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Lionsgate News just put out a Twitter that says:

The current draft of The Hunger Games script was not written by Billy Ray. It is a collaboration between Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins

Let’s hope that means that the script that was leaked – the one reported on below – has been overhauled by Ross and Suzanne Collins and is a lot closer to the book than the storyline involving Gale (spoilers ahead).

Earlier this month reported that one of their sources had read an early draft of The Hunger Games screenplay.  The two big things they pointed out was that the script seems to leave open the possibility of a prequel and that one of the characters would be left out.

SPOILER ALERTstop here if you don’t want to read any plot changes.

As we mentioned back then, the character of Madge, who in the book gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin, is written out.  What they didn’t publish back then, but an anonymous poster mentioned on this site, and blogger Crowin’s Musings has also reported,  the script has Gale sneaking into the Capitol to maneuver and strategize for Katniss behind the scenes.  As they point out, Gale is somewhat of a tragically impotent bystander in the first book.  So is this move all about making him more of a hero and greater participant in the overall plot?  What would you think if they decided to make Gale  more heroic, and build upon the sexual chemistry between his character and Katniss?

I can see how it would make sense for a movie, but I would hate for the script  to take such a  huge departure  from the book.  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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  1. Yari says:

    They NEED to put Madge in.

  2. Unknowngirl says:

    I like gale but i hope they would not change the whole story and should do justice to it. I agree about Gale ‘s role and what you said he is really a hero a tragic one . Ugh i hate prequels some work some don’t also I hope mockingjay is the ending it was bitter sweet but dragging out a amazing series is just horrible.

    This is my opnion that’s all i got to say thanks for the news

  3. Amanda says:

    Yeah Madge needs to be in it, AND THAT IS A BAD IDEA TO PUT THAT STUPID GALE THING IN!!! it just TOTALLY ruins it… Please dont :'(

  4. christalyn says:

    They don’t NEED to put her in. Her role isn’t exactly VITAL. Could easily be manipulated. I LOVE HER. Don’t get me wrong. I’m saddened by this. But I will be even more saddened if they give Gale such a huge role to play out the romantics. It kinda makes me wanna barf. These books aren’t about Katniss’s decision over which boy she should chose, it’s about a war. It’s about rebellion and fighting for a cause. I’ll be damned if anyone ever tries to make me think otherwise.

  5. Natalie says:

    i think it is horrible. they need to keep gale as he is in the books. if they do change that then what would that mean for peeta? he would be taken as the boy who was always in love with her. in the book he means much move then just the boy who was always in love with her. and for madge, they need her in there. if not then the whole pin wont mean as much if it isnt from someone whos family has once been in the games.

  6. Chelsea says:

    So whats Gales role in this? i’m slightly confused. Is this meant to go on in the first movie?

  7. nats says:

    I hope this “script” is an earlier version, or some kind of decoy. The idea that Gale could sneak into the capitol, does not fit into the Universe of PanEm. Even if he stowed away on the games train, or a coal car, the capitol people would catch him. They’ve been doing this for years; they know how to oppress the districts.

  8. Sunny says:

    No. NONONONONO!!! Okay, Gale has his few moments of glory in Mockingjay. Just keep it at that. Please.

  9. MyHungerGames says:

    @nats I hope you’re right too…I hope it’s an early version that was changed or a decoy. I am with @christalyn
    in that this is a story about oppression and war – the love triangle is a side issue, not THE issue.

  10. Name says:

    Oh God, they’re using that awful script that I read before. This is not good. It was a while ago that that draft leaked, so I hope that they’ve tweaked it a lot since then, because if they keep what the idea they had before… let’s just say that we might not have a Catching Fire or Mockingjay movie.

    • MyHungerGames says:

      @Name I don’t know if they’re using it or not. We will have to wait and see I guess. I am pretty sure the news about Gale is from the script leak reported on at the beginning of May. Let’s hope it does stay true to the book and that the only controversial decision is to leave Madge out.

  11. Mockingjay says:

    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! That would RUIN the whole story! Please keep Gale where he belongs and as Suzanne Collins wrote him!!!

