Josh and Jennifer talk about the most anticipated scenes in Catching Fire

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MTV has released the next installment in their interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.  This time, The Hunger Games stars are chatting about the sequel, Catching Fire.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read Catching Fire, you might like to skip reading or watching the Jen and Josh chat.

Here’s what they had to say about how it goes down for Katniss and Peeta:

“We get married!” the actress exclaimed, looking at Hutcherson and pointing to her ring finger with girlish enthusiasm.

“[It’s] very exciting,” Hutcherson said, though we detected a bit of hesitation in his voice.

Lawrence revealed that she did the “ring finger move” to Hutcherson whenever she wanted to annoy him on set. “God, I sound really annoying whenever I talk about myself in the past,” she admitted. The Oscar nominee then apologized to Hutcherson, who seemed genuinely entertained by her commentary.

Looking even further ahead, past “Catching Fire,” we asked about talk that the third book might be split into two films. “It’s always hard, every time you convert a novel into movies, because you have to cut so much out,” Lawrence said. “[So], in a weird way it’s kind of a relief because you get to keep everything in there. It is a lot more work [to shoot four films] and we’ll probably do them back-to-back.”

Finally, we asked the two stars if they had to play another “Hunger Games” character besides their own which they would choose.

“I would probably say President Snow,” Hutcherson said. “If I were President Snow, I could make some changes and give some power back to the people.”

“Well, now I’m left with a goat,” Jennifer joked of the dwindling character options. “Umm.”

“Effie has great style,” Hutcherson offered.

“Effie! That’s it,” Lawrence agreed about the pink-haired District 12 escort played by Elizabeth Banks. “God, yeah Effie. Thanks!”

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  1. PeetaLuv says:

    They are so cute together! The chemistry is great. :):)


    "Ahhh!" *Points to ring finger*


  2. anna says:

    uughh!! I can’t see the video!!! any sugestions? :(

  3. Cimone says:

    I’ve read the first two books and not Mockingjay, and I don’t remember them getting married in Catching Fire. I remember her wearing the dress and him telling the blue-haired guy about the toasting tradition. Is that what she means, that they’ll get “bread married” because of the interview but not “justice building married”? Or is this spoiler alert meant for Mockingjay, in which case you may want to fix that alert so that people like me won’t get all messed up.

    • Cara says:

      Sorry if this is a spoiler. I kinda forget what things were in what book-for the last 2. it might of been when Peeta or Katniss said they already did the bread thing, not all the paper work.
      Just so you know Mockingjay is amazing. There are so many twists and turns in it.

  4. clove says:

    @Cimone: In Peeta’s interview with Ceasar Flickerman (the blue-haired guy) before the 3rd Quarter Quell he says that he and Katniss are married… even though it never actually happens in Catching Fire.

  5. thg is awsumness says:

    @cimone- p.s. don’t read the end if u haven’t read mockingjay.

    They do get married. Tht party where Plutarch talks to katniss and shows her his mockingjay watch. Thts like the celebration and such. They don’t exactly finish the marriage though before the second quarter quell. I guess they were finances but then again they never told us tht part exactly in detail. So you’d assume they were married. So yeah maybe they are actually gonna show it in the movie although it was never explained or really clarified in the book until…


    Mockingjay wen they get married for reals.

  6. Rebekah says:

    Omg that last part where Josh made a
    Suggestion about being Effie? So like peeta!!! And how he helps katniss in her interviews?! Amazing :)

  7. nicole says:

    Ah I love how in the books, Peeta and Katniss, in interviews, act like they have such great times and memories with each other, and it’s completely fake. Now that’s what the actors are doing, and we’re the silly little capitol people!

  8. Love of Peeta says:

    I think she was saying in general they get married. The bread toasting which they lied about because they never did the marriage in the Capitol. Remember Peeta said they did the toasting to make everyone see that this Quarter Quell was wrong. So they never did get married but at the end of Mockingjay they had a family together. So I think she was saying just in general they are going to be married. But anyway they have a great relationship and they are both very funny. It’s going to be great seeing them together for the next three movies.

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