Hunger Games Movie: Short Film Katniss and Rue

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With casting for The Hunger Games movie just around the corner, there’s no doubt actors and agents are positioning themselves to get an audition or be considered for a role in the production.

John Lyde from video production company MainStay Productions has put together this very impressive audition piece for The Hunger Games movie. 

He writes: “I am a big fan of the Hunger Games books and am excited for the film from Lionsgate. I feel that several actors I know are talented enough to be involved with the feature film, so we did this short as an audition for them.”

This short film is incredibly moving.  It depicts the scene in which Rue is killed.   

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


UPDATE: So who are the actresses featured in this Hunger Games movie audition piece? 

The role of Katniss is played by Danille Chuchran:

She started out landing several print ads, then filmed two movies for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  At the age of eight she co-starred in “Little Secrets” and then managed to get a role in the Cat in the Hat feature.  Her other credits include several TV series, including Crossing Jordan, Girlfriends, Days of Our Lives and The District.

  My Hunger Games - Danielle Chuchran My Hunger Games - Katniss

The actress playing Rue is Savanna Kylie Lewis

She has carried out work for commercials and print as well as being cast in a number of films including 17 Miracles, Elizabeth’s Gift and Illusions.

My Hunger Games - Savanna Lewis My Hunger Games - Rue

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  1. Aylee says:

    So so good!

  2. Lizzie says:

    LOVE IT!

  3. Bernadette says:

    so good and hard to watch at the same time. Such a good book, and series. looking forward to movie

  4. alt323 says:

    Wonderful! All the same, I’ll be really angry if they cast a white girl as Rue.

  5. Angie Valladares says:

    I can’t see the video! ): can someone get me link for it on YouTube?

  6. Katie says:

    I was a little confused at the beginning. If the first girl is Glimmer (who should have like blond hair?) she doesn’t really fit the part. Also I don’t think the guys in this video match the characters either. Rue is black or at least should have dark skin, so that’s kind of a no. Katniss however was very good. First thing I noticed was the orange bag. I kind of pictured it smaller or maybe it was the fact that she walked a little awkwardly with it. When Katniss was running I also thought it looked a bit awkward. Her hair also looked like a wig or something. I did like the fact that it was braided and the girl could sing. I felt the lines in this video were very accurate as well. The acting seemed pretty good and I must say she’s a good contender! :)

  7. KC says:

    Really cool! The wig was driving me crazy, though…and I agree – Rue’s race isn’t right, but the actress who played her? WOW! She is phenomenal! I think she would make a fantastic Prim. She was so convincing. Her performance took this over the top. Katniss is still Courtney Galiano to me and I can’t think of her as anyone else for some reason. She was some girl from So You Think You Can Dance…but something about her eyes and athleticism. I can’t wait to see who they cast. The music at the end wasn’t right either. They will need to make a haunting rendition of the song she sang to Rue and play that over the gathering of the flowers, etc. Overall, this was really good – all the actors/actresses were great! Very professional – especially Savanna Kylie Lewis.

  8. CZ says:

    I dont think that the girl who was playing katniss was fit for the part. i imagened katniss to not have such dark hair and to be a little bit skinier adn prettier. but i liked rue adn i cant wait for the movie to come out!

  9. lil j says:

    it was ok i thought the acting wasn’t very good but i felt that katniss looked good as katniss.

  10. annie says:

    That was good but why was rue white with blonde hair? Katniss’ backpack was huge. i know this might sound weird but i imagined the forest more green with more trees for shelter since katniss sleeps in a willow tree but everything was dead here… Anyway Katniss was really good. I hope the movie is like this and cut away from the needed scenes even though they are brutal. Now i have the hunger games for the 5th time XD

  11. annie says:

    sorry DOSENT cut away from crucial scenes ugh typo 😛

  12. alex says:

    I loved it! But I imagined Rue with tanner skin and light brown hair,Not pale and blond.But altogether I liked it.The song was pretty.As many times as I’ve read the song I couldn’t find a tune.I love the one they picked though.

