If The Hunger Games Characters had to join Hogwarts Houses

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The Harry Potter - Hunger Games

As the Huffington Post points out, the MTV Movie Awards put two fandoms right up against each other – those of us that love The Hunger Games and wanted them to do well in their nominations, and the legions of fans supporting Harry Potter.  Then there’s a bunch of fans that love BOTH.

The Huffington Post decided to do a bit of a mashup and ask the question  – what would happen if  the characters from The Hunger Games were sorted into Hogwarts houses?

You can click here to see what they decided, but at least for Katniss, Peeta and Gale, this is how they see it:

Katniss: Slytherin

Slytherin might get a bad rap, but hear us out on this one — it’s not always a bad thing. As a tribute, she’s ultra-focused on survival, a classic Slytherin trait. If she were a Gryffindor, she might sacrifice herself in the Games so that another tribute could survive (the way Harry was willing to die for the good of others in the final scenes of Deathly Hallows). Instead, she’s a fierce competitor with a deep instinct to survive.

Peeta: Hufflepuff

Everyone’s favorite District 12 cutie is a Hufflepuff. He’s kind, selfless, and cares deeply for others (including Katniss!). Even as a child, he saved Katniss and her family from starvation by giving her bread. But it’s not all fun and games for Peeta; in true Hufflepuff fashion, Katniss rejects Peeta the same way that Remus rejected Tonks, a Hufflepuff.

Gale: Gryffindor

Gale has Gryffindor written all over him. He comes from a poor family, but doesn’t let that get him down — family is everything to him. While Katniss is fighting in the Games, he takes over her responsibilities to her mother and sister and asks for nothing in return. We think he’s a lot like Ron Weasley, who would do anything for his family and friends.

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  1. mrs. payne says:


  2. 8989 says:

    Effie would be Headmistress 😉

  3. baconhawk says:

    hmmm. Does anyone else have a problem with it saying that Remus rejected Tonks?

    • melanie says:

      omg Remus did NOT reject Tonks! in fact they almost got married but they died together! in the movie the last time you see them alive they are reaching for each others hand but sadly the dont make it! and even when it shows their bodys beside each other they were still holding hands!!! SO NO REMUS DID NOT REJECT TONKS!!!!!!

  4. hungergames546 says:

    Foxface would have been Slytherin I bet. It has sly right in the name!

  5. THGirl says:

    hmm yeah, i can see the resemblance between Dumbledore and President Snow

  6. Regina Philangi says:

    oh i love these guys so much! Harry Potter and Hunger games are the two best things in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. KatnissMockingjay says:

    Katniss isn’t a Slytherin! She volunteered for Prim and was willing to die so Peeta would win, in both games! Katniss is a Gryffindor through and through! Selfless, Brave and a leader for the people.

  8. Arctic says:

    Katniss is a total Gryffindor. I would put Gale in Slytherin just because of his ambition.

    Foxface- Slytherin
    Cato and the rest of the careers- Slytherin
    Prim- Hufflepuff
    Rue- Ravenclaw
    Thresh- Gryffindor????
    Cinna- Gryffindor

  9. Aya says:

    hmmm, I think Katniss is a Ravenclaw, cause she is thinking fast and is good at staying alive, but don’t actually want to kill anybody. Slythering is a bit too selfish for her…

  10. Darkbloom says:

    Clove, Cato and Foxface would be Slytherin.

  11. ticktock12 says:

    KATNISS IS A GRYFFINDOR! like no way is she a Slytherin?!

    “If she were a Gryffindor, she might sacrifice herself in the Games so that another tribute could survive” euuum so she didn’t sacrifice herself for Prim? She didn’t do anything and everything possible to keep Peeta alive instead of her own life in Catching Fire?
    I think you need to reread Harry Potter and the Hunger Games as I think you’ll find you are very wrong.

    On the other hand I would put Gale into Slytherin, because of his ambition, anger and eagerness to fight (in mockingjay) but I understand why you put him in Gryffindor. I guess with him it’s more of a personal view, but Katniss? No, she’s a Gryffindor.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah, whoever wrote this at Huffington Post doesn’t have that great of an understanding of either stories. It even said in there that Remus regected Tonks as one of the examples.

  12. Kaylee says:

    I have to say, I think Katniss is Gryffindor! She sacraficed herself to save prim, was willing to do anything to save Peeta… Then again she did murder Coin… and a couple other people…

  13. Katniss773 says:

    I think that Foxface would be ravin claw because she is so cleaver and creativ

  14. melanie says:

    what about twilight?!?!

    • OMG i see peeta as a werewolf for some reason… ?!

    • bentohouse says:

      Please! Twilight is not even in the same (high) level of writing and storytelling as Harry Potter and Hunger Games!

      Anyway, I agree with most commenters saying that Gale should be in Slytherin. He protects those that he cares about but doesn’t have much compassion for others.

      And Katniss would be better suited as a Ravenclaw rather than Slytherin or Gryffindor. She’s too self-serving to be a Gryffindor but she’s not so cold-blooded as to be in Slytherin. She hated the Capitol people but she did admit their ignorance was partly the fault of the government, whereas Gale was ready to let even the civilians die.

  15. Rayna says:

    Remus didnt reject Tonks he proposed to her and I bet Katniss would actually be in gryffindor and peeta would be to

  16. Megarno says:

    I think Katiess is deffo a Slytherin. 😛 Sytherins don’t have to be evil. Katniss is cunning and intent on survival and will do anything to protect the people she loves however she doesn’t have much mercy for the people who hurt them.

  17. GemGem says:

    I agree and think that Katniss is a slytherin. As you said before me that not all slytherins are bad but they have bad examples set by all the other slytherins in the books like Draco and Crabbe and Goyle. Snape was extremely brave and was nearly a gryffindor! I also think that Peeta is a hufflepuff. Gale is a gryffindor and Rue and Foxface are both Ravenclaws. Also i dont see why everyone has such a bad opinion of the careers they wouldnt all be in slytherin though im not sure which houses they would be in as we dont know to much about there stories.

  18. Liz says:

    No matter what anyone says, in my opinion Katniss is Slytherin to the core. She might have been brave to volunteer for Prim, but that doesn’t mean she automatically a Gryffindor. Oh, and Slytherins aren’t always evil, and Gryffindors aren’t always the good guys. Severus Snape/Peter Pettigrew, anyone?

    First, Katniss is ambitious – she is willing to do anything to win the games. Hell, volunteering for Prim could be seen as being ambitious to keep her family safe. She’s ambitious enough to rebel against the Capitol. Though this could be seen as bravery, if she really was she’d have marched into President Snow’s office and told him exactly what she thought.

    Second, she is most definately cunning. She uses Peeta and the whole “star-crossed” lovers angle to try and win the games. This is also trying to make things turn in her favour, another Slytherin trait.

    So in my eyes Katniss is Slytherin, and she always will be.

  19. Laurence says:

    Harry Potter and Hunger Games are the best things in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a huge fan of both of these franchise :)

  20. Cara says:

    Katniss is griffindor all the way!She sacrificed herself a million times!Also Peeta should be a griffindor too!I really don’t care if others say I am wrong.Just read more carrefully next time!As for the others I think Tresh would be a griffindor or a slytherin and Foxface can be griffindor or ravenclaw or even slytherin.I totally agree with the ideea of Gale being slytherin but he can also be griffindor!
    Just my opinion!And btw sorry if I spelled something wrong!

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