Mockingjay – Does Peeta Live or Die?

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My Hunger Games - Peeta

SPOILER ALERT: While this is purely speculation about whether Peeta will live or die in the Mockingjay, it does give away the ending of Catching Fire, so if you haven’t finished reading The Hunger Games books, it might be a good time to look away.

At the end of Catching Fire, Katniss finds out that she has been used as a player in someone else’s game. She’s furious at Haymtich, convinced that he’s been the puppet master all along. She also finds out that there is no more District 12 and that Peeta is being held by the Capitol.

The Mockingjay is sure to contain many surprise revelations. We’ll start to see how plans for a rebellion were formulated and to what extent Katniss was manipulated to play her part, along with who else was in on the plan.

And we’re sure to lose some of our favorite characters along the way.

In our poll about who you thought would die in the Mockingjay, out of almost 160 votes, more than a third thought Peeta would end up dead.  The rest of the vote was then pretty much evenly split between Gale and Haymitch, closely followed by Cinna.  Not too many thought that Prim would die in the final book. (final result:  171 votes Katniss:4% Peeta:33%  Gale:21%  Haymitch:21%  Cinna:16%  Prim:6%)

Are there clues to be found in Catching Fire?  For example, Peeta asks Katniss what her favorite color is…

” . . . but I don’t know what your favorite color is?”, he says.
A smile creeps onto my lips. ‘Green. What’s yours?’
‘Orange,” he says.
‘Orange? Like Effie’s hair?” I say.
‘A bit more muted,’ he says. ‘More like . . . sunset.’ “

Green equals life (Katniss will live). Sunsets are endings (Peeta will die)

I’m not so sure that Peeta will meet his end in the Mockingjay. I do think we’ll find out that Peeta had been inducted into the rebellion plan even before the 74th Hunger Games. I think Katniss and Gale and probably Finnick, will embark on a journey to save him, but I think (just maybe) he’ll live.

We know that Peeta has been willing to lay down his life to save Katniss…so will he, in the Mockingjay, take it that one step further and willingly give his life for the cause of the rebellion?

Over to you….we’d love to know what you think.

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  1. bucketochicken says:

    Maybe… I think it’s more likely that Gale will be killed off – while saving Peeta.

  2. Tenara says:

    no! no! no!
    Peeta will live!

    I can’t have a thought about his death!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    But but but… ?? Ok, Peeta may get on my nerves, like a LOT, but he can’t diee!!! I would cry!! (but I would cry more if Gale died!!)

    • love dove says:

      i would definetly cry more if peeta died than if gale died hey team i cried when rue died peeta or team gale im on team peeta

      • rue is awesome says:

        when rue died i was like nooooooo you cant die youll find a herb wich will save you!!!at my school we play hunger games and im district 11 and using rue tecnique mixed with foxface and a little katniss wich means i stay high out of trouble only kill when my ally is in danger and my own tecnique tease the career tributes then run for gives a little more action in the game.stalking people helps

        i just did this cause im bored and i wanted to talk about hunger games

      • LoveMeSomePeeta says:

        PEETA ALL THE WAY! I can’t imagine him dying </3

    • Unknown says:

      I hope Peeta lives…. To be honest when I think about Gale the words ‘screw you’ leap into my mind.

    • shaayan says:

      I hate gale I want peeta to mary katniss and if peeta die I wont watch any hunger games I came to at this website to see if peeta dies. I was very happy when I saw coments saying that peeta will not die

  4. Teamdontmakemedecide says:

    No way I have a feeling he won’t because he’s a fan favourite if gale dies I be sad too I like them both lol

  5. Makenzie says:

    I thought up a random theory the other day…. What if President Snow, and the rest of the Capitol government (if there is any) had cameras in or around the woods and found out Katniss and Gale had been hunting? Or what if someone told, like Cray? What if they rigged the reaping ball to where Prim’s name would surely be drawn, to get back at Katniss? That might also punish Gale, if President S. figured out he was in love with her. Maybe they knew that Katniss would volunteer, or maybe they just wanted to tear Prim away from her with no hope of getting her back… the possibilities from beyond the thought that they knew Katniss and Gale were poaching could go on and on.

