My Hunger Games Cast Countdown – Phillip Troy Linger

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My Hunger Games Cast Countdown

Welcome to Cast Countdown with Hamilton.  I will be regularly introducing a member of the Hunger Games cast and discussing what it is that they will be bringing to the role of their character.  Fair warning, just in case you have not yet read the book, there may be spoilers here.

 Phillip Troy Linger as Mr. Everdeen

My Hunger Games - Philip Troy Linger

About Mr. Everdeen:  Not much is known about the final member of the Everdeen family.  He was a native of the Seam and is who gave Katniss her darker looks.  He was killed in a mining accident when Katniss was eleven years old, leaving her to try to keep her family together and alive.  It is said that his voice was so beautiful that the birds would go silent to listen when he sang.  He was the one who taught Katniss how to hunt and survive.

About Phillip Troy Linger: Linger is not a well known actor, primarily appearing in bit parts in television shows and made-for-TV movies.  He frequently plays a cop or sheriff.  I was unable to find out anything on whether or not he sings.  You can see a brief clip of him in the video below as a sheriff in  The Jailhouse which recently made its network debut on Chiller.  He appears in the clip at the 1:13 mark.

Even though Mr. Everdeen is not actually in any of the books, it is obvious that there will be some flashbacks in which Linger portrays Katniss’s father.  He will surely be on screen for so little time that anyone that can pull off the “ruggedly handsome mountain man,” type look would be able to fill the part.  Linger does have the brown hair and eyes with a slightly darker complexion (or a nice tan) that works.  I am disappointed that I could find nothing on him singing since that would be the one important thing he might have to do.  Honestly, though, his singing voice could easily be dubbed by someone else if that becomes an issue.  Ultimately, this bit of casting doesn’t matter very much, but it is interesting to see what Mr. Everdeen looks like.

Phillip Troy Linger on IMDB

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