Hunger Games Inspired Bows and Arrows on Sale

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Lancaster Archery Supply has jumped on ‘The Hunger Games‘ bandwagon! They are selling a selection of bows and arrows inspired by Katniss.

The Capitol Silver Recurve Bow Set is designed to mimic the bow Katniss finds in the Arena, while the District Primitive Longbow complete with District Wooden Arrows is a replica of her hunting weapon in District 12.

You can purchase each complete set of recurve bows with matching arrows for $89.99, or purchase the bows and arrows separately. Head to Lancaster for more details!


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    • Peeta's girlfriend says:

      I want it 2!!! at school we play The Hunger Games with our knives we made and I got nicknamed Katniss Everdeen!! And what’s sad is I’m the only girl in my class and I still win. In P.E we asked if we could play The Hunger games and he said ya and That’s a bigger class then 5! i still won I just hope I can survive with this bow and arrow!! LOL =D

    • I Just Saw finnick in his under wear says:

      Can u shoot it. ive been an archer since i was 8 i read the books and looked this up.

  1. Karalee says:

    That is so cool I definitely want that.

  2. Sevilen Robberts says:

    Dang it! I just ordered a new bow. Why couldn’t this have come out sooner?

  3. peeta lover says:

    i must have it! my friends call me katniss because i sneak in to the woods by my house and i have a bow and arrow . they are like hi katniss or some people call me catnip like gale calls katniss . my teacher even calls me katniss!!! its sort of cool . this boy named zach calls me cato cause i put him in a choke hold to show him but i was choking him .and i was beating him up with a foam sword … yea

  4. Shane says:

    Is the bow really that thick or is it at an angle because it’s really great but it looks really thick and the feathers and veins are too short they need to be much longer an the arrow head isn’t like a triangle like the movie .will you please reply because if it isms fixed I’ll probably buy both of them and like twelve arrows

  5. Shane says:

    Oh damn I sound like a moan but I am just saying. And I am a HUUUUUGGGGEEE Hunger Games fan . I guess that’s why I am picky I just want a REPLICA not a ‘designed to mimic ‘ bow cause that is sort of like saying ‘not exactly the same ‘ please reply and tell me is it just at an angle or is it really thick

  6. Shane says:

    And I am not a ‘to prove I am right kind of person but to see for your self of you have the tribute guide or the world of the hunger games just look at the arrows and the veins (plastic feathers) are much longer and it is not thick

  7. bambi says:

    awesome!!!now i just have to persuade mum and dad 2 buy it :-/

  8. celia says:

    is it a real bow?

  9. celia says:

    is it a real bow? and real arrows?


  10. katniss says:

    i need this bow soooooo bad! good thing my bdays in a couple of days! <3

  11. Clove says:

    Totally getting it and going to shoot with friends =D

  12. Gale says:

    Yeah is the bow really that thick or is it at an angle

  13. Ale says:

    Do the bow and arrows actually work, or is it just a replica?
    please reply soon!

  14. Sam says:

    I just order this and got it yesterday! omg its amazing but its plastic and just painted sliver and the arrow is a little bit darker than the sliver on the bow. But it is still amazing. Its not that hard to pull it back because some bows its hard to pull it back. This one goes so far and still looks like the katniss one! Its amazing. its a lot of money but so worth it!

  15. Jonathan says:

    Wow, that bow is just a PSE Snake painted silver. Just go buy that and use spray paint on it. The PSE Snake is only $39 most places online. To answer some questions from above, the bow is angled slightly in the picture. It is not that thick. The limbs only measure about 1/4″ thick. It’s actually fiberglass, not plastic, and is extremely durable (if in fact it is the same bow as the Snake).

  16. CW says:

    To any still wondering, YES they are both real, functional bows. The district bow is 58″ long and the capitol bow is 60″ long. They both have adjustable draw weights from 20-25 (maybe 30?) lbs., which is quite ideal for kids and beginning archers. I haven’t personally used one, but it seems like it would be a great gift for a beginning archer, especially one who’s a big Hunger Games fan. A couple tips: 1. I’d say buy the capitol bow; it’s much more distinct and recognizable. 2. BUY EXTRA ARROWS!! If you’re a beginning archer and decide to shoot a bow outside, you WILL lose at least an arrow or two. Trust me.