    • rue is awesome says:


      they do find out Gale and katniss hunt and gale almost gets killed for punishement but kaniss jumps up and get whipped herself across the face.also later she meets some people from district 8 that ran away in the riot there so she gives them all the food she has.
      prim gets killed in an explosion
      peeta gets brain washed by the capitol and almost strangles katniss and he nevr entierly has his own mind back
      peeta does not die
      part of katniss’s arm gets ripped of i think
      district 13 is still live underground and no one from the district goes into the hunger games because if they did they would blow up the entire capitol
      katniss breaks her tailbone
      snow dies

      the reason snow always dabs at his lips are because he poisend his rivals by putting poisen in the cup and to get trust they would drink out of the same cup.snows lips never healed properly even though he had the antidote before

      • Hunter says:

        That is not why Gale is whipped. He is whipped because the commander was about to whip a peacekeeper and Gale tackled the commander to protect her.

  6. booboolover says:

    NO WAY! Peeta cannot die. It would be horrible. As to who might die I think it will be Haymitch, I hate to say it but after all, he was the one who basically got Katniss out of the arena after she shot at the force field. I think in Mockingjay Katniss will finally admit to herself that she is in love with Peeta. She has admitted to her self that she is in love with Gale but why hasn’t she acted upon it? Maybe cuz she doesn’t love him as much as she loves Peeta?
    Well all I can say for sure is that we all know someone is going to die in Mockingjay, we have no idea who but someone will. I sure hope its not Katniss or Peeta.

  7. peeta lover says:

    i loooooove peeta but he prob. will die :*(

  8. OhMyGosh says:

    I PRAY PEETA LIVES HE IS MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THIS BOOK! someone please tell me if he lives! ):

  9. F.Y.I says:

    he probaly will die I really dont like him ether

  10. Chaos says:

    i swear if a “Team Peeta; Team Gale” thing arises like it did for twilight saga imma gonna hate going to the movies

  11. ACoolKidWroteThis says:

    If peeta dies i’m gunna be so annoyed! i wouldn’t really care if gale dies cos personally he annoys me!


  12. PEETA! says:

    he needed to survive and he did;)

  13. rose says:

    no!!!! Ido not want peeta or gale to die !!

  14. team peeta! says:

    peeta should live not die !

  15. team gale! says:

    gale should live and not die!!

  16. Noooooo!!!! says:

    is anyone else here obsessed with

  17. Sara says:

    ok guys come down nether gale or peeta dies. but someone really close to katniss dies… :(
    plus to this person who wrote about not wanting to have a team peeta and team gale…
    i think there are groups starting to form, just saying.

  18. My cat is 19 years old says:

    OMG I hope none of the main characters die, but i think primrose dies.

    BOO HOO…………………………………………………………….

    I cant wait for the movie!

  19. My cat is 19 years old says:

    Can i just say that i don’t remember having that creature
    <~~~~ as my picture. It kinda looks weird.

  20. meeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    ohhhhhh my gosh! if Peeta or Gale ever die, i would die! (not really, but i would feel sad… very sad…) I LOVE THEM! can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!! DON’T DIE ON ME GUYZ!!!

  21. Penny says:

    No Peeta can’t die tell me now!!!!!

  22. everyone dies in a big explosion

  23. Katherine says:

    SPOILER ALERT!!! peeta doesn’t die thank goodness:) gale and prim die though:(

    • Ashley says:

      Nuh uh! Gale doesn’t die!! D:< He gets some fancy job in District 2…did you like not read the book or something?? 😛 JK

    • Sarah Blake says:

      gale does not die liar I read Mockingjay 3 times. gale moves to District 2, read the book again.

