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Katniss Hunting

A great deal of The Hunger Games movie was filmed around the area of Asheville in North Carolina.  Now it seems some of the tourism operators in the area are hoping to see an influx of visitors thanks to the film.

According to the ExploreAsheville website you can now take up a Hunger Games style vacation package.

One of the deals is to “Walk Like Katniss” and go hiking in the wilderness of Chimney Rock State park.  But there are a number of different packages to choose from:

    • Hike: Prepare yourself for rugged terrain (and possible encounters with trackerjackers) with some time on the trail. See where the arena scenes were filmed at Dupont State Forest, or check out another area hiking trail.
    • Forage: At home on the Seam and in the arena, Katniss lived off of what she could find in the forest. Learn to tell the good from the deadly on a private foraging trip with Alan Muskat, Asheville's very own Mushroom Man.
    • Hone: Sharpen your survival skills with a workshop in friction fires or-Prim's favorite-edible and medicinal plants. The Nantahala Outdoor Center offers scheduled classes and private instruction, or check out Chimney Rock Park's spring survial series.
    • Explore: Katniss cherished her time in the forest with Gale, and you can too when you discover the variety of adventures that await you.
    • Self-Medicate: When all else fails, do what Haymitch does and turn to some liquid comfort. Troy & Sons produces pure corn moonshine, and their distillery is open for tours.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Asheville is actually in NC. :)

  2. clove says:

    Oh! I want to do that! Such a cool concept!

  3. Love of Peeta says:

    They have a mushroom man and moonshine makers O_O. Wow.

  4. thg is awsumness says:

    The one thing in my state but its not lik the tour where u meet Jennifer, josh (love definately) ,and Liam (not so much).

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