Introducing, The Cirrus Quell – A Hunger Games Story

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I was searching YouTube recently for new Hunger Games inspired videos, when I stumbled upon some amazing new fan created stuff.(I love everything created by the fans from low quality reenactments to the high quality reenactments.)

While surfing through some amazing fan videos I came across a soon to be fan film called “The Cirrus Quell.” It is based upon the Hunger Games in its early years and takes place in the 23rd year of the games. After seeing the teaser trailer I HAD to find out more so I contacted the creator Joshua Chislett and asked to conduct and interview with him as well as feature some of his work for the fandom to see.

He also created the short fan film “Katniss and the Careers” along with a few other non Hunger Games related videos (they are all great and worth the watch!) Let’s find out a little more about what went into making The Hunger Games 23rd Cirrus Quell.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Joshua Chislett. I am a 17 year old high school student who likes to make short films. I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan as well.

What inspired you to create the Cirrus Quell?

I was really intrigued by the Quarter Quell scenario. So I came up with a little story with Christian Von Krause (Main Character) about the idea of the Quarter Quell being created because of a certain Hunger Games.

Can you tell us a tiny bit about your main characters?

The story focuses on four main characters. Cirrus Quell, the 17 year old volunteer from District 7, Mason Tramonti from District 9, Gem from District 10, and Scout from District 1

What was the best and worse part of filming?

The best part of filming I would have to say was the Cornucopia Bloodbath scene. That was a really fun day having everybody come out and give such amazing performances. The only thing I can say about the worst parts of filming would have been the heat. It was really hot during some of the scenes in the fields.

What should we look forward to with the release of the Cirrus Quell?

I think fans of the Hunger Games should look forward to a new exciting and thrilling story that could expand their views on how The Capitol works in this universe.

Let us know what you think of the videos in the comments below!! To find out more info on Josh and his upcoming film check out his Facebook Page and Subscribe to his YouTube page! We are so excited to see more of The Cirrus Quell. Thanks for the interview Josh!

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  1. justusinfinity says:

    Love it.

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  5. finnick odair underwear says:

    best one yet! :)

  6. Olivia says:

    wow! very much looking forward to!

  7. WOW!!!!! Thats awesome cuz I didn’t really hear much about y the quell was invented or about past hunger games this is going to be fantastic!

  8. yukillofffinnick says:

    Cool cant wist to see

  9. Laney says:

    when does it come out????????

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  11. Laurel says:

    That was amazing!! Me and my friends are making a fan- fiction and its a Quarter Quell too!! but its the 100th Quarter Quell and it follows the lives on 2 girls, Cassia, an orphan from District 12, and Valeria, a Career from District 2!!! Ours will probably not be as amazing as theirs, but its fun!!!

  12. rachel says:

    you should see this music video by the hollywood show
    the music videos for im peeta and i know it,& im katniss.
    there so funny i keep replaying and replaying them

  13. Heathr11 says:

    This is so good!! Just like an actual movie trailer!! This should be made into a proper movie :)

  14. Nobody says:

    Amazing. Keep up the good work and you will go far. Maybe someday you can become professional. :) Maybe make one of my books into a movie.

  15. Everyone says:

    Man i love this~! I watched all 6 episodes and tbh… I WANT MORE

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