  12. Ly says:

    well it says its a draft..and remember the madge thing.. shes not a very important character..the pin was on jennifer lawrence’s costume of katniss so she still gets the pin dont complain about that..and the whole gale thing..idk really…if it was minor and didnt take up a huge part of the movie then i mean i wont complain..if it adds to the love thing a little sure but not too much that it strays..and remember that this a draft and guess who wrote the script?? suzanne collins so ..thats thats…im with you guys as long as it doesnt stray too far off

  13. Rose says:


    The only change I would have made would have been in the third book. When Katniss had recieved the pearl from Peeta and she had kept it so close to her. And when she shot Coin and ran off, Peeta grabbed her shoulder and the nightlock and pearl fell out from the little pocket. I thought that the pearl could have brought Peeta back to himself.

  14. filippa says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! pretty please no no no no absolutely noooo!

    We have enough of that character, Gale, as it is in the books. Please don´t make it into team Peeta and team Gale. Don´t make these movie adaptions into some shit like the twilight ones, or even worse a copy of that love triangle. These are entirely different books,and story.

    I do aknowledge that they might attract the same audience, so even more so, please don´t do anything to push them any closer.

    WE HAVE ENOUGH OF GALE, he is NOT part of the games, he is part of the seam…dont mix the two. Hi´s character did not jump in to take the male place so please he made his decision in the books then NOT to go to any length to protect Katniss. It is just pathetic to think it would be admirable or lovable/ interesting to see him along Haymitch. Dont minimize Haymitch or Cinnas parts in this…

    Let Gale take part in the second book/movie, and the third…

  15. filippa says:

    rose, I completely agree!

  16. Ly says:

    forget about madge! i mean shes a minor role..i mean it would make sense to put her incuz its a small roel and wouldnt take up time but its ok to take her out..alot of people are worried about the pin thing but its on her costume so just wait..

  17. Rikki says:

    I don’t know if this has already been said (I didn’t feel like reading the comments above) but in Catching Fire, the only way Katniss sees the uprising is because she is visiting Madge…how else will Katniss gain access to the clips of Eight?

  18. GoPeeta says:

    What…i don’t get this Gale thing. Just leave Gale whare he belongs! What would he do even if he got into the Capitol? Attack the traning center or something? the Peacekeepers would kill him or turn him into an Avox. That would ruin the whole movie! It would turn it into a love story. NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!! don’t do that toThe Hunger Games!! Please!

  19. darn says:

    i think the so called leaked “script” was the one done by billy ray… he got mad because suzzane and gary changed it so he leaked the “unapproved script” to make fans mad and not watch the movie. so guys….. stop thinking they’ll follow that script.. it was not approved, suzzane won’t allow that.

  20. Renee says:

    I think that would be a horrible mistake. If they want to include him more, they should show him protecting and caring for katniss’s family back in 12. Otherwise, there isn’t much of a role for him to play. As Gale himself points out in mockingjay, after Prim’s death, protecting Katniss’s family was really his strongest appeal for her, his biggest contribution, the one thing he could always do better than Peeta… There just isn’t much to do with him otherwise. Once the Games start, they shouldn’t distract the audience from the Games by showing things happening outside of them, especially something that didn’t even happen in the book.

  21. Katniss says:

    I’m gonna miss Madge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wah! But it makes sense because they want Gale to be more like-able …I don’t like Gale that much…

  22. Katniss says:

    No offense to Gale lovers…

  23. Jen says:

    I honestly just don’t want the movie makers to try and turn this into another Twilight, with “epic love triangles”. Yes, there is a love triangle in the books. Is it the center of the book’s focus? No. I love the Peeta/Katniss storyline and I think that it grows organically from the trials they face together, including the book plots with Gale. Please, dont mess up such a beautiful part of the books. AND, please, keep the focus where it should be, on the actual message and plot of the books.

  24. Gale rocks! says:

    They NEED to put Madge in. I mean, she was the one who gave Katniss a symbol.

  25. Cuzin says:

    PLEASE LISTEN!!! gale was never a major hero; he fought along with katniss. But to her he was never a hero is that not right?!? It’s from her point of view, the whole story, he was the one fueling the fire; he wanted an all out war. He wouldn’t go into the capitol and not so anything. He would end up fighting that is his character!!!!! And it shouldn’t change so that people will see him as a hero!!!!!

  26. Cuzin says:

    MAJOR THOUGHT YOU GUYS!!!!! if he went off to sneak into the Capitol, WHO WOULD PROTECT KATNISS’ FAMILY!!!!! he would never do that in the story, like someone said earlier, it was the only thing he had going for him.

  27. Hunger Games Carazy says:

    Keep Madge, please. PLEASE! She is what started the whole pin idea so keep her. And it was her aunt in the 50th hunger games so just leave it alone.