  13. I don’t understand what alt323 would be angry about? Rue is a blond girl right? I let someone borrow my book so I can’t double check. Yeah Katniss’ wig bugs me too and though she’s a perfect size physically for real life, I agree, I do expect her to be skinnier for the role of a stared girl. But otherwise, Dani Chuchran has my vote. I’ll be keeping tabs on her via twitter.

  14. M says:

    They were great! Rue would be a great Prim, and a great Rue if her skin were darkER. And her voice was a little high-pitched for me. Katniss was amazing though! Couuldn’t hear the song very well, but it was good.

  15. Daybreak says:

    This was fantastic. Really, truly beautifully done. And it was only an AUDITION? Wow.

    Guys, I know the actresses don’t exactly look how you may have pictured the characters in the book, but you don’t have to worry about appearances–hair and makeup can truly work wonders–just think about their skills in acting. If this were the preview for the movie, I’d be there in a heartbeat. These ladies haven’t even been cast but they can really conjure up the emotional depth that makes The Hunger Games the phenomenal story that it is. BRILLIANT job :)

  16. linds says:

    is this definate? i need to try out for the part. when/where?

  17. alt323 says:

    Girl With One Eye, it says several times in the book that both Rue and Thresh have very dark skin. Prim is blonde, though, and Katniss says a lot that Rue reminds her of her sister, so maybe that’s where the confusion came from.

    There’s been way too much whitewashing in movies AND the publishing industry. I would be angry because it would be basically eliminating people of color from what will be one of the biggest movies of the year.

  18. Addie says:

    Amazing. Though I’d envisioned a darker, grayer template along with subtler, more suspenseful music, this was great. Danielle Chuchran probably wouldn’t have had to even wear the brown wig to really be Katniss–I really thought she pulled off the edginess AND the tear-jerking desperation that made this particular scene in the book so monumental.

    Crazy good stuff. Worthy of Lionsgate :)

  19. Troy says:

    I’d really like to play Katniss, but it was hard for me to find just the right way to play her. These girls are lucky. My parents wont let me even think about asking for an agent without putting school before me. Anyway that is true, There is WAY too much white washing in Hollywood. I think the cast should be a mix of all. Black, white, Asian Pacific Islander, Asian, Alstrailian, whatever. Think about it, the story is not try to say this rebellion ended all wars, but when all the districes come together, it’s like everyone of every race comming together & trying to make peace. Katniss is like the smallest, most forgotten race of all. This movie really needs to say something not just for war, but for the thing that causes war, Descrimination and inequality!

    P.S- THAT WAS GOOD!!! Man I wish I just had 1 CHANCE!
    Truely, if I could only act in one movie, and play one part, it would be Katniss in the Hunger Games!
    O and… stop hating on the actors! We know Rue is Blak! lol

  20. Troy says:

    Oh, and your not trying to ACT like Katniss or BE Katniss. YOU have to BE Katniss.

  21. Jaymie says:

    Did any one else tear up? It wasn’t so much this particular film, but remembering the scene from the book…

    One of my biggest worries about The Hunger Games movie is how the deaths of the tributes is going to be protrayed. I think this film did a pretty nice job focusing on the emotions being felt by Katniss and Rue, and how Rue’d death affected Katniss– not “AMG, that boy just threw a spear and murdered that little girl for no reason!!!!”

  22. callie! says:

    i think its really good. i always just thought of the forest of being more lush and green. and i think that the boy who the other girl killed should’ve been aearing the same that the other tributes were wearing. but other than that, i REALLY liked it.

  23. Teri says:

    I thought it was average. I really hate the music though. It did not feel bleak or somber. I thought that career girl at the first part was a guy and she moves as if a guy too. I never really imagined Glimmer like that. Glimmer i thought, was supposed to look seductingly beautiful and more dignified. But the thing that disturbed me the most is the setting. The forest should provoke a sense of fear and an air of danger. Dark and you don’t know what lies ahead. Here, it doesn’t and it is far from that.

