Jena Malone in Catching Fire Talks: The Fandom Reacts!

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Jena Malone in talks for Catching Fire - Johanna Mason

The fandom came alight today with news that Jena Malone has been offered the role of Johanna Mason in Catching Fire. The Hollywood Reporter says that while it's not a done deal, the talks will no doubt end up with Malone agreeing to take on the role.

Perrif Nemiroff from decided to check in with Hunger Games fansites to see what they think of the news:

Hamilton โ€“ My Hunger Games

Jena Malone is not a big name that would have jumped out at me as being a candidate for Johanna. I didn't, in fact, recognize her name despite having seen several movies she's starred in. The two roles that stand out are Mary in Saved! and Rocket in Sucker Punch. In Saved! she plays a girl with some serious internal struggles, dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. In Sucker Punch she kicks some serious arse as an older sister who will give anything and everything to protect her younger sister. She's also not bad looking. Those are all the ingredients we need in Johanna Mason. Combined with the fact that as a lesser known actress she won't bring a lot of preconceptions with her, I think she's a fine – if unexpected – choice and if she accepts the part, I won't be disappointed.

Crystal โ€“
While I think Jena is too old to be the book Johanna Mason, it's a movie and therefore allowances have to be made. I get that Jennifer looks much older than she should and so I understand why Johanna has to be aged up. And if aging up helps Garrett Hedlund in any way, I'm all for it! I've only seen Jena in Sucker Punch and Contact (when she was like 12). Sad to say that Sucker Punch really disappointed me. It was all fluff and a total guy's movie, but I definitely think she can pull off the snark and attitude of Johanna. And while I may not have liked Sucker Punch, her role as Rocket is actually similar to Johanna Mason in that she had to play the badass Rocket and her real-life counterpart who was decidedly more weak and vulnerable as a mental patient. (Great for Mockingjay!)

Lindsay โ€“ HG Girl On Fire
When Jena Malone was first mentioned as a possibility for Johanna Mason, I think many people were surprised. She's not quite the first person that jumps to mind. However, Jena is a seasoned actress that's got a pretty broad range, and the more time I've had to think on it, the more I like the choice for our Johanna. Jena is one of those actors that you might have recognized, but probably didn't know her name. Most recently she played the seemingly innocent, but out-for-blood Nancy McCoy in the TV mini-series Hatfields & McCoys. She's got snark. She's got attitude, and she's able to play it tough. And rumor is that she really wanted the role. I like where this is going so far.

You can read the rest of the article here including opinions from Down With The Capitol, The Hob, HG Movie Site, Hunger Games Trilogy, and The Hunger Games Fireside Chat


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  1. THGirl says:

    I really liked hr in Suckerpunch! She’s not a big known actress which is good because it wont create celebrity clashes on screen, and she looks quite alike with the description for the role of johanna!(obviously with hair cut and dye)


  2. gia says:

    Jena Malone is quite well known in the indie movie world. but I never pictured her as Johanna. For one, I always pictured Johanna as being anything but white. Its disappointing but we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out.

    • RebeccaB. says:

      What? Johanna wasn’t described as black or hispanic, either. Jena is great for the part.

  3. kristyanna says:

    i always pictured johanna like the character alice, in the videogame “american mcgee’s: alice” which i s like a tricked out, crazy version of alice in wonderland where alice is a total badass. (like johanna)

  4. Chreeta!! says:

    jena looks pretty nice. johanna might be a good role for her. SUPPORT!!!

  5. Kayla says:

    What baffles me is how nobody has mentioned that in 2005, Jena was in Pride and Prejudice…and Donald Sutherland played her father. It would be really ironic for them to go from a father-daughter relationship in a movie to evil president/tribute.

    P.S. I do like the idea of Jena playing Johanna. :)

    • Robin says:

      That’s the only reason I even knew her! I’ve only seen her in Pride and Prejudice.

  6. she was pretty awesome i suckerpunch, i must admit! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Catherine says:

    to me she would be perfect!!!

  8. Natalie says:

    shes not who I first pictured but I like her more and more each time I see her, as long as ahe has a evil side. Just because I pictured different doesnt mean she won’t be good!

