says:

    May the 4th be with you my hunger games. I reaallly wanna win my friend is having a hunger games themed birthday so it would be realy awesome to come in the training top

  216. Michelle says:


  217. Peeta Mellark says:

    This looks awesome!

  218. Ghaniya says:


  219. Alex says:

    this looks absolutely amazing I would give ANYTHING to win this contest!the moment i found out i did every step straight away! it would complete my life if i had all of this! thankyou so much for this opportunity! the hunger games is my life<3 please make me win!thankyou so much, may the odds be ever in your favour.

  220. Amy says:

    Oh I wanna. Win bad and happy birthday my hunger games!:)

  221. Jo G says:

    Happy Birthday! 😀 This is a really cool giveaway, thanks for the chance to enter :) x

  222. Hungergamesfanno1 says:

    I just keep wishing I could think of a way to show them that I should win the prize package. But if I am not gonna win I wanna still be me: Hunger games fan no 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy birthday my hunger games!!

  223. Meghan says:

    I hope I win!!

  224. valeria says:

    i hope u are having a good birth day

  225. Kristel says:

    i want to win this so bad!! 😀

  226. luisa says:

    amazing :)

  227. Gail says:


  228. Ysa says:

    Happy birthday!!! I really hope I can win the training top!! May the odds be ever in my favor!

  229. Yana says:

    Please pick me!! my birthday was on the 29th of april and that would be the most epic gift ever!!!!

  230. Nathan G. says:

    Happy happy birthday Katniss!! <3
    More power to HG!! <3

  231. Jo says:

    Hurray! Giveaways!

  232. annabelle says:

    ahmygosh, i need these! ugh, i’d die if i got my hands on them. thank you My Hunger Games for making these amazing giveaways, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀

  233. Hungergamesfanno1 says:

    Welcome, welcome! The time has come to select one courageous young man or woman for the honor of representing hunger games fans for the 2nd birthday of My hunger games! 😀

  234. Sofyh' says:

    If i receive the prize package I’m gonna use the mockingjay pin everyday!
    Happy birthday!!!!
    The world will be watching!

  235. Lydia says:

    Lol my bday is May 1 too!!!

  236. Tara Stuart says:

    Happy birthday!
    Mine is next month, this would be a great 21st present (;

  237. Lauren says:

    Great contest! Thanks!

  238. Karalee says:

    Myhungergames is the best website for Hunger Games information,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Sandra says:

    I’d do anything to get my hands on them! Especially the training top and the strategy game and the mockingjaypin.. Aaarghh.. I want it all!
    What an incredible giveaway, guys! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    And ofcourse, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!You guys are awesome!

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    Please, choose me! I want to win this so badly!
    I would never ever take that shirt off!

    Oh, and happy birthday! 😉

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    I’m in love with the Hunger Games

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    This looks so awesome! I want it so bad! But as long as whoever gets it is a true hunger games fan, i’ll be happy :)

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    PS:i am medium size 😉

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    I would LOVE to win any of the prizes…. Have an amazing birthday and… may the odds be ever in everyones favor!

  272. Jacob Anderson says:

    I really want this set 😀 even though my walls are rough concrete and I wouldn’t be able to use the fathead, REGARDLESS! I would like to have it. Not need it, but would really like it. Especially since I had refused to see the movie before finishing each book.

  273. Jenny says:

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    Happy Birthday!

  274. Jenny says:

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  281. Frency Tem says:

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    it would be amazing to win this stuff 😀 I am a huge Hunger Games fan, I literally got all my friends into it!

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    I love the Hunger Games soooo much that I would do anything to win
    a Hunger Games giveaway!

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    keep on rocking

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    Happy Birthday Katniss *3 fingers salute* (っ◕‿◕)っ

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  318. I hope I win this cool giveaway!! :)

  319. Happy Birthday, Katniss and My Hunger Games!

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    WOO Hunger games rules

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    Happy birthday!!! My birthday is coming up and all I asked for is the Katniss doll, but we can’t afford it. I hope I win but good luck to everyone else and a BIG congrats to whoever does win!

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  325. Clare says:

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  338. Ella says:

    happy bdayyy! n omg i want ALLLLLL of them! or mockingjay pin isnt necessary cus i already have it so i dont need it.. but ohhhhh that pyjama n soundtrack!!! would be a dream come true xxx

  339. Christel says:

    Just Wanna Say Thank you Sooooo much !!
    Good Luck to everyone!
    And Happy Bday Katniss Everdeen :-)

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    Happy Birthday !

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  359. Erin G says:

    Whoa, those pj’s are cool.

  360. Erica Yeung says:

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  361. Paige says:

    Happy birthday Katniss Everdeen! I hope the odds are in my favor and I win!

  362. Jessi Foster says:

    All of those things are sooooo amazing. i seriously want all of that right now. I love when fansites do contests. best things ever

  363. Lisa C. says:

    Hi Thanks for Having this cool contest! If I win I will share the Prize with someone here! The clothes (because they won’t fit me!) and The Figurine! I would Love To have The Game and The pin though! That way more People can get prizes too! <3 P.S. I really Hope Nick Roux gets the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire!

  364. Dani says:

    Happy second birthday!!! n_n

  365. Michelle Ennis says:

    This would mean the world to me if I won I am the BIGGGGEEEEESSSTTTT fan of the hunger games I have a pin but I need more and my mom won’t buy me any cuz I have to go far away to get it I can quote like ever word of the books I know u guys can’t read everyones comments but please stop and read this because the hunger games means so much to me and I can’t get enough of it

  366. Micah says:

    Comment :)

  367. Monica Roseann says:

    I want this soooooo bad!!!!

  368. Michelle Ennis says:

    Please I really want to win this the only thing I have ever won was a cookie when I was 6 and I am the biggest fan of the hunger games

  369. shane says:

    this should not be at the BOTTOM, took forever to scroll down!

  370. Michelle Ennis says:

    I’m so excited I can’t wait to see who wins I hopes it’s me or someone who’s excited as me I was supposed to go to bed at 10 but I am staying up just for this

  371. Jessica says:

    Happy birthday to the Girl on Fire and to My Hunger Games! In celebration of such a big, big day, I whipped up a batch of Capitol chocolate cupcakes!

    Don’t worry though – while some other tributes may not be allowed to have dessert, you are! 😉

  372. Emelin says:


  373. Bettina A. Sta. Ana says:

    I’d really appreciate a chance to win this. (: I was always a big fan prior to the hype, and having this, and winning (as I usually don’t win), would mean a lot. Good luck to everyone! Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Good Luck everyone (:

  375. Bruna says:

    I want to win this so badly!

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    Happy birthday!! Thankyou so much for helping me out with my questions & always tweeting me back. It’s so great to know an amazing fan like you!! Thankyou!!

  381. Kimi Little says:

    Don;t just pick me – pick my awesome daughter, who will get this fantabulous prize!

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    I’d LOVE to win! All of this stuff is amazing:)

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  385. Bruna says:

    last try!

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