    And I totally agree with Cuzin! 😀 What about her family? :( They just need to leave the script as the book. Unless you want more angry Hunger Games fans on your hands…. >:)

  28. Hunger Games Carazy says:

    I agree with Jen and Katniss above!

  29. Katie says:

    I don’t really like the changes from the script but I can kind of understand why they might do the Gale thing. I mean pretty much everything that shows how close Katniss and Gale are happens inside Katniss’ head. Unless they do flashbacks or something then you are not going to see how much Gale means to Katniss or find anything out about their past. That’s why I always prefer books to films. In books you know what characters are thinking.

  30. katnissnpeeta says:

    gale is not supposed to be the hero. with this plot change, during the games, if gale go caught, then she would be foucusing in on gale WAYYY more than peeta. i dont want to see this eithier.

  31. Marryanna says:

    They should do Gale justice and I know that Gale is a hero not matter what mockingjay says it wasn’t his bomb

  32. eclinio says:

    Oh no no no !
    I do like gale but…..he’s already a hero ! he must not know what it is to be in the capitalo, to be train to do interviews..he must stay out of this, it’s the HGames and he’s not a part of it, it’s peeta and kat’s experience.
    I don’t want it to become a eternal peeta vs gale. They meet few times in the real story, it must be like that in the movies too.

    So let’s pray suzanne understands this !

  33. Lori_Aych says:

    Madge needs to be included and I sincerely hope they don’t deviate from the book . . . leave things alone!

  34. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    i love gale and all but i like the books just as they are and i think the whole point of gale in these books mus stay true to the books. with gale not being mentioned too much in the first books, and then in catching fire and mockingjay his character is truly exposed is part of what makes the hunger games awesome i have everyday less hope that this movie is gonna be close to the book, wow epic failure gary and suzanne.

  35. Kelsey says:

    PLEASE PLEASE don’t change up the whole thing with gale. I refuse to see the movie if that happens. The book was absolutely perfect as written by Suzanne. I just hope they keep Madge too. I think she’s a very important character.

  36. Artemis, Girl on Fire says:

    Nonononono! See, I always picture it like this: Peeta cared a lot about Katniss and her survival while Gale cared more about taking down the Capital and then making sure she was alive. The Capital came first. If he got in then, the Games would have been stopped by him!!!

  37. Sam says:

    put madge back in plz

  38. Katniss says:

    @Cuzin Yes! I totally agree it wouldn’t make any sense.

  39. Jen says:

    Reading all these comments, I have to agree with every single one. There’s too many holes that’ll rise up by sending Gale to the Capitol that could end up changing major bits of the plot (Peacekeepers don’t catch him? What happens to the families he’s left?). I always envisioned Katniss’s life completely turning itself upside down when she leaves for the Capitol, and seeing Gale, a piece from the old life, in this new setting kind of blows apart that whole alienated atmosphere the Capitol brings. And although Madge is only a minor part, she should be introduced at some point, whether as someone significant or not. She’s one of Katniss’s only friends.

    But…I guess we’ll just have to wait ’till March 23. :)

  40. TK says:

    Changing Gale’s character in the way mentioned would ruin the movie for many fans. Please do not do this.

    As for Madge, it would be nice to include as many characters as possible, but if it was necessary to cut one, I’d be okay with her. Sorry Madge lol.

  41. Hunger Games Carazy says:

    I can understand this but….. Just he is suppost to take care of the Everdeens. He isn’t allowed on the train. And Peacekeepers will catch him. None of us really cared that Gale was a side character in The Hunger Games. Most of us still thought he was cool. And he is a pretty big character in Mockingjay. And in the city square in catching fire. When he is walking threw town with a turkey. If you leave him the way he is suppost to be, the book will follow the script and then all of us fans will be overjoyed and see the movie more than once.

  42. Hunger Games Crazy says:

    OH MY GOSH! I totally agree and love what Artemis, Girl on Fire said. :) 😀 Good thinking! 😉

  43. Isforwinners says:

    I see no reason why Gale’s subplot cannot include Madge. Kill two birds with one stone. ^_^ Though I do agree that Gale needs something to give his character some sort of point in the movie, since he really doesn’t come into his own until book 3.

    In saying that this news makes me a little dissapointed to be honest, especially considering Madge’s fate in mockingjay.. to disreguard her from the movie when more minor characters like Claudius Templesmith have been cast, makes me wonder why Collins put Madge in the books at all. To fudge a relatively major plot-detail and character seems like pure lazyness on behalf of the scriptwriters. Nevertheless, I have high, though misplaced I think, hope for the movie.

