Liam Hemsworth went Hungry to be in ‘The Hunger Games’

| March 20, 2012 | 1 Comment More

Liam Hemsworth at the Toronto Hunger Games Premiere

Liam Hemsworth spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times about how he prepared to play Gale in The Hunger Games, both mentally and physically.

“We live during very hard times in this movie, so I lost 15 pounds for the role,” says the Aussie screen hunk. “I wanted to know what hunger did to your brain and physical state. Now I know that it’s hell.”

A fan of the books, he says the film is a faithful adaptation.

“For me, everything was very similar to the book,” says Hemsworth, 22. “My character grew up with Katniss, so we really played that bond. These two are an escape for each other. They meet for the woods while they’re hunting and trying to provide for their families in this horrible world.”

You can read the entire interview at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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  1. melannie says:

    I adore Liam! they couldn’t have picked a better Gale <3

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