    • katniss everdeen says:


  17. katniss says:

    i have a bow and arrow and i an shoot the middel of the target. My name is katniss my mom named me that because she loved the root

  18. PS says:

    I’m a beginner and I’m looking at buying Katniss’s district bow but it doesn’t look quite like the real one. Does anyone know what it’s like or if its good or not?

    Please reply

    • jenefer says:

      Ya i am thinking of getting that too but it is not exactly it so i just keep looking for ones but none are an exact replica of it and are functional.

      • mockingjay says:

        this is probably the closest yall are going to get to a replica that is actually able to be shot… according to the measurements they give, it should be a great bow for a beginner… make sure you buy TONS of extra arrows though because you will lose/break them

  19. PS says:


  20. hannah says:

    i am getting that!

  21. Luce says:

    Can some please tell me if bows are legal in Australia I really wanna buy it

  22. Rue says:

    Hi my names rue and I know a girl called katniss, she is sixteen and she can shoot straight, and once got a bird right in the eye. I am really good with telling what plants are what and what fruits in the wild are edible.

  23. Stacy says:

    Can someone tell me if bows are legal in Australia please l

  24. PS says:

    Yes bows are legal in Australia, my cousin has one

  25. PS says:

    can someone please tell me what the district bow is like

  26. Bree tanner says:

    I love the hunger games it’s awesome. I really want that bow and those arrows.

  27. clove says:

    the hunger games is so awesome I love it!

  28. Victor says:

    Hello everyone !:D the arena bow is not exact and the only difference is the handle I no longer want mine for that reson and I can’t re sell it but I am giving it away email me if interested ps I also have a district long bow that I don’t want but it won’t come with the arrows

  29. Katniss says:

    I LOVE the hunger games, i get called Katniss by many people, including my friend who i call gale.

  30. Matt says:

    To Victor: i sent you an email, please reply asap

  31. Katie says:

    I ordered the longbow. I absolutely love it!!!

  32. PS says:

    hey Katie,
    does the longbow you ordered look the same as the real one? Does it have the same ingravings and all? Also do the arrows look the same?

    Please reply

  33. Bob says:

    This is awesome

  34. Stop saying you are the real characters says:

    OKAY 1. Stop saying you are the real people cause we all know u aren’t 2. what are the bows made of? THANKS! :)

  35. katniss everden says:

    I relly want 1 for my hallaween costume.

  36. katniss everden says:

    I get to date peeta.

  37. Jade says:

    Is the price in US dollars?

  38. Vicki says:

    Hey do u know if the arrows are actually really sharp?and do u guys know if it would make it through customs in NZ? thanks a bunch

  39. H.G. says:

    i want this for christmas!!! me and my friends play this all the time!! it would be so fun if i got this!!

  40. Nia says:

    AHHH!!! I want one!!!! Now!!! 😀 😀

  41. raja says:

    All of you are posers i have been doing archery since i was 3 and now because of the hunger games everybody loves archery and i am sooooooo mad all of you girls who think that you are katniss everdeen just stop because you know that youre not her and you never will be only in youre dreams

    • Logopogo says:

      I sort of agree… I have loved archery for a while and now that the hunger games is a movie everyone wants to start. I myself have never done archery but have always wanted to. Im now 12 and want to start. It’s not just the hunger games that sparked this interest.

    • abby says:

      that was kinda mean i mean i gonna get a bo and arrow so i can practice but not to be like katniss.

      • abby says:

        i ment bow

        • Red says:

          OH MY GOSH! Raja thank you sooo much for posting that! I’ve been shooting archery since I was 9! When the hunger games came out and people at my school found out I shoot archery everyone wanted to get one. And I felt just like you not unique at all. I finally got over it a few months later, but it took a while. When my friends got bows I was so mad, but I found out that its really fun to shoot with them. But thank you so much for posting that! I still <3 THG!!!

    • Claire says:

      I agree.

    • You are soo right!!! ive been an archer since i tried it 5 years ago.. people are such posers, its sad

  42. raja says:

    Sorry im so mean just had to let it out not offend ANYBODY its just getting on my nerves how a sport i have been doing for a long time is all of a sudden popular when it was once called lame…… i also have been going hunting…. i started when i was 8 . I am VERY sorry if i offended anybody……….


