My Hunger Games Cast Countdown – Justin Hix and Megan Hayes

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The Hunger Games Cast Countdown

Welcome to Cast Countdown with Hamilton.  Every week I will introduce a member of the Catching Fire cast and discuss what it is that they will be bringing to the role of their character.  Fair warning, just in case you have not yet read the books, there may be spoilers here.  Today’s featured cast members are Justin Hix and Megan Hayes.

Justin Hix and Megan Hayes as “The Morphlings”



About The Morphlings:  The two former victor tributes for the quarter Quell from District 6.  They are referred to as “the morphlings” by Katniss due to the fact that just as Haymitch turned to alcohol to deal with the aftermath of The Games, these two became addicted to the powerful pain medication, morphling.  Years of abusing the drug has left their skin a pale, sagging, yellow and their minds weak.  They are seemingly more interested in bright colors and painting each other at the camouflage station than anything else.  They are also older, in their 60’s

About Justin Hix and Megan Hayes:   Two unknowns, 32 year old Hayes has been acting only since 2007 with mostly bit parts, though she was a regular cast member of the online sketch comedy show, Fark TV.  Hix has zero credits to his name.  The two are obviously much younger than their literary counterparts, a trend which is probably a combination of wanting to have cast members more friendly to the target demographic, and an effort to make Mags stand out more as the “old person.”  They do, however, both look like they could play pale, happy, drug addicts – especially Hix who, in my opinion, looks remarkably like a certain well known, pale vampire.

Here’s a clip of Megan Hayes playing J.K. Rowling in a Fark Tv episode:

Justin Hix on IMDB

Megan Hayes on IMDB

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  1. Abby Ollila says:

    There alright. I never really had a picture in my mind what they would look like anyway. :)

  2. jenny says:

    I like the look of the guy, probably sounds like an insult- but he looks like he’d be a good drug addict. I’m not surprised that they went with unknowns, and also a pair that’s not too striking. That seemed to be the theme with the other tributes from HG, I didn’t think any of them were terribly memorable either. They don’t have very large parts, but as long as they can convey the sadness and total destruction that remains in the souls of past tributes then they will have done a good job. They are a foreshadow of the life that would have perhaps awaited Katniss had Peeta and the hope that he represented for her not come back into her life.

  3. Phil says:

    Hayes has also played in “Upside” (a 2010 film) and in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (a 2012 film).

  4. Courtney says:

    Justin Hix has actually been a recurring walker on AMC’s The Walking Dead for every aired season thus far.

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