New High Quality Hunger Games Stills

| April 17, 2012 | 8 Comments More

New Clove Hunger Games

We have some new High Quality stills of Seneca, Cinna, Clove, Thresh and the Training in The Hunger Games. Take a look!

source: HungerTimes

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  1. KEE says:

    Absouloutly love the pic of all the Tributes in the Training Centre!!! Can you spot Katniss and Peeta ???? I can !! Can you spot the Careers ??? I can !!! Also love the photo of Cinna and Clove !!! Doesn’t Clove have some awesome hairstyles in the games !!!

  2. stephanie says:

    there’s only 20 tributes!!!!! noticed it?

  3. papa b says:

    21 acually

  4. Shea Scandrol says:

    I think i like the picture of seneca amd the other men. I just wanted to ask this question to everyone, Who likes Seneca’s beard?

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