  24. Amanda says:

    NO! Peeta will NOT die! I LOVE HIM! he cant die:) Neither does Gale. :) But Prim does…. :/

  25. Emma says:

    OMG!!!!! no no no no peeta cannot die if he dies i will kill myself…

    life would have no meaning without peeta…

  26. olivia says:

    nooooooooo peeta can’t die MY FAVE PERSON IN THE BOOK IS HIM!!!!!!!! if he dies i will scream and cry at the same time!!!! :(

    • tori says:

      he doesn’t die he just gets brain washed bye the capitol and tries to kill katniss but then there togeter at the end sooooooooooooooo sweet he says:love me for real or not real katniss says: real soooo sweet dont for get to read the epilogue

  27. Graci says:

    If peeta dies I swear I will have a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want haymitch to die though he’s a idiot!!!!!!!! Just die already sweetheart!!!!!( if you havent read the books you won’t get that last comment)I’m afraid by the fact that guys like peeta don’t exsist in real life.

  28. Mandi says:

    I just finished MJ.

  29. lecx says:

    Firstly, I have read the books, so I don’t care if those people who haven’t read it yet will get mad at me on spoilers.

    Okay, here we go. Peeta will not die and I don’t think they will even let him die in the Movie-to-be because 1, they’ll have children and 2, Katniss will kill herself if it does because Prim just died possibly because of Gale. Katniss wouldn’t survive through that pain. And also, Peeta gave her strength, when Katniss was at her lowest, she would hold on to the pearl Peeta gave her and it will give her strength and hope that she will be reunited with Peeta again, soon (And at the time they were reunited, Peeta was brainwashed but Katniss still have hope. Peeta regain his trust again for Katniss at the end. And she realised she need him the most, and she loves him.) Gale is in district 2, I think, and he is stuck there. Katniss doesn’t need him because he gave her rage, while Peeta gave her comfort, and love.

    So with that said, no, Peeta won’t die. Prim will. And I don’t think Haymitch will get killed in the movie, but maybe… Who knows… And Gale won’t die, but also, maybe he will too.

  30. Katherine says:

    I got it wrong you’re right he works in district 2 in the mines… I hadn’t read the books 4 awhile so my memory was off… but Prim does die by a bomb

  31. ashley says:

    I want to know if petta lives and if he dose thsn dose katniss and petta become girlfriend and boyfriend.Do they live happily ever after?

  32. ashley says:

    Will peeta die? Watch the movie to find out or the book

  33. Sabrina says:

    i really think the producers should rethink this about (might)letting peeta go, truly i think at the end when katniss is laying on the table president snow should come in with some peacekeepers and take katniss. while the peacekeepers are holding her friends and close ones down, she is being taking away (abducted)by more peacekeepers and later to find out that peeta has escaped from the capitol some how with the haymitchs help. haymitch had 2 lie 2 katniss because peeta didnt want her 2 know he is alive but taken by the capitol cause he knows she will go all her way to get him back, so he escapes later finds out katniss has been also taken by the capitol for questioning and tuttour her for all she did but he feel grieve upon is self by thinking he was apart of what she also did and goes all his way to save her with help from haymitch,gale,finnick,and the mute darius.then it shows the skills peeta really has other than his weakness for beauty but when he wants something he loves that was taken away from him he goes his whole way killing and fighting others to get to he beloeved katniss! ik its alot but i realy do think that will be awesome for an 12 year old to come up with all this info. about her dream story of catching fire or the begging of mockingjay. :)

    • Morgan says:

      p.s. my real exact name is morgan and ik i have a bold vocabulary for a child. all A’s right here. :)

    • lecx says:

      I totally agree with you! :) Mockingjay is my least favorite of all the books, 1, I feel like Suzanne Collins made Peeta look weak. 2, there is action, but it’s all over/surrounds Katniss, it’s kinda boring, and half way through I got tired of reading it, but then eventually I read all of it, and I didn’t like the flow of the story. :) Also, I didn’t like the way Suzanne killed off Snow, I mean, I’ve expected more action. I feel like Mockingjay is too forced and is too quickly done. It is the weakest book if the Trilogy. #JustMyOpinion :)

  34. ashley says:

    That would be soooo cool.i mean for a 12 year old 2 come up with something like that is amazing and the matter is i realy like that and also 12

  35. Mara says:

    For all of you that are wondering, I’ll let you know, since I’ve already read the books:

    Peeta- LIVES
    Katniss- LIVES
    Gale- LIVES
    Prim- DEAD
    Cinna- DEAD
    Haymitch- LIVES