  9. Jazzmine says:

    She doesn’t look how I pictured Johanna but casting for the first film turned out amazing despite my initial thoughts so maybe she’ll do great as well.

  10. Amanda says:

    Isn’t Johanna supposed to be black? I swear that is how she was described in the books.

    • Mark says:

      She was never described as black. I’m not even sure that her skin color was ever described at all.

      • Arctic says:

        Her skin color was never described. She was stated as having short dark brown hair and dark eyes. I personally pictured her of being North African descent with her skin tone.

        Then again Suzanne Collins never comes out and uses terms like “Asian, black, white” it makes since because the book is set in the future and future terms may not be what they are today.

  11. Alex M says:

    I would have thought that Johanna would be a more hardcore sort of girl, I have not seen any films with her in but from pictures that I have seen, she does not look like this kind of person. Also, I imagined Johanna Mason to be of a more Meditairanean origin. Anyway, I’m sure that Lionsgate have cast her because she obviously fits the role of Johanna better than anyone else, it doesn’t matter what I think! I bet she will be an amazing Johanna Mason and I can’t wait o find out who the other characters will be! Good Luck to Jena and I will support her the whole way!

    • SilentMockingjay says:

      You should watch Suckerpunch…with that roll I agree that she would do a good job as Johanna. I am with you that I saw her as more of a Mediterranean look, but as you said, they cast her so hopefully Lionsgate wont let us down.

    • Robin says:

      You are awesome! Yes, she isn’t what I pictured initially but hey, if they see it, then it means that she’s got what it takes to be Johanna. So in the end it doesn’t really matter what the individual thinks, if the actress has the talent to do it, then I support her full on.

  12. vanilla 4 says:

    jena is very experience and great actess for a age 27 ,i’think she will fit perfectly johanna mason looks and vulnerablility and strength .she played stanley tucci daugther in for last song,she played donald sutherland daugther in pride & prejudice and she played with woody harrelson in the messenger

  13. charisma says:

    i think she would be a good person to play the role of johanna, i wasent realy shore what to exspect. to me the role johanna has sutch a range that looks wise it could have been anyone. black or white , tall or short , dark features or light featchures. its the persinality that the acter would have to pull of that is the key thing for someone playing johanna i think.

  14. Mark says:

    She is pretty close to how I pictured Johanna! I’m happy with the choice. I hope she gets officially cast.

  15. Arctic says:

    I haven’t seen much of her in movies so I am not going to doubt her acting ability just for the sake of things.

    Well she isn’t really what I pictured Johannah like well at all.

    Too old? No opinion Johannah is about 20 and make-up when applied correctly can make peopel age and deage in seconds.

    *shrugs* if she gets casted then good for her.

  16. KatnissMockingjay says:

    I think Jena will be PERFECT!
    She looks expirienced, mean yet vulnerble. That is Johanna Mason! I havent seen her in many films, but she looks pretty awesome for the role!
    PLEASE accept the role Jena! You’ll be great!!!!

  17. Hunger Games, the movie sucked compared to the book says:

    Im sorry, she does not have the attitude, the color of skin, which is described as dark in interviews with Suzan, and she does not have the hair color, black. GOD, can no one get a confermation from Suzan?!

    • Johanna says:

      Johanna’s skin color is never ever ever ever EVER mentioned in the books..end of story. The most we get for a physical description of her is wide-set brown eyes and short/spiky BROWN hair. Also, I have never heard of such an interview where Suzanne herself describes Johanna, and I can’t seem to find such an interview on the internet. Care to find it for me?

      Lastly, Jena is a fantastic actress and if you don’t think she can pull off having an attitude, I’m guessing you’ve only seen a couple of her movies.

  18. bentohouse says:

    I was really surprised to see Jena’s wide range as an actress after watching Suckerpunch. Previously, I’ve only seen her play ‘light’ roles in Pride & Prejudice and Saved so her role as Rocket in Suckerpunch was refreshingly different. She would make a great Johanna ๐Ÿ˜€

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