  43. Peeta: u love me, real or not real?
    katniss: heck no. Im waiting for Gale. GAAAALE!! GAAAAALE!!!
    peeta: wha…? Katniss, gale aint comin back. Answer my freakin question!
    katniss: no. I wont answer. GAAAAALE! GAAAAAALE!!!
    PEETA: what the heck is wrong with u?
    Katniss: dude. I got some cerial mental problems. GAAAAALE!!!
    Peeta: katniss, please, answer!
    Peeta: the capitol is down ya blithering idiot!
    Katniss: dude thats why im here.

  44. I love the Hunger Games says:

    I love this sport even before the hunger games was made and I never thought this sport was lame,NEVER.And the plant Katniss is actually called “SAGITTARIA” or at list I think that’s how u spell it.

  45. peetas girlfreind says:

    i want a bow and arrow really bad i cant wait to get one

  46. abby says:

    in the moive does katniss really like peeta or not?im confused.

  47. raja says:

    Im sooooooooooooooo sorry if I offended anybody i just had to let all my anger out.
    Im never usually mean. But im actually telling the truth. girls and boys in my school
    actually did call archery lame. And Katniss Everdeen is a girl in a book, and in the
    movie she is not katniss she is an actress named Jennifer Lawrence and if there actually
    WAS a girl like that she would have a special quality and skill that was unique, and all the
    girls out there in the world who want to be just like Katniss Everdeen (just for saying)
    then they are just copying someone else`s uniqueness and someones special quality.
    Yes. I do archery and Yes. I go hunting, but i started at a VERY young age. I can still
    remember me pulling back my first bow when i was 3 at my uncles ranch.
    I just dont feel unique anymore. :( And again i am sorry if i offended anybody.

  48. raja says:

    Abby should really stop calling me mean because if someone was copying the very
    special thing that was unique about her she would probably let her anger out like that.
    Im not mean i just needed to let all the anger out that was stuck inside of me. And if i
    offended or hurt anybodys feelings, then i am soooooo terribly sorry.

  49. Ruby says:

    At school I have the reputation of clove because we are exactly the same, cold, brutal, sadistic if you must, anti social and also I threw knives and I have been since I was 7 1/2. People are scared of me because I don’t let them push me around. If they do they know what will happen so many people steer clear. We both look very alike, I have dark hair, freckles, skinny, hazel-green deadly looking eyes, and most of all just my whole look of me is lethal. I am writing this because its ok to be different. I’m extremely different in to many ways, and people don’t appreciate that or give me the chance to be friends because of my reputation I have, but I don’t mind it and I can sum times influence that.. One thing that is not ok is to be pushed around or judged. I am judged constantly by the people who are brave enough to speak to me. I’m called a physopath, a freak. One person use to calls my knives plastic knives, which set me off so I punch him. It is NOT OK to do that, although I may seem weird or scary or intimidating or emotionless I do have feelings it’s just I choose not to show them because feelings are weaknesses and so are friends and crushes so that’s why I don’t have them, becuase I AM NOT WEAK. So my message is to not be judged and IT IS OK TO BE DIFFERNT!!!

  50. Levi says:

    My names Levi. Im just like Katniss. Same dark brown hair, grey eyes, and we both shoot archery. Im socialy iscolated. Im the weird girl. people are scared of me. So im different. arent we all. Yea im a little scary and intimidating plus i can take you down with a bow and arow. Were all different who cares. Flaws and all were people.

    • Sydney says:

      I am like Katniss I am very skilled in archery, along with knife throwing. I am not very good at socializing, and people just favor my little sibling a lot more, and friends….. I only have one. I scare people with my glares that seem to be normal and a lot people say I would be a career which bothers me because I am very independent. And I am sure there are many independent girls out there idolizing Katniss…… I no I am and would take out anyone who thinks differant.

    • Sydney says:

      I very much respect you enthusiasm for the Hunger Games… I thought I was crazy..