  36. macy says:

    peeta does not die and gale does not die prim dies if you are wondering katniss and peeta get married and have children in the end gale goes off and works in 4 you know what i mean if you have read the series 5 times like i have lll

  37. Kayla says:

    Ok so I know prim dies but does Petta and katniss die or do they both live or does one of them die cuz I’m confused and I would rather have gale die than Petta I love Petta . And josh hutcherson should keep his hair blonde

  38. adDy says:

    I did like the book Mockingjay just did not love it.And no Katniss,Peeta and Gale don’t die. Peeta and Katniss marry and have children in the epilogue,,I hope they don’t change that in the movie. Do any of you think they will?

  39. Brittany says:

    Peeta can’t die! I’m on team Peeta! Not Peet, he’s my favourite character! I wan’t Katniss & Peeta to get married and live happy ever after! LOL

  40. Brittany says:


  41. KAYLE CARTMELL says:

    IF i kill off peeta i will cry…. forever and never watch it again!!!!!!!! you should ( no offesnse gale) get katness closer to gale while peeta is gone away or taken then when they arw saving him gale die but keep peeta alive

  42. Lulz says:

    Brian Blessed for the gamemaker in Hunger GAmes 2 and 3 😀

  43. Kimberlyn says:

    I want peeta to live
    I want Katniss to live

    So if peeta or Katniss die I will die too the ending should be special like ummm peeta and Katniss fall in love and get married and have kids.please do not let them die if you did it would probably be the worst ending of all because in catching fire they are in “love” and so don’t ruin mocking jay make them live and be happy together!

  44. Julian says:

    Peeta better not die and he better get Katniss. To hell with Gale. i Just got threw watching Hunger Games Catching fire and it was so good i almost cried on certain parts. i wish i could be in love in real life with Katniss She is so beautiful.

    But really i think Peeta is still alive but captured by snow but not killed not the girl that got captured with him. They should both live because if Peeta is not in the movie then what the hell is the point of even Watching it.

  45. emily says:

    i think peeta is alive and trying to get to katniss and by reading most comments and most people have read the book i think i can confirm that he isn’t p.s i hate gale and president snow team peeta 😀

  46. Iulia says:

    Huh I AM SOOOOO HAPPY THAT PEETA is alive!!!!!!!

  47. cant tell u says:

    if peeta dies I will be crushed but if gale dies I will also be crushed. peeta does not need to die and neither does gale but if one of them has to die it has to be gale because katniss loves peeta more than she knows it but she loves gale to that’s why she wont tell anybody that she loves peeta!!!!!

  48. zoey says:

    peeta cant die cause katniss loves peeta more than she will ever know even if she wont say it and for all those that have read the series well they sorry to burst your bubble but they don’t ever base the movie on the books sorry!

  49. zoey says:

    I think that in monking jay katniss will go on a killing spree and kill the president and the reast of the government and save peeta and peeta and katniss will end up with peeta and her mom and her sister and gale and hamich and Effie will make a new district under ground and live happily ever after and there will never be another hunger games!!!!

  50. zoey says:

    I cant believe the killed the style list for katniss and and peeta what did he ever do but president snow is a stupid jerk and wants katniss dead but still that is no reason to kill her friends and family just cause they want katniss dead if you want someone dead take it up with8 them not there friends and family

  51. zoey says:

    I am so scared that peeta and prim will die if they die I will die and I will burst into tears with out even knowing just like I did when prim died and when katniss has to see prims pic and her family it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad I mean I cried so much that I could of filled my popcorn bucket with tears

  52. Alexis says:

    I hope that Peeta stays alive. Then him and Katniss get together. And I don’t think anyone should die but its not my choice as long Peeta and Katniss end up together :) please don’t have Peeta die…

  53. Maddie says:

    Read the books

  54. imcool says:

    he will live! if he doesnt its gonna be to sad!

  55. I believe that Peeta will get married to Katnis and gale to her younger sister. Let’s see.

  56. Vanessa says:

    Did peeta die or not because he is so hot and I love him as a friend bot like that

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