More guests for the first ever Hunger Games convention in Chicago

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The Hunger Games Convention - Guests

Creation Entertainment will be holding the first ever Hunger Games fan convention in Chicago in June.  While you can’t get your tickets just yet, they have released a few more details including some extra guests who will be there to talk about their experience with the movie.

The convention takes place June 23-24 and will now include  the follow actor lineup:

Appearing Saturday
Willow Shields (Prim)
Nelson Ascencio (Flavius)
Kimiko Gelman (Venia)
Brook Bundy (Octavia)

Appearing Sunday
Amandla Stenberg (Amandla)
Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh)
Jacqueline Emerson (Foxface)

Some other stuff that’s happening at the convention:

It is time to party like they do in the big city! Saturday Evening is set and you are invited to join the celebration. If you wish, let your creative juices flow and come dressed to impress in your finest costume and make-up and try to win great prizes by being the most imaginative. Bring along your themed centerpiece and vie for a $250 gift certificate. And show off your dance moves and be voted the best dancer by our celebrities and you’ll also go home a big winner. Some of our celebrities will be present to pick and award winners in all our categories! A hot DJ is set and a cash bar is present to offer beverages. All we need is YOU! Cameras are allowed when the guests first enter the ballroom, after that we ask that you put your cameras away so the celebrities can have a fantastic time too! This party is complimentary for our Gold Weekend Patrons, a few other tickets will be available as well. Details to come!

What does it take to look like your favorite characters? Find out with a very cool presentation we have planned!

This should be wild! “Cosplay” has always been part of Creation Fan Conventions (for over 40 years!) but this weekend’s contest should be outrageous! Start planning now and compete for fantastic prizes and audience applause!

Grab wonderful bargains in our fast-paced genre collectibles auction: it all is up for bid and yours for the taking!

Put all your book reading and movie watching to profitable use and participate in our two trivia contests, each offering fabulous prizes! There’s our famous YES/NO game and “Stump The Experts” and all you need to do to be part of the fun is to be in the audience! Bring along trivia questions of your own because in “Stump The Experts” you get to ask the questions!

Want to be more involved in fandom? In this special panel we’ll have representatives from various top websites on hand to discuss their work! Audience participation encouraged!

Check at Creation Entertainment for further information and to sign up for the email alert.


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