Hunger Games fans flock to Dupont State Forest in North Carolina

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Fans of The Hunger Games have travelled far and wide to check out some of the filming locations for the first movie in the series.  If you head to Asheville you can check out where the actors would hang out during their time there, as well as making the trip to the Henry River Mill, the home of District 12 as well as the Dupont State Forest, which is reporting a record number of visitors thanks to The Hunger Games.

According to a report in Blue Ridge Now, the number of visitors since March of this year, has skyrocketed:

“People have really discovered this place,” said Forest Supervisor David Brown, who estimated that visitation has tripled since rangers first started tracking it in 2002. Last year, roughly 250,000 people visited the forest. Since then, publicity surrounding its mountain biking trails, waterfalls and role in the filming of the popular “Hunger Games” movie has drawn thousands more.

The March premiere of “The Hunger Games” — and subsequent DVD release in August — lured hundreds more visitors hoping to see where star Jennifer Lawrence, who played “Katniss,” crossed Triple Falls and plunged into a pool below Bridal Veil Falls.

Brevard-based Hunger Games Fan Tours sold out all of its main-season events and were half-full for November, a pleasant surprise for co-owner Tammy Hopkins. Bookings for 2013 tours have already begun filling up, she said, “and we haven’t even started advertising them yet.”

“We just got the dates and we’ve already pre-sold the weekend adventure tours because so many grandmas are calling up looking for Christmas presents,” Hopkins said.”

If you’re interested in taking a Hunger Games tour, there’s a few different itineraries highlighted on the Explore Asheville site

Katniss and Rue - The Hunger Games

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  1. Catnip says:

    I wen there! I went to Duoont state forest and Henry River Mill village! It was so cool and I saw the bakery and the falls and Katniss house!

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