  51. Robert says:

    My names Robert. I’m a mix between Rue, Clove, Prim, Peeta, and Katniss. I am quite a sweet and compassionate and clever like Rue, and I have satiny brown skin and curly brown hair like her. But don’t mess with me because I will throw you to the ground and tear you apart limb by limb. Even though I am small for my age (14) coming in at 5″1 I’m small but viscous. Plus I throw knives. I’m not the best but I’m learning. Like Prim I tend to have my head in the clouds. I watch a lot of Sci-Fi like Doctor Who and I read a lot. Like Peeta I really can care about people. I have a friend who is 9 who I secretly protective of. As in if the Hunger Games were real. I WOULD vollunteer. This brings me to Katniss. I may be scared of doing certain things but I can be brave. Like I said before, I would vollunteer for this friend without a doubt. Even if I were to die I would go for him. I can shoot a bow pretty well. I arch VERY often, I love to. I think my viscousness, valor, kindness, but at the same time my fear, quirkiness, feelings of inadaquicy, and my lack of ability to fit in with most teenagers is saying that you can be a total geek or nerd or dweeb or whatever people call you. But inside, You can be a Hero.

  52. Sydney says:

    Hello.. My name is Sydney and I am most likely a mix from Katniss And Clove. I have a cold brutal heart yet I have been loyal and independent and Love my family (yes, I have no friends except my books and my o-n-l-y friend Chyna). I am skilled I archery, and knife throwing, and I practice on a daily bases for maybe 4 years now…. I have a love for the woods. And I love setting snares, and love finding different techniques to survive if the rise of Panem does ever come. When people come across in public areas and no of my particular reputation they either scram or cry…. Only if I give them that dead glare of mine. Although people say I am brutal, cold, rude, mean, and straight out a CAREER… I actually get hurt and throw scissors to the nearest object to them… So that’s why I admire The Hunger GAmes so much. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR and don’t let people judge you no matter what they say or do

  53. Claire says:

    I agree that it’s ok to be different. The hunger games are great but your not clove,katniss, rue, prim ,or peeta. I think it’s fun to think that your part of the hunger games but you don’t have to tell us.please don’t think I’m mean.i agree with raja (she’s on old comments.) again I don’t want to offend anyone.

  54. Claire says:

    Forget what I said up there. To be honest I’m just like katniss, clove, and rue. I shot bow and arrow every day for at least 1hr since I was 9. I also throw knives. I’ve been doing that since I was 6. I shoot slingshot too. Been doing that since I was 8. I know that the gun isn’t used in the hunger games but I shoot a lot. I do a lot of practice in the woods or at my friends farm. I even live in the area of district 12. I have a friend who I love and I watch over him at school. He is younger than me and if his name was called I would probably volunteer. I can sometines be a little shy and I’m always outside. I also like to practice hunting and survival skills in case the hunger games do happen. I have skin like rue but a little less darker. You probably think its stupid to be writting this but differences are great so I agree.

  55. Levi says:

    Hey. Its been a wile since i was up here. I still do what i said i do. I am scary and intimedating. Friday i got called Katniss 5 times. Even my boyfriend called my catnip. And the wierd thing is i like it. To me its a complement. Im very strong willed. I love to hunt

  56. Claire says:

    Just wondering my dad is taking me hunting soon with my bow and arrow and the thing is my arrows arent sharp enough to go through an animal, so are these sharp enough? Also we’re going to hunt deer. Wich is the fastest between the longbow and Capitol bow? This would be great info to know. Thanks. :)
    P.S. are these bows worth buying the 90$ purchase? Thanks again! :)

  57. ????? says:

    question, does anyone else think the handle is wrong on the capitol one?
    if so please tell me. Sorry, but I kind of do.

  58. ????? says:

    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the Hunger games. In fact my friends call me
    Marvel because I make my own spears out of wood and I like the name.

  59. katniss everdeen says:

    please tell me if these bows will go through an animal or target please tell me before july7 or i might die please people and by the way i know i am not the real katniss i just really love the name sorry if the realt katniss is reading my name i just love it so much and i am going to name one of my children that p.s. someone please tell me the truth or i might die p.p.s. i am watching the hunger games right now

    • Claire says:

      Hi katniss everdeen ,
      Yes, it does go through a target. I do not have this but if it didn’t go through it wouldn’t be worth anything. I also love the name katniss. :)

      • katniss everdeen says:

        thanks claire you are so nice but do you know if it will go through in animal if it goes through a target

        • Claire says:

          That I’m not sure of but you could ask some one else. Sorry.

          • Claire says:

            Some info that would help with your ??? Would be if it had a peirce. This I am not sure but you could ask someone else. Later.

        • Joannah Mason says:

          Hi Katniss im sorry to tell you it wouldnt the poundage is much to light and there is no realistic sighting but i will tell you that the catching fire bow is now up for sale at
          it might be able to be used for hunting not positive though u should cheak it out!!!Good luck and shoot straight!!!