    Katniss there, she’s okay i guess. But i don’t like how she looked so inexperienced with the action. Perhaps lessons. But she didn’t have the fire. Nothing in her eyes. And this guy who directed it, ugh, no way.

  24. Troy says:

    @ callie! I think it was for filming reasons. It would be harder to shoot with more trees n stuff, but yes, I did too

  25. Troy says:

    Oh, and its an audition peice. they were focused much on setting, just the acting. That is all

  26. Amaris says:

    Johnny Depp should play Haymitch…please!!!!!!!

  27. marissa B says:

    wow, it brought back the feelings i had when i first read the hunger games, i got choked up… I thought the video was great, except for the obvious things that everyone else is saying. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REAL THING!!!!

  28. Adrien says:

    Well, Rue is described as dark skinned so that was wrong. The clip is pretty good but they can’t spend that much time on it in the actual movie due to time constraints – they have a lot to fit in 2hrs. Agreed about the music not being right.

  29. Adrien says:

    I wish everyone would stop asking for all these big name actors to play these parts (cough – Johnny Depp). Hiring them would blow the budget on their fees alone. Then no money would be left for the film! And Johnny Depp is not physically how Haymitch is described in the book.

  30. daniel says:

    the books are soe dam god and i am so going to se the premier one this movie love it!!!

  31. Bookguy 413 says:

    really good series can’t wait for the movies

  32. callie! says:

    @ Troy, i know its just an audition piece, but isnt the point of comments that u put ur feedback?

  33. Caitlyn says:

    So I thought when Katniss shot the arrow she did not look very sure of herself and the way she said “No” I just was not feeling it when your best friend is shot in the abdomen with a spear, you should have fire in your eyes when you shoot that arrow. Rue I think should have had big eyes and a Slender face if she was at least mixed I would have been satisfied. who thinks Effie should be played by Kristen Chenoweth. If you don’t know who she is,she plays a role on Broadway, as “Glinda the good witch” in Wicked and has a rather high pitch voice.

  34. Kayla says:

    This honestly made me cry.
    I really like Katniss and Rue, but I think she would have been good as Prim too. I always invisioned Rue mixed with long curly brown hair. Savanna was really good! Loved her. Katniss needs to be a bit more fierce.
    Glimmer should have blonde hair and I imagine her more skinny. I also always invisioned Rue mixed with long curly brown hair.
    I really wish I could be a character, mostly Rue. I would’ve been fine with any character. but its too late.
    I’m happy that its coming out next year though! :)

  35. Kayla says:

    I just realized I said “I always invisioned Rue mixed with long curly brown hair.” haha

  36. Emily says:

    I really was amazed by the acting in this short film, and I know that’s not how Rue was decribed in the book, but I always thought of her looking more like Prim anyway. Very good Katniss aswell, I personally didn’t even realize that was a wig, the make-up crew did an awesome job transfroming the actresses 😉 cannot wait to see the movie. Ofcoarse this made me cry and Ive honestly watched this over and over thinking of how the director of the movie could possibally make this any better then it has been created in yours :)

  37. Lia says:

    that was really great, just that Rue has darker skin and brown hair

  38. Rena M.V. says:

    KayaForKatniss The Kaya Scodelario For Katniss Everdeen petition has 503 signatures! Support @kayascollywogs! Sign the petition @

  39. Melanie says:

    AMAZING VIDEO! i dont care what the other people say, rue was FANTASTIC!!! and katniss was AMAZING!!! i really hope you guys get the part!! (who cares about the backpack they made with what they had!)

  40. Melanie says:

    loved the music also!

  41. Sydney says:

    Kaya for Katniss yeah!That girl didnt look even like Katniss,and Rue is dark!Also!!!!!!I loved it’s acting!I cried!