  44. Sea says:

    Hollywood is gonna have a stinkin’ war on their hands! Like /seriously/?! Let us not forget that Madge /gave/ Katniss the pin, the pin was what led Rue to trust Katniss, the pin is the /symbol/ of the rebellion, the pin was Madge’s aunt’s who was Katniss’ mom’s best friend.

    No no no no no, Gale /cannot/ infiltrate the Capitol. It’s like…impossible and it NEVER happened in the book.

  45. ARY says:


  46. Tamsin says:

    I can understand about Madge. I mean, her character is not that important, and they can easily work around that to find a way to get Katniss that pin. Though I think @Isforwinners raises a valid point about Claudius Templesmith. I mean, I read the books three times, and I still thought that Ceaser Flickerman and him were the same person 😀
    And I think that the idea about Gale is stupid. Anyone that reads the book will know that its virtually impossible to enter the capitol without permission. And what would he really do while he was there anyway, give her a few gifts in the arena? Idiotic. Katniss would always prefer him to look after her family. As someone else said, If you care so much about putting him in the film then make him volunteer at the reaping! No, because his character cares a lot more about defeating the Capitol then protecting Katniss, who he knows can look after herself. Just put Gale in flashbacks while Katniss is in the arena and any Gale/Liam Hensworth fans will be happy.
    I don’t think that Suzanne Collins would allow this in the script though, I mean she would understand most out of everybody that this Gale thing wouldn’t happen. (:

  47. kaitlyn says:

    They NEED to put madge in shes the reason that katniss has the mocking jay pin and probably the reason for what she does in the last book.

  48. hungergamesfreak says:

    they CAN NOT change the script that much. me and one of my friends will just be yelling through the entire midnight premiere of it. if gale comes to the capitol the movie is going to turn into a pointless sappy romance like twilight. THEY NEED TO JUST KEEP THE SCRIPT LIKE THE BOOK!

  49. hungergamesfreak says:

    oh and i have to add something. madge is the reason that katniss got the mockingjay pin so if they take madge out of the movie, its going to come back to haunt them in catching fire and mockingjay. BAD IDEA TO TAKE MADGE OUT.

  50. katniss&peeta says:

    I honestly think that they are going to regret most of this. I mean, yeah it’s a bad idea to take out Madge but we’ll deal with it…………For now. But I with what you guys have been saying. It’s not a stupid sappy romantic love triangle story. Its about rebelion, and belief, and war. It’s not a stinking twilight movie. Gale needs to keep his tush plopped on the couch watching the arena, not sneaking off to help Katniss win. How stupid is that? He’s supposed to be taking care of his and Katniss’ families! I mean seriously people?? He WOULD TOTALLY get caught!! I know I am not going to be completely satisfied with the movie. 😛

  51. PEETA! says:

    Use the book as the script and highlight what you want, don’t change it

  52. Jean says:

    I guess they could get rid of Madge. Katniss could get the pin from someone else, as long as it has meaning. And in Catching Fire, Katniss could be in the Mayor’s house for the celebration, and just be wandering around. I kind of expected it, when I didn’t see her cast.
    The Gale thing seems absurd to me. Its so completely out of character, and simply doesn’t make sense. They would never do something that drastic with Gale. They would cause an uprising of their own. Lol. They can easily add heroics to Gale without straying from his character, and the book as much as what’s mentioned would do. So why they would do something like have him sneak into the Capitol, abandoning District 12, while he’s heartbroken and angry over Katniss and Peeta, to do.. what? Support Katniss? What’s he gonna do? And how would he even get there? Ridiculous. I feel like that was never even in the script and if so, wasn’t really ever going to be in the movie. It never would have gotten approved, and obviously it didn’t, since the script is being rewritten saying they would rather stay closer to the book. Because if the director keeps saying they’re going to stay true to the book, I’m sure they’re going to stay true to the book.
    I feel like it was just thrown out there to get the fans in a frenzy. More exposure for the movie, and whatnot.
    And a prequel? What does that mean? A whole seperate movie prequel? Or just starting the movie from before the day of the reaping? I’m a little confused with that. But I suppose that could mean just about anything. Arg. Movie people.

  53. Codi says:

    They need to leave the script like the book. I would hate to see Gale be more involved then he truly is, because Peeta is the hero. He is the hero. And Gale needs to not be, and let Peeta take the credit. I always wanted Katniss and Peeta to end up together. I hated Gale at parts for trying to take her away. And Madge needs to be in the story… she is a very very important charaecter.