        • mockingjay says:

          you need to replace the arrow head… put a broadhead tip on there instead of the duller field tip. you can buy most broadheads online or at academy or dicks sporting goods or and local archery shop

  60. katniss everdeen says:

    do you have on claire cause if you dont how do you know

    • Claire says:

      I don’t have one but like I said up there it would be a rip off. Also by reading the other comments they say its great. Like I also said if it has a peirce and a sharp one then it probably will go through a animal. You could ask someone else about the animal thing but the target I’m sure. But if you mean straight through the target I don’t know. I hope this will help you out.

  61. katniss everdeen says:

    glimmer marvel cato clove rue katniss and best for last peeta goodbhight everyone and thanks for your consideration

  62. Claire says:

    This is for katniss everdeen. Are you a beginner archer?

  63. Claire says:

    Hey katniss everdeen. Are you a beginner archer?

  64. Claire says:

    When did you start?

    • katniss everdeen says:

      when I was 3 almost 4

      • Claire says:

        Cool, have you ever gone hunting? That would be cool. I’ve never gone but my dad is taking me once its hunting season. That is why I need to know if it will go through a animal.

        • katniss everdeen says:

          yes I am have gone hunting almost every season even when I broke my leg. I need to know if it goes through an animal too so I might ask my dad

          • Claire says:

            Wow, what was your largest hunt. Sorry I’m asking so many questions. I’m just very interested. Is their something wrong with your bow and arrow.

          • katniss everdeen says:

            I think my largest hunt was the last one I went on I shot an elk and a deer and a sheep. and yes my bow got broken in the cardston hail storm we had a tornado at my house and my bow flew out from somewhere and we found it broken when we got home. at least we weren’t home when It happend

    • katniss everdeen says:

      owe an that was the year I broke my leg it brings good luck I guess

      • Claire says:

        That stinks! This weekend I might go hunting with my dad and brother. It’s not with my bow and arrow though. We’re going to use our guns. I hope I get a squirrel! Wish me luck! :)

  65. Joanna M. says:

    I don’t think most of the kids that compare themselves to katniss are actually like her katniss wouldn’t compare herself katniss wouldn’t be on this website katniss was a shallow person katniss had no friends katniss was a dead soul until peeta katniss was always to herself katniss was rude and was a very to herself person though she was strong smart and good with a bow she is not all she seems none of you are like that I only know one other Pearson like that at my school her name isn’t katniss I think she would make a pretty accurate Katniss plus a boy likes her and he reminds me a bit of peeta not to mention I hear she can shoot so i wouldn’t be comparing yourself to somebody strong and smart and “alone” until you meet her none of these kids are anything like her.

  66. Joanna M. says:

    The capital bow is actually for sale at Lancaster archery supply For $71.99 and arrows $6.00 they do function! It is called the Capital silver recurve bow!

  67. Joanna M. says:

    I hope I can meet Jenifer Larwence one day she is kind sweet and funny and talented i am nothing like katniss but I am like jenifer because I want to be an actress so much. I just want every body to know Katniss is a fictional charicter Jenfer isn’t!

  68. Claire says:

    I just looked at Lancaster archery supply and it is also $89.99. Also this Capitol bow is better than that one because the Lancaster one is more of a garish color and this one looks more like the actual one. So I suggest this one. Joanna, I’m not sure where you got $71.99 and $6.00 for the arrows.

  69. Joanna M. says:

    Claire, there is actually one that isn’t in a set and its just the bow also the arrows are separate if you want to buy more! You are right about the color though just spray paint primer silver color LOL!
    Is it just me but at my school people fight over hanging the title of katniss it it just my school

    • Claire says:

      Sorry about that Joanna M. I just looked at Lancaster archery supply and I saw the $71.99 bow. Also no one at my school fights for the tittle of katniss, but for a while they did. When we play the hunger games I’m always katniss because I’m just like her also the only one who does archery in my grade. But a lot of people like to be glimmer because we have a lot of blondes. And again I’m sorry about the $71.99 bow.

  70. Joanna Mason says:

    It’s ok Claire hey do you know whare you can buy a quiver like hers I hope you are like her we need more katniss’s in the world but I am like Jenifer Larwece every way I hope you can become more like Katniss she is truly unique. I believe you about being like her but do you believe all the other hundreds commenters i am “confused” I just don’t want to offend anybody. Today two of my friends are talking to me about how much more they are like katniss than the other girl I just hope you are like the girl on fire Claire you seem so……unique and real.