  42. Sydney says:

    Katniss is skinny.I think of her like,I am Katniss and I am going to win.Like this is tacky but,Don’t mess with me!Rue!Dark skin and brown hair!Not that kind!Backpack big nono!Way to big!What did she have a deer in there?Both acters are nos.I think Kaya for Katniss!She is beautiful!And she acts!Rue maybe Willow Smith.No take that back.But that girl who played Rue in that would be awesome for Prim.And forest.Big,green,oak trees,dark,brown,tan,green,plants,herbs,animals!

  43. Annie says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen!!! I loveee this video- Danielle’d make a great Katniss (or Nina Dobrev- I love her)!! I think Savanna (the girl that plays Rue) would make a better Prim than Rue (based on looks & as we all know now- she can act). I also loveee Elle Fanning for that part (sorry- had to input that). haha.

  44. BRIANNA says:


  45. phara says:

    I thought they a got katniss correct Danielle would do great and i think she played the part well. i didnt like the camra angle when the boy was running or care for how bloody glimmers face was i didnt think it was that bad by that point. also Savanna should deffenently play prim shes a great actress who knows how to act. but over all i thought it was great!!

  46. Gabie1o1 says:

    WHITEWASHING!!!! I won’t watch the movie if rue is white and so is katniss!! They need to cast the right people!

  47. Anna says:

    wow!! Katniss or danielle was amazing!!! She did great in this scene but i wonder if she could pull off the intimacy with Peeta in the scenes in the cave…just saying

  48. Kimoya says:

    I watched this scene without audio, for the reason of me being a lazy ass.

    But wow… I actually cried. The actress playing Katniss was amazing. She made all the right facial expressions and I couldn’t find a thing wrong with her hair. Also, I believe her actions were extremely realistic, (I know how difficult it is running with a notched arrow). The only thing that bothered me was Rue’s death. Katniss should have scream ‘no’ while the boy approached, then shoot the arrow at the same time he threw the spear.

    I also adored Rue’s actress. Yes I know she was supposed to be darker in skin tone, but come on guys, she was amazing. Seeing her cry made me cry.

    I believe they should both definitely get the parts


  49. June says:

    you know what rue is supose to be dark skinned and black hair not white and blonde just saying..but it was gud!

  50. Jasmin says:

    This made me cry. So amazing. Altjough Rue is meant to be darker skinned that girl playing her did a amazing job. The music was brilliant, really showed the emotion in the scene.
    I cant even begin to explain how much i love this video <3

  51. sav says:

    i loved the video it displayed it very well

  52. Maxie says:

    That was amazing! I loved all the emotion flowing out of the two :) The back ground music was perfect for the scene after Rue’s death. This was absolutely stunning. A job well done.

  53. kiriana stanton says:

    that was soooo amazing!!! i wish i could be in the movie, but they told me i live to far away! :(

  54. bryan cordel says:

    I really enjoyed it especially the shot of the arrow in the neck. but the landscape in the book they say it is a forest of fir (I do not know if this is the case in the English version as I have in french) then the first I do not know is when in livre.katniss:is really cool to play as rue otherwise I hope they make a good movie because the book is too good

    Sorry for the error in writing because I do not write very good English ^^

  55. Ana says:

    the idea for katniss is not good at all I think it should be someone who looks strong but still has a girl factor to her.
    And needs to look like she is not wearing a wig

  56. katie says:

    i thought that was awesome, but who is that girl at the beginning? I know its not glimmer cause she died from the tracker jackers earlier on. I think it might be foxface.
    I imagined katniss to be a lot skinnier and to have a lighter shade of brown hair but the acting was amazing. And Rue! WOW! her part was very convincing and actually made me cry. Although i imagined her to be a bit more tanned and with long brown hair but the her part was played well.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    I think that the hunger games trilogy is THE BEST EVER!

  58. Cory says:

    Okay I wouldn’t have cared nearly as much about Rue’s character being soaked in bleach or the forrest fire that must have destroyed the set if the actors acting had at least been good. I felt absolutely nothing when I watched this, wich seems to be exactly what the actors were feeling too. The poor representation of female lead roles was disgracful, It may just be an audition but these two put shame on not only Suzzanne Collins and everyone else who worked to bring her words to life but female actors as a whole. ( by the way the term “actress” is now consideres offensive in hollywood, female actors are not merely different versions of males. We are our own people!)

