MTV’s FIVE Lessons for Catching Fire

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MTV picked out a few details they hope Catching Fire doesn’t skimp out on. Take a look at them below and add any of your preferences in the comments section below!!

DO keep the arena underwraps This one isn’t so much for Ross as it is for the Gamemakers at Lionsgate, but we have to recognize the studio’s smart decision to use only pre-Games footage in their aggressive marketing campaign for the film. In fact, I’d go so far as to say my favorite parts of the movie were from the arena, largely because they were fresh and unexpected. With the Quarter Quell’s intriguing new venue, Lionsgate would be wise to build anticipation by keeping the tropical death trap shrouded in mystery.

DON’T skimp on the CGI If there was a consistent complaint I heard from “Hunger Games” fans following the film’s release, it was that the Girl on Fire scene — in which Katniss and Peeta introduce themselves to the Capitol, riding atop a chariot and flaunting flame-licked jumpsuits representative of their coal-mining home — was … underwhelming. The flame effect just didn’t look real enough. With a slew of new sci-fi aspects introduced in “Catching Fire,” including mutated monkeys, we hope Ross can invest a bit more in the film’s digital technology.

DO capitalize on Stanley Tucci Say what you will about Jennifer Lawrence’s gripping, gritty performance as Katniss Everdeen, but if anyone could be categorized as the film’s scene-stealer, it was most certainly Stanley Tucci, whose blue-haired, big-teethed Caesar Flickerman was nothing short of mesmerizing (and a handy exposition device to boot!). Heck, I’d pay to watch a Caesar Flickerman spin-off once all three (four?) “Hunger Games” films debut. “Caesar Flickerman: Not So Blue.” Think about it, Lionsgate.

DON’T downplay the dangers of the arena Between her 23 fellow tributes, tracker jackers and muttations, Katniss had plenty to contend with in the arena. But, as my roommate so astutely pointed out to me long after I watched the film and didn’t notice, we never really see Katniss hungry or thirsty. Limiting the violence for a PG-13 rating is an understandable edit, but why dull down the deadliness of the Games otherwise? In “Catching Fire,” we need to see Katniss and her fellow tributes truly struggle, not simply limp along.

DO make artful additions (especially if they’re directed by Steven Soderbergh) By shifting the viewpoint of the film from Katniss’ first-person perspective, Ross was able to open up the world of Panem in a way we hadn’t experienced before. The addition of the control room, Seneca Crane’s implied death by berries and, most notably, the District 11 riot only added to the film.


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  1. Charlotte says:

    1) We DID see her hungry, just not as much, but at the same time, I understand why.
    2) The flames did look real enough to me, because they weren’t supposed to be real flames, so I would find it strange if the flames looked any more real. I think they did a perfect job on that.

  2. TWCSR says:

    1. The “the Girl on Fire” scene was completely underwhelming not just because the CGI was horrible on the costumes, but because the CGI was horrible on everything else in that scene as well. It was an OBVIOUS green screen scene in every way. Which is sad when you know that Lawrence has been in much better CGI movies like XMEN. Added to that, in the book Katniss and Peeta were briefed before hand to act as a team and hold hands and in this scene, Katniss fights Peeta on the idea. It is lost to those who haven’t read the book that this is the first time a “team” approach has ever been done.
    2. The District 11 riot scene was a bad addition. A riot doesn’t happen in District 11 until Catching Fire. The most moving and important part of the book if you think about it was to have another district willing to support and share its resources to help another District’s tribute survive. In the book Dictrict 11 sent Katniss bread that was meant for Rue. Peaceful protest has more impact when it is seen by the Nation than a riot that would go unseen. As movie goers we saw the riot but people watching the games wouldn’t. they would have seen her thanking District 11 for bread. Sure they are interesting ways to tell a story but it makes me wonder if the people making the movies think the people who read the books are too stupid to understand what they read.

  3. KEE says:

    I thought the HUNGER GAMES were amazing !!!

    I seriously want Catching Fire to be ASTONISHING !
    Lionsgate need to make sure, THE ARENA NEEDS TO BE EXCACTLY LIKE A TICK,TOCK!! Wiress needs to be Nuts and the monkeys need to be EVIL !!! They also need to show Katniss’s shock about how many lies a certain someone tells in the book ! NOT AT ALL SAYING JENNIFER LAWRENCE WAS BAD , SHE WAS PERFECT WITH A CAPITAL PPPPPPPP , SHE WAS THE BEST CHOICE FOR KATNISS !!!!!!!!!!

  4. NAN says:

    DO keep the moments that made Peeta’s goodness shine in the Catching Fire book: his speech in District 11, the nights on the train where he comforted Katniss from her nightmares, his “No one really needs me” speech at the beach when Peeta essentially gave up everything for Katniss. All these moments contributes to her deteriorating emotional state later on in the story.

  5. Peeta's wife says:

    I agree with the flames they disappointed me

  6. sayjay says:

    I really hope they put Clove in Catching Fire!!! The scene where Katniss is dreaming about her cutting her then turning into a mutt is very important.

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