Q&A: Jacqueline Emerson Juggles Hunger Game Fame, Music & School

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Here is Emerson’s video for her newly released song “Peter Pan.” Make sure to head on over to iTunes and download your own copy.

Billboard sat down with our Foxface, Jacqueline Emerson, to talk about juggling her music and acting carrers, school, and becoming famous.

What was the process for being cast in “The Hunger Games”?

I actually had a very unorthodox process. They were interviewing kids who’d read the books to get their take on the series, so I did an interview for them and then a couple weeks later they called me and asked if I wanted to audition for Foxface. I’ve been acting since I was six years old, but not professionally. This is the best break I could have hoped for.

For you and the rest of the kids playing Tributes, was it a downer to be cast as a tribute knowing you’re going  to die?

Not really, the only part that was a downer was the last day we were on set together. We were all sobbing, holding each other, because we were not going to be on set together again, unless we coincidentally do a movie together. It was such an amazing experience, we had such an amazing director who really helped you get inside the character’s head. They really became my family for the summer, and it was hard leaving them. Other than that I don’t think there were any down moments.

Your mix of talents seems like you’d be a good match  for “Glee.” Have you ever considered auditioning?

I haven’t auditioned because I’m not 18 yet and I think they’re pretty strict with the 18 line. I would love to be on Glee, it’s one of my favorite shows and I think everyone on it is so talented. I’ve actually met Darren Criss at a couple parties, he’s so cool.

For the rest of the interview click HERE!

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