Hunger Games CosPlay Fans at Comic Con

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My Hunger Games - Comic Con Katniss

Lionsgate made sure The Hunger Games movie had a strong presence at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego. With cast and crew busy with filming schedules they weren’t able to host a formal panel about the movie, but they had a booth featuring the recently-unveiled poster art and gave away posters and promotional mockingjay pins.

It seems some fans brought their own Hunger Games enthusiasm to Comic Con.  The Examiner has uncovered some photos of Barbra  Dillon of Fanboy  Comics who attended Comic Con as Katniss Everdeen.

Barbara tells Fanboy:

Although I feared that no one would recognize my Katniss costume, I was overjoyed to find a rabid Hunger Games fan base in attendance!  In fact, there were a few other Katniss cosplayers walking the convention floor in various incarnations.  You can CLICK HERE see all of the photos of the Hunger Games super fans with “Katniss” on the Fanboy Comics page on Facebook.

In addition, Fanboy Comics staffers Bryant Dillon, Rebecca Lear, and myself took a few moments to discuss The Hunger Games‘ presence at the Con, our love of the book series, and my experience with Katniss cosplay.  CLICK HERE to listen to the audio commentary.



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  1. Artemis, Girl on Fire says:

    She looks like a better Katniss than Jennifer Lawrence (sorry to bring that up again…)

  2. Bryant says:

    @Artemis: You just made Barbra’s day! We’re glad you’re a fan of Fanboy Comics’ very own Girl on Fire!

  3. Hunger--Gamer(survived, phew.) says:

    That’s awesome. I am very happy for her. 😀 Epic!

  4. katnissnpeeta says:

    ehh. i dont think the look on her face expresses pain. you know?

  5. Hunger Games Crazy says:

    I love it! She looks amazing!!!! 😀 If I saw that bow, I would flip and make sure I didn’t imagine it and be like THAT GIRL IS DRESSED AT KATNISS!!!!!!! THAT IS THE BEST THING EVER. :) and then here is the rest of my family: why does that girl look so weird!!?? 😉 But I would go up and talk to her probably! Just saying.


  6. PEETA! says:

    can’t wait for the movie

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