  54. Allies-With-A-Baker says:


    Madge may be a very small role, but think about it…

    (Spoiler Alert)
    1) Madge is the reason THE MOCKINGJAY PIN is on Katniss’s arena outfit. The reason that that pin represents the rebels is because of her.
    2) Her story widens in Catching Fire, she’s Katniss’s best friend and her aunt was Maysliee Donner. The one who originally owns the pin and teamed up with Haymitch and was Katniss’s mom’s best friend.
    3) Madge is the reason why Katniss is roaming the halls of the mayor’s house (because Katniss is trying to find Madge) and see’s the district eight rebellion.


    How on earth could you be a stow away on a capitol train and live to see the morning, let alone Haymitch in some high security perfect-little-capitol-place. Doesn’t make sense. And plus his character is more important in the other two books, I mean do you not see that Katniss and Gale love each other? Do you not see he is strong and powerful when he wants to start a rebellion? Is he not the one who tells her that district 12 is destroyed? And he’s very important in Mockingjay, but I’m not gonna get started on how Gale’s almost more important than Peeta in half the book.

    Another thing that annoys me is that… did we ever see Seneca Crane? Ever? No. We heard about him, but it feels like they are switching Madge for Seneca. It’s not that I don’t like that they included Seneca, but I’d just rather have Madge instead

    To Script Writers,
    This book is perfect without some new detail about Gale, a new character we don’t need, and a character who’s role takes it’s tole through the whole series, gone. As Katniss would say, ‘Thank you for your consideration.’

  55. Allies-With-A-Baker says:

    The whole thing is absurd

  56. zoe says:

    they need to stop. put madge back in. and be done with it.

  57. zoe says:

    and THANK YOU Alllies With A Baker

  58. primrose says:

    i agree madge should be in it !!!!!

  59. Mack says:

    They are just ruining it .!!!! ughhh

  60. sierra says:

    omg are you kidding me ? gale was not a hero in the first book. Peeta was . they better not do that or else im protesting

  61. Rue says:

    What’s up with the Gale thing? :( In the books, his character would so not do that! If Gale is doing that to impress Katniss that is so cliche! I don’t want another Twlight! This is THE HUNGER GAMES, not TWILIGHT!!! No one wants love triangles in the Hunger Games! Everyone who’s read the books knows it’s suppossed to be Katniss and Peeta, not Katniss and Gale, or Gale vs. Peeta! Honostly, stop with the Gale thing! He is not like that! There isn’t going to be any Catching Fire or Mockingjay if Gale sneaks into the capital! If you want Gale to have a time to shine, do it in Mockingjay, where that moment belongs!
    No Madge? What is up with that? Madge is really important! If they’re going to cut a character, cut someone else, just not Madge! How else would Katniss have gotten it? Found it? If theThe Hunger Games book has a Madge, the movie needs one too! Madge forever! Madge is my sixth favorite character (before her-in order-are Rue, Prim, Cinna, Katniss, and Peeta)!

    If I keep hearing all this stuff about Gale, I am not seeing the movie! And: No Madge, no me!

  62. Rue says:

    I agree with all those who say:

    I might not belive everything I read, but if I hear AGAIN! that Gale is going to do that or that Madge isn’t going to be in the movie, i am not going to see it, even if I really want to!

  63. Rue says:

    Despite my past coments, I have to say:
    I agree with myhungergames! They might not even use that script! Don’t always belive what you read! Maybe Gale won’t do that and maybe Madge will be in it! Just wait until March 23rd. We won’t know untill then, so stop complaining and go see the movie when it comes out! I know I’ll go, then I’ll know for sure. And if you go see it too, we’ll all know! So just please go see it and fing out! Stop complaining and go see it!
    Have an amazing day!
    – Rue :)

  64. Casey says:

    No they are saying the first draft was written by Billy Ray they now have a current draft written by Suzanne and Gary. They are statting the old one. They wouldn’t give out the new script eveeryone calm down. This freaked me out to for a second

  65. Rue says:

    Casey is right! I heard that too!

  66. unknown says:

    i agree with jen. if you make the hunger games like the stupid twilight i’ll walk out of the theater right then and never give it a second thought. put madge in and do what you want with gale as long as its peeta and katniss. as the way it should be…

  67. unknown says:

    peeta and katniss. is the way things were meant to be. dont change it.

