Hunger Games Release Numbers

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With the US release of The Hunger Games upon us, we now have an official theater count via boxofficemojo – 4,137.  With that many theaters showing the film, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one near you!

We don’t have the international numbers yet, but I suspect they are respectable as well.  That number puts The Hunger Games at number one for largest independent studio release of all time, and number 15 for largest opening weekend of all time.  Twilight Eclipse still holds the record there with 4,468, but it smashes the number that the first Twilight movie had – 3,419 theaters.

If you’re a numbers person, check out box office mojo for even more statistics.  It’s going to be interesting to see just what kind of box office those numbers can generate this weekend!  Will you be seeing it this weekend?  Are you lucky enough to have seen it already – either with a pre-screening or by living in a country that had an earlier release than the US?

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  1. nicolas says:

    I saw it yesterday

    … it’s simply the best Book to Movie adaptation I have Ever seen !!!

    The acting is perfect; the directing is just thrilling and captivating, lots of good sequences, rythm, silence when needed, emotions;…

    and the music score is WOAW :d the music was great !!

    All in all i give the movie 9,5 only cause noone is ever perfect 😉

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