  59. PEETA! says:

    Youtube won’t let it load, it keeps buffering. i tried to let it load without watching it but takes five minutes for the faded red line to move a fourth of a centimeter

  60. person says:

    wow that was amazing. i dont really care how the actors look anymore. i just want them to be good actors.

  61. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh that is amazing!
    im a HUGE hunger games fan.
    that video was super good!! how did u do the makeup like that?! its awesome! it was so good that i almost cried at the part with rue.
    (actually i did cry but i held back most tears)

  62. Cara says:

    This made me cry, it’s just so sad. This might not be how I imagined Rue but the acting was breathtaking to me(literally) I think that Savanna would make an absolutely amazing Prim.

  63. Ariana says:

    I love this so much. It was so moving. It mignt sound like I’m a cry baby or something, but I started to cry. I love the Hunger Games so much and I hope the acual movie scene is as good as this one. I love’d how Katniss sang the song and how she was trying not to cry. The only complaint I have is that Rue is soppose to have dark hair and skin. But, it was really great. I will be disapointed if the acual movie scene isnt as good as this. It is really amazing.

  64. MockingTodd says:

    I thought this was fantastic! ^^ considering it was a side project type of thing? :0 I thought it was beautifully done and the acting was great except for a few minor things.I do wish that one strand of hair haning from the wig had been tucked it because it threw off the seriousness of the characters for me a bit. But other than that my eyes were leaking. lol 😀

  65. sara says:

    this is a great video no lie but in the book i pictured rue to be more sronger than to be sobbing in katnisses arms great vid but im srry i pictured rue and katniss a whole lot differently

    • Dariusz says:

      I had never heard of the Hunger Games before but last night on the puiblc news they had a 15 minute segment on the books and the movie. (Can you tell I’m 40 and live in a bubble? LOL) I was like Hmmm maybe I should read these. If you like them that much then I think I would probably like them too. Is this the next Harry Potter? If I read them would I feel young and hip again? The unofficial cookbook is on Kindle. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  66. hi says:

    This is an amazing clip…

    Remember, this is an audition, so it’s not perfect. Also, Actresses can always use spray tan, hair-dye, and stuff like that. I don’t believe that the books had anything about Rue being black, but whatever…. I thought it was amazing

  67. Megan says:

    Awwwww! I cried when I first saw this!!! I was sooo sad! If anyone cares, i am a member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So i think it’s cool how she filmed

  68. Jordan says:

    i think the actors should stay just the way they are… it was perfect. i imagined rue as a white girl and katniss looks good as the actor in the video… MAKE THEM THE ACTORS IN THE REAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. haylie says:

    This was soooo sad but i was happy when
    i watched it too because it was so good!!

  70. Gabrielle says:

    It brought tears to my eyes

  71. Trinidy says:

    so good! :* :) :)

  72. dev says:

    the video made me cry

  73. Aiden says:

    I think that it was great except maybe Rue cried a little to much her race is fine I mean she awesome at acting are you going to crush a little girls dream for not being black? she can’t help that!

  74. Ava Merrygold says:

    ARE THEY MAD!??? ive seen the film and soooooooooo glad they didnt cast those people!!! they all had BRILLIANT talent but Rue is mean to be mixed race or have dark skin!!!! and Lawerence plays Katniss the BEST!!!!!!!!! i think Lawerence was soooooooooooooo good in the film and i would have be sooooooooo disapointed if she didnt play her!!!!!! Glimmer was HORRIBLE!!!! the girl who plays her in the film is best!!!!!!! and marvel looked soooooooo bad tooo!! were they mad if they thought they would suit the characters????!!!!!!

  75. Josie says:

    That was amazing. But Rue doesnt wear a grey hoodie ugg boots and skinny jeans…

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