  71. Foxface says:

    Hey guys i dressed up as foxface for character day and I forget to bring berries LOL people knew who I was I have her outfit I look like her too with red hair well actually in response to Joanna Mason I don’t believe all these people but I do believe Claire you are so right by the way I do love Joanna Mason in Catching fire she is so strong and smart and like heymich and should have won though Katniss is huge compitition
    PS I love Jenifer L too

  72. Foxface says:

    Hey Joanna I’m using your computer by the way I admire all these katniss’s you are all so unique

  73. Claire says:

    I really want a quiver too! No, I haven’t found a quiver like hers, but I took a sling bag and I put my arrows in it and that’s how I carry my arrows ( weird right? ). I have to admitt it is hard to believe some of these people. I love the name katniss so much but im pretty sure no one has ever named their child that. That cool you dressed up like foxface. We also need more foxfaces. Literally. No one ever wants to be her when she’s really cool! I also like Johanna mason. I think it’s cool that in the quarter quill they dont like each other and in Mockingjay they become the bestest of friends. I also love Jen Lawrence! She’s my favorite actress. You are so nice!!!!!

  74. Joannah M. says:

    Hey claire i have been eyeing the catching fire bow and i am falling for it sooo much look it up its beautiful! Also my friend Haley dressed up as foxface it was awesome! I have been looking at hunger games apparel props for sale im 13 so its hard to find the jacket arena jacket replica but i will get it….hopefully lol its so cool u would love it also i want to start making my christmas list lol(hunger games stuff) if only i could find the catching fire bow its a modified hoyt buffalo! Now whare to start looking…he he you are so sweet too

  75. Claire says:

    Hey joannah I looked the catching fire bow up and couldn’t find it :( ? Do you mean for sale? I have seen it but im not sure if you meant for sale. It really is cool!!! Is foxface a big thing at your school? You guys sure seem to love her. Today was my last day of school! I will now have time to practice archery. :) . (finally!) I really think you should look more into archery and think about getting one. Are you going to dress like katniss for Halloween. I am!!! It’s going to be my b-day soon and it’s going to be hunger games themed!!! Have a great day!!!! :)

    • katniss everdeen says:

      hey guys sorry to inturupt your chatting but have either of you bought this yet

      • Claire says:

        No, :( I haven’t. My birthday is soon and I might ask for that its just that I don’t want to buy it until I find out if it will go through a animal. And if it is worth the money. ( literally this is a lot of money!) I might just buy some sharper arrows and keep my bow.

  76. Joannah Mason says:

    Hey Katniss i havent baught this exact one but my friend did but hers didnt come with arrows its ok but not the same color it is like indistructable! It does shoot straight though yay i hope you get it but if you do i sugest going to the hardwood store and buying some silver spray paint you will need it this one is like gray….dark gray! Good luck!
    Joannah M.

  77. Joannah Mason says:

    Hey Claire fox-face or her real name finch is a big deal she is like….awesome! And no the catching fire bow it isn’t for sale yet its custom made I’m pretty sure it is a Hoyt Buffalo….well the design is but it does have some moderations. I have seen pictures of it on the internet too. I’m pretty sure it isn’t for sale yet maybe after Catching fire comes out. But i have used this bow hunger games bow and it does function. I think this one is as good as it gets!

  78. Claire says:

    Hello katniss, I think I might be able to answer some of your questions they both look like the arrows are used for target use. I’m not exactly sure but, you could go up to the top and look really closely. I suggest that if you don’t want to take a risk you should go to Lancaster archery and get a new bow there and get some sharp arrows with it.

    • Claire says:

      Hey guys, I found somethimg really cool on this website. You type in the search box “fan question” and press search and go to the very bottom and press older 5 times. The link is ” fan question 5……4……3……2……1 and its really cool.

  79. diana says:

    hey do u sell them in brisbane australia i am 13 and i wannna start archery and i love THG

  80. Joannah Mason says:

    Hey guys if you go on youtube and go to a channel called backyardbowyer he shows you how to make all the bow and arrow sets now i would buy the capital bow set but the district 12 bow and arrows are HORRIBLE..BUT there is hope the backyardbowyer shows you how to make ALL THIS stuff you see above and it looks just like the real thing! i asure you its not that hard and its cheap just ask your neighbor if you could barrow a few tools and you will have the real replical not this FAKE one.. trust me!dont you think the district 12 bow looks kind of..bad and guess what you can use the backyard bowyers for hunting!Good luck guys

  81. Joannah Mason says:

    Hey dianna i would call Lancaster Archery to see if you could order them but if not you could make them if you see my comment above! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  82. Claire says:

    Hey Joannah Mason I found a youth quiver at Lancaster archery supply!! It is a vista sharky quiver. You go to shooting gear and press youth and ladies quiver. Then it’s on the first page and you should see it. You can put it on your back and on your belt. (I just wear it on my back.) I got it a few days ago and it’s amazing!!! I love it! Also have you thought about getting a bow? I think you should!

  83. joannah M says:

    Thx for the tip on the quiver Claire and i do acually have a bow its the one that glimmer shoots in training its expensive its a 30 pound recurve and pretty nice its a hoyt buffalo u should cheack out the youtube video of glimmer in training to see what it looks like!!!! And im alright at it
    What kind of bow fo u have

  84. joannah M says:

    I was boaredtoday so i read every comment and there are exactly 35 katniss’s wow when i read them i felt like i was watching a suspencful movie there is so much drama i love it jk u guys arw awsome

  85. Joannah says:

    Hey guys i am going to awnser some questions you have right here!!!!
    1) neither of the bows are made for hunting this is a traditional bow not hunting bow
    2) both of these bows are supposed to be used for target practice
    3) these bows come from lancaster archery and they also sell extra arrows for the capital recurve
    4) i suggerst if you go hunting you shouldnt get these bows you are probaly to advanced these are youth
    5) i want to let all the hunters out there know the bow that is used in catching fire is used for hunting it’s a hoyt buffalo you should look into that i know because i have seen behind the scenes pictures of it
    6) these bows are perfect for beginer archers that love the hunger games

  86. Joannah Mason says:

    Ahhh… the catching fire bow just came out at lancaster archery supply!!!for $149 its so mine!!! cheack it out it can be used for hunting Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

  87. Joannah Mason says:

    Hey everyone this is the place to buy your Hunger games bows and catching fire bow
    Ps the catching fire bow is now only $84!!!
    The catching fire bow:
    The hunger games bow
    Hope you guys like it!

  88. Claire says:

    Thx so much for the link to the catching fire bow!!!!! I looked at it I don’t think it comes with arrows witch really disappoints me :( . By the way my bow is a Barnett LiL’ Sioux. I’ve had it ever since I was a beginner and never has it disappointed me! It’s a great bow!

  89. Claire says:

    Also here is a super fun link on this website. . When I found this it was real fun creating my answer. I hope you go to it and enjoy it!

  90. Joannah Mason says:

    Hi claire! Thanks for the site its cool! Here is the real catching fire bow with some difrences but the same its expencive im going to stick with the replica!

  91. Claire says:

    Hey Joannah is the catching fire bow a recurve or a longbow?

  92. Joanna Mason says:

    hey Claire its a recurve all the way it is expansive but worth it

  93. Joanna Mason says:

    Hey guys I just found the first catching fire arena costume!!!!!

    Now if you want to dress as Katniss for ComicCon just wear this in your size and put your hair in a Dutch braid also you could buy the Catching fire bow here!!!

    And if you want get a quiver here!!!–sidekick-arrow-quiver.html

    And That is your new Katniss outfit I guess you could through in a mocking jay pin if you wanted.

  94. Its funny when all these girls say they “look” just like Katniss… What your really saying is you look like Jennifer Lawrence.. just because she played Katniss.. doesn’t mean that’s what she looks like.. The only discription we can go off of is the one in the book. Not the movie..

  95. Red says:

    That is pretty funny! Do u know what’s even more funny? That you just put your user as katniss everdeens twin?! So next time think about your name.

  96. Recurve says:

    Lancaster is da bomb! I also feature them on my site b/c they make great products. If you want to learn more about archery a la katniss style, check out to get more tips and tricks.

  97. Adam Meehan says:

    Just a quick question really, does anybody know where I can get hold of one of these in the UK? I’m after one for my GF because she and I are mad about the films and she said she wanted one. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks :)

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