  68. annita damico says:

    i think madge makes sense in the movie and she should be included. her part may not be vital but it is important. also i am not a huge fan of gale so for him and katniss to become an item is disappointing. peeta and her have such a stronger past and a deeper connection, i would be extremely disappointed if they corrupted and changed the book in such a huge way in which makes it special and interesting to read. i think th love between peeta and katniss is much more interesting and worth more for the movie to be successful. their love always kept me peeled to the book. to replace that love with gale would be a mistake.

  69. hgfanatic says:

    You HAVE to think of someone to take Madge’s Place.The book is already thrilling, romantic, and overall AMAZING, Gale has a great part Katniss must choose but that’s not the theme of the story. You can’t have him in a whole different place, If you’re gonna do that make another character. GALE MUST STAY AS HIS CHARACTER

  70. Kelsey says:

    I can kind of see where Madge isn’t the most important role, especially if you are trying to save time to put more critical things in, but instead of making it seem so easy for gale to sneak into the capitol, maybe instead they should show flashbacks of their time together in katniss dreams of show his reactions to whats happening on the screen from back home. Either way I do not think he should be sneaking into the capitor, when he is supposibly supposed to be home helping out with prim, katniss mother and his own family as well

  71. ladayza pryor says:


  72. CB says:

    I heard that that was all in a script written by Billy Ray, but then Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins collaborated on a new one. I thought maybe they would make it better, and I heard they took out the whole Gale thing, but maybe not… I also heard that Gale is sneaking around in the Capitol, waking Haymitch from drunken stupors, and giving Katniss messages and such. I agree that Madge isn’t needed, but the argument at the beginning shows us that the rich have it much better than the poorer in the districts.

  73. THGirl says:

    The whole Gale thing would mess it up sooo badly A.Haymitch is supposed to connect with Katniss and send her the messages.B. who would be taking care of her family while she’s in the arena ‘[There is no Peeta’s dad listed on the cast so we can assume he was cut.].C no one leaves the districts unless told too,So a cross country trek seems pointless and stupid for Gale….My question is about the new trailer with the Pin ….makes me wonder is this what she gets Prim instead of a goat [dumb but it is a movie] I mean unless they say in the movie it’s brass or something she could never afford a gold pin [that could keep a family going for 6 months]

  74. Coler says:

    No madge? I hate when movies change up important scenes, but as for Madge giving Katniss the pin, I think it’s more personal coming from Prim.
    However, if they want more of Gale, then they could do the scene when they go from the Hob to the mayor’s house, where Madge gives her the pin…
    As for Gale…I think that the idea about him getting into the capitol is absurd, there’s no way that would happen, especially if the Capitol is the way Suzanne Collins wrote it-which it is- which is heavily guarded,
    and I’ve seen that screenplay, and all he does is tell Katniss to trust Peeta, since he saw her mother throwing four pictures(drawn by Peeta) of Katniss away in a dumpster.
    I think that they should keep Gale back home, because that’ show he is portrayed in the books, as Katniiss’ protector(or rather her family’s protector) but either way, that’s not what he would have done in my opinion:)

  75. hungergamesrox says:

    yay more Gale less peeta but i do like Madge :(

  76. trackerjacker4 says:

    NO. OMYGOD. OKAY….first of all…Gale is supposed to be the bystander in the first book…theres no place for him in the games. His role comes alive mostly in the 3rd book/movie. There is NO reason to build on the “sexual chemistry” between katniss and Gale….
    ****SSPOILER AHEAD****
    If you have read the books, you know that Gale and Katniss DON”T end up together…DUAH!!! why in the hell would they change his Prefectly FINE character to one that realisticly NEVER or will EVER exist!!!!!!!! Secondly. By writing off Madge, they have basicly FU*ked up the ENTIRE plot line….HELLLOOOO????? How does Katniss get the mockingjay pin??? Allie with Rue???? AND BECOME THE MOCKINGJAYYY????

    Dont get me wrong…i am UNBELIEVABLY excited for The movie…but little changes like this….can kill a story.

  77. skyler says:

    WHOS GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE ON THE PREMIER?!1!?1!?1?1??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!????!

  78. safe&sound says:

    ok i saw the hunger games and i think everything is fine so far eceot that they didnt put madge in. and because they didnt put her in im so confused how katniss is going to learn about the uprisings in the next movie. And i really want the next movies to stay true to the book and i defintley DONT want this to turn into another twilight story like people said in the previous comments the books are perfectly fine as they are… and should stay that way